Was She Illegal?
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2018-09-21 12:25 by Karl Denninger
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Was She Illegal?
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A 52-year-old babysitter accused of stabbing five people—including three babies under her care—at a childcare facility early Friday morning in New York was suffering from “psychological distress,” authorities said.

Two senior law enforcement officials told The Daily Beast that the building houses a birth-tourism facility for Chinese women who give birth to a baby in the United States so that the child can automatically obtain American citizenship.

The woman, identified by a senior NYPD official as Yu Fen Wang, was found in the basement of the three-story building with a slash wound to her left wrist, authorities said. She was arrested and charges are pending.


The petitioner, Kuang-Te Wang, a native of Taiwan, entered the United States on January 18, 1985 as a nonimmigrant visitor authorized to remain for a period not to exceed one year.   Petitioner's wife, Yu-Fen Wang, entered the United States approximately one month later in February 1985.   Wang and his wife remained illegally in the United States beyond the expiration of the one year period.   In 1989, federal agents, without a warrant, entered Wang's home and arrested him on suspicion of transporting illegal aliens.1  

Same person or not?

I have no idea.  But the name matches, and so-called "birth tourism"........ hmmmm...

There's no way to know offhand and that is a common name -- but if it is the same woman or she's here illegally otherwise then it still remains the same issue, as I maintained with Mollie Tibbetts -- none of the offenses committed by illegal invaders would be committed if we enforced the damn law and made them all leave.

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User Info Was She Illegal? in forum [Market-Ticker]
Posts: 228
Incept: 2017-04-29

DeKalb, Illinois
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That Cheap Labor Lobby must be pretty powerful! They are capable of preventing any immigration law enforcement at the federal, state, and some local government levels.

So much for the Rule of Law!
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Hampton Roads, VA
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Told you so, lol. Meat cleaver attacks seem to be a chinese thing.

"The strongest memory is weaker than the palest ink" Chinese proverb
"The enemy of my enemy is my candidate" Random commenter
"We have the government we deserve"
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It doesn't surprise me they are Taiwanese. I know many of them that run birth hotels, fvcking scumbags. What get's me is that if an American stays in Taiwan for even 1 day over his/her visa, the cops will come to your apartment and immediately throw you out of the country (plus get a 1 year no entry stamp in their passport). In addition, there is no way to get dual citizenship even if you've been here a long time, speak decent chinese, married to a local and have a good job. They just don't want foreigners to be part of the society. In China its even worse. If you want to see everyday racism first hand, just move to Asia.

A few years ago there was a movie in China about a girl that was feedup with china life and moved to Seattle to drop an anchor baby. It became a quite popular movie and many girls had this idea planted in their heads. Its about time the us.gov cracks down on this loophole. Its especially bad in Guam. (only a 3 hour flight from TW or CN). I go there quite often to keep my sanity.

I noticed this morning they caught the 3D guy here (near my apartment, in fact). Cops were out checking IDs on every white guy here the past few days. There are some threads about it on reddit/r/taiwan

Posts: 591
Incept: 2008-04-12

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Sorry I went off topic in my last comment. I am use to dealing with crazy Taiwanese people in my daily life so the real tragedy that happened wasn't the focus of the story for me.
Posts: 744
Incept: 2017-06-27

The People's Republic of New York
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@Marc2mrkt -- you make a great point very much related to the topic.

the Euro-trash does the same thing with anchor babies. Eastern European women are noteworthy for this. i know of many some directly that got knocked up in their home countries, through the grapevine find some house sitting job here and plop the kid out on our shores. these children get all of the same benefits as the South Americans as do the mothers even though they come here as tourists and just never leave. we do not speak much about these white girls as the focus is on the South Americans, however it shows that this is an issue with people taking advantage of our system and lack of enforcement. the only difference is that the white girls are rather attractive and get nice cash jobs as housekeepers, personal cooks and some administration. their children being more functional go all the way with scholarships since they are children of single mom's with no declared income. in their own countries they are unmarriageable as single mothers and being older. a best kept secret about Europe is their men have standards.

we are the world's garbage can through our own faults and acceptance, nothing more.

There are two ways to be rich: One is by acquiring much, and the other is by desiring little.
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East of Sheol
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Marc2mrkt.... no complaints here. Very educational.

"Mass intelligence does not mean intelligent masses."
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Incept: 2008-04-12

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Here is the issue that has turned me from being pro-Taiwan to being someone who doesn't care about this place: Taiwan has always insisted that it is a sovereign country and not part of China. According to this logic, people from China are foreigners, just like people from other countries. So why is it that if a Taiwanese person marries a Chinese person, his/her Chinese spouse can then apply for dual citizenship here in 6 years, but a foreigner from elsewhere can not?

Basically, someone that has barely lived here can get it because they are the same race, but someone who has lived here for decades, paid all his/her taxes, hasn't abused the health care system, and has contributed to society in many ways can not. It is such an unfair and double standard that has really changed my attitude about American support for this place.
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