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2019-01-09 09:08 by Karl Denninger
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Speeches, Facts And Fences
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Dueling speeches....

Trump, for all his warts, actually read off a teleprompter it appears.  He was quite focused and didn't display any of his trademark mannerisms.  That is neither good or bad, it just is.

Pelosi and Schumer, on the other hand, dodged the existential question of the shutdown and border: The Democrats have never negotiated on the actual border and actual security.  They have repeatedly given things (such as DACA) that are legally impermissible, relying on the courts to prevent an unlawfully-given thing from being retracted.

As such there is no other way than to "hold the government hostage" to get them to negotiate.

Yes, there's a gun to their heads.  Too bad, so sad.

But the hidden underbelly is that neither party wants to stop illegal immigration.  Where was the demand for 100% E-Verify?  Missing, of course.  Why Mr. President?  Because your buddies in the farm belt exploit illegals for work just like the Democrats do so for votes.

It's really not much more complicated.  The President is correct that tons of dangerous drugs flow over our southern border.  While it is also true that most of them are smuggled in vehicles that pass through actual checkpoints some goes through tunnels and other means of crossing in many places where there is no wall and even less surveillance of the border.  After all tunneling tends to produce very visible signs on both ends.

It's a "manufactured" crisis when a girl in Iowa or a cop out west is shot by an illegal invader?  Really?

It's not about percentages when it comes to crimes.  It's about dead people, raped women, sexually abused children and that none of those crimes would be committed if the illegals were all gone.  And yes, I said and meant all of them.

Nor is it a "manufactured" crisis when tens of thousands of people intentionally and falsely claim asylum, often bringing children as human pawns.  In the US we call that felony child abuse, because it is.

Why do we let anyone get away with it when their skin color or nation of origin is "correct"?

Nor is it "manufactured" that most of the human smuggling ("coyotes" and similar) are controlled by organized criminal gangs.  Those would be drug smugglers, human traffickers and worse.  One third of women attempting to "migrate" are sexually assaulted before reaching the border.  These are NOT reasonable, nice, or law-abiding people and we enable and make profitable their "ventures" by allowing those who come via that method to stay.  We could instantly destroy their entire business (and all the misery they cause) by passing a single-sentence law: Anyone who enters illegally will be instantly removed and is permanently barred from future lawful entry to the United States, and no child begat from an illegal entrant is permitted citizenship or residency -- period.

Nor is it "manufactured" to state that these are illegal invaders.  A "migrant" asking for help doesn't break the law as their first act in America.  If someone asks you for food or money that's panhandling (and generally legal.)  When they break into your home or steal from your store that's theft, burglary or worse.

The facts are that essentially all of these illegal invaders cost the people (through the government) more than they pay in taxes.  That's why they come; we have a welfare state and they wish to steal from it.  It's theft; they're not entitled to anything as a non-citizen illegal invader into this country.  No criminal is entitled to keep the fruits of their crime.

Migration for economic reasons is not a valid reason to request asylum.  Not here, not anywhere.  That's the law.  They come because they intend to cheat.  They admit their intent and that they know their asylum request is false when they state up front they're coming for economic reasons.  And then they commit a crime by unlawfully entering the country instead of coming through legal channels to pursue what they know, in the vast majority, are claims that are unfounded and will be rejected.

A burglar comes for economic reasons too.  He enters your home or place of business because he wants something that benefits him economically and you have it.  His first act of unlawful entry is exactly the same as the illegal invader.  Then he takes what he wants, the second unlawful act.

These so-called "migrants" are doing the exact same thing to the tune of more than a thousand people daily and the Democrats claim this is "manufactured."


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User Info Speeches, Facts And Fences in forum [Market-Ticker]
Posts: 1067
Incept: 2008-03-27

upstate NY
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Spot on Karl.
I also believe the wall would pay for itself many times over per year by eliminating all these new welfare dependent "Democrats".

They keep talking about drafting a Constitution for Iraq ...why don't we just give them ours? It was written by a lot of really smart guys, it has worked for over 200 years, and we're not using it anymore.
Posts: 398
Incept: 2017-06-26

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I sure hope Pelosi and Schumer show their faces as often as possible between now and 2020.

The Dirty Dems better find somebody with a lot more charisma to speak for their party fast, or Trump is going to thump them in 2020.

Sending out two, old whiteys to sermonize Trump isn't going to work or motivate "the people of color".

.....And that's what this government shutdown is all about: 2020.
Posts: 30
Incept: 2010-08-20

San Diego, CA
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I love Democrats. They make great pets. "End this shutdown so that we can go back to negotiating without result, like we did before the shutdown," which is what caused the shutdown.

Trump says that drugs came across the southern border, but he is a liar because they actually came through legal ports of entry in the southern border. So ports of entry in the southern border are apparently not in the southern border, and since drugs came in through legal ports... Wait. What? Drugs came in legally?
Posts: 30
Incept: 2010-08-20

San Diego, CA
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Oh yes, and we are abusing kids when we incarcerate them, but people who brought them across a thousand miles of hostile territory to be incarcerated by us are not abusing their kids. Please.
Posts: 102
Incept: 2012-05-04

The Lone Star State
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One thing I did notice was the camera zoomed in to cut his hand gestures out of the picture.

I agree with you about the percentages, the argument that they commit crimes at a lesser rate than citizens / nationals, which is demonstrably false since they entered via committing a crime, but even allowing it to be "true" drives me crazy. If anything it proves even more that they don't need to be here since we have enough crime already.

Unless unemployment is 0% there are very few valid reasons to allow immigrants to enter the country unless they are truly an exceptional standout in their field, and the number of those in the entire world is exceedingly small. Valid to the common man at least, to big business owners and their political lackeys, there are lots of good reasons like wage suppression, worker intimidation, and not having to pay benefits or for injuries.

If you are still in possession of your life, all avenues are open.
--Mauno Koivisto
Posts: 8179
Incept: 2007-09-10

Scottsdale, AZ
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Last year, my lady friend was broadsided by a Mexican in a construction truck. She was waiting in traffic and he was turning out of a grocery store at high speed and hit her front tire so hard that it cracked the transaxle totaling her car. The Mexican had a fake driver's license and had never applied for one according to the cops when I arrived. When we got the police report, it didn't show that the cop sited the Mexican for no license. On Friday, my friend received an updated police report showing that the Mexican was sited and his truck impounded, but he still was set free. I have never seen a police report reissued for any reason other then someone busted this cop for not siting the guy in the first place. On Saturday, my friend received a summons that the Mexican is suing her for hitting him to cover his medical bills. I was there shortly after the accident and this guys overloaded Ford pickup that was 15 years old never could have made the turn. There was nothing wrong with this clown or the 4 other Mexicans he had in the truck.
The people that claim there is no issue with these illegals have not been violated. My friends perfectly fine car was totaled and because it was 10 years old, no coverage on her end for the damage. Our insurance out here is very expensive because of illegals. If they aren't running into someone, they are stealing their cars. She has towing bills, storage bills, rental bills, medical bills and the illegal has no responsibility.

The crap sitting in Mexico from central America is even worse. The media continues to hide the facts about what is happening and the democrats are no better then terrorists allowing this. I wish I could publish a directory of every liberal in the media and Hollywood with their home addresses and have it passed out to the illegals so they know where to go. These fools need to get a bit violated themselves.
Posts: 529
Incept: 2009-01-03

Los Angeles
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Trump will fold on this gov shutdown standoff.

The pressure is going to ramp up exponentially once the shutdown starts impacting a wider swath of people.

It will be easier to pin the blame on TRUMP rather than democrats in general and the pressure for him to cave will be immense.
Posts: 805
Incept: 2012-04-19

South of Canada
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I watched the speech on my local Fox affiliate. Pre and post speech they had Shepard Smith basically parroting Democratic party talking points. Assume he was on the FoxNews cable channel as well. Anyone who thinks Fox is conservative isn't very sharp. Thankfully Karl has a very succinct retort to all of the "facts" that Shep and others keep repeating.

One crime is one too many. One gram of narcotics is too much. The only thing manufactured here is the Democratic party opposition as a bald faced move to deny Trump one of his election platforms.
Posts: 3381
Incept: 2009-09-11

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Shepard Smith was on Fox broadcast only. On Fox News it was Hannity and he interviewed Lindsay Graham and Kevin McCarthy.

On another note, Scott Adams interviewed Brandon Darby yesterday. He's with Breitbart and has been focused on the southern border for 8 years and spends a lot of time there. Interesting interview.


I see Breitbart put up an article that summarizes in text pretty much all the points Darby made in the interview.


Pretty interesting stuff about how the Mexican cartels control a lot of the border and human trafficking.
Posts: 5654
Incept: 2010-06-25

Peoples' Republik of Maryland
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You are absolutely correct, Tickerguy.

But that is waaaaaaaaay too much logic and reason for the lying, piece of **** Democrats.

Molon Labe
Where is Henry Bowman when you need him?
How many are willing to pledge this? We mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor
Posts: 153
Incept: 2009-10-16

South Side of the Sky
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@Aztrader: A very similar incident like what happened to your friend happened to a friend of mine, back in the late 80s - early 90s here in CA. I was with him in the car, we had stopped at a traffic signal on a city street, we were in the left lane waiting for the light to turn green, we were stopped (car was not in motion). A Mexican in an old, beat up white pickup (gardener, had lawn mowers and rakes in the back) came around the corner, turning right - instead of staying in the lane, swerved across two lanes and slammed into our car's passenger door, pushing the car sideways in the lane (it was a small Datsun 210, very lightweight). We weren't injured, thankfully since he hit us behind where my friend was sitting.

We got out and both of us could easily smell alcohol on the Mexican's breath. Obviously drunk, he didn't try to run. Back then, illegals couldn't get a license, and when we asked to see his license "no comprende". We called the police, and the cop talked him first and then came to speak to us. We asked the cop what was going to happen, he just said "report it to your insurance company". He was completely unconcerned about the drunkenness of the truck driver, so my friend asked if he was going to do anything about this drunk. The cop's response? "I'll decide whether to do anything about it, it's not your business". Worth noting: the cop was also Mexican.

In the end, nothing happened to the drunk, the cop let him drive off without any kind of ticket or being cited. No consequences. Meanwhile, a month or so later, I asked my friend if he reported the damage to his insurance company. "Yes, and they refused to pay, since the police report gave no indication of guilt". And, "By the way, they cancelled my insurance policy". Nice, eh? This was Mercury Insurance Co. Talk about adding insult to injury! No justice, no consequences. And this was years ago, you know it's only gotten worse since then, CA hands out driver's licenses to illegals like candy now. They also qualify for cheap insurance (about $280/yr) that won't cover anything in an accident, but the state pretends like everything is A-OK, "they're insured"!




If you have recently received a drivers license through AB60, you may be eligible for this program regardless of immigration status.

You will also need to provide just ONE of the following documents:

CalFresh (food stamps)
EBT card
Notification letter
California LifeLine Bill showing discount from phone company
LIHEAP Low Income Home Energy Assistance Bill showing discount from utility company
Medi-Cal / Medicaid Program card
California Employment Development Department (EDD)Debit card or benefit letter
SSI / Social Security Income (age, blind, disabled)Recent bank statement as proof of deposit
Social Security or Pension Letter from administration
Income Level*
*social security number or TIN accepted
Copy of federal or state income tax return for last year
W-2 or 1099 form
Payroll stub or employer verification letter

Posts: 8179
Incept: 2007-09-10

Scottsdale, AZ
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This Mexican had a similar insurance company even though he had no license. They refused to cover any damage, so our only source is small claims court. Then came the summons from the Mexican claiming he was the victim. This clown also has a business license and I found the company that got it for him. I am betting if ICE raided their business, the records would be invaluable. This is what America doesn't know and never will with the fake news media that refuses to cover any of this. Absolutely insane.
Posts: 6330
Incept: 2007-10-08

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That sounds exactly like how things work in Mexico.

France is my second favorite Muslim country, just behind Sweden.
Posts: 153
Incept: 2009-10-16

South Side of the Sky
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@Az: Wow, an insurance company sold the guy insurance with NO license at all?? What are they thinking? I didn't even think that was possible. How can they issue insurance (I call it "unsurance") to someone with no right to drive?

A common scam by illegals here was to buy insurance for one month (ask for a 6-month policy and then cancel it after a month) in order to get the car registered. Well, either that, or they peel a sticker off someone's license plate so it looks current to the cops while driving around. Of course, if they get stopped, it's obvious the sticker doesn't belong to their plate, but you can be sure nothing is done about that either. BTW, the buy-it-and-cancel-it trick doesn't work anymore, because the insurance co. is required to report to the state if the policy is cancelled, and the state will suspend the car's registration if this occurs. BUT (you knew there was a "but" coming), it takes 90 days of no insurance before this happens, so all the illegal has to do is just pay for another month at that point. Therefore, they're "sort of" covered for one month out of four.

I've watched all this go down over years here in CA, with each passing year getting worse and worse. I play a game with my wife - when we go out to Costco, Sam's Club, etc. I ask her "Where's Waldo"? which is our code for "do you see even one white American around"? Between the Chinese here, the Mexicans, Muslims, etc. you are literally hard-pressed to spot what I'd call an Ordinary American. Yes, there are some, but fewer and fewer as time goes on. We're outnumbered in our own country. I walk past people and hear every language but English these days.

I might have mentioned this in a prior post, but we had friends in Valrico, FL that we stayed with about 9 years ago. They were clueless liberals, but I thought maybe some sense could be talked into them (now I know better). I told them about the situation in CA, how over-run we are with illegal aliens, and he said "what's the problem? they pick the crops and they go home". I had to tell him, NO, they don't go home, they stay here and drain our resources and cause crime and take more than they give, by far. He disagreed with me, in no uncertain terms, in fact, he got quite red-faced and angry. I told him "well, you've never been to CA, so how could you know what it's like there?" I also said "you will one day see I am right, when your area is overrun with them, you live where there's very few illegals - for now". I wonder what he thinks today? I don't know, don't care, as we pretty much parted as enemies and never spoke again. Hopefully, he lost his job to an illegal.

As you said, "The people that claim there is no issue with these illegals have not been violated." yet. Here's hoping for a wake-up call for all of them!
Posts: 803
Incept: 2008-02-23

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@Roundabout, I grew up in southern Cali and lived there the first 40 years of my life. I put it in my rear view mirror 25 years ago. Now Georgia is being overrun and is coming perilously close to flipping blue.

There's little point in arguing with libtards. As Jonathan Swift once wrote, "It is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he was never reasoned into."
Posts: 747
Incept: 2009-01-09

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This happened in October 2018 following an investigation began January 2018. This has sent chills through those using Foreign drivers.

"Rather than following the rules, companies began using U.S. truck drivers to get loads through the I-19 checkpoint, they would stop at a rest area or a business park and switch drivers.
Brown said that trucking companies continued to do this because drivers under B-1 visas are paid far less per mile, a disparity that anecdotally means drivers are paid 20 cents per mile, rather than a rate of 60 cents. "And, that creates an un-level playing field for the trucking companies that are trying to do it right," and makes fruits and vegetables produced in the U.S. slightly more expensive than produced harvested in Mexican fields. "So, it's not just impacting truck drivers, it's impacting domestic farmers. It's a significant economic toll on the U.S," Brown said.
Brown said that officials in east Texas had broken up similar schemes."

There was a sizeable seizure of equipment (more than the article stated).
Posts: 196
Incept: 2011-12-08

United States
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This government shutdown demonstrates we have the functional capability to distinguish between "essential" and "non-essential" government employees.

Seems to me, the obvious presser/speech Trump needs to come out with is a 60-second executive order signing ceremony, done "Apprentice" style, "You're Fired."

Posts: 5654
Incept: 2010-06-25

Peoples' Republik of Maryland
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I've always thought about the distinction between "essential" and non-essential" government employees.

Pretty much proves the fact that "non-essential" means "tit-sucking leach".

Molon Labe
Where is Henry Bowman when you need him?
How many are willing to pledge this? We mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor
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