How The NIH, Fauci And @RealDonaldTrump Killed Mom
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FACT: Masks against Covid-19 do not work becasue under the laws of physics they can't and both governors and mayors have and continue to kill your grandfather for political reasons.
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2020-06-26 10:16 by Karl Denninger
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How The NIH, Fauci And @RealDonaldTrump Killed Mom
[Comments enabled]

OK, enough of the bull**** (again)

We know at this point Covid-19 is a bi-phasic disease.  That is, in most people it presents either asymptomatic or with mild to moderate flu-like symptoms.  That's what the vast majority of people experience, including a very significant percentage of people at "high risk."

Indeed even the CDC is now admitting that ten times the number of people that have "tested positive" have actually had Covid-19.  This, of course, means the death rate is 1/10th that reported.  I pointed this out -- that the data we had was only supportable as valid if there was a monstrous number of people who were "silently" infected in March.

In some small percentage of the people infected they may or may not get that set of symptomology but irrespective of that they also get a far more-serious set.  These are the people who wind up the ICU and die.  We know what the co-morbidities are that greatly increase the risk of that happening -- in some cases by a factor of 10 or more.  But there is no guarantee for anyone that they won't get the more-serious set of conditions.

The NIH explicitly recommends against screening for two markers (sequentially, if necessary) that we know, through clinical experience and have known since March, are markers for the more-serious form of the disease when someone originally presents to a medical facility.  The cost of such a screening test is about $20.

Further, there are exactly zero circumstances under which a high reading on that first test is not indicative of a serious problem of some sort in the human body.  D-dimer, the test in question, is a byproduct of blood clotting; if it is elevated there is abnormal clotting activity going on somewhere; it does not tell you where, but it does tell you what.

One potential cause of the first test being abnormal is cardiac clotting.  That's very bad for obvious reasons, and ruling it out costs about an additional $10-12 to test troponin level, which is a cardiac enzyme indicating distress in the heart muscle.  (If that one's positive, by the way, you're probably being admitted to the hospital, but not for Covid -- for a serious heart problem!)

The Marik Covid19 protocol, developed by the Eastern Virginia Medical School, focuses on exactly this issue.

Note that their protocol includes anticoagulants unless otherwise indicated against (e.g. people with clotting disorders, etc) right up front for all hospitalized patients.  Specifically, Enoxaparin.  Think about that one; you give people that to either forestall or treat hyper-coagulation problems.

They're not alone.  Note that Reuters is referencing multiple medical centers in the US and elsewhere that are using both steroids and anticoagulants.

The NIH specifically recommends against looking for clotting disorders right up front and also recommends against steroids for patients with severe disease even though we now have had a result reported out where the risk of death was cut by more than a third of people in ICU with severe Covid-19 through the use of an inexpensive and readily-available IV steroid.

Has the NIH or CDC modified their protocol and recommendations in light of any of this?  No.

In short the NIH is explicitly ignoring the fact that immune dysregulation resulting in clotting disorders are both well-documented in people who have severe Covid-19 courses of disease and specifically recommending against both checking inexpensively for the early manifestation of same and treatment of same EVEN UNDER SEVERE, ADVANCED CONDITIONS.

That's flat-out nuts.

Who, must I remind you, is in charge of a significant part of the NIH?


Who, may I remind you, has placed that man on a pedestal and has yet to do anything about it?  Trump.

When did we know that severe cases of Covid-19 included elevated D-dimer levels and normal troponin and thus involved immune dysfunction and coagulation disorders?  Abnormal D-dimer levels were reported on Pubmed in February and in at least one reported hospital in the earlier days (e.g. March) when testing was slow and unreliable due to the CDC ****ing up their reagents they were using that pair of test results (abnormal D-dimer, normal troponin)  as a surrogate Covid-19 indicator when people were admitted and later found, when the Covid tests came back, that it was nearly 100% accurate.  In short when they couldn't get rapid Covid-19 test results back they were using this as a surrogate to identify people who needed to be treated for Covid-19 with nearly 100% accuracy.

Is the NIH intentionally not going where the science leads because that would drop the fatality rate dramatically?  The hospitals that are doing so on their own have already driven the fatality rate down by more than half nationally in just the last month and by a factor of more than five since the pandemic began in the United States  If we actually updated these standards and expected them to be followed nationally as we learned more would there be anything to be alarmed about with this disease any longer at all or would it be similar to ordinary seasonal flu?  The answer, by the data, is obvious.

Now let's add a few more things.

Where are all the dead people with Lupus and RA in this disease?  While there have been a few reported cases the key word here is few.  Far fewer than expected based on the prevalence in the population.  In fact, since both combined are about 1% of US population and about 1.5% of the adult population we would expect among the dead somewhere between 1,000 and 1,500 who were taking maintenance doses of HCQ at a minimum.  Since both are autoimmune disorders and immune disorders are considered a high risk factor we should expect material over-representation among these populations.  Well, are the deaths there or is their prevalence statistically smaller than expected?  Why hasn't that been reported?  You do realize that Medicare and Medicaid know exactly how many people have these disorders among the elderly, poor and disabled and exactly who is taking that drug among them, right?  Where's the data and who is blocking its compilation and release?

Next, there is some anecdotal evidence that Ivermectin may work too.  I note that Ivermectin is a one dose drug, as opposed to "take X per day" sort of thing and it is considered safe enough that even non-medical illiterate persons can safely dispense it in third world nations.  It has arguably prevented more human suffering (specifically, putting a stop to serious parasitic infections that often debilitated and blinded people) than anything discovered in the last 50 years.  In other words the odds of it hurting you are nearly zero (although no drug has actual zero risk) while the odds of it helping are unknown but suggested by association.  Should that be tried, especially on initial presentation when viral replication is still going on?  I think you should have that explained to you and get the choice, but again, since it interrupts viral reproduction whether it will do much if anything once the disease has progressed is uncertain at best.  Note that you can buy enough Ivermectin to treat a horse for about $6; it's literally dirt cheap and thus nobody can make any material amount of money on it.

There are no "minor" clotting disorders folks.  Have we looked at these "ground glass" opacities talked about on CT scans via dissection to figure out what they are?  Of course not; you don't dissect a live person!  What if they're not "fluid" build-up but are instead thrombus?  That would functionally explain not only what we're seeing and why O2 sat falls but also would explain why intubation without dealing with that problem is likely to kill the patient.  In short a lung that's got micro-clots all over the capillary bed is much less-compliant and thus much-more prone to barotrauma.  In addition if the root cause is immune dysregulation intubation inevitably stimulates an immune response and as a result makes that worse.  Couple the two together and the reason for failure becomes quite clear, doesn't it?

We're still not owning up to this "ventilator" madness officially, yet it has killed thousands -- probably tens of thousands.  Coupled with the refusal to look at this as a bi-phasic disease, where most people get a flu-like case while others get a secondary case that involves immune dysregulation including clotting disorders is outrageous.  It's not like we haven't seen viruses behave that way before either; polio does, and it's one of the most-notorious viral bugs ever  The second form of attack by this virus appears to be able to be detected by a trivially-inexpensive test; why would anyone with a working brain ignore an indication of a severe metabolic compromise for which they can be treated?  Both Trump and Cuomo, along with Fauci, Birx and many others, should be sitting in the dock facing manslaughter-for-profit charges writ large.

Perhaps some of those with an actual "MD" after their name can explain how intentionally ignoring testing for a known problem -- specifically, a clotting problem -- can be medically defended?  Is in fact the only reason the NIH specifically recommends against this is to give cover when the doctors don't treat for said disorder and that winds up being a major part of -- if not the entire reason -- why the patient dies?

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User Info How The NIH, Fauci And @RealDonaldTrump Killed Mom in forum [Market-Ticker]
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SFL, hopefully sailing soon
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Jesus wept...
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I cannot seem to find a "reason" behind this that does not jump headlong into the "Tin" category. Well, not necessarily true: simple human incompetence is always high on my list of causes to pretty much everything, but this one almost seems purposeful. Were we an actually commie country already, I would suggest "they" were culling the older population who only consume resources, with very little in the way of production.

But then again, I'm a jaded bastard.

We're ****ed. Where's Henry Bowman when you need him?
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Denver, CO
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COVID has many scandals associated with it.

IMO - this is probably one of the deadliest ones nobody (MSM, politicians) is pursuing and quietly moving out to pasture (b/c they were ALL so wrong!)

COVID Ventilator Scandal -- directly killed 1,000s through misdiagnosis and financially incentivized, unscientific protocols

Side Note: wasn't it rumored, hospitals could earn $39K for ventilator usage? Never could find that sourced though. Any of you fantastic readers have a good reference to share.

"COVID is respiratory"...that's all you hear about it plastered all over the media.

@tickerguy--I think you're onto something here and nailed it (called another First):

This is cardio-pulmonary and blood killer! Patients present with respiratory difficulties, but what's seems to be really happening
@tickerguy wrote..
"...lung that's got micro-clots all over the capillary bed..."

Excellent piece!
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A True American Patriot!
Caution: Congress at Work
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For anyone interested... my "brew" to help ward this off... 10 day supply. Can be put in gel pills as the taste is god-awful.

20g Curcumin (anti-inflammatory & anticoagulant)
4 g Trans-resveratrol
4 g Quecertin (helps absorption into cells)
200 mg Zinc
1/2 tsp fresh ground pepper
2 Tbsp Black Cumin Oil
2 tbsp Red Palm Oil
If making pills, enough melted coconut oil to make mixture pour, otherwise enough to make a paste.

Awesome for arthritis. But care if taking other anticoagulants.

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Pure and Simple


PAIN the quickest and most effective method to gain control over the human being!

Shocked? Most humans hardly know they have it, the unseen virus.


To avoid death even for one more breath motivates the MAJORITY of human beings!



Just need to count the MASKED FACES and ELIMINATE, by whatever means necessary, THE NON-MASKED FACES!

Just saying
Posts: 702
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This is a very interesting You Tube that fits nicely in the CONTROL post above and it's about vaccines and nano-chips and the 70 years old experiments proving the theory.

Don't believe it, well here it is anyway!
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Peoples' Republik of Maryland
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I cannot seem to find a "reason" behind this that does not jump headlong into the "Tin" category. Well, not necessarily true: simple human incompetence is always high on my list of causes to pretty much everything, but this one almost seems purposeful.

I'm with you there, Frat. I am astounded how everyone fell right into place on this. There are statistically zero people getting MSM coverage that are putting information like Tickerguy's out there. Every state has their own health experts. I guess every one of them are incompetent boobs like Acton or flat out mentally ill like PA's thing.

Molon Labe
Where is Henry Bowman when you need him?
How many are willing to pledge this? We mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor
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I'm sure some triggered folks will show up soon and scream at you:::
("so you think Hillary would've been better")?

Yeah the cult of personality has gotten real bad!

It's like I see folks all over the place bitching about these governors, yes they are morons but of course Trump was the one who declared the nonsensical national emergency when there wasn't one!

Man, when I point that out and talk about how that act gave them governor's and Trump "emergency" powers that he doesn't want to lose and that's why he won't call of the fake emergency, people get pretty pissed off!

They hiss like a cat, all about how they think I'm on the left and they practically stomp around that I don't worship our dear leader,nor any of his crap cabinet members...
Especially doctor sushi!

Trump has pretended to come out lately, against the masks and whatnot but it's a******poor act!

It seems like his act is falling apart, though I have been talking about those who are still buying the bull**** and are big time Trump worshippers, I've noticed more and more folks are questioning his time in office!!

Of course the other so called side is no better worse by lots of view points, and I've come across those who are panicked at the thought of not voting for Trump or either side...

I literally had one person scream in the comments on the YouTube video last week, because I said that at this point it does not matter who you vote for in fact I wouldn't even bother... Perhaps you can try third party....

this individual came back and says "well then who the hell are we to vote for"! I didn't bother writing it in capital letters but that individual was purely panicked and I've ran into a lot of them that way!!

they literally are ingrained so heavily into the two party system they really do not know what the hell to do!!

some say government control is coming blah blah blah, I say guess what? It's already here! oh sure they're probably plotting to double down on us no doubt, but as far as having everyone's hearts and minds pretty much ****ing warped into two sides of a crooked ass political system yeah they've already won!!

Oh I almost forgot, don't forget:: ("Trump's under attack")!!!
Posts: 3803
Incept: 2011-04-14

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10 days ago I posted this odd-ball topic.

In fact, as of today NY shows that 20,069 per one million people are testing positive. That is 2.0069% of the population.

Now, if we take:
Indeed even the CDC is now admitting that ten times the number of people that have "tested positive" have actually had Covid-19.
and multiply by 10, we get 20.069%.

Then, lets take the supposed 50% that are immune thanks to various factors including related corona viruses like colds. 20% + 50% = 70%.

So, I ask you this: are large portions of NY at the mythical "herd immunity" level?

Is the worst that large areas of NY will ever see is a slight rise in the number of new cases?


Here are my predictions for everyone to see:
S&P 500 at 320, DOW at 2200, Gold $300/oz, and Corn $2/bu.
No sign that housing, equities, or farmland are in a bubble- Yellen 11/14/13
Trying to leave the Rat Race to the rats...
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Wow! Yes recently there's been lots of talk about the future, next year even 4 years out...

the over all theme is that we'll wish that things was as good as we had it here in 2020 and perhaps back in 2019!!

Of course I can see that, all this **** has caused unrepairable damage to our economy and that will have negative effects for years to come!!

And to think many have been longing for the 90's for a decade!
Yep gone are the days of Phill Hartman playing the character of Bill McNeal on the sitcom news radio, ahhh much simpler times indeed, gone are the late 90's and all those funny fears about y2k!

Now it's masks and political bull**** manufactured fear of covid and of course fake racism!! Yes now it's every politician on both fake sides masturbating the egos of their followers, making them think they're in the know and they've got the inside track on everything!

How I'd love to listen to an episode of the real deal with Bill McNeal!!
Posts: 71
Incept: 2020-04-08

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Consider the high percentage of COVID deaths among those suffering from serious illness, or literally in the last months of living. I've read those deaths account for 80% or more of COVID fatalities. I also understand that 95% or more of COVID fatalities had comorbidities. So what percent of fatalities have been due to COVID disease? Is it 5%? 10%? Let's be generous and assume that COVID is the reason for 25% of deaths of those infected with the virus.

We are now back to normal flu season fatalities. And I believe the mortality data for 2020 will bear that out. COVID brought forward a bunch of deaths that otherwise would have occurred this year. Unfortunately, the number of deaths associated with COVID is exaggerated because (1) the government is lying, (2) the government killed grandma in the nursing home (3) the medical system killed grandma with bad medicine (4) grandma died because she was barred from getting medical help and (5) grandma died in social isolation because no one could visit her.

And Karl is right. While Trump is not to blame for all these actions, he is responsible for giving Fauci and Birx a podium and he is responsible for not getting the truth about the situation out to the American people.

Posts: 916
Incept: 2008-03-19

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Regarding the "ground glass" lung scans. Actually, we've done the autopsies on them and known what they were since some time in April. Yes, it's blood clots and massive inflammation, the Europeans did the work and figured this out for us already.

The earliest confirmations I've seen go back to mid to early April, so we've known for well over 2 months that those micro-clots & inflammation are what's preventing proper gas exchange in the lungs and tanking O2 sat levels. But nah, we can't use anti-coagulants & corticosteroids because the WHO says so. Fortunately, some doctors have working brains and have decided to ignore the WHO recommendations and develop their own treatment procedures based on science which actually work.
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A True American Patriot!
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@Aerius - The interesting thing today with the Covid presser was that Birx explicitly mentioned steroids, which the NIH's page, as of last night, specifically recommends against. She clowned her own people, in short, in public but exactly ZERO of the press there asked a single question about that.

These **********s have known since FEBRUARY that for a huge percentage of people this bug did nothing material to them, but for a small percentage it wasn't a respiratory virus at all -- it ****ed the immune system in a serious way and produced coagulation disorders. If you got hammered like that you had to stop it or it was going to kill you; supportive therapy is worthless if you can't shut off the immune dysfunction.

If you will not force justice to be done by any means necessary when over 50,000 are murdered by political hacks from both parties do not complain or expect my help when you or someone you love dies at their hand. -- Me
Posts: 6216
Incept: 2009-02-28

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What we see here is a big crime network in medical research and regulation that has been here for decades, been protected by the press and endowed by the establishment. Is it any wonder people keep using this screwed up industry and paying top dollar?

I was talking to a guy last night and the Atlanta shooting came up. After a little bit of discussion, I mentioned the guy that got shot was out of prison and he said he hadn't seen it in a legitimate news outlet. I blew it and yelled at him there aren't any legitimate news outlets. End of discussion.

I went home and did a little looking, as I don't pay a lot of attention to things that others should be figuring out. I haven't bought what they have in the MSM for over 30 years. It wasn't hard to find the rap sheet and the guy actually did a video, dated May 24 with a guy on the subject of the nonsense you go through on probation. Brooks had left the state without permission, nothing that has to do with race. I knew a guy who was in for doing a sizable drug deal and getting caught and he went to Vegas on probation and they threw him back in for a lot of years.

I have a fair amount of experience with police and drinking in my younger years. I also have experience with cops pulling you over for nothing around midnight and recently in broad daylight, hoping they had a DWI. Kind of strange doing a sobriety test when one hasn't had a drink in nearly 28 years, while driving on a narrow road and not running off. In any case, I was arrested a fairly large number of times and not once was I arrested in this guys condition. My BAC was right at his, but I knew where I was and MADD hadn't screwed up the night time so bad. I can also relate that the bull**** builds up and you don't go along so easy after awhile. I was never violent, but I got to where I told the cop what a mother****er he was.

Two things I drew out of this tale is Brook's BAC wasn't sufficient to have knocked him out to this extent. My experience, this guy probably had around 1/2 fifth of liquor in him over time and time subtracted from that. You don't pass out in line where you can't be awaken at that age, before 11 PM, as the cops weren't the first people who tried to wake him up. He moved the car and passed back out. Someone in a thread mentioned Xanax.

Second is, once things screw up, they screw up fast. Is this much difference than grabbing your cell phone and killing someone in a car? Happens every day and that is a much less complicated situation than this. You could hear the witness versions in the background. They were a long way from what I saw, which was a couple of cops doing what MADD ordered them to do through legislation.

My point wasn't to change the subject, but to paint the picture. Atlanta was a situation I would never want to be and the story the press pushed was far from the truth. Should have, goes out the window in real life. This guy should never be a cop again, because he failed a basic test. He also was overcharged and probably shouldn't have been charged at all. This wasn't George Floyd, which I have my own suspicions about.

So, where is the truth about Fauci? You don't find it in the media, at least what this friend called the legitimate media. If Trump fired Fauci, it would be George Floyd all over again. If the truth had ever been put out, Fauci would have been gone over 30 years ago, as he is a mafia boss, not a doctor. Birx is a front for channeling money into places where it can be stolen. Maybe she knows this, maybe she doesn't. Fauci is a shill for the pharmaceutical industry, not a doctor. Who is either to deny a potentially safe solution to something they have no solution for, except a fabled vaccine that doesn't exist and may be more dangerous than CV19. A criminal.

I don't watch the media for information on this, because the talk is always headed to the phrase, until we get a vaccine. When that comes out of someone's mouth (I only watch Fox Business), I turn the whole thing off. The goal isn't to manage the disease and find remedies, but to vaccinate all of us.

Why isn't the Legitimate media focused on what works? Why don't every potential patient claim Trump's right to try and demand these drugs that the media spends overtime trying to assassinate? Why are we being strapped in with masks, when they don't work very well? Cases are exploding in Texas and I venture 75% of the people I see have masks. IF maybe half of all people are immune through some associated immunity, we are getting a hell of an explosion here in Texas out of 1/8 of the population. Of course, we would never get the dots connected by a corrupt corporate media, that for 30 years has been nothing more than what they had in the USSR. Why is Fauci a sacred cow?

I have to thank Karl and his illegitimate news site. To use the MSM for information, you have to throw it all out and then sort through the garbage. Otherwise, you have to verify the information you find elsewhere. There is a lot of bull**** on the net, but there is also a lot of information that tells you who the clowns are that are running this game. Remember, Trump can't even replace a bureaucrat without the MSM and Nadler or Schiff wanting an investigation. While the nuts are tearing down statues, why don't they get Fauci? Maybe Fox News needs to give him a side job.

The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.---John Kenneth Galbraith
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Well one group of folks who are going with the bull****, happen to be those I refer to as job worshipers!

Yeah I get it ya got to make money, but humm this all just goes to show where our priorities lay!

No one will make a stand because they are so afraid that they'll be fired!!
They just bow down!! Poor stupid saps!

Of course I call them morons, because they don't know or perhaps most are in denial that we're going to be financially ****ed soon anyway, so why fear losing what will soon to be proved a pointless job?

Oh I know, what will your neighbors say? How about your family and friends??
What will these people say if you lose your job over not going with the bull****?

Well if any of them was to say stupid Bull**** like, "ya just gotta go with it"
"Ya gotta do what the job requires"
"Work is the way to go"
"Work ethic damnit"!
Then I'd say **** em they're already far too retarded and are already gone!

Job worshipping is not going to make you free I wonder when people will learn that??!!?!

Of course I know that last decade jobs became fashionable and it became the only thing left the middle class had to brag about!! Given bankruptcies & foreclosures

So have fun repeating the word (work) 5000 times a day and fearing getting fired if you don't follow bull**** arbitrary laws enforced by your most likely bankrupt employer!

Enjoy the knowledge that even though you're going to be a good little corporate bitch and go with nonsense chances are, you're probably going to be thrown out on your ass here very soon via when your company goes bankrupt they certainly don't need you!

So go on go ahead and comply because at some point it ain't gonna matter!!
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Yep Larry Kudlow has earned his 8 ball of coke for tonight!! I knew it all week that he'd show up here on Friday and sell us some covid Bull****, yes threatening shutdowns in some areas "could happen"!!

Cocaine Kudlow will be a happy snorter tonight! Ohhh I bet he'll ****in party like it's 1986 in Florida!

Yeah Larry Kudlow for those whom don't know, is not only trumps puppy dog but he is also a snow nose from way on back!

Yep Larry got his coke treats for tonight!!
Posts: 2246
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Canton, GA
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Karl, your mention of the use of anti-coagulants made a light go on for me. My 84-year-old aunt suffered a stroke back in February. After being discharged from the hospital she spent about 6 weeks in a rehab facility. She was doing OK for about 3 weeks after going home, with my uncle and oldest cousin taking care of her.

Then my aunt had another episode in late May where she was basically catatonic. She went back to the hospital and tested positive for both CV-19 and antibodies. However, she was completely asymptomatic. It seems the anti-coagulants she was on following the stroke helped act as a prophylactic from CV-19. My aunt has had health issues for many years with many co-morbidities. Yet she seems to have shrugged CV-19 off like an annoying fly.

My uncle and cousin have both tested negative for CV-19 to this day.
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@Aerius- Thanks for the information. I linked your post to my Parler account, which is seeing mass immigration from Twitter now. We are going to have to do an end run around the MSM. No better way than to reach people who aren't capture by fake news.

Instead of blaming the non-experts Karl, why not go after the corporates that are bottling this stuff up? These same people are blowing BLM and ignoring Antifa. We just finished 3 years of a fake story about Russia, which was played to cover up the crimes of DC. Why isn't the truth about SDNY being put out there, where no one went to jail for 2008? There is a king sized plug up the ass of that institution. WE have another DNC criminal as an alternative, for a party that fronts organized crime in every corner. Why didn't the riots burn down city hall and the SEIU and teachers union halls? Instead, the focus goes directly to Trump, when Obama did nothing but incite riots for 8 years.

If Trump wins, I bet the media immediately turns on Fauci. Anything for a scandal. If he loses, how are they going to get the genie back in the bottle?

The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.---John Kenneth Galbraith
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North Carolina
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So I was reading the NIH guidelines Karl linked to and didnt get very far before coming across this:

The Randomised Evaluation of COVID-19 Therapy (RECOVERY) study is a multicenter, open-label trial sponsored by the National Health Service in the United Kingdom.

It then occurred to me that we seem to rely quite a bit on information from the UK. Do we not have qualified medical professionals here in the US to do these studies or create models? First it was Imperial College, now this meanwhile weve had far more cases here than in the UK and I would think that translates into more data right? Why are we incapable of drawing our own conclusions?

Its not just healthcare either. Many mainstream programs on the Boobus Toobus enjoyed around the country have their origins in the UK as well. Anyway, just a stupid observation of mine.

One more sign the fraud is running out of steam, I listened to Birx on TV today stating how theyre encouraging millennials to proactively get tested to protect the old and at risk from asymptomatic spread. That tells me theyre running out of people who exhibit symptoms and subsequently get tested which naturally drives down the percentage of Covid+ test results. Gotta keep the numbers elevated by hook or by crook I suppose......
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@Exelite - testing people with no symptoms is ridiculous. Even if you test negative that means you are good till next time you leave the house. By the time you get the test results you may have already been exposed. The old and at risk are not staying home. Many have jobs. Many don't have people to go run all their errands. Many have to get to their doctor appointments and the doctor's office is a very likely place to get sick. The course of action taken by Governors following CDC guidelines was a total failure. They maximized economic destruction and in some places they maximized deaths too. More testing will not save anybody. You would need daily tests for everybody to actually have an accurate picture. The CDC should be defunded and dismantled if this is the best they an do after gorging on billions of dollars every year.

What is the most repulsive display was Cuomo criticizing Florida for its situation. That takes the cake. The actions in NY need to investigated in minute detail as example of what not to do. Cuomo needs to be removed from office.
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**** Cuomo. With a chainsaw.

If you will not force justice to be done by any means necessary when over 50,000 are murdered by political hacks from both parties do not complain or expect my help when you or someone you love dies at their hand. -- Me
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Went out and about this afternoon to round up some car parts. It's about 90 here and breezy. Good fire conditions.

Bearing cones and races at a specialty bearing shop, all the guys had masks around their necks.

NAPA, ditto, with one exception, one guy had his mask on. Two out of twelve customers had masks on. Most of the customers had obviously been under some filthy vehicles all day. One guy was literally dressed in what I'd use for oil rags, but my oil rags are in better shape.

Then to ACE Hardware for another weekend chore, EVERYONE but one other guy and I had masks on. We nodded at each other, as a silent **** You to Emperor Inslee.

No one gave us any flack about masks.

Omne mendacium est.
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Hey TG,Ivermectin is passed the anecdotal stage. We are now into preprints from quick study stage. This study has revealed Ivermectin to be more effective than HCQ with lower side effects. Like HCQ, it is best used as a propalytic.
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This is also interesting: SARS-CoV-2 detected in waste waters in Barcelona on March 12, 2019

Most likely an error...
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