US & State Government: A Cadre of Slavers
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2019-08-11 08:45 by Karl Denninger
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US & State Government: A Cadre of Slavers
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No, I'm not kidding with the title of this piece.

Our governments, both federal and state, are slave enablers.  Literally.  Despite this being in the Constitution in the form of the 13th Amendment:

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

But in fact it is.

Right here.

In the EEOC lawsuit, one Koch Foods employee without legal immigration status alleged that a manager sexually harassed his wife and made him pay to use the bathroom, once waiting until he had soiled himself to give him permission to leave his spot on the production line.

“If he found out that I had talked about anything that he was doing, charging money, the way he mistreated us, the dirty words he used; he told me that if I went to complain in the office that he had contacts in immigration,” the worker said in a 2012 deposition that was filed as part of the suit. “And that he knew where I lived.”

In other words, slavery.

This is the reason that employers hire illegal immigrants: They can abuse them with impunity in acts that amount to slavery or involuntary servitude, under threat of deportation or imprisonment if they complain about it.

The abuses are as long as you can find a roll of paper to write them on.

  • Paying people less than minimum wage.
  • Not paying people for time worked.
  • Forced overtime, under threat of dismissal, without time and a half in pay.
  • No 24 hour break per week, as mandated by federal law.
  • You can't leave the line to take a crap.
  • You can be groped, grabbed, even raped.
  • You can be verbally or physically abused.
  • You can be forced to work under conditions that OSHA says are unacceptably dangerous.
  • If you get hurt on the job there's no Workman's Comp to take care of the injury -- it's on you.
  • There is no unemployment if you get fired or laid off, since you never paid into it.
  • You're under constant threat of a tax audit (since your employment taxes were not paid and no federal taxes were withheld), which can and is used as a means of threatening you in order to force you to shut up.
  • You're under constant threat of deportation or imprisonment, which is also used as a means to make you shut up.

I can go on and on and on and on.  Every single employer using illegal immigrants does so for one or more of the above reasons.  The group of employers doing so encompasses a massive percentage of the landscapers, construction firms and agricultural interests in this country including both corporate and so-called "family" farms.

Every one of these reasons for "demanding" said illegal immigrant labor, and the rest of them which I could literally spend hours going through and enumerating, amounts to a violation of the 13th Amendment.  Every one of the individuals and firms employing any of these people are slavers.

Our Congress, our State Legislatures, and our law enforcement personnel do not give a wet crap about any of this.  They never have, and they never will until and unless the citizens of the United States stand up and make them under penalty of being forcibly removed from office and asset stripped to their underwear -- or worse.

AOC does not give a crap about Hispanics despite being Hispanic herself.  She doesn't give a flying **** about these people.  Worse, she cares even less about the citizens who are displaced from jobs they could have in place of these illegal invaders, including but certainly not limited to Hispanic citizens of this nation.

The only thing she, and the other 536 ass-sucking jackasses in DC care about is that "businesses" want slave labor.

They're not alone.

Mississippi, where these plants are, has a law on the books mandating 100% use of E-Verify for employers.  It is a requirement to have a business license in Mississippi.  Despite this fact the executive in Mississippi has not given a wet crap about these slave labor agricultural factories as it is obvious that none of them complied with that law.

Not one Mississippi state swine showed up and arrested the people running these plants for facially breaking that law.  Their business licenses were not revoked.  The State Authorities did not come and chain the doors closed.

Indeed, one of the plants is allegedly holding a "job fair" this weekend!  WHAT THE ACTUAL ****?

How about Apple and Amazon?  Two big American companies.  Foxconn, which makes products for both in China, was busted nearly 10 years ago using child labor -- and then again, multiple times, in the assembly of iPhones.  Their abuses of workers got so bad they were committing suicide by jumping off the firm's buildings.  Did they stop?  No.  They instead put nets up so if you jumped you wouldn't die.  Was any member of Apple management arrested and jailed?  No.  Now it's alleged they're doing the same thing making Echoes and Kindles for Amazon.  And again, it's not just about the age of the worker it is about slavery; in all of these cases we are talking about forced labor, with the threats including denial of graduation from high school if the "interns" do not comply.  Is Jeff Bezos under indictment right now?  No.  Why not?

Foxconn is a serial violator.  But rather than blackball them from supply chains into the United States and toss in prison any executive who signs a deal to use them for electronics assembly, which if we had any intention of honoring the 13th Amendment we should have done more than a decade ago we instead gave them tax subsidies to build a factory in Wisconsin.

This is not just a matter for one party or the other.  It is a fact that both political parties are equally guilty in this regard and both suborn and explicitly support slavery.  Here, now, today, both in America and abroad.

To all the black and Hispanic people in this nation: You are voting for and support slavers both in State and Federal elections.

All of the current State Legislatures and Executives permit and explicitly condone this behavior.

So do all current state Law Enforcement agencies and individual officers.  The number of executives and business owners arrested even in states where explicit E-Verify laws are on the books by said State LEOs numbers ZERO.

ALL of the current members of Congress, ALL of the current agents of the FBI AND our current President along with all the previous ones since at least Ronald Reagan also explicitly permit and condone this behavior as well.


Do not talk to me about so-called "human rights" so long as one single illegal immigrant is employed in this nation.  Not only are all of those people being abused and effectively enslaved in direct violation of the Constitution but in addition every single one of those jobs is displacing an American citizen or legal immigrant who could do said job and who could not be so-abused as they could raise hell about any such attempt without fear of deportation or imprisonment.


This can be fixed with a TWO PARAGRAPH bill which anyone who actually believes in the 13th Amendment must demand be passed now:

1. All employers shall verify each employee prior to hiring using E-Verify, and shall verify all existing employees within 180 days.  All 941 tax reports shall include the E-Verify control number for each employee.

2. Any employer who fails to do so, either through not reporting an employee or through falsification of any such control number shall suffer a penalty of 300% of the taxes due and each executive, officer, director or other responsible party shall be imprisoned on a felony, not to be diminished to a misdemeanor or other prosecutorial discretion, with a term of not less than one nor more than five years per person not reported, with all sentences served consecutively.  No employer may waive or otherwise lay off said responsibility through the use of any outside agency for payroll, hiring, human resources management or similar.

There is no reason, given the existence of the 13th Amendment, that every state and federal lawmaker's offices, homes, family, children and outside businesses are not immediately and permanently under protest and picket until and unless this is resolved in all respects including those American firms who employ labor overseas under the same sort of coercive conditions.


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User Info US & State Government: A Cadre of Slavers in forum [Market-Ticker]
Posts: 1255
Incept: 2017-06-27

Gone West
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your proposed bill is perfect. even if passed, it will be ineffective. the state agencies do not have the manpower, forget about federal, to investigate anything more than a trivial number. most of their compliance work is whatever they can pull from a computer database search and run through some algorithm. add in people who have local connections, bribe inspectors or simply do not allow them access to their shops. the problem is very pervasive in urban areas.

there is a problem that most overlook. regardless of what one thinks of the illegal workers, a lot do work very hard for a low wage. many never brought family here, send money home and live in a dump. one can sympathize with many while being displeased with the corruption. what happens when these guys are spent and old? maybe some go back, but do they have a claim on their employers for not paying into social security for them? the penalty for failure to comply with social security and Medicare withholding is on the employer. it can be argued that the worker received the net pay after taxes which the employer pocketed. even white, completely American service industry workers get hurt by this when they get old if paid in cash. i see it every day as they get older. dunno, but this could blow up one day if a union sees an opportunity, add in a few lawyers, old and sympathetic plaintiffs and the fact that a subset of American workers are also affected. sometimes the only job is the cash one through no fault of the worker. yes, technically illegals get the fruits of their actions, but lawyers can argue anything.

i am hinting at something that is brewing and might be another angle of attack, the exploitation one, add in a few SJWs and let the fun begin.

There are two ways to be rich: One is by acquiring much, and the other is by desiring little.
snow, seasons, distance and dirt roads: SSDD
"Be not deceived; G-d is not mocked; for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap" (Gal. 6:7)
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@Whitehat -

You are ignoring the power of gov't intimidation. The gov't does not have to go after ALL of the violators. If they go after a very few of the larger/more prominent violators and shut down the companies and/or put the corporate executives in prison, one can be assured that the vast majority of the rest will fall in line. All the gov't has to do to maintain compliance is to be seen to be imposing draconian consequences for violators that it does find.

This is entirely analogous to the IRS. They sure don't exhaustively investigate/audit the vast majority of taxpayers, yet most entities fall in line for fear of consequences if they do not.

". . . the Constitution has died, the economy welters in irreversible decline, we have perpetual war, all power lies in the hands of the executive, the police are supreme, and a surveillance beyond Orwells imaginings falls into place." - Fred Reed
Posts: 718
Incept: 2009-03-25

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Does slavery happen in all countries?
Is the slavery worst in Central America?
Posts: 1255
Incept: 2017-06-27

Gone West
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@Peterm99 -- i respectfully disagree. a lot of small guys know that they are too small to be discovered. lots of law violators already use this logic and comprise a very big part of the problem. people become very sophisticated regarding what triggers investigations and how to avoid discovery. if one spends any time around small to medium sized businesses (the ones responsible for making people millionaires), you will hear the myriad ways that they avoid compliance with lots of things. they spend time planning how to avoid things and discuss it openly among their fellow travelers. regarding big busts of large firms hiring illegals, the small to medium guys are already saying that it will never happen to them due to the politics supporting small to medium sized businesses and all of the other cliches. no way, no how will any administration do anything that will cause any small to medium business to close or be compromised. the political fallout would be astounding. these businesses know it. the large processing firms are enough removed from daily life that they can get away with raiding them; plus they are big and there is always resentment towards such. just bankrupt your local deli, restaurant, auto-repair or contractor while having the community pay higher prices for all services and you will see the right of the aisle politicians fold like a cheap camera and propose compromises in the interest of local businesses, guaranteed.

understand that more than half of businesses that i profiled in my community who hire illegals CANNOT exist without illegal labor. once they declare the three to ten or more guys working for them, the follow-on effects of compliance with even a fraction of the law places them squarely in the RED, OUT-OF-Business with no way to change that fact. businesses would have to close and would be non-viable for any operator of the location, math is. personally i would like to see it happen and let's face the consequences of the law then decide what to keep legally. much like us here wanting financial institutions to realize their losses, big businesses to fail when they should, etc. the system will not allow a poison pill of reality as the way things work somewhat must be protected at all costs. not what i want, nor many here, but denying things does not make them less true.

There are two ways to be rich: One is by acquiring much, and the other is by desiring little.
snow, seasons, distance and dirt roads: SSDD
"Be not deceived; G-d is not mocked; for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap" (Gal. 6:7)
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Incept: 2015-05-03

Vancouver WA
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As a person who did field work in the 80's early 90's I can safely state from my experience, it is the Latino foremen who brutalize the Latino work the most - Not the white owners of orchards, fields, warehouses or trucking. Some of the biggest bigots in the field are Latino bosses, where things like, skin color, place of origin or sex, play a role in how you are treated. These people come illegally from countries where open bigotry is excepted as part of life, so when they reach a level of position they know how to exploit it. And just because they crossed into the U.S. with different laws, they do not change their mindset. They are still bigots. But of course the white owners are oblivious to this, right?

These people are just as human as anyone else, and that means they want to feel they are exceptional. One way to feel you belong is to look for traits in others that match yours. An illegal Mexican who has been working the same field for 10 years and worked his way into supervisory position, is without a doubt going to hire first other family members, male if possible, but female too, other Mexicans from the same region second, Mexicans next, and lastly Latinos from other countries. When the region you are from in Mexico is enuff to stir bigotry, nobody in the field is going to feel sympathy for the person from Guatemala. But the white owners are oblivious to this, Right?

People are cheated from what they have earned, but the white owners who already pay less than what is legally required to hire an American are oblivious to this, right

Women are exploited, children are exploited, but the white owners who make this exploitation possible are of course oblivious to this, right?

You dear American - Regardless of your skin color, creed, religion, gender, education and status as being AMERICAN are losing out on jobs, wages, skills, taxes and most importantly opportunity. Yes, these are mostly low level jobs that should only keep those on the right 2/3's of the bell curve employed for a couple years as they go to school, learn better skills or figure out life. But they are YOUR jobs first. If the employer can not find enuff workers, the field goes to waste, 10's of thousands of dollars for that years crops are lost and the livelihood of the farmer is in jeopardy. What is the farmers solution? What is big industries solution? What is the senate or congresses solution? It certainly isn't to let free market dictate. No their solution is to allow illegals, that you pay to support steal your children's jobs and opportunities. Their solution is to steal wages from these same illegals, their solution is to allow grown men to be exploited because of bigotry, their solution is to allow women and children to be harassed and sexualized because they can be. Their solution is to keep wages for low level jobs suppressed while piling on debt, stealing from YOU.

But of course they are oblivious to this - Right?

I certainly do not disagree with Karl's argument, I do however disagree with his use of "Slavery" As these people are choosing to come to this country illegally, they are choosing to expose their wives and children to this, they are choosing to take low level jobs and they can end it quickly and easily just by turning themselves into authorities - Yes they will get shipped back to their home country, but they do have a choice.

The slave? Who is the slave then?



You work to pay the welfare benefits of the illegals, you work so their wages can be suppressed, which of course keeps yours suppressed. The illegal gets to participate in FHA loans, YOU get to pay more for your house, higher value for your house = More taxes paid by YOU - The SLAVE! The illegal gets a drivers license, but doesn't need insurance (They ARE ILLEGAL) what does the SLAVE get to do? Pay more...HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

White America has been so cowed they fail to see who the real victim is.

Karl is 100% correct, I just believe he is calling the wrong demographic slaves.
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Tax on labor IS slavery!

Government only works for the benefit of the people when it is conducted in the full light of day. -- Karl Denninger
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Incept: 2011-12-08

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Even if you are legal, companies assume you are a debt slave. I worked for at least a dozen tech companies, several household names. They all want you to be a full time employee so they can work you extra hours/weekends, take calls and emails 24x7, and basically be abusive at all times.

Add in a small amount of stock options (usually not worth much) so you are mentally locked in for a long duration. If you are debt free and frugal you are not susceptible to this kind of pressure.

As a young person I was laid off a couple of time, so I lost any belief in secure employment. I discovered contracting was a much better deal. You are usually limited to a 40 hour week, extra hours were paid and had to be approved ahead of time. Plus, the wage slaves are insecure, so they don't assign you very much work. You get to have a life, and all the daily stress is gone.
Posts: 152
Incept: 2019-04-22

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This is why I've not been in favor of rounding up the ones already here. I'm all for tightening the border and stopping more from coming in, but the ones already here we basically invited with a wink and a nod and rounding them up, disrupting more lives, just makes us lose the political battle.

Now you revoke some corporate charters, asset forfeiture some houses, boats and kids college funds of these bastards that have engaged in the Slave Labor?

Then I will be all for the strict enforcement on the poor SOB who was just here trying to improve their station in life and lost the lotto on where God decided they would be shat out in to the world.

Turn off the magnet, most will naturally gravitate back to where they can find work and have familia ties.

The rest can be dealt with using the funds we've confiscated from the slave owners.
Posts: 6566
Incept: 2009-03-21

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Amused wrote..
. . . I've not been in favor of rounding up the ones already here. . . the ones already here we basically invited with a wink and a nod . . .
Completely disagree. Although I don't believe "rounding them up" is the preferred way to do it***, one way or another, we should get rid of ALL the illegals, period.

Just because we (collectively) have given a "wink and a nod" up to now to politicians, banksters, the med/pharma/insurance gang, corrupt lawyers/cops/prosecutors/judges, lobbyists, etc., etc., etc., etc., while they have been destroying the country does NOT mean that we should give them all a pass for what they've done in the past. They all deserve the rope-and-lamp post treatment for what they've done and are still doing.

Or, as another example: If you inadvertently leave your car unlocked, and a thief steals it, would you give him a pass because the unlocked door to the shiny car with packages visible in the back seat was effectively a "wink and a nod" to them?

Illegals who came here with a "wink and a nod" also should not get a pass.

***IMO, the preferred way is to make them self-deport by making it impossible for them to stay here: draconian punishment/penalties for those who hire them, zero public assistance/benefits for them, no D/Ls, etc., etc. For the small numbers who try to stay in spite of this, round-ups and forcible deportation would be entirely appropriate.

". . . the Constitution has died, the economy welters in irreversible decline, we have perpetual war, all power lies in the hands of the executive, the police are supreme, and a surveillance beyond Orwells imaginings falls into place." - Fred Reed
Posts: 152
Incept: 2019-04-22

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Leaving your car unlocked is different that putting a sign up that says: 'this car is unlocked and their is valuables here'

We've had whole businesses dedicated to making those signs, yet I see no handcuffs for the bastards printing them. I see them for plenty of the stupid unwashed masses that never should have been illegal invited in the first place.

You should me one CEO that is doing a nickel for hiring the slave labor. Just one and I might change my mind on how we should start to enforce this.
Posts: 168
Incept: 2018-01-29

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Had lunch with an aquiantence a while ago. He said that if Trump got the Illegals scared enough to leave the economy would collapse and SS would fold.

Basically, so much of the economy is off the books for labor and tax laws, it won't function if they had to be above board.

Service, health care, manufacturing, you name it is so illegal heavy that to compete, you have to be a fraud.
Posts: 158642
Incept: 2007-06-26
A True American Patriot!
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Winding it down.
Posts: 94
Incept: 2019-01-08

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I agree with Karl; the economy would continue to function (this is ASSuMe-ing that the powers that be do not start a nuclear war to end the increased honesty). As it is now, the economy will free fall in a few years anyway. At that time the damage will be worse.
Posts: 94
Incept: 2019-01-08

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I think I'll toss in my two-penny worth on government policy that won't come into force.

Immediately seize and sell all the assets of any company in which credible evidence of its employment of illegal immigrants is made by a person. Those assets will be in the dock and not the company, so the company ought not have standing to sue since is not being charged. All creditors and owners ought not to have standing. They should not be allowed to profit from illegal immigration, even indirectly. Only the person presenting the evidence publicly receives the proceeds of the sale within a week of the finalisation. The only way for an owner or creditor to avoid a big loss in such a case is if one of them becomes the person presenting the evidence. The other owners and creditors will still lose.

If that person is an illegal immigrant, he will only be able to collect the proceeds outside of America. As an extra reward, the travel expense to that foreign location is to be paid by the treasury.
Posts: 111754
Incept: 2007-08-26

East Tennessee
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Guess who applied for jobs after the big ice raids?

It's justifiably immoral to deal morally with an immoral entity.

Festina lente.
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