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2017-12-07 05:40 by Karl Denninger
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Got It Figured Out Yet?
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Has the light come on yet?

Why do you think the US Congress passed the Sexual Assault Taxpayer Bailout Act by unanimous vote in 1995 -- and Bill Clinton signed it?  Why has it not been repealed -- and in fact, even today there is no bill on the floor of either House or Senate to repeal it, nor has Trump called for it to be repealed and stated he will refuse to sign any other bill (which is within his power) until it is?

The Hollyweird cabal's escapades are not just limited to harassment.  We all know about the Michael Jackson allegations.  Then there's Epstein -- and his connections to both the entertainment and political "industries."  Epstein, I remind you, was convicted and yet of all the people who I've ever read about being convicted of that sort of offense he's the only one who was basically given a slap on the wrist instead of decades in prison.

Worse, all of the others connected to him were not pursued.  At all.  Herr Clinton was of course one of those persons but hardly the only one.  Number of prosecutions of those others?  Zero.

So let's ask the inconvenient question: Is all of this in the political and media sphere nothing more or less than a monstrous blackmail scheme and that is why it never came out until it suddenly was forced into the public eye by some damning revelations that could not be silenced once they got circulating on Social Media?

Good question.

I'm willing to bet that question will never be asked and explored by any so-called "journalist" and that if it was you would not like the answer.

There's another side of this as well: This sort of blackmail doesn't always include actual harassment or assault!  Certainly there are very clear cases (e.g. a photo Senator Al Franken has out there in which he's obviously boob-grabbing a sleeping woman with a huge ****-eating grin on his face) but then there are the decades-old ones that could easily be harassment or even assault or might not be.

There are people who have a consensual affair that goes bad and they decide to get revenge.  Especially when they can destroy someone wealthy or powerful.  What's worse is that they don't have to be the one to use it as a tool of compliance -- anyone who knows about it can do so.

How about Roy Moore?  The evidence thus far (a "yearbook") appears to be forged.  Gloria Allred has refused to turn it over for forensic examination.  What we have learned is that the alleged "victim" had a divorce signed by the Judge which was not disclosed and she might not have liked the outcome.  Motive?  Quite possibly so.  Do we know?  Nope, but her refusal to allow the only piece of physical evidence to be submitted for impartial forensic examination speaks volume as to credibility -- and the likelihood that the alleged "event" was fabricated and Gloria Allred knows it.

Extortion and blackmail are two of the oldest games in the book when it comes to illicitly-wielded power.

Whether the target is actually guilty or not (often they are, of course) the power is there, is abused, and, it appears, widely so.

Exactly how many bills did Dennis Hastert not bring to the floor because he was being blackmailed by a kid he apparently diddled years prior?  We'll never know, but that he paid off said person is now a matter of public record.  We just don't know when the payoffs started, especially if they weren't in money, or who he paid -- and why.

I remind you that Dennis Hastert was Speaker of the House and had plenary authority to control the agenda of the House -- that is, which bills came to the floor and which did not.  Do we have reason to believe that he made any of those thousands of decisions under threat?  Yes.  Do we have evidence he did?  No, but we don't need to -- we know the threat was there, the conduct was there and he later paid off the alleged victim (because he got caught doing it.)

Can we ever prove his conduct in setting the House agenda in the years prior was clean?  Nope.  Nor, unless someone is willing to admit to a serious federal offense (and probably go to prison for it), can we ever prove it wasn't.  Never mind that if the person doing the blackmailing wasn't in the US -- like, for example, a Russian -- they'd be utterly untouchable and never admit it because they're not about to give up their cudgel!

When it comes to media personalities it's arguably even worse because they intentionally shape public opinion.  Walter Cronkite's intentional deception on the Vietnam War, which didn't come to light for years after we left Saigon, is fact.  When you add to personal animus for or against some political point of view extortion the view from the so-called media gets very murky indeed.

NBC, for example, claims it knew nothing about Matt Lauer's alleged harassment (and worse; it appears at least one actual assault has been alleged.)  I'm not buying that for 10 seconds, and neither does anyone else with a brain.  Ditto for others in the media and entertainment world, never mind the political.  If Washington DC couldn't keep one blue cum-stained dress that was only known to Clinton, Monica and perhaps a secret service agent secret the odds NBC brass did not know is zero.

They simply found it convenient -- or worse, useful -- to not put a stop to it.

Everyone wants to cluck and count here but the issue is far more serious than it appears at the surface.  This is not just about women being harassed.  It is also about serious issues of national security, improper and felonious interference in our political process, the destruction of businesses and even industries through blackmail and extortion and much more.  To the extent there are children involved, and you know damn well there almost-certainly are, it gets even more serious especially given our own government's refusal to fully investigate and run into the ground everyone implicated in Epstein's "adventures" given that most of those "exploits" involved underage individuals.

This in turn means our own DOJ and FBI were not only complicit they were likely involved in the extortion and blackmail themselves.  That's right -- our own government was and is involved in it, as their willful refusal to run Lolita Express into the ground continues to this very day -- Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump's exhortations about "the Rule of Law" be damned to Hell.

Yet Boobus Americanus has and will do exactly nothing about any of it.  You won't destroy these media companies.  You won't destroy the Hollywood studios.  You won't destroy the commercial firms.  You won't hold the political parties accountable including the entire DNC since Pelosi is the head of the party in the House and she originally covered for and defended Conyers, never mind others.  You won't destroy the RNC either even though it too passed the 1995 Abuse Act by unanimous vote and has taken zero actions to repeal it since.  You won't destroy all the Silly Valley organizations and firms that have fed on the "frat" culture including but not limited to Zuckerpig, Beelzebezos and all of the rest of the big-name "tech" companies who have all feasted on the fruits of this crap if not being involved in it themselves.

To those who either claim to respect or worse are women, you have no excuse for your refusal to act -- unless of course you like this sort of conduct.

I give up.

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User Info Got It Figured Out Yet? in forum [Market-Ticker]
Posts: 294
Incept: 2009-08-24

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Good post. In the United States of Scamerica fraud is good. Money uber alles.

We are reaping the fruits of 70 years of materialism and rejection of our heritage and tradions (what made us great) in favor of a Wiemar like moral code.

This code infests our nation from the top all the way to the bottom and people who reject it are exceptions. Rare exceptions in my experience.

I think the thing that is getting overlooked here, at least in some circles who are in a rush to paint all men with a horrible brush, is that 50 Shades of Grey is the best selling book of all time.
It is a book of sadomasochism totally written by/for and marketed to females.

It that doesn't tell you something...

The book is a handsome billionaire (who could have his pick of beautiful women) who becomes infatuated with rather plain woman. Then he proceeds to abuse and******her. It's the equivalent of the worst sort of material you'd find on youporn directed at men.

Female sexuality is real. Females have a sexual strategy that is different from males. Somehow though it's all our fault because God gave us a penis.

Again, look into that book and the demented psychological profiles to which it would appeal, and realize that most women ARE LIKE THAT.

They use their looks to get resources. It's a game that's as old as humanity itself. If they didn't do that, and if some men weren't willing to provide, none of us would be here.

In ancient times it's estimated that over 80% of women reproduced while fewer than 25% of men did so. Interestingly a recent study of OKCupid showed that female members judged 80% of men to be 'below average' in physical attractiveness. Interesting how modern women share the same sort of view of men as their ancient mothers.

When I see Jennifer Lawrence winning an Oscar I think of Harvey and string pulling, not actual ability. Her leaked fappening photographs showed us what kind of woman she is. Basically a ***** who sucked and ****ed her way to an Oscar IMO.

Look at HRC. Again, is there any actual ability or talent there? No. Just nepotism and pure evil.

Females share just as much blame as men for playing along and in creating this amoral world which we now occupy. They have a choice and many of them choose poorly.

Feminism has been an unmitigated disaster and I think if you dig deep enough you'll see the clear connection here.

Unchecked female sexuality destroys civilization. Period.

Posts: 15
Incept: 2016-03-14

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I give up

Right there with you. No joke some of the people I know, who are most vocal about how awful the abuse are, can't make it a day before going on and on about the new music they just bought or movie they are going to see. STOP SENDING THESE PEOPLE YOUR MONEY if you care like you say. That's the biggest reason they are able to get away with it. You'll notice poor people have a difficult time paying off victims and keeping things quiet.

Same goes for politicians. That this kind of stuff can come out and they aren't instantly unelectable or unemployable anywhere else tells me all I need to know about how much anyone really cares. If someone's mouth tells me one thing and their wallet another, I'm inclined to believe their wallet more often than not.
Posts: 10
Incept: 2013-01-18

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I think the real cultural canary in the coal mine is Garrison Keillor. That is the perfect storm -- draconian (even Orwellian) action taken with just the lightest whiff of scandal, even as the parties are still busy 'lawyering up'. But Keillor is probably too disillusioned to offer any defense other than his brief statement, he will just be a broken man in retirement who stepped on an invisible third rail.

Of course in an attempt to explain this is a vacuum, people are seizing on Keillor's Washington Post column where he ostensibly 'defended' Franken. I sense the brass at MPR reading the column and saying, "Now's the time, let's go nuclear with that 'unperson' idea." In the column I don't see any real defense there, if anything Keillor merely failed to virtue-signal with mock indignation with the rest. In Franken The People elected a low-brow slapstick comedian and that's what they got.

Keillor was attempting to caution us against rule by the mob, asking how far will the McCarthyesque rabbit hole go? But he did it badly with his talk about renaming things, and perhaps with allusion to bringing down statues, with an attempt at humor. Had Mark Twain seen this age he would have written the same thing, we'd probably burn him at the stake too. Justin Dillon penned a better column urging restraint for Keillor than Keillor did for Franken.

Suddenly... thousands of guest artists represented over 20 years 1985-2016, 700 unique broadcasts of A Prairie Home Companion spanning 1,371 hours were deemed too toxic to host on the Internet. The net's 'cultural IQ' has dropped a few points, but the children are now safe... if no longer above average. Too bad Keillor invested most of his writing skill into preparing those radio scripts and gathered his eggs in one place, that his legacy can be undone with a single Apache redirect. I know the show and hour count because I have it all archived, and you'd have to pry it from my cold dead hands.
Posts: 251
Incept: 2008-10-19

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What do they have on Donnie? You know damn well they got **** on him. I won't be fooled by that bone he threw out there in Utah. I do not believe for one second that he isn't all in for the Jooworldorder. They have infiltrated every friggin' establishment in this "country" known as United States, Inc. They are wiping out christianity. The Prez is up to his eyeballs in it and I won't believe anything else until proven otherwise. They are all satanic communists with one goal and that's to rule the world for themselves. Anybody who brings another child into this world has rocks in their head. Let me know when the sheep wake up and march on DeeCee. I'll be there.
Posts: 4313
Incept: 2011-04-08

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Then he proceeds to abuse and******her.

Having read the actual book in question, nothing of what happened in said book rises to the level of rape.

Abuse? If you call masochism abuse, I suppose.

But if you consent, can you call it either******OR abuse?

Unchecked female sexuality destroys civilization. Period.

Not sure if I agree, but China has a brewing problem thanks to their One Child nonsense.

Posts: 6
Incept: 2013-01-31

United States
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75 views??!! "'ve got to be ****ting me."

Posts: 4
Incept: 2017-04-28

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Everyone wants to cluck and count here but the issue is far more serious than it appears at the surface. This is not just about women being harassed.

Exactly. People seem to divide the world into "my problem" and "not my problem". It doesn't work like that. There are no free lunches.

For example, the US had the highest prison population on the planet. We jail more people than China. And not on a per-capita adjusted basis. China, a totalitarian commie regime with four times as many people, puts fewer people in jail than good old freedom-lovin' brave America.

And people might admit that this is a problem, see, but it's not their problem. Which makes it not really a problem at all in their heads.

That's a nice story. Then there's math, which tells us we can't back a significant number of the labor pool out of the workforce and then pay top dollar to warehouse them in unproductivity without the economy feeling the effects. Newton's Third Law might as well be the secret to life.

Cost to lock a man up in CA for a year - $70,812

Cost to send man to Harvard for a year - $69,600

Both of those numbers are complete and utter bull****, but we're paying it right now. My word, aren't we just. Paying and paying and paying, and in return for what?

The market is so distorted right now, it's unreal. And yeah - I ascribe the majority of the distortion on people who want that free lunch. People think that as long as they benefit, it must be okay, it must be right. Alternately, as long as they aren't being directly harmed right this very second, they see no reason to stick their neck out for "someone else's problem". No benefit for them personally, you see.

Doesn't work like that. There are no free lunches. If we want to live in a civilized world, we must in turn be civilized. Being right or doing wrong must matter more than who you are or what you can (or cannot) do for people. Standing aside because it isn't our problem that people are being destroyed by mobs in truth means that we create a world where people are destroyed by mobs.

We live in this world too. There's nothing about creating a bad world that is going to pass us by. Everything has a cost.

Posts: 637
Incept: 2008-03-15

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is that 50 Shades of Grey is the best selling book of all time.

Please don't spread BS. It is not the best selling book of all time.
Posts: 641
Incept: 2010-06-10

Orange County, CA
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Says 50M sold in the US by 2/2014.

Now, if Home-Daemon were to get that kind of market penetration...

It's not an issue of "cooperation" vs "go it alone": it's a question of involuntary vs voluntary relationships.
Posts: 294
Incept: 2007-09-11

Los Angeles
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I figured this crap out when I was a kid. Everyone told me I was too cynical. Years later I was told my tinfoil hat was on too tight and to shut up and go away. Now, I am content to sit and watch it all burn to the ground.
Posts: 53
Incept: 2017-06-26

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There's no doubt about it it. Blackmail is standard operating procedure. I've know for years and years what was/is going on behind closed doors.

Why don't I do something about it? Like what? Get out my AR-15 and deliver "rule of law" from the barrel of a gun?

I've come to the conclusion that timing is everything. Remember Cliven Bundy? He and his sons did what needed to be done in resisting the BLM, but it was on too small of a scale. Moreover, having a showdown with a corrupt government does no good unless said government can be replaced with a better one. And the only way in which you come out ahead is if enough of the ignorant masses are willing to educate themselves on what a government is and what a government does in order to better an entire country.

So guns are not really the answer without first having an education. And this is why I supported education first, and violence as a last resort.

So what's going to happen to our country regarding all of the corruption, fraud and racketeering --- and sordid immorality??

Like Bitcoin the corruption will continue to soar until it doesn't. Then the SHTF.. afterward, nobody really know. The Union could split up or it might just be consolidated under a tyrant. There are a number of possible outcomes.

It won't surprise me one bit if the US Stock Market doubles and Bitcoin does, too...

The way I look at it is the more time I have to dig in the better.
Posts: 570
Incept: 2015-01-29

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I don't think it would be out of line to take a look at the contracts of some of these celebrities and bounce the remaining term on them to pay out versus triggering some kind of morals clause that let's the employer cut them lose without paying a penny. Aren't a lot of these outlets looking at some nasty quarters coming of declining ad revenue? So why not save...oh around $20 million by cleaning out the Today show guy's closet for him? None of these tards are worth the cash their pulling down. How much is NPR saving by frog marching Keillor out of NPR's big, expensive skyscraper? Obviously not Today show money, but it's probably a nice mound of ducats. Charlie Rose? That fossil has been stinking up network dressing rooms since at least the mid 1980's when he was doing his black backdrop interviews on CBS's overnight program from 2:00AM until 5:30. People were probably waiting for a reason to **** can him.

I think all these outlets have know about this for awhile. I doubt it's the driving reason behind the current feeding frenzy, but it can't be totally discounted.

"I'd like to live just long enough to be there when they cut off your head and stick it on a pike as a warning to the next 10 generations that some favors come with too high of a price." -Vir Cotto Babylon 5
Posts: 150706
Incept: 2007-06-26
A True American Patriot!
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Winding it down.
Posts: 15
Incept: 2013-03-08

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Most Americans still don't know about this. And no-one is willing to shout it from the rooftops.

Who do we think Jeff Epstein was working for while arranging blackmailable underage sex? The post give the example of the Russians, but those in Epstein's circles whisper that he's Mossad. Why not mention that?

Who do we think can compel close to UNANIMOUS votes in Congress? Only a few groups:
1) Weapons manufacturers
2) The Israel lobby
3) Pharmaceutical companies
4) Wall Street Banks

How do we expect the American people to rise up if no-one is willing to name their oppressors?

Yes, everyone in Congress is a self-serving, corrupt, blackmailable weakling. But not even the bravest among us dare call out the blackmailERS. Who do we think they are? If the legislators are just replacable pawns, "rising up" against them won't accomplish anything. Who are the masterminds of the system?
Posts: 15
Incept: 2013-03-08

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Tickerguy, really great post.

I love this point you make: "Why do you think the US Congress passed the Sexual Assault Taxpayer Bailout Act by unanimous vote in 1995 -- and Bill Clinton signed it? Why has it not been repealed -- and in fact, even today there is no bill on the floor of either House or Senate to repeal it." Utterly damning.

One related thought, a lot of the sexual harassment in the news these days is actually fairly tame in terms of specific acts. I wonder if it's a controlled burn to protect the system of darker, really blackmailable acts and the political control exercized by the blackmailers.

The Al Franken stuff for example....accusations of letting a hand rest on a clothed bum for a second during a photo op. I don't think Franken COULD have been blackmailed over something like that.

Most of what we're seeing is people whose usefulness has decreased to their sponsors. e.g. overpaid network news anchors with waning credibility (Lauer); powerless politicians (Weiner), over-the-hill movie producers (Weinstein), old playwrights (Horowitz), old conductors (Levine), old actors (Hoffman), etc.

And we're seeing accusations that are very dated (20 years ago, x,y,z happened), and accusations that are pretty tame compared to the sex crimes regularly seen by police. Instead of******or assault or molestation or child porn, a lot of these accusations are about unwanted advances or groping or masturbating or dating relationships that began at age 17.

Compared to what we actually know about people like highly-connected underage sex trafficker Jeff Epstein or ex-Speaker-of-the-House and serial child molester Dennis Hastert, everything in the news lately is comparatively mild.

Are the recently outed "predators" witting or unwitting pawns in an attempt to numb people to this kind of stuff before the pattern you describe gets figured out? If in fact Jeff Epstein has lots of currently powerful politicians on tape committing illegal sex acts, the notion of the Senate "cleansing itself" by outing Al Franken for patting a few Minnesota fannies during photo ops is laughable.

Meanwhile, they've got the public looking the wrong way. Liberal women are being convinced that the main crime is "unwanted advances" from men they aren't interested in. Conservative men are being convinced that there's an unfair sexual harassment hysteria sweeping the land. Meanwhile, the blackmail scheme remains intact.

The question remains, who is behind all this? Who does Jeff Epstein work for? Who had the goods on Hastert, and what did they get out of him? We know who the blackmailees are, but who are the blackmailers? And how are they so organized as to be able to get Franken and Weinstein and Lauer to take the fall? And so organized they can manage the media spin on the whole thing so completely ("Cleaning house" "No more tolerance for sexual assault" etc.) And so organized they can PROTECT the heart of the blackmail system while convincing the public that we're in the middle of a great reckoning, a great cleansing.

What do you think?

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