Sorry Folks, Gary Cohn Must Be Fired
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2017-08-26 16:55 by Karl Denninger
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Sorry Folks, Gary Cohn Must Be Fired
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Not for "disloyalty", as many have argued.

No, he must be fired for intentionally excusing and condoning acts of violence by the so-called Antifa against others.

I can understand the angst; anyone adhering to Nazi-style beliefs, if you're Jewish (and Cohn is), has to push all the wrong buttons.  But the fact of the matter is that when you go to work for the government you are expected to, and in fact take an oath to, uphold the Constitution.

This is not Germany, where even speaking of Nazi-like acts is in some cases a criminal act.  Germany does not have a First Amendment; the United States does.

To support the position that mere speech, no matter how repugnant, leads to the approval of physical violence is exactly how we will wind up with a second Civil War in this country.

When President Trump said that there were "good people" on both sides he was not endorsing Nazis. He was pointing out that on both sides were persons who were there for the express purpose of protecting and exercising the right of free speech, and that some of those on the "Right" who were present were not Nazis just as some on the left were not there to commit violence or suppress speech.  Further, when he said there were "bad people" on both sides he was pointing out that in fact there were people present intending to initiate violence on both sides of the so-called "protest."

Those intending to initiate violence were and are equally culpable -- and "bad people" -- irrespective of their political beliefs.

I will remind Mr. Cohn that the phrase "Never again" is not limited to Jews.  It is in fact intended to express the position that under no circumstance does one's race, religion, creed or political belief system give license to another's initiation of force intended to suppress, enslave or kill said person or persons.

And how does one demonstrate their religion, creed or political beliefs?

Through speech.

Mr. Cohn, you have no business operating within our Government.  Your mere presence in same today is an affront to everything this nation was founded upon and stands for.  You are not in service to the American public you are defiling the office you hold and that of the President by your mere continued presence, a position you hold only at his pleasure.

The dishonorable Mr. Cohn must resign right here, right now, and if he will not then President Trump must fire him forthwith.

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User Info Sorry Folks, Gary Cohn Must Be Fired in forum [Market-Ticker]
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Will be interesting to see how President Trump handles this one.

Lets not kid ourselves, there will be consequences for any decision or lack thereof.
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Liberty, Comrade!
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He needs to go. And he probably would if he were not the presumptive heir to the Fed chairmanship. Mnuchin, for all of whatever flaws he has, fell in line behind the boss he promised to serve. This isn't a race thing. The banksters really are calling the shots. The lack of jailed banksters over the past several administrations drove that point home and when there should have been a Normandy style beach landing of US attorneys on Manhattan after 2008 but there wasn't. Ol' Gary isn't going anywhere unless he pissed off the rest of the banking and investment oligarchs.

"I'd like to live just long enough to be there when they cut off your head and stick it on a pike as a warning to the next 10 generations that some favors come with too high of a price." -Vir Cotto Babylon 5
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Yeah, Cohn is being as stupid as the press. If you parse Trump's words he was exactly right.

It's almost like Trump needs to do a Ross Perot and have charts and graphs at his press conference.

He needs a Venn diagram. The bubble on the right is everyone protesting the statue being taken down. Within that big bubble, there is a small bubble of Nazis and a small bubble of White Supremacists. Everyone else is just folks that want to keep the statue.

The bubble on the left is people wanting the statue taken down. Within that bubble is a big bubble of violent antifa thugs. The rest of them are peaceful protesters.

I think that is obvious but the media is too dishonest to say they get it.
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maybe he should wait until the tax cuts are through. :)

I see varney is saying that the markets will react "badly" to cohn stepping down. It's always people tying to "blackmail" Trump, same as they did for Bush-although Bush fell for it.

there won't be a meltdown because there is so much greed, no matter what.
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Scottsdale, AZ
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Totally Agree. This wall street crook needs to go. As long as GS runs the White House, we will have issues.
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Completely agree with you. There are people inside the government that no longer believe in Free Speech and are traitors to the US constitution. Whats more disturbing is some justify violence against what they deem hate speech on pretenses of preventing another holocaust. If we can justify violence against hate speech eventually any speech that does not completely agree with those aggressors will be deemed hate speech and you will be thrown in JAIL or ATTACKED or KILLED for speaking. The same attacks on dissidents that happened in NAZI Germany, Maoist China or Stalinist Russia are happening right now in America.

After they shut down dailystormer, they now shut down a long standing neo-Nazi forum called So thats two websites that have had their domain names stripped from them.

Karl, you know better than anyone: do these domain name seizures have anything to do with ICANN control being transferred to the UN by the Obama administration?
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A True American Patriot!
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Karl, you know better than anyone: do these domain name seizures have anything to do with ICANN control being transferred to the UN by the Obama administration?


They have everything to do with the US Government refusing to treat registrars as public utilities (or "public accommodations"), which they are. Ditto for pipe providers. ICANN (and its predecessors) under US jurisdiction never enforced any of that nor did they stomp firms for outrageously discriminatory conduct, including conduct that quite-reasonably could be interpreted as acting to harm one competing business over another, going back as far as when I ran MCSNet.

A hosting company is a different matter; there your actual content RESIDES on the firm's devices. To allow a pipe provider to discriminate on political beliefs or speech is akin to allowing the electric company to shut off your power because you believe something repugnant, and to allow a Domain Registrar to do so is akin to allowing the phone company to refuse to list your number in the WHITE PAGES. Further, since you can no longer register IP blocks without distribution intent (e.g. as an ISP) under IPv4 this is akin to refusing to assign these people a PHONE NUMBER, which is also a matter of public accommodation and in any other context would be prosecuted as a criminal offense.

If they cannot find a host they should be able to buy a computer, buy a pipe, buy a domain and set it up themselves. What these firms are doing is to prevent that by blocking utility services, akin to refusing them an electrical power feed, and that ought to be met with a felony criminal indictment from our government in response. That such acts are apparently being taken in concert simply adds Racketeering to the list of charges that should be laid.

Further, to not INSTANTLY indict AirBNB and Uber for canceling or blocking accounts of people associated with these groups is to condone discrimination in housing and transportation which is directly in violation of long-standing federal law, as these are public accommodations as well, is an outrage. The executives of those firms should BOTH be staring down indictments right now for outrageously unlawful conduct in that regard.

Jeff Sessions has ZERO respect for the law.

Winding it down.

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Jeff Sessions has ZERO respect for the law.

Karl thanks for clearing that up. Im just worried that if the Administation and or Sessions came out defending the Neo-Nazis right to free speech that there would be Republican congressmen calling for the impeachment of the President and massive rioting and looting in the streets.

What started with Occupy Wall Street, that gave rise to BLM and ANTIFA, violent thugs that use any means necessary to suppress speech and thought, to use the unseen hand of racism as a justification for violence, it seems we may have crossed a threshold where these groups hold free speech by the noose.
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Cohn should be shown the door, but at this point I think Trump has let his administration be captured. He is surrounded by people who think and operate globally.

Cohn and others are saying hey it is okay to punch a Nazi or a KKK member if you don't like what they say and they really are calling for them to not to be allowed to speak at all. Once you go there, the free speech is dead.

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever.
George Orwell

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