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2020-09-11 06:00 by Karl Denninger
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The Age of Witchcraft
[Comments enabled]

We live in an age of witchcraft, driven by technology.

The age of reason has failed and we stand on the edge of a new Dark Age.

Let us start with Covid19.

In February Fauci described Covid19 as "akin to a severe pandemic or seasonal flu."  He was not mistaken; it is.  As I've presented, if you do not intentionally kill people with the bug that's exactly what we have -- a flu.

You cannot argue with mathematics.  Attempting to do so is witchcraft.  It is a belief in the occult.  That casting "spells" and "hexes" changes outcomes.  It is the exact opposite of science.

This county has had 13 deaths "from" Covid19.  We know not all of them were actually from Covid19, but how many we cannot determine.  Nobody has put forward the death certificates of the 13 souls who passed.  Why not?  This can be trivially done without names, addresses or other identifying information -- simply list the causal chain of death for each.  Where is it?  Not published -- not here, nor anywhere.

Yet from 2014-2017 each year about 26 people in this county die of influenza and pneumonia.  Approximately 1,000 people die each year in this county from all causes.  Over six months time we've lost 13, which is half of 26, and we've undeniably reached suppression, so the rate of death over the last six months is unlikely to be replicated or greater in the next six months.

In other words: Covid19 is the flu.

Sevier County, as near as I can tell, has no nursing homes where we crammed disease into people.  It does have "assisted living" centers, including one less than five miles down the road from my home.  But nursing homes, unlike assisted living centers, are full of people who are incontinent -- the rate of incontinence among nursing home residents is approximately 40%.  This is important -- and not properly managed, fatal.

We knew in February this bug expressed in feces.  We knew it conclusively.  We knew it spread from aerosolized feces too, because it did -- twice, in documented form, in two apartment buildings that had no P-Traps on the sinks -- one in Wuhan and another in Hong Kong.  There was no other plausible explanation for how the people who got the bug in those buildings were infected.  These sorts of shortcuts are horrifyingly stupid yet common in SE Asia; the $5 that a P-trap costs is simply not paid, building codes be damned.

One of the alleged "seminal" papers on how Covid19 is spread was peer-reviewed at the beginning of June.  It was claimed in that paper that the bug was primarily droplet-spread and the paper explicitly stated that the bug was responsive to the inverse of absolute humidity -- which is a property of physics that all droplet carried contamination follows.  It is the reason we have a "flu season."  The problem with this claim is that it was "reviewed" in early June and by early June we knew this claim was documented to be false as there were outbreaks all over the United States in places with 100 degree temperatures and 90+% relative humidity In other words despite the predicate claim that the reason NY got hit so hard was that it was still "winter" by summer you couldn't run that load of bull**** any longer as the virus was spreading in extraordinarily hot and humid conditions.  Yet the paper's entire premise and conclusion was based on nothing more than witchcraft as the base claim upon which everything else rested was disproved prior to publication.

The journal in question has not withdrawn it themselves, the authors have not repudiated it, the WHO and CDC have not disavowed it and every one of them know it's bull****.  We're several months beyond this and yet all through summer the virus has raged.  This is proof, beyond any reasonable scientific doubt, that "droplets" are not the primary means of transmission.


We knew in February and early March that there was substantial pre-existing immunity in the population.  We did not know from what source, but we knew it existed.  We knew because both Kirkland and Diamond Princess were forced-inoculation models of viral spread; both confined people where there was no random chance of encountering an infected person; such contact and circulation between people and the things they had contact with was assured.  If forcibly inoculated every susceptible person will become infected.  Yet not everyone did; only about half did.  This was scientific proof that preexisting immunity was present in the population and as a result this alleged "novel" Coronavirus was incapable of causing the sort of disastrous outcome being modeled by ******ned near everyone.  It short while this SPECIFIC RNA sequence might have been novel it's "experience" by the human immune system WAS NOT.


THAT IS WITCHCRAFT WRIT LARGE AND KNOWINGLY-FALSE FEAR PORN.  To the extent money is being made or one business is being privileged over another it is felony, criminal fraud as well by every single person so-involved.  The list of such persons and organizations include MOST of the most "famous" medical centers and names in the United States and indeed worldwide, never mind all the "testing" labs and other firms, many of which are publicly traded, along with the largest retailers and tech businesses on a worldwide basis.

Sweden has been poo-pooed and ignored.  Yet Sweden followed science.  Despite the presence of many practitioners of witchcraft in their midst and many Communists originating in and aligned with China pressing said witchcraft claims they refused to play along.  It was predicted by these doom porn purveyors, witches all, that Sweden would suffer 200,000 deaths -- or about 2% of their population.

The actual death count?  Under 6,000.  They are now losing a person every couple of days.  It's been over in Sweden for months.

The number of mask mandates, forced shutdowns and similar there?  Zero.

Today IHME still predicts disaster in Sweden and that fraud-laced pile of withcraft and lies has not been bulldozed and the purveyors of same burnt at the stake.

Sweden admits they screwed the pooch with care homes.  About half of their deaths occurred there.  We, unlike them, refuse to admit we screwed the pooch.  In fact we have attempted to and have immunized from legal liability gross negligence and worse.

Our media lionizes Governor Cuomo who not only killed thousands with his policies enacted with the force of law at gunpoint he has also engaged in a monstrous cover-up to prevent the true total from being known.  Yet he is called a hero and a "model" of proper management of the virus by many including those on Trump's "task force."

tRump has not fired any of them nor publicly stated that they're both full of crap and as a pair of murderous *******s they both deserve to be arrested on federal mass-murder charges, tried and pay the just federal penalty for same before they are both delivered into Hell.

We in fact have a President who today continues to take credit for forced production of tens of thousands of ventilators despite knowing in early March they were not only worthless they were literal homicidal devices if used during this disease.


We shoved tens of thousands of Americans in the hole with these devices; ventilators literally killed them and we knew they would before we bought, paid for and used them too.  As a last-ditch effort at a save, perhaps that's worth trying even knowing it's very unlikely to work.

But that "last ditch" has come about by intentionally allowing people who get Covid19 to sit around and let the virus destroy their lungs while we have very safe and believed effective means to assist provided they're used immediately on infection and not a week or two later.

Even the NY Post admits that scientists "can't explain" why Africa doesn't seem to have a serious Coronavirus problem despite having crappy (literally) sanitation and near-zero medical capacity per-capita.  What do they do differently?  HCQ is sold for pennies over the counter.  Correlation is not causation, of course, but all of the alleged "you'll get hosed" factors are present in Africa; poverty, close-contact, crappy hygiene, no masks, no social distancing. But wait -- this would mean other coronaviruses have run through there and that would improve the odds of cross-immunity, right?  And OTC HCQ use as a malaria prophylaxis on a frequent, cheap and easily-available basis might prevent infections or turn them into a nuisance. Guess what else is widely used over there and might be effectiveIvermectin.  And remember again -- this too tells us that all the so-called "experts" are in fact WITCH DOCTORS as every one of them said there was no preexisting immunity, there are NO effective prophylaxis or treatments and all of their models still make that claim; it is essential, you see, as if you model a ~50% existing reactivity rate and start looking at why certain populations don't get trashed and emulate that then suddenly there's no reason for any constraint anywhere in the US as we're already in or nearing suppression everywhere.

Which, incidentally, happens to fit exactly with the observed disease rates all across the country right here, right now.


Six months in we still preach that if you get this disease you should sit at home until it has destroyed 90% or more of your lung capacity.  I'm not kidding; the official "standard of care" is to literally do nothing until you have only 10% of your oxygen transport capacity remaining between you and a casket.  Most "average" humans can operate up to about 10 "METS"; 1 "MET" is the required metabolic output (each of which requires oxygen and CO2 transport, of course) to rest quietly.  Here's a table for you if you're unaware of this.  Even a wildly out-of-shape human (a large percentage of the US) can produce 5 METS; that's a moderate walking pace and somewhat below that required to shovel snow.

At the point your SpO2 starts to drop (you're "out of breath" -- that is, where current guidelines tell you to call your health provider with Covid19at best you've lost 80% of your pulmonary capacity!  EIGHTY PERCENT!  If you were capable of running a 10 minute mile, which is not very fast, you've lost NINETY PERCENT.

Is it any surprise that if you wait that long between 1 in 10 and 1 in 5 times once you go the hospital you're going to die? If you were told you had a tumor would you wait until it was the size of a basketball before having it removed?  If you were told this by a doctor would you sit quietly at home or tell him to cut that tumor out of you now or his children were going to be served at your home for dinner that evening?

What ****ing insanity do you have to be afflicted with to allow that sort of horse**** to be run in the name of "official medical advice" and preached by Mayors, Governors and even our President without considering all of them homicidal maniacs?

There are multiple therapeutic options available that might work and have very low risk.  HCQ is just one of them; nations that hand it out early and often have roughly ONE QUARTER the death rate from Covid19 of those that do not.  The probability of these results being due to chance is approximately 2 in 1,000.  There are other possible interventions as well, both OTC and prescription.

It is the act of a homicidal maniac who enjoys watching people die in pursuit of money, the selling of fear porn or rank control over others to tell someone to sit back and wait until only 10-20% of their lung capacity remains -- that is, they literally have one foot in the coffin -- before attempting to do anything productive to interrupt this disease.




We have granted "emergency" use authorization for Remdesivir but refuse to hand out HCQ and/or Ivermectin at the first sign of infection.  The latter has nearly four billion human doses dispensed with nearly zero serious side effect risk, and reason to believe it may work.  HCQ was called by Anthony Fauci himself "both a cure and a prophylaxis" for all Coronaviruses -- if used early.  Indeed he said of SARS nobody needed to have died.  That is a direct quote.  Ask him; I'm done doing your research for you.

Remdesivir has a horrid safety profile, much worse than HCQ, and in addition to severe cardiac rhythm problems (what people talk about HCQ having despite it having a history of about one fatality a year world-wide from said side effects) Remdesivir also has exhibited significant evidence of liver and kidney damage.  May I remind you that renal failure kills people quite-regularly?  Yet it's $3,000 a crack, on-patent and IV-only while HCQ costs six cents a pill, has been off-patent for decades and is taken by mouth; Ivermectin is similarly cheap, off-patent and a one-dose drug.  If some hospital can use Remdesivir HCQ and Ivermectin should be handed out like candy to anyone who suspects they may have Covid19 on first evidence of infection; its risk of cardiac toxicity is a tiny fraction of Remdesivir and in short courses (as would be used in this regard) it has no known issues with either the liver or kidneys, nor anything else for that matter.  While ZPAK has known cardiac sensitivity issues Doxycycline does not.


We have done science for 40 years related to masks and their impact on viral transmission.  It's at best a zero, because a virus is a fraction of a micron in size and the pores in a mask are larger and, more-importantly, anything less than an N95 does not seal at all around the face.  Basic flow dynamics give you the rest; a mask forms "jets" around the gaps and an enormous amount of the airflow bypasses the filtering element entirely as a result.  Your unobstructed nose directs viral particles at the ground where they harm nobody, said jets if you're wearing a mask may direct that outflow of breath at someone else's face, hands, or a surface another person will contact.  A study from almost 40 years ago showed that in an operating room, where you can control everything but the one variable in an experiment, masks not only didn't work the infection rate went down when they were removed from the operating theater, likely due to the above causes of cross-contamination.


But just in the last few months, after a review of the literature published at the CDC's web page itself published in May found no evidence for anything less than respirators, that is, N95s, being effective against viruses, people started running computer simulations and claiming masks worked to stop viruses based on computer simulations and artificial mock-ups.

These "studies" and "simulations" and those running them were and are all frauds.  Every one of them intentionally ignored every element of the real world except the passage of breath through the mask.  They ignored jets formed around the edges of said masks; the unsealed portion.  They ignored the fact that a mask is a filter, and thus what it traps flowing in either direction it collects.  They ignored that a mask on a person who is going from one place to another transports what it collects and thus takes the risk of infection from wherever it is encountered and by definition spreads that risk to other places and persons. They ignored that the mask is likely not sterile when put on (definitely not if it is reused) and that without soap-and-water hand-washing available at the time of putting it on or removing it contamination of the wearer's hands which can then infect the wearer or other people is inevitable.  They ignored that in the general untrained population people will and do touch and "adjust" their mask repeatedly and each such touch contaminates one's hands which then can contaminate a surface or inoculate the wearer or others. They ignored that in the general public proper disposal or  sequestering of the now-biologically dangerous mask once it has been worn will never take place and thus it can and will infect others. And finally they ignored that for a bug which can be transmitted by fecal material, including fecal aerosols as we know are a transmission path for Covid19 since this the only plausible transmission mechanism for two outbreaks in February the wearing of masks into a restroom, especially a public restroom, is likely to result in the collection of fecal aerosol material and its transport out of the restroom and thus the infection of other persons beyond the individual who used said restroom at said time.

Then there's the WHO's admission that the guidelines were based on political lobbying and clear evidence of intentional false characterizations of observational "studies."  In other words there is no science; it was literally all made up.

In addition, and perhaps most-damning there is the clear and convincing evidence from multiple jurisdictions that infection rates rise after mask mandates are put in place, including Hawaii state-wide, Sevier and Knox Counties in Tennessee, the entire nation of Spain and more.  In other words exactly what the 40+ years of science has told us, including that seminal study of masks in an operating room increased infection rates was replicated by experiment in multiple jurisdictions that passed mask ordinances over the last several months and yet exactly zero of said locations have removed their mandates even when the data is conclusive and literally shoved in their face.

In other words...... Witchcraft and worse, intentional exposure and infection of the population to this virus by government mandate.

That's not just ordinary witchcraft it is outright Satanic and Sadistic.  The people pushing this bull**** are literal homicidal maniacs.  In fact it can be argued that these government agencies, mayors and Governors in fact are guilty of criminally depraved homicide.

Much like....


Oh, it's not you say?

Well then you can explain threatening people with arrest or even death if they do not comply.  Take your pick -- death by police officer firearm or death by disease, with the latter being claimed to be "of high risk" when in fact if you don't cram the virus into vulnerable people on purpose the risk is statistically identical to the seasonal flu.


We have a nation of sheep who cannot reason their way out of a paper bag running around making themselves and others ill by intentionally placing disease collectors on their face which breed bacteria, collect all manner of filth and pathogens from wherever they might be and then transport them into their homes, vehicles and businesses.

This has led to countless DEATHS.

Is it any surprise that into this suppressed national environment of reason we now have Netflix distributing a film of their own design that depicts 11 year old girls twerking and otherwise expressing themselves in sexualized poses and behaviors; in fact IMDB flags that film as having an intentional exposure of under-age breasts.  These acts are such that were you or I to film and pass the result around on the Internet doing so would get us arrested on child pornography production and distribution charges, and with good cause!  If our kids were put up to that by us they'd be yanked out of our homes within an hour after it was known by the authorities.  Why is not CEO Hastings, the entire Board of Directors, every member of the production and editing crew along with every parent of every kid who appears in said film not in the dock RIGHT NOW for production and distribution of child pornography, sexual exploitation of children and since interstate travel was almost certainly involved trafficking as well?  Is there any doubt remaining that the entire point of such an "artistic exhibition" is to normalize the sexual abuse of children and groom them to willingly accept such "attention" from adults? "Oh, you misunderstand and took it out of context" say Netflix and the creators.

I disagree.

Is it any surprise that Mueller's team now claims to have "accidentally" wiped 27 cellphones containing critical evidence? I will remind you that if you or I did that to even one device we'd be sitting in the dock on Obstruction of Justice charges right now.  Why isn't that ********** rotting in prison, along with everyone else involved?  How can you defend starting any business when any offense you commit will get you fined, shut down or even jailed while for anyone in the political or business elite, including the FBI and DOJ itself, you can do anything you want -- even committing crimes carrying decades in prison -- without any risk of being busted for it?

Is it any surprise that we now have an alleged "election" coming up in which there will be zero evidence necessary that a qualified voter actually voted any given ballot?  Mailed ballots sound nice except there is no evidence that the person to whom they were mailed actually voted them!  There is a reason that in nations where election fraud is rampant and suspected everyone votes on the same day and everyone who votes gets their finger dipped in indelible ink that cannot be washed or worn off for days -- it makes it very hard to vote twice or vote in place of someone else and by doing so express your will more than once at their expense!  Further, the essence of an election is that you vote having had the opportunity to gather all the information available to you up to election day; "mail-in" and "early" voting by definition destroys this.  What if Joe Biden (or Trump for that matter) has absolute, irrefutable video proof of him ****ing a 10 year old boy up the ass published the day before the electionYes, that's an extreme example but last-minute political blow-ups happen all the time.  Why do you think both parties wish to remove that risk?

Is it any surprise that in this national political environment we have a "choice" of a Witch Doctor current President and a geriatric, demented old man who can't even read off a teleprompter when given the questions in advance at his own press conference?  Is it some big shock that both of them supported (and still do support) the actions that directly resulted in over 100,000 Americans being killed through medical malfeasance and misfeasance at a profit of billions of dollars and it is still going on today?

Is it any surprise that the few thinking young adults who exist have concluded that attempting to "strive" forward and perform to the limit of their ability in some endeavor is a waste of time and that they will instead choose to enjoy what time they have remaining before everything goes to **** in a world that is headed straight for a new version of the Dark Ages?  We've already started burning books and destroying monuments just like both the Nazis and the Muslims in their respective reigns of terror!  Would YOU bring children into a world when you see it turning to crap on a daily basis right in front of you AND you watch the children already here be depersonalized on planes, in shopping malls and in school by being forced to cover their face while being groomed by major corporate media interests for sexual abuse at the pleasure of demented pedophile adults?

What thinking young woman would contemplate creating children in such a world?

What thinking young man would not believe he will be compelled to kill and die in defense of his offspring within the next few short years?

What happens to society when the only women left willing to bear children are those who see them as chattel and are chortling with glee at pimping them out for the next Netflix show and the only men left are those who **** for sport without a care in world what happens after that?  Answer: Antifa.

And is it any surprise that the product of those same people riot, loot and commit arson on grand scale when a junkie ODs or a thug with multiple felony warrants out for his arrest, including one for criminal sexual assault, refuses to stop and be arrested and instead goes for his vehicle where there is a knife, with both incidents being twisted around into a white-hot lather of "white cop shoots black upstanding citizen for sport"?

Oh yes, let us not forget that today is 9/11, 19 years on from a murderous attack.

Our local County and jackass Mayor has commanded that the courthouse bell shall sound to commemorate the attacks on our land. Which they refused to call MUSLIM TERRORIST ATTACKS in their tweet, I remind you.  Funny how those two little words -- Muslim and Terrorist -- are missing, isn't it?  Funny how even today we have all manner of nutjobs advancing the "theory" that "oh no, Muslims didn't hijack planes and use them as bombs -- BUSH BLEW IT ALL UP HIMSELF!"  Oh go **** yourself people.  With a rusty chainsaw.  Next we'll hear how the great peace-makers did not shoot up Pensacola NAS and Ft. Hood, they didn't blow up the USS Cole, bomb the Trade Center the first time (despite being caught when they failed to bring it down) and more.  Never mind throwing gay people off buildings and forcing women to wear a ****ing mask all the time whenever they leave their home.

Gee, we're not doing that right now with everyone are we?

Oh wait......

We are on the verge of a Second Dark Age folks.

As I pointed out in my video presentation on this set of points on the 5th, if those who watched the video got 10 more to do so, and this continued just a few times, it would be viral and the problem would become immediately resolvable -- without violence.

I pointed out that I was highly-skeptical that it would happen, and that nobody, statistically-speaking, would take that initiative.  I was right; as of my writing this column the view count stands at a "massive" 4,840, few bothered to watch the whole thing.  Only 40% bothered to watch long enough to get beyond the first segment in which I pointed out that fewer than half of all medical advice comes with moderate or high quality evidence behind it.  Only 35% of people bothered to watch long enough to hear me go through the fact that Fauci was responsible for 30,000 deaths during the early AIDS years by blocking the same sort of therapeutics against PCP that he is blocking now against Covid19, despite it being the law stating that physicians can prescribe any approved drug for any purpose. And only three in ten watched long enough to go through the data on Trump's pushing of ventilators despite knowing they were worthless and the state-by-state Coronavirus review of suppression progress and "effectiveness" (NOT!) of masks.

In other words only about 1,500 people watched the presentation of the evidence, not 4,840.

Everyone else decided they didn't give a **** and changed the channel as soon as they got to the fact that their doctor doesn't have any ******ned evidence behind his alleged "solutions" more than half the time!  CLICK!  Eat that STATIN boys and girls, then go chomp down the bag of Doritos and swill up the beer.

YOU THE PEOPLE are the followers of WITCHCRAFT and are in fact dehumanizing yourselves and your CHILDREN; the politicians, media and medical folks are pushing it but you, the American public, are clamoring for it on both sides of the aisle.

Since you've consented to that and are walking around with diapers on your damned faces they've now decided to add turning 11 year old kids into sexual playthings via the major media of the day.

Why not?

You've demonstrated that you won't say "NO" and mean it to anything these people demand -- even the de-humanization of your own children throughout their social and educational interactions and growth.



And no, Trump has zero intention of fixing any of it.

He has resolved exactly zero of the issues.

He has not called out one element of this bull**** since it began.  In fact he has enabled and promoted it.

Nor has anyone else in the media or politics on either side of the aisle stood up and said bull****!  Not one march on all the major big-box retailers with a cadre of a few thousand with you and no ****ing masks right through their front door has materialized.

Dare them to try to eject all of you.

Then do it again tomorrow.  And the next day.  Until the ******ned signs come down and the bull**** stops.

But none of any of you reading this have or will organize any such thing.

Nor will you do so tomorrow -- on 9/12, the day after a bunch of Muslim Terrorists blew up several airliners and over 3,000 Americans.  Nearly 20 years on we have not shed one single iota of the worthless security theater and constraints that attack provoked and all of the unlawful and unconstitutional spying that has taken place since remains.  I remind you that not one bomb, gun or other prohibited item was smuggled onto a plane on that day in September of 2001.  The entirety of the "security" paradigm enacted since had no basis in the threat realized that day. Not one single entity (Saudi Arabia-cough-cough!) was held accountable for what they were involved in.

You all went along with that too.

Indeed, all the media and big tech mavens continue to promote more and more dehumanization for no scientific purpose whatsoever while you lap it up like good little sheep.

And thus we volunteer for the Dark Ages.

Here it comes, with your explicit consent.

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User Info The Age of Witchcraft in forum [Market-Ticker]
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A few years ago I wrote to you asking that you organize gatherings in Washington. It was after I read your post where you criticized us all for going on a Sunday, when no politician is even in DC, and then we leave. You wrote about our useless approach. I asked you to figure out a way to change that and even put forth a possible idea. Maybe last names ending with some letter(s) march on the 14th, and the next set on the 15th, and so on. But I asked you to use your platform to organize. I never saw that from you. It's not your responsibility for sure. But the reality is that leaders aren't appointed; they exist because others are willing to follow them. I submit that yelling for everyone to "just go" with no direction won't work out well as evidenced by the lack of progress to-date.

I work for an organization that's involved in research and science. I sent you a direct email asking you proofread a message I wanted to forward. In that message I was going to donate part of my salary to fund the research necessary to prove or disprove claims. I never heard back. It's not your responsibility for sure, but the message also never got sent.

I would love to forward your posts, but they are so riddled with disgust that they can't be forwarded. Without the past 10-12 years of reading your posts, and gaining that context, no one can get past this disgust. I've tried and been met with many people questioning who I am for reading your posts and listening to your podcasts.

While your posting has tapered off and seems to have all but ended, I would like to encourage you to stick with the facts, provide recommendations, and do so in a shareable manner. It would be incredibly helpful.

Be well, be blessed, live long, and Godspeed!
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A True American Patriot!
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You've not been around long @Mshifman.

You DID get a response. In public, more than once. This was done -- FedUpUSA and The Market Ticker did EXACTLY THIS roughly THIRTEEN YEARS AGO.

We spent money. We duplicated DVDs with a short video on them which was professionally produced. We traveled from ALL OVER THE NATION to Washington DC. I ponied up SEVERAL THOUSAND DOLLARS of my own money to both do so AND ATTEND AN "INVITE ONLY, MODERATELY HIGH DOLLAR" MCCAIN CAMPAIGN EVENT WHILE THERE.

Part of it was right here and in fact happened on 9/12.

Guess how many people showed up?

Guess what's happened since?

It's easy to tell other people WHO HAVE DONE IT to "oh, go do it again."

Eventually, those who have done it WHEN NOBODY SHOWS UP retort that IT'S YOUR ****ING TURN and until you get off YOUR ass, we're not doing it AGAIN.

Want to know why the volume has gone WAY down here?

That's why.

If you will not force justice to be done by any means necessary when over 100,000 are murdered by political hacks from both parties do not complain or expect my help when you or someone you love dies at their hand. -- Me
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I wonder what became of the mask study. It clearly demonstrates a lower infection rate without the masks. Why did the masks go back on?
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Freer state of NC
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@Tickerguy: I don't remember if you posted this or if I ran across it myself.. but have you seen this?
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If you will not force justice to be done by any means necessary when over 100,000 are murdered by political hacks from both parties do not complain or expect my help when you or someone you love dies at their hand. -- Me
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I apologize for missing the call. That's my fault. I certainly never saw the DVD.

While I have been around for that long, I only recently made an account. But I've read everything you've posted for 10 years. From the bank fraud with everyone being a vice-president for sign-offs to the stuff you saw that happened in the middle of the night that I didn't even understand (options stuff or something). From Greece to Mazda reviews. From when you referenced how few FB referrals you got to Carb-free living. I've read about your running, and the watch selection for tracking it. I read about your daughter's school buying Nintendo Wi's versus a ball. I've been here.

But again, I did miss the call. I apologize.

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Is that WHY mooslims must wear a beard TOO?
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I, for one, share Karl's disgust. There's every reason to be disgusted. Why the need to sugar-coat things? Because people can't handle the truth.
Give me reality any day. I have never understood why a person wants anything less.
God help us.
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East Tennessee
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The medias (both social and mainstream) tell them sugar coating things and participation trophies are all that you need. Reality? Bah! Who needs it.

It's justifiably immoral to deal morally with an immoral entity.

Festina lente.
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Yesterday's Dr Z podcast discussed a $10K antibody test that was billed.

"Power, like the reproductive muscle, longs to be exercised, often without judgement or right" - Gerry Spence
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Yeah, I wonder is that why Jews have beards too? Is that why they wear the small hats?

Seems like all those in the middle East have beards, and funny enough they're all Arabs and they're all semetic people!

Funny as hell we support and **** on people based on the books they read and how it supposedly sinks up to our way of life!

Let's compare, Christian president who is obviously a lustful individual married four times ****ed around on each of his wives including the one he has now and all of the moral dick Waggers are going to totally overlook that especially when voting day comes!!

The candidate that's running against the Twitter and Chief, he too has lots of last for feeling people up and doesn't care if it's in public or potentially private!

he too claims to be a Christian while at the same time he also claims to be a Zionist, talks about how you don't have to be Jewish to be a Zionist, in other words kiss their ass!

The setting president pretty much is on board with the same themes and of course both sides actively look for the Jewish vote, in fact you don't get to become any type of politician unless you go make them a whole Host of the promises, mostly to align yourself with their agenda!!

Arab leaders::: some folks here in the west consider them extremely perverted only through religious means based on they may have more than one wife, in other words they are polygamists....

Ah but here in the white Christian west, we have a huge bunch of the population that ****s around all the time, and the difference would be those evil terrible horrible Muslims they actually stay and raise their ****ing kids, unlike those Christian loving Americans, constant divorce other times there was no marriage at all etc etc yeah it's all made up bull**** you see where this is headed??

one side claims to be better than the other meanwhile they're all full of **** and vinegar and blowing smoke up your ass!!

But but but Israel but but them Muslims but but but Christians especially them evangelicals aka fanatics!

Oh here's a shocker::: I'm not a ****ing atheist, however I can say that organized religion is being abused by the powers that be, no matter what part of the world you're in!
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We all know the answer and that day is upon us!
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Real science stopped years ago.

We now have a religion called SCIENCE!, with unquestionable priests and priestess who never have to show their results, just their conclusions.

For instance, epidemiology has been a field of study for a long, long time. As a farm kid, we would use the basic tools to track back diseases in the animals, look to limit spread of infection, and prevent out breaks.

However, today we have gods in white coats making definitive statements, and it is a hate crime to question (or to point out that they contradict their earlier statements). It is not a science or even an art, it is a faith.

A blind faith. A cult. A ideology whose every solution involves the destruction and culling of the non elite. I am just old enough to remember when "global cooling" was going to kill us all. The solutions then were the EXACT SAME solutions for global warming (with the exception of SST banning. After the end of the Concord that went away I guess). I remember that the Ozone hole was going to turn the Midwest back into a desert and cause skin cancer. I remember Zika was going to depopulate the tropics.
All because of models where the guys running them were very careful to never share their inputs or methods.

That isn't the sad thing. The sad thing is most "educated" people fall for it. Like whitehat and I were saying, the higher you go the less freedom you have. So you MUST believe in what ever is the new hate, or be excluded from the nice job, the group, the HOA. Hell, I fully expect that by the end of the fall you will see pressure to force people to watch sports "In order to advance the cause".

We need to do a reverse Gramsci./
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Your statement about Arabs raising their kids suggests you haven't been there or seen them here.

Some do. Most don't. Most Arabs prefer young boys anyway, and the amount of inbreeding going on makes the Amish look like a well developed genetic breeding group.

I go back to my grandfather on the politician thing. Never trust a man who spends millions for a hundred thousand dollar a year job.
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SFL, hopefully sailing soon
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Does anyone know how we stand on all cause mortality as compared to the years past? And where to find the data?
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A True American Patriot!
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It is higher. Exactly how much higher is not currently known and won't be until somewhere around early February of next year.

HOWEVER, this does not mean it was CAUSED by Covid. How many people drank themselves to death as a result of the lockdowns and job losses? How many operable cancers were not operated on? How many flu deaths this year were counted as Covid (the "flu" death number to date is implausibly small -- by a factor of five, in fact.)

I cannot provide an ACCURATE analysis of this at the present time. But I can see SOME of the fraud (calling nearly 6,000 accidents and suicides "Covid" and the implausibly-small flu death count as two examples) here and now. How much MORE is in there, at present, until the data set is complete I cannot accurately analyze.

If you will not force justice to be done by any means necessary when over 100,000 are murdered by political hacks from both parties do not complain or expect my help when you or someone you love dies at their hand. -- Me
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TickerGuy - you're a great individual.

But if you want something to go viral, 12 minutes is the hard limit on how long it can be. That # is pretty much in stone.
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A True American Patriot!
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I don't WANT anything at this point @Ebt.

Nearly 20 years after a bunch of Nutjob Muzloids murdered 3,000 Americans and we turned around and took 19 years of sexual assault every time we walk into an airport instead of blowing Riyadh to beyond the orbit of Mars -- or nuking Mecca -- 15 minutes later I'm done WANTING anything out of people.

Especially given what I've seen in the last six months.

You want to pick up the torch? Go right ahead. When I see a crowd of a couple hundred or more un-masked people assembling to march into WalMart or Kroger and shop, daring them to have them all arrested, and it happens EVERY SINGLE DAY until that chain relents and takes the signs down then PERHAPS I'll believe the mood is turning.


If you will not force justice to be done by any means necessary when over 100,000 are murdered by political hacks from both parties do not complain or expect my help when you or someone you love dies at their hand. -- Me

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@KD For 9-11, you see one thing, I see another thing totally different (which we're not allowed to say on the Ticker). So we can just disagree there.

As to what we've seen the past 6 months, I see a bunch of heavily-blue areas self-destructing. All the BS over the past 30+ years is now doing them in.
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A True American Patriot!
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See the title of this thread? ^^^^^

It was written for you.

If you will not force justice to be done by any means necessary when over 100,000 are murdered by political hacks from both parties do not complain or expect my help when you or someone you love dies at their hand. -- Me

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How many flu deaths this year were counted as Covid (the "flu" death number to date is implausibly small -- by a factor of five, in fact.)

I've been following this guy for quite awhile, and he's been running the data since this Covid scam began. If you wonder about the abrupt decline in flu numbers, he has an interesting analysis. The video is a little long, just FYI.

Grammar: the difference between knowing your **** and knowing you're ****.
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Prior to the COVID crapola, I was puzzled at how, during the 1920-30's, the majority of German volk (from where my ancestors on both sides, during Bismarck's reign, came to the U.S.) conformed to & complied with their rulers' fancies. I had thought that fear was the strongest emotion while woefully underestimating how strong the desire to fit in is. Seeing it 1st hand now, I'm not nearly so confused; this article gives some insight into the why:

The objection to Puritans is not that they try to make us think as they do, but that they try to make us do as they think. - H.L. Mencken
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Salem, OR
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Witchcraft in Hawaii too. Their 14-day quarantine on anyone arriving to the state continues at least until October 1, and probably much longer unless one is willing to submit to a PCR test. Probably will continue much longer than that.

So you'd think the state betting all on the quarantine would track the success of that quarantine, right? I submitted a FOIA request (at the state level it's actually labeled a UIPA request, but...) for the numbers of individuals who were diagnosed with COVID while undergoing the 14-day quarantine.

The state's response - we don't have that information. So the state locked out visitors and crashed its economy with no data, only based on fear. Witchcraft indeed.


Reason: Adding gallery image - I hope
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Great ticker and I concur with all facts presented. I've tried to share things, either outright forwarding a market-ticker or parroting the same info myself. Outside of a small, and I mean small, group of like minded people I know most blow it off as "tin" I found on the internet. If it doesn't come from a reliable source like ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN/NYT, etc. it's not real they say. Well, I'm with you. Got zero ****s left to give. I'll save what time and treasure I have left for my family. And that group is getting smaller with several becoming believers of the maskhole cult.
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