Take Your Virtue Signalling And Shove It
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2018-01-08 09:09 by Karl Denninger
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Take Your Virtue Signalling And Shove It
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No, I didn't watch it live.  Nor will I.

The so-called "Golden Globes", of course.

The parade of virtue-signalling liars and frauds on display was nauseating and I didn't want to throw up.  Chief among them was Oprah but her bandwagon-jumping was not only obvious it was outrageous.

Face reality here folks: Nobody there was "brave" or "ground-breaking."  Not one single person.

There's nothing "brave" about jumping on a "trendy" thing after you've personally taken millions -- and collectively billions -- as a direct and proximate result of abusing other people along with, in many cases, spreading your own legs, selling sex to get rich.

A bunch of millionaires, many of whom sucked and ****ed their way to their millions, does not impress me.  When those people stand on a stage and lecture about that which they exploited to get rich it makes me violently ill.

The street hooker or call girl is honest about what she is and what she's doing.  I can respect that even if I disagree with it.

None of these people have ever been honest in the slightest and they're still, to this very day, lying about all of it.

To now proclaim some sort of virtue is an outrageous and public fraud, and for each and every one of the participants last night they are not only in it up their necks they have personally and corporately profited from same.  Their actions last night were nothing more than a gigantic phallic circle-jerk in an attempt to evade their own personal responsibility and, for many if not most of them, the personal knee-stands they performed in the director's office or spread-eagle displays on the casting couch they used to get their money.

That display was disgusting beyond words and those who participated to an individual are responsible for promulgating not only that but trying to bury their own complicity or worse, active involvement in same.

If Oprah had a single ounce of integrity she would have boycotted the ceremony and called her own press conference to denounce every single person and corporate sponsor in attendance.  She did not, and by her mere appearance and speech she took ownership of the fraud upon herself - - not that she needed to, since she's done plenty of that over the years.

Hollywood is a public disgrace yet it exists only because we fund it.  We buy tickets to movies, we pay for Netflix and "Prime" subscriptions and we watch OTA TV shows that feature said garbage.  We fund it all as Americans, and were we to stop every single one of those jackasses would find themselves in "distribution" rather than "accumulation" mode.

I haven't watched a single TV show, whether over streaming or on the air, in more than two decades and that's not going to change.  The content is trash and the political and business environment behind it are worse.

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Again, where's a small asteroid when you need one?
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I haven't watched a single TV show, whether over streaming or on the air, in more than two decades and that's not going to change. The content is trash and the political and business environment behind it are worse.

Not to mention the brainwashing that goes on,

I put up an antenna , a Yagi tuned for the PBS station fifty miles away.
Wednesday is my TV night.
Nature always has spectacular photography . NOVA is always interesting, last couple weeks' shows on Hubbel telescope and Votager satellites were just fabulous.

But i wrote PBS telling them that until their "War on Trump" ceases i am sending their annual membership dollars to NRA instead.


Never trust a computer with anything important.
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Oprah is a lying sack of ****.

She is good friends with Harvey Weinstein and every one in that town KNEW FULL WELL Harvey was a pig.

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Heh how did he taste Oprah?

Winding it down.
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this is really no different that the FOX slut Gretchen Carlson and her lawsuit and new activism. it is a psychological defense mechanism by which they take the criticism away from themselves with victim hood. it is not demeaning to act out sexual scenes in the movies or those black dresses being so revealing, no, of course not. in the case of the former and most of the latter they went into a sexually charged environment and willingly participated to their benefit some sitting on the couch in the short skits the others laying on the couch. no, there was no other paying work available. how did modest and moral women ever survive.

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