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Comments on Why Is The Market Skyrocketing?
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User Info Why Is The Market Skyrocketing? in forum [Market-Ticker]
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Gone West
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@Tickerguy -- need to calculate the proper dose of Ivermectin for a human or use other veterinary medicines on humans, get a good veterinarian. Mine knows more than any doctor, keeps up on the research and thinks logically. Overall i find this to be the case with the profession.

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North Carolina
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if you are not max-loading your rounds

Thanks for the tip Tat668. I run a hot load in my .308, 44.3 grains of Varget and 175 grain Sierra match grade bullets which yields 2840 FPS measured at the barrel - 10.2 MILS at 1000 yards so it's a fairly quick round for the caliber but my DOPE is consistent from 40* through 95*.

I'll take a look at the link, right now I use a DIY annealer.
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Good missing link for extending brass life, I use it for rifle brass.

I used to cast my practice 45auto semi wadcutters and use Star progressive loader, but changed to using plated ones when I started IPSC to save time. I don't anneal those brass, still have a few 5 gallon bucketful of once fired ones.

Running hot load is ok for some brass, but some are too soft and the primer pocket stretch easy and won't hold the primer; Federal Gold Medal is one on them. I use Lapua for my distance work; anneal after neck resize for 5 times.

By the way, I started trying out other maker's bullets and found that there are cheaper and better bullets other than Sierra's match for distance work, as well as for terminal ballistic performance; A-max was good and I heard they improved the tip.

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