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Comments on More Nonsense About 'Keto Diets'
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User Info More Nonsense About 'Keto Diets' in forum [Market-Ticker]
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Incept: 2007-11-27

Nags Head for now
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MIL is on keto for the past month. Surprising the single most sugar input is for regular 2% milk that she uses in coffee. Cut that out and tried the new stuff. She is loosing weight though.
Weird how the diet produces bad breath too.
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Totally agree. My only concert with the Duke's is an unopened bag takes up a lot of space because of all the air in the packaging. I'll probably opt for the 1 pound bags, but I think I'll need a minimum of 4 to 5 bags for a 12 day trip, and that's going to take up a lot of real estate in the pack. It beats pounding down carbs every 45 minutes though.
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Ventura County, California
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@Marquiri - if you're doing a 10-12 day trip with no dehydrated food, I'd suggest seeing if there are resupply services somewhere on your route. That's an awful lot of heavy food to carry.

From my experience, keto works hand in glove with backpacking metabolism, it works great. Stable energy all day long, and no longer felt compelled to take a cat nap at noon like I did in the past.

I do allow myself a slightly higher allotment of carbs because I'm pretty sure my glycemic stores are well burned through by the first few days, if backpacking really full days. Most of these carbs are associated with nuts, and I eat a ton while trekking.

In addition to the Dukes, if you want to add some more variety and use up less space with packing material, have you considered beef jerky? Take it out of the store packaging and wrap it in whatever is most space efficient. It won't spoil.

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Yeah the issue with Dukes is that they're no preservatives and WILL spoil once opened. I could shoot them for all the extra volume in the package that's just flat stupid.

Winding it down.
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Incept: 2007-08-17

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I can easily see how one gets the impression that all these diets are fad diets.

Why can't people just eat "normal food" (which is also BTW what the Kenyan runners call what they eat when asked what their diet is). Normal food is what I grew up with, what all my family ate, what the school lunches were. Nobody got sick, and I never heard of anyone having any "metabolic" issues, aside from people overeating chronically.

So what is normal food?

For me it was:
- no breakfast (no time, not hungry), just a cup of cacao and milk, including when I was a kid.
- Lunch: meat or fish, grilled or poached. No sauce. Vegetables: as green as possible. Portions kind of small could easily fit in a salad plate. A desert, a fruit or something with sugar and butter in it. Or just some cheese with a green salad (oil and vinegar dressing).
- diner: same, just smaller portions, add some soup as the first dish.

Yes people love a steak and fries, but everybody knew you can only eat that once a week at the most.

Kids usually eat a small meal when coming back from school (5 pm) in my case, bread and fruit preserves or bread and a bar of dark chocolate bar (low sugar, never a candy bar) and tea.

NO SNACKS, never. No sodas (may be one a month in summer). I drunk water, or tea or coffee. Orange juice would be a freshly squeeze fruit.

NO processed food, all is made from fresh ingredients.

When I wanted to loose weight I would eat nothing all day or just an apple for lunch. Black coffee (no sugar no cream). Drink: water or tea with lemon.

So in the VOX article, the "baseline diet" is the diet from hell or a joke, not sure which.
The snacks look like another meal. So 5 meals a day??!! and we are not talking about some carbs, more like a cargo load of carbs!!

The lunch : a burger (seems bread comes with it) with potatoes? that is nuts.
the diner: cheese steak sandwich? it is well known that sandwiches make you feel full for about an hour, after which you are hungry again, and people usually avoid them or go easy on the bread part and only have them on the go, never for diner.
We did eat bread with meals but small amounts, like half a slice.

People monitor what they eat and nobody waits to be overweight. You don't need a scale to know if you overdid it during the weekend, and you cut down the next week: bread-potatoes-pasta-etc and sweets are first to go. But people will also cut down on fat and portion size.
Not a single kid at school was overweight (and exercise was not big among our lesures). No one in my family was ever overweight. In fact I cannot remember knowing anyone who was.

The low carb menu:
The snacks have to go.
There should be only 2 meals, leaving a 16 hour window without food (intermittant fasting-crucial). There are not enough green vegetables, add another 5 cups of greens to that.
They do not mention how much of it is processed food, or what people drink. EVERYTHING counts.

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One of Karl's blog early last year just hit me over the head, and I finally made the switch I knew for a long time I needed to. I'm not as good at following as I think many here are, but I tried to be good most days of the week and when I do cheat during the week, to at least try to limit it rather than go full board off.

I lost better than 25 pounds in a matter of about 3 months, which took me from overweight to right around the listed ideal weight (5 foot 6, started at 167 pounds). I haven't really lost much since then, but haven't gained it back either.

I never advertised I was doing this to anyone in the beginning and only mentioned when absolutely necessary (to avoid taking food). I used Lent as an excuse for a lot of it in the start. After a bit though, I started getting questions on what I was doing. Pretty soon, without any push on my part, I had at least 5 people ask me questions and then start a low carb diet themselves. They do it in varying degrees (most under 50 carbs) and conviction (at least one treats it strictly as a diet), but I was pretty amazed the difference was so big as to illicit that much attention without even trying.

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Nashville TN
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Karl - been an avid reader/follower since 2008. Chose today to register and comment for the sole purpose of adding my "second" to a previous request for more comments regarding "keto" & "ethanol". I love my daily cocktail but after joining the HFMPLC party 6 months ago, I realize a need to restrain myself. Age 66, 72" tall, fasting glucose of 104-ish for last 10 years. I've lost 12 pounds without really trying. Feel better overall - mental & physically. I credit your blog (and bloggers) for impetus to learn more and adopt this WOY.

So, you may have only your anecdotal info, but that would be detailed and interesting I'm sure. Plus adding community responses too would help form a consensus for action.

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Posts: 151956
Incept: 2007-06-26
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It's in the queue.....

Winding it down.
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Incept: 2007-11-08
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I've been reading about your HFLC diet ever since you started writing about it. Thanks to you (and my wife) I have taken the plunge. I don't feel like I'm on a diet. I feel like I've just changed the way I eat and prep my meals.

I've been eating Keto meals for a little over 7 weeks. I've dropped 13 lbs to date. I feel better not only physically, but mentally as well. I no longer feel like my brain is "fuzzy" and I can think more clearly. I consume 3 stiff drinks (vodka) on Friday and Saturday nights. I'm on my feet all day for work, but rarely exercise. I'm a believer...
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Austin TX area
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Marquiri, I hiked nearby last July (Bridger Teton). Lots of streams impassable at trails, due to flooding/runoff. Just fyi. We ended up in Yellowstone at a lakeside camp site and had a Blast! (total luck that a lakeside campsite came open online, in a flash, us with no reservations, in super busy season).
Backpacking ideas: I am addicted to those Starbucks Via freeze dried coffee sticks, so those are a feature of my pack. Maybe something like Justin's Almond butter packs? Or make nice broth with the freeze dried veggies pack and a broth packet (kinda like quality ramen without the noodles)? Gotta keep the pack weight down.
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