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FACT: Masks against Covid-19 do not work because under the laws of physics they can't and both governors and mayors have and continue to kill your grandfather for political reasons.
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2020-07-13 08:12 by Karl Denninger
in Covid-19 , 821 references Ignore this thread
Ready To Hang 'Em Yet?
[Comments enabled]

Oh look, more excuses...

Just a few months back, some scientists hoped summer conditions might help tamp down coronavirus transmission.

Studies have shown simulated sunlight can inactivate the virus on surfaces and in the air, and one study found the virus deteriorates much more quickly in warmer temperatures than in cool temperatures. Some of the other coronaviruses that have long circulated in the population tend to peak in colder months and wane in the summer months, and some thought that summer heat and humidity could work to slow the spread of Covid-19.

Some of the other coronaviruses?

That's a lie.

Every virus that is airborne follows the laws of physics.  Why?  Because they're natural laws, that's why.  They're not The 10 Suggestions any more than gravity is.

We knew in the middle of February this virus spread in scat.  Why?  Because in multiple incidents, including one in Hong Kong, people who did not know each other and lived ten floors apart in apartment buildings got the virus at the same time.  It is implausible that such events could have occurred due to "respiratory droplet" spread; to do so they would have had to have been in the same place at the same time and had the potential to have said contact with one another in a reasonably close and continual basis for at least some material period of time.  That didn't happen so that means of spread is not possible.

So how did the transmission happen?

The building did not, as is common in that part of the world, have "P-Traps" on the sinks.

You don't smell sewer gas in the US because it is code to have P-traps on the sinks and other fixtures connected to the sewer line.  The water trapped in the "P" (or "U") keeps gas from coming back up into the building.  But in many parts of the world there either are no traps as originally installed or people illegally modify the plumbing to add another fixture or other thing, and don't put one in.  There is no compliance monitoring and this happens all the time.  In both these cases the people infected were on the same sewer line and there were no traps on the sinks.

I noted this at the time in my podcast and wrote about it as well.  We knew at that point that the only plausible explanation for how these people got the bug was that (1) it was in crap and (2) it was spreading via other than direct contact with same.  It was that and Diamond Princess that convinced me that this bug was being spread via feces and the galley/food staff were the primary vector.  This, by the way, is the same mechanism by which norovirus, which is common on cruise ships, spreads.  We have since confirmed it is in feces and in fact MIT and others have proposed that we can detect outbreaks in a community before they hit the hospitals by sampling sewer lines.

We've deliberately ignored this evidence for the last five months.

Masks do exactly zero to inhibit fecal/oral transmission.  In fact they are very likely to enhance it since you're more-likely to touch your face with a mask on.  What's worse is that anything less than an N95 is worthless against aerosols, whether as source control or as PPE.  This is well-understood in the scientific literature.

This isn't an error -- it's intentional.  You can't possibly believe that the so-called "experts" did not know that which was in evidence the first few weeks of February and "accidentally" ignored it when said reports were in the public media.

Further, this completely explains the wild spread in nursing homes where some 40-odd percent of the residents are incontinent.  You know, scat-in-the-pants?  How's your laundry-handling procedure in said places to prevent cross-contamination to the poor bastard in the next room?

And it explains why as absolute humidity has risen the virus was not inhibited as everyone expected.  Indeed, it was enhanced.  Why?  Does scat smell more or less in the summer heat?  Is it more or less-likely to wind up on you?  Does norovirus rip through cruise ships in the Caribbean in the summer months?  Did polio do the same thing all summer long?


And by the way the "indoor out-your-mouth" explanation doesn't wash.  Flu and cold don't spread like crazy even indoors in the summer for the same reason.  A/C units remove a huge amount of the suspended water vapor; indeed, nearly all of the power they consume in fact goes to remove said water vapor, which incidentally contains the virus, and down the drain it goes harming nobody.

This also explains the wild spread once it gets into the hospital systems because exactly zero precautions have been taken against transmission from scat including rabid hand-washing with soap and water despite the fact that in SE Asia they figured this out in their hospitals almost immediately and when they did so both their infection and death rates went to nearly zero as did their rate of transmission to health-care workers in the hospitals themselves.

We've ignored it and so the virus has ripped through our communities.  The places where it has not haven't had material penetration into those places.  So long as that holds while an area may have a lot of "cases" they aren't serious and don't kill people.

Further, we know there's a very high level of innate immunity and have since Diamond Princess.  Despite being quarantined together in their cabins only some 17% of the people on board got sick.  It's impossible for two people to be quarantined together in a 10x10 cabin for two weeks with zero PPE where one gets it and the other does not unless the second person is inherently immune.  Therefore we know there is material cross-immunity to this virus -- we just don't know what produces it.

We've known all of this since February folks, and have intentionally ignored it since that time.

Masks do nothing folks -- in fact they're likely worse than nothing for these very same reasons.

If you wish to wear a mask, have at it.  If you believe they will improve your odds of not getting the virus then go ahead and wear one.  My read of the evidence and science is that they do nothing at best either as source control or PPE and thus I decline because from my read of the evidence, which matches that of The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, they increase rather than decrease my personal risk of contracting the virus.  The name for masks and gloves is "PPE" -- personal protective equipment.  If your analysis comes to a different conclusion then you should wear whatever you want.

Politicians and so-called "experts", including Fauci, killed your grandmother.  They did it by maliciously and intentionally ignoring known facts along with ignoring the laws of physics.

Never mind the "warp speed" nonsense for vaccines; the science is that there has never been a successful, long-term protective vaccine against any coronavirus and some intended for animals have made infection worse, including killing the subjects.  This doesn't mean it's impossible but the science is that it's not going to happen no matter how much money you throw at it and worse, short-circuiting any of the normal procedures that exist for safety reasons is flat-out stupid and has an unacceptably-high probability of killing more people than the virus ever could.  In fact we did the exact same thing with HIV/AIDS and AZT, Dr. Anthony Fauci was one of the primary proponents of that "fast track" authority and we shoved 450,000 Americans in the hole who died of AIDS.  As it turns out AZT not only was worthless against AIDS it directly harmed and killed people because it directly attacks both T-cells and the bone marrow.  Oh, incidentally, that same Dr. Fauci promised us an HIV/AIDS vaccine for more than 20 years.  Where is it?

These were not "mistakes" this time any more than it was the last time around; this was a willful and intentional refusal to fit whatever belief you come up with against known facts and, if the facts cannot be reasonably explained by your alleged means of transmission then what you're alleging is wrong.

Now we're being told there are going to be no schools, we "must wait" for a vaccine, we must wear a diaper on our face despite the fact that your underwear does not stop a fart and everyone farts an average of 15 times/day, we won't demand that people wash their damned hands with soap and water, especially in hospitality and health care environments, instead relying on BS "sanitizers" and we continue to cater to the REEEEEEing nutjobs who are egging all of it on.

There's not one lick of sense left in America nor any willingness to hold public officials accountable for their acts of destruction of both the economy and people.

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User Info Ready To Hang 'Em Yet? in forum [Market-Ticker]
Posts: 3579
Incept: 2013-02-13

Seagrove Beach
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Let all of them swing from lamppost? Yes.

We can change our national anthem since the one we currently have is so offensive.

Here is my pick..

Hurricane Evacuation Plan
1.Grab Beer
2.Run Like Hell
Posts: 304
Incept: 2020-02-07

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@Tickerguy Plenty of us are willing to do something about this ****, however the organization is not here!

You have some groups out there, but who wants the obligation of being in a group complete with paying dues?

No I mean neighborhood to neighborhood needs to get organized and then ****ing March to the city hall and clean it up, then move on to the state capital and so forth!

But without organization and numbers we're effectively useless...
This is the primary reason most don't get involved!

I'm picking up that more and more people are questioning Trump's time in office especially this year, seems like people are questioning the whole system!

And yes I'm noticing this from across many comment sections on many platforms/YouTube channels! Yes it is very anecdotal evidence of people from all walks seem to be losing faith in the system?

I remember a while back you and others was talking on here about a possible breakdown by November! For different reasons I'm sure, though I wonder...

Why do you think they're doing all of this **** Karl why? What is your thoughts? World domination? Defacing America? Both?

Ahhh I like to think, that you have great complex thoughts on a much more refined scale, perhaps you see it as a great heist...

Yes, create a problem then pretend to offer the solution,
(typical government stuff huh?)
Yeah, well then go from offering the solution to purely forcing a so-called solution that most people do realize does nothing, but of course you get the corporations like stores ect to force the public-at-large to go with it!

once you have the majority of the population bogged down in arguments against the governor's, all of the nutty rules and especially they're arguing with one another whether or not a mask works or it doesn't....

once you have that all set up, then you can continuously rob and rob the system for even more, meanwhile under the guise of stimulus and economic relief you can print up even ever larger sums of money that you're immediately going to confiscate, while everyone is distracted!

Go on to hit everyone with a nothing election and even more **** to argue over, such as the race card and all of these little weirdo groups associated with that, not to mention what you're going to do about schools in the fall! there's arguments for the argument of the argument that's connected to all the arguments!

It's the perfect **** storm to rob the joint and bring in more authoritarian rule!

But I really want to know, why do you think they're doing this? Why do think it's going down on Trump's watch? Do you think Trump is in on it?

Posts: 304
Incept: 2020-02-07

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In theaters this fall:::

Denninger, Karl Denninger
He likes his delicious coffee hot not iced, and he enjoys rock n roll!

He is also known for his ability to see through bull****, and tell those behind it to go blow goats!
He is the Tickerguy!

When running analysis, he stumbles into a giant cover up and medical scam ring at high levels, how high? You'll find out, He searches for the truth and what he uncovers is amazing!

While at his local bar enjoying a top notch beer, the place is raided by crooked health department scumbags and Karl dashes out the back door and escapes but that's only the beginning of the adventure!

Tickerguy: the smokescreen investigation!
In theaters September 8th!
Posts: 31
Incept: 2020-03-29

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I watched a video last night about something else besides Covid-19. This man claims he is using the CDC's data sets and the states reporting.

He claims that not only is Covid-19 circulating, but H1N1 is flourishing at the same Time.

In fact he says the data shows that the death rate from H1N1 is HUGE much larger than Covid-19. I mean 2-4 Times higher depending on the state. He showed and used their data during the video.

Yet not a word, not a peep out of our Medical agencies on this.

Anyone have any comments on this and do you have the exact web addy to get to their data. I would like to verify his data sets before I spread this info.

He used both State and Federal Data sets. In some cases the states case numbers for H1N1 were higher than the Feds.

They are separate data sets, not mixed. The death numbers he showed from H1N1 were HUGE compared to Covid-19

Posts: 105
Incept: 2016-03-15

Northern Ohio
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The fecal vector is not being discussed because it would be politically incorrect to do so. We can't point out cultural differences in hygiene as it would create a meme counter to the current view.

Yes, NIH and the CDC have said that washing your hands is important but it is almost an after thought. Still see many in public that do not wash their hands after doing their thing and not washing their hands before eating.
Posts: 304
Incept: 2020-02-07

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Chuck Norris and Karl Denninger star in the best movie of the summer!

Tickerguy goes to DC:::

While on a business trip conducting analytical research for a DC based firm, Karl discovers a huge plot to destroy the USA!

He meets private detective Chuck, they embark on the single most greatest and important journey to save their nation!

Tickerguy goes to DC::: in theaters July 20th!
Posts: 490
Incept: 2009-03-05

Sunny UK
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Meanwhile, here in Blighty, that blonde-haired buffoon Boris the Oppressor is probably going to make masks mandatory this week.
Posts: 84
Incept: 2009-06-04

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There's free money flowing everywhere!
Posts: 619
Incept: 2016-02-11

Pacific Northwest
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It is interesting, is it not, that nobody seems to be asking: all these thousands of new cases/day (which I'm skeptical about), was said person sporting a mask?

That it isn't being asked: more proof of .gov incompetence; or, they know it's bull****, but want people to wear magical blue amulets on their faces anyway. Or embrace the power of 'and'.

The country has shifted to a form of politicized soviet-style science where certain questions must not be researched.
Posts: 169
Incept: 2012-04-26

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@Jeepguy...does this story come with a happy ending???

Please God, take it all away...we don't deserve what we have!

"I find medicine is the best of all trades, because whether you do any good or not, you still get your money." -Moliere "A Physician in Spite of Himself" 1664
Posts: 397
Incept: 2013-01-11

Western PA
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@Jeepguy: "Why are they doing all this.."

The plan is being leaked for full release in January.
See here:
Posts: 71
Incept: 2020-03-17

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If you are referring to John Cullen (John E Hoover), he is an interesting individual who seems to be legit.

He did a really fascinating video on Dunning-Krueger with Jason Goodman that was great and explains how the sheep are led.

Posts: 31
Incept: 2020-03-29

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Karl, etal:

He used the flu season. So this is from OCT 2019 to current for his analysis.

Chuck Norris, get someone with real skills.

This is your guy Leslie Buck (Tuhon),, Here he is with GT (Grand Tuhon) Leo Gaje. Pekita Tirsia (think the fight scenes in Jason Bourne Movie with some Jeet Kune Do also). Leslie long ago came to the school I was part of, he left to learn overseas. He has never stopped and trains some very elite sections of our agencies and other countries.

Chuck Norris is hollyweird, there is film of Chuck fighting Bruce at Bruces home after a young Chuck Norris won his first Championship. He left a very humble man and barely able to walk if that.

Posts: 31
Incept: 2020-03-29

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Yes Samurai

That is who I viewed. I don't know much about him. I have known of Jason Goodman and joined to see his shows mainly for Charles Ortel, who is trying to out the Clinton Foundation and BLM.

Posts: 304
Incept: 2020-02-07

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@Tripseven yes it does have a happy ending!
Posts: 304
Incept: 2020-02-07

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@Keenan thanks for the link!
Posts: 8
Incept: 2019-07-13

Rocky Mountains
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Hi Jeepguy, get started with your neighbors. A simple get-to-know everyone and make a communication list for starters.

The masses of voters were not interested in savings and loan crisis which later was similar to 2008 banking crisis. Some of the government actors were the same.

This medical response will repeat issues from decades ago, with the same people repeating similar problems.

The masses who do care identify with their group and attack other groups, instead of cleaning out government.

Act locally, and maybe you meet some interesting neighbors!
Posts: 304
Incept: 2020-02-07

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Unfortunately Chuck Norris may still live in California but that doesn't make him hollyweird!

Oh yes he does have skills, he's won and hosted many karate events over the years!
He is ex airforce he was an MP! He has more skills than you know!!
Posts: 31
Incept: 2020-03-29

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Jeep Guy,

I know a lot about martial arts. I have studied many. Jeet Kune Do is NOT a martial art, it is a philosophy which I use to in my pursuit. Jun Fan (orignal). Jeet Kune Do, Jeet kune do concepts, thai boxing, LaCoste/Innosanto Blend, Pekita Tirsia, and more. Pekita Tirsia is a real fighting system, to be honest most Karate practitioners IMO would not last very long. Your mileage may vary.

Posts: 119
Incept: 2011-05-17

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People keep telling me that the mask doesn't protect me from Covid, but protects others. What they are admitting, without realizing it, is that is spread by touch. Because if it were spread through the air, my mask would protect me.
Posts: 1693
Incept: 2015-05-03

Vancouver WA
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Jeepguy- I logged on this morning to give you a little extra red -1 for your above posts. Although I can truly appreciate your frustration with how things are unfolding and your desire to blame someone...Anyone!!! Except yourself i.e. our selves, I would like to encourage you and others to except who is actually at fault for where we are.

You ask
Why do you think they're doing all of this **** Karl why?
The answer is so simplistic that unraveling will make people stark mad, mad enuff to want to blame others...ANY other. The answer is as clear as the nose on your face and just as common. If you or anyone wishes to unravel this, they will need to come to conclusions that will be painful to admit. They will need to go to a mirror and look at the nose that is reflecting back at them.

A small disclaimer - I do not always agree with Karl, and he as well as others here have allowed me to argue my points. So do with the following information as you see fit as it is not his job, trumps job or any elected officials job to fix **** for you. Look in the mirror and adjust your own nose.


Karl is one of only a handful of people who have openly and repeatedly stated YOU!!!!! Yes, YOU!!!!! (Everyone of us) is responsible for this ****. I could give you examples of articles he has written, about how health care is a scam. How social justice is a scam. How retirement is a scam. And he has always been willing to qualify, me, you and everyone else as the responsible party. Have you not read how Karl was willing to lay this burden at his own fathers feet? As far as family formation goes, you can't go much higher than that. Have you Jeepguy been willing to hold your own father responsible? If so, then this should be much more clear to you, if not look at the nose reflecting back at you.

There is no free lunch, the hamburger we ate yesterday needs to be paid for today. If you think the pull forward of supplies, goods and services will realign itself once the debt is paid. Take the time to add that debt up, now tell us how many years that will take.

With 100% sincerity I say: Please get mad at Karl. And while you are filled with anger and rage, look in the mirror.

One man did not cause this, collectively all men did. A price will be paid and sadly for too many that price will be their freedoms, their livelihoods, their family, their piece, their beliefs and finally their life.

Only one Man can save us and it sure the hell is not Karl. Collectively we have reached the end of this path. We now confront a fork in that road, and we have world leaders, and the likes of Tom Hanks, prodding us to take one step further. They tell us the exact same lies they did to get us here "Everything will be fine if we all just walk down this path collectively... Just one step further." And as human nature dictates the vast majority of people will follow along. And The One Man is beckoning individuals, "Hey take this path". "No there are very few on it, and it might look scary, but it is the path you need to be on" Sadly most will continue to choose the first path, filled with so many others. The same path that got us here in the first place.

As much as I would appreciate seeing a movie with Chuck Norris and Karl. Karl could try and teach Chucky the power of exponents and Chucky could teach Karl how to break bricks with his pinky finger. Together they would take D.C. by storm, breaking heads and destroying budgets. The problem is not theirs to fix. But the path forward is yours to choose.

"It's just a shot" - Gates
Posts: 1693
Incept: 2015-05-03

Vancouver WA
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Anyone have any comments on this

In regards to your above post on Covid-19 taking center stage while things like H1N1 flourish.

These are the thoughts of a mangy ass mutt.

Covid has us running scared, covid has us masked up, covid has Karen out in force, covid is running cover for movements like BLM, covid is forcing people to question their own sanity.

People are wearing masks, social distancing, looking at others with fear. And the same officials that are telling us to do all these things are openly and blatantly lying about the actual numbers of illness and deaths. All of a sudden hospitals are being overrun with covid patients, yet the death rate is 0.07 Clearly something is not adding up. But people are still willing to "Do what it takes".

Our immune systems are a wonderful and complex safety measure that protects us, yet many people are all to happy to put theirs and their children's immune systems under a man made safety net. These same people want to see you fined, shamed or in jail for choosing to let your immune system function the way it was designed. How is that not insane?

If we have a society filled with people willing to suppress their own immune systems. If we have a government that is openly lying about the spread and causality rate of covid, if we have a government that has already spent Billions to implement a vaccine at Warp Speed, a vaccine that is unproven and untested that can NEVER be made. Then how hard will it be for the same mentally deprived, immune system compromised people to believe that government when it tells them, covid is the reason things like H1N1, tuberculous and other illness are so rampant.

Stay strong, stay sane.

"It's just a shot" - Gates
Posts: 7263
Incept: 2008-05-19
A True American Patriot!
Caution: Congress at Work
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I know you're seen this guy's work, Karl.

But his recent Tweet is good -

jihad pressure cooker tea party guns Constitution Bill of Rights play doh squiggly line prepper home garden cluster****
Posts: 699
Incept: 2009-06-14

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My father sent me this worrisome link today that supposedly puts COVID in context

For some reason, everything but cancer & diabetes is on the graph. I think it's intentionally misleading. You don't think of hepatitis and then forget cancer.
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