While We're On The Subject of Sexism....
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2018-02-12 06:00 by Karl Denninger
in Social Issues , 157 references Ignore this thread
While We're On The Subject of Sexism....
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Let's gore a few more sacred cows, sever their heads and eat their hearts while still beating, shall we?

I'm going to go after one here that nobody's going to like -- at all.

American mainstream media outlets delivered plenty of propaganda on North Korea’s behalf this weekend.  Somehow, as Kim Jong Un’s totalitarian regime continues to starve, torture and murder its own people—western news outlets are mesmerized by the dictatorship’s presence at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Take, for example, the following headlines – ones you’d normally expect to find in North Korea’s state-run media. On Saturday, I found them in my Twitter feed:

“Kim Jong Un’s sister is stealing the show at the winter Olympics”

“The ‘Ivanka Trump of North Korea’ captivates people in the South at the Olympics”

“North Korea’s cheerleaders steal spotlight at Winter Games with synchronized chants”

“North Korea is winning the Olympics—and it’s not because of sports”

Anyone care to place a bet on the common factor with all of these?

Oh, c'mon, you know damn well what is is, so stop with the smiley eh?

All of the above, just like the Kardashian garbage, the Jenner garbage, and the entire industry out there in WierdoLand known as Hollysexassault, is simple: Those getting all the press are cute and have a vagina.

The rest doesn't matter.

Like, for instance, in the case of North Korea, that the people who run the country, including one of the pretty VJ-possessors brotherlikes to murder people by putting them in front of anti-aircraft guns.

Or starving them.

Or putting them in plastic chippers.

Or any one of a number of other ugly, nasty ways to dispose of people you don't like very much -- or who you just think are "lesser" and don't deserve such basic things as air to breathe.

But it's all ok because those cheerleaders and said sister are both cute and have a VJ.

Just like it's all ok that HollySexAssault is all ok because so many of those "starlets" are also cute and have a VJ.

And Fox Snooz along with all the other media puts the latest little baby from one of the Jenner clan up as a "big reveal" because she's cute and has a VJ!

Hell, Bruce gets to parade around and get plenty of press because he dressed all cute and pretended to have been born with a VJ!

Or how about our favorite traitor, Bradley Manning?  He dressed up all cute and pretended to have been born with a VJ tooand guess what -- he gets press coverage as well on-demand!

How about we cut the crap about so-called sexism aimed at "derogating" women until the media, the left, and everyone else stops with the lies and nonsense.  This has nothing whatsoever to do with the underlying merits -- or lack thereof -- of the people being given the press coverage.  Those fawning over South Korea's cheerleaders and sister-of-the-grand-jackass-with-a-tiny-penis are not doing so because they are actually newsworthy, just like having a kid isn't newsworthy -- millions upon millions of people have a child every year.  It's an utterly ordinary, and not-newsworthy event.

No, the truth, which nobody wants to talk about, is simply this: Raw, naked, unbridled sexism -- as a rank advantage for those who happen to be pretty and have -- or can pull off pretending to have -- a VJ.

Lack either and.....  no press.

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User Info While We're On The Subject of Sexism.... in forum [Market-Ticker]
Posts: 12
Incept: 2017-07-25

Tulsa, OK.
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While VJ fawning is part of it, I think the other part is fawning over any government that isn't Capitalist. The Left and Hollyweird have been doing that since the "Hanoi Jane" days.
Posts: 151591
Incept: 2007-06-26
A True American Patriot!
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Nope -- find me the "fawning" that didn't include BOTH a VJ and CUTE.

The VJ itself isn't enough -- where's the fawning over some 300lb fat and UGLY VJ-bearer? The old, crinkly one? Nope, nope and nope.

Manning lives in the US, I remind you. And yet he was all the rage and got plenty of press - including when he tried to go into Canada and got turned back because he's a convicted felon! Well, duh, yes, Canada thinks being a traitor is disqualifying to visit their nation.

Winding it down.
Posts: 2548
Incept: 2008-10-10

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It's not fake news, it's targeted clickbait. They write the stories that American's want to hear.

Note, there will be quite an uptick in the female suicide rate in the next decade, that VJ worship feminism is a lie.

"I've seen people go into real poverty trying to pretend to be rich."
Posts: 84
Incept: 2017-04-29

DeKalb, Illinois
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Merlin, this viewpoint goes way back before Hanoi Jane. Lev Bronstein, AKA Leon Trotsky was in a number of silent movies here before he went back to command the Red Army in Russia.

Sadly, some of his disciples are still leaders in the Conservative Movement here, too.
Posts: 109689
Incept: 2007-08-26

East Tennessee Eastern Time
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NK taking advantage of our media's idiocy and our people's gullibility.

And doing it well.

It's justifiably immoral to deal morally with an immoral entity.

Festina lente.
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