So Where's The Veto?
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2018-12-05 07:54 by Karl Denninger
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So Where's The Veto?
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Dear Mr. President:

You threatened to veto the last two omnibus spending bills if wall funding was not included.  You lied; you signed both.  It was that very pair of lies that gave rise to the caravan; in short, thousands did not believe you would keep them from becoming welfare leeches upon our land.

We know that was their intent because they turned down asylum in Mexico -- and jobs.  They did not intend to come to work; Mexico does not offer freebies, but does have plenty of jobs.

Then you said you would keep all of them out of the US.  You didn't.  Some did get in.  You said anyone who came illegally would be criminally charged.  None were; all have been released.  While a judge in the 9th Circus issued an (unconstitutional, as it exceeded jurisdiction) injunction I understand that giving that judge the finger carried high risk.  There was no such risk in criminally charging every single illegal entrant especially those who you could have charged with felonies (e.g. assault with a deadly weapon -- thrown rocks.)

Now we have a new budget showdown.

There's a basic rule you seem to have forgotten: Three strikes and you're out.

Historically there is another "three" issue to think about: Three strikes of the match.

I very much doubt that Americans care enough about freedom to pay attention to the latter any more; we lost that somewhere around the 1950s and it's only gotten worse since.

But we haven't forgotten how many outs you get in baseball yet.

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Is the Three Strikes on the Match referring to lighting a smoke in war? An old history teacher told me that GI's would share the same match to light their cigarettes but superstition was by the third man you'd be noticed and a sniper would have you. I'm early 40's and learned that in 1990's high school. Sure that teacher is six feet under by now. He was last of a breed.
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