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User Info What If.... in forum [Market-Ticker-Nad]
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Often times, the reference to "gods" are those that are not "GOD" but whom believe themselves to be self-important enough to equate themselves. Psalm 82:6 was used by Jesus in John 10 when he was rebuking high ranking Jews in much of a mocking tone, and in context was a condemnation with the understanding that their ways end in death.

Some of it doesnt make sense in English, but (and this isnt a translation) but it is a difference between THE JUDGE, and a judge. Context tells you what you are talking about.

It isn't a polytheistic statement.

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I agree it is not polytheistic, there is only one Yahweh at the top, but the term means more. There is just more to it, IMO. Yeah, probably should just email that to you.

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@Krzelune -- So what's the question? If, as the text says, "in the midst of the gods he holds judgment." then what does it matter who, or what they are? Personally, I hold to the interpretation that they are human leaders, kings, presidents, and so forth.

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