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Comments on A Keto Lifestyle and Alcohol: Compatible?
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User Info A Keto Lifestyle and Alcohol: Compatible? in forum [Market-Ticker]
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Dairy is a function of what sort of dairy. Full-fat cheeses have a near-perfect protein:fat balance in terms of a keto lifestyle. I eat a hell of a lot of them.

Milk and similar are absolutely incompatible with same on a nutrient balance basis.

Winding it down.
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Going without alcohol is pretty tough for me. I've kept my weight pretty steady over the years( 165 5'8 or so). I realize I need to lose about 15 to 20 pounds because 165 lbs is not the same at age 68 as when I was 20.
I've been into fitness and nutrition from an early age(14). Mostly I did Olympic style lifting but in my later years mountain hiking. I did Mt Whitney about 4 years ago and that was a one day round trip.
Giving up drinking will be hard.
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I have a metric crap-ton of nice booze; single malts, Islays, 30 year rums and ports and have hardly touched any of it in over 14 months. I can get by with a half shot each night but haven't for some reason.
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If you still need to loose that much weight I would guess you have not adopted a keto diet, or not long enough (although how your clothes fit is a better diagnosis than weight). But when you are actually in ketosis continuously your tastes WILL change, especially adding intermittent fasting (and IMO is foolish to pass on its considerable benefits).

Ex. Ice cream used to be my main source of excess, now I do not care about it. I have a few pints in the freezer of what used to be favorites, and I am not particularly interested (especially since I noticed a strange coincidence for me to get slight sinus infections every time I break the low carb rule (and it does not take much). This change in taste in foods is pretty common among people in ketosis.

Another favorite "side effect" for me is the ability to work (on my feet) for 10 hours and then go the a 5 miles+ walk-run when I go home, simply because I want to take advantage of a break in the rain.

I cannot say keto has improved my sleep that much, I still often drink chamomile tea for that, but it does work extremely fast.

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Damn! Many thanks for taking on this topic - and while I figured it might be somber news, this really screwed with the ole cocktail hour. I think it would be great if more would respond as Nadavegan did to relate their observations if you have future posts.

One observation from me is recently awaking at 2am (8 hours after 4 oz of whiskey) to realize my heart was pumping more rapidly and vigorously than it should. Began thinking this can't be a good thing? I'm more concerned with negative sleep effects than being pure keto and weight loss. obviously need to do more "research" myself. Thanks!
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I haven't noticed much difference. But then we have young kids who wake up at odd hours (and then us up). YMMV.
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This validates my experience. More than one glass of wine means I sleep poorly and wake frequently with an elevated heart rate. I'm getting to the point where I'd rather sleep well than enjoy wine on the deck at sunset. Not to mention the complete weight loss stall no matter how clean I eat.
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Well just damn.

I don't care so much about weight loss, I am up anywhere from 5 -8 lbs today compared to 2 years ago when I was strict ass no carb keto. Those lbs are kinda insignificant to me.

My issue is perimenapause and sleep.
My hormones interfere with my sleep, and wine is my coping mechanism.
I cheat with LCHF with a bit of rice or some tortilla chips or maybe breading on chicken a few evenings a week. I also intermittently fast. I'm not gnawing on pasta, bread or donuts but some french fries have occassionally crossed these lips.
I rarely feel completely out of ketosis unless I cheat hard. Only then do I pay.

But no wine in the evening?
Shoot me in the ****ing head.

And it's usually 2 glasses, sometimes more, rarely less.

My ass isn't getting any bigger.
Or smaller.
I've completely leveled at current weight, and while losing would be great, sleeping at night and decompressing are more valuable to me.

Hormones are to blame for my vice, at least that's my excuse.

As always Karl provides sound logical information ahead of the curve.

I'm just unwilling to adult at the moment.

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Bremerton, WA
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I wonder how much aging increases the effects.

I could eat and drink more in my 20's and 30's - and it did not affect me the way it does now in my 60's/

My experiences with drinking alcohol at my current age match what Karl describes (and the explanation is a very worthwhile read). I just don't recall having the same results when I was young and 'indestructible'! (and probably more stupid than I am now...)
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For people wondering, I think it behooves taking Karl's advise, and start getting scientific about it. Glucose meter; ketostix.

Keep records. Learn what personally affects you.

I know I'm doing **** wrong, and I want to use those tools to make myself be honest.
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