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User Info Freedom Of Speech: How Quaint; entered at 2010-01-22 09:52:35
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Registered: 2007-09-14 Gone
Very good ticker gen...I knew you would come along soon enough and clarify the issue. I like the proposals you make allowing only constituents to donate. I also like the stipulation that any pol caught taking money outside this faces instant prosecution. Of course the only prob with this is who is going to put them in jail? Under the current environment all of our logic matters not when the system itself is being used and abused like it is now. The current laws are being ignored so any new law would be likely treated the same way.

It's up to us to either force them to enforce the law or take the law into our own hands. The former is the best option maybe we can vote people in who will do the peoples' bidding. The latter is the least desirable option, but one that would be swift and unmerciful. I prefer the former, but am preparing myself the best I can for the latter in case it comes to pass. I guess there is a 3rd option which is to do very little like we as a collective are currently doing and keep taking it with no lube as a post in another thread suggested yesterday. I like that option the least.
2010-01-22 09:52:35