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 Well, Duh. This Is Why It Was Stupid
Tickerguy 188k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2021-10-14 18:33:48

That's what it looks like isn't it..

NASA faked out a computer instead of running the test.
Then tried to launch and aborted instead of going "BOOOM!"
Did they abort the JABS after faking THOSE tests?
Workerbee 5k posts, incept 2009-03-18
2021-10-14 21:00:52

Karl, I don't remember hearing this before!

A vaxxed person gets COVID, and fails to generate 'n' antibodies?

What the holy fuck?!

They will catch every variant that evolves, am I right???

'Keep pushing fuckers, you'll find the trip wire eventually'
~ Quik49

'This is the part where you find out who you are'
Cwatson1982 257 posts, incept 2017-05-07
2021-10-14 21:00:59

Yep, I did the rough math and if all breakthroughs generated N antibodies, it should have risen by at least ~5% between week 23 and week 39 based on confirmed cases (realistically a lot more since we know they are not catching every case with a test).

This is the most recent chart.
Keetz 496 posts, incept 2007-11-02
2021-10-14 21:01:07

There a service pack for that?


Krzelune 16k posts, incept 2007-10-08
2021-10-16 08:18:05

Of fuck Keetz, I spit out my beer.

Supertruckertom 7k posts, incept 2010-11-07
2021-12-10 08:03:56

Sounds like the very definition of Original Antigenic Sin.

Preparing to go Hunting.
Tsherry 10k posts, incept 2008-12-09
2021-12-10 19:33:49

There a service pack for that?

Mine was two Scotch ales and an Italian sausage philly.

Fuck Joe Biden with a GIANT RUSTY CHAINSAW.
Canislupus 16 posts, incept 2021-12-16
2022-02-09 08:43:21

interesting going back and rereading this now 6 months have passed.
Karl and other posters were pretty well spot on by the look of things
Budxr7 123 posts, incept 2009-07-08
2022-02-09 09:40:43

If this is all known facts, that mass non-sterilizing vaccination during an outbreak causes evolutionary pressure and viral mutation, who is promoting the exact opposite theory. Than unvaccinated individuals are creating mutations that are prolonging the pandemic. Ive seen this claim a million times amongst NPCs and it kid quite uninformed. They didnt critically piece that together themselves. Who started it?

Neither a borrower nor a lender be;
For loan oft loses both itself and friend,
And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry.
Poer 2k posts, incept 2008-09-28
2022-02-11 07:45:28

Best Ticker but also should be awarded whatever is the equel to a Pulitzer Prize in Journalism.

"The degree to which a man substitutes the judgment of others for his own, failing to look at reality directly, is the degree to which his mental processes are alienated from reality." Nathaniel Bran
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