Adulting: A Massive Failure You Must Correct
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2017-03-13 05:00 by Karl Denninger
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Adulting: A Massive Failure You Must Correct
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Adulting is, simply put, the process of being an adult.

It appears to be deceptively simple: Get a job, pay rent or a mortgage, meet your utility bills so the power and water stay on, and have enough left for transportation and groceries.

Too bad it's not that simple.

See, adulting also includes anticipating likely or worse, mathematically or physically certain -- or highly likely -- events.

For example your car will wear out.  Your house will require a new roof.  Your refrigerator, dishwasher, clothes washer and dryer and coffee maker will fail.  They're mechanical things and most require some sort of maintenance -- but even if not it is a certainty that at some point all will require replacement.  You had better budget for these events in advance lest you not have the money when they turn turtle on you.

If you allow yourself to become overweight you are much more likely to require medical attention.  If you allow yourself to become obese then your odds go way up for a whole host of really nasty problems: Heart attack, stroke, diabetes, the destruction of your hip and knee joints and more.  In fact it is virtually certain you will have weight-related medical problems serious enough to impair your enjoyment of life and cost you tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Now add to this the facts in this post I authored, particularly relating to the economic scamjob aimed directly at you in the form of the medical system.

Six years ago, approximately, I decided that the people of this nation would not, as a group, "adult."

I therefore decided that the only way to reduce the risk to myself of finding myself severely disabled, broke, dead or probably all three within a relatively short period of time (a decade or two) was to get rid of the spare tire I was carrying around on a permanent basis.

That required not a diet but a lifestyle change.

So I did it.

Let's talk about what you put in the pie-hole for a minute.  What part of being an adult with an allegedly functional brain allows you to believe that if you eat what farmers feed pigs, cows and other animals to make them fat on purpose you will become and remain thin and healthy?  Isn't it far more likely that if you eat grains you will get fat exactly as does said cow or sow right before they're slaughtered?

By changing what I ate because I decided to adult in that regard (and thus dropping 60lbs) I made it far less likely that I will run into said medical scamjob.  I also, at the same time, came to terms with acceptance of my mortality if I did face that anyway -- in other words, no, they're not going to get all of my resources; I'm going to dispose of them as I wish instead to those who I wish and if that means I die earlier than I otherwise would then so be it.

But what's adult about allowing the fantasy-land crap to be sold to you without consequence not only by food producers but so-called "experts" in the form of "dieticians" and "doctors" who we now know were and are peddling factual falsehoods?  Low fat? That means high-carb, because it has to; you have to replace the fats with something.  The original "7 nations" study was riven through with fraud, and that's been known for a couple of decades.  There are multiple populations in the northern latitudes (e.g. Arctic) which had historical zero obesity rates and introduced modern "foods" -- all of them blow up like balloons.  What were they eating before?  Animal flesh, almost-exclusively -- for obvious reasons (plants don't do so good up there for a huge part of the year!)  If saturated fat is so bad then explain the zero obesity rates among a population that almost-exclusively eats venison and fish -- right up until they add pasta to the mix, at which point they turn into fatties.

Now continue by explaining how adult it is for you to silently allow this garbage to be peddled not only to you but also to your children, with utterly-predictable outcomes?  Let me remind you: Over half of all adults are either overweight or obese.

While we're on this subject let's talk about how adult it is for you, or anyone else, to scream about "fat-shaming."  You're really going to tell me that someone pointing out that you're killing yourself is "abusive"?  Since when does that constitute anything other than telling you the truth?  Do you like being lied to? Do you like being coddled all the way into a box 6' under ground?  That's exactly what arguing against "fat-shaming" is!  You ought to thank those who make you feel uncomfortable in this fashion because they just might, if their criticism jolts you into adulting, save your life!

Now let's talk about some of the other things you deal with daily.  Why are you on either Verizon or AT&T?  Unless you have some sort of negotiated business account, that is, in which case it might make sense.  If you need Verizon's coverage buy it via Straight Talk!  The exception: If you need tethering, which these days is a lot less likely with free WiFi damn near everywhere.  Are Sprint and T-Mobile worth considering?  Maybe, but not on their "unlimited" plans, which are insanely expensive unless you have three or four heavily-used lines.  Might they make sense if you have two teens?  Maybe, if you force the teens to pay their part of the bill -- which means they need a job!  Otherwise, no: $90 gets you a 5Gb data allowance on two lines from Straight Talk and you pick the carrier -- T-Mobile, AT&T or Verizon (depending on what your phone is compatible with) and if you're single there's no penalty since it's $45/line, period.

Are those "cheap on-contract phones" worth it?  No.  They're not cheap; multiply the additional cost per month times the contract term and tell me how "cheap" that iPhone is.  Here's the answer: About $1,000 or more than if you just paid cash for it!  Are you nuts?

On social media?  Why? So you can preen for the camera and brag about your smug, smiling face and how "beautiful" you are? I hope you realize that the cost of doing so is that thousands of entities get to build a detailed, down-to-the-minute database on you both through your actions and those of your so-called "friends" which they inextricably and immediately link to you personally.  This allows them to hose you and that's exactly what they do with all that information -- use it to extract money from you without you being directly aware of it.  What part of being an adult meshes with playing egomaniac on Facesucker?  That's the sort of thing an emotional child does -- "look at me, how pretty I am."  Please explain to me how posting a picture of the fabulous view you have while eating a nice meal enhances your personal experience.  It doesn't -- the mere act of drawing your phone to take the picture detracts from your immersion in the moment itself. You're not posting that picture because it pleases you you're doing at the cost of your pleasure because you are trying to impress others.

A personal anecdote on this point: Recently I drove some 14 hours to attend a live music performance.  There were a lot of people with their phones out for most of it.  I did snap a couple of pictures, one of them before the performance began - but the rest of the time my phone was in my pocket and on complete silence (including no vibrate.)  Why?  Because just the act of drawing it to take a single picture that one time broke the zen-like state I was enjoying immensely by taking in the music -- not just sound, but sight and all other senses as well.  You cannot do that with a camera in your hand no matter how small or easy it is to grab it.  You do an insane amount of damage to experiencing life around you when you start snapping and posting to social media.  I noticed a couple of people other than myself in that theater who just went into the zone and did the frisson thing -- but most had their phones out snapping away which is an utterly-certain way to immediately lose that state.  If you don't let yourself get there you have no idea what you're missing, by the way: It's an experience that's nearly as good as sex.

Now let's take analysis of this "paradigm shift" a step further: This behavior is insanely destructive to your real-world interpersonal relationships.  You see, there is always someone with more "-er" no matter who you are.  Pick an attribute -- skinnier, prettier, faster, richer, etc.  Social media is all about trying to show off your -er -- which means you and your partner both see all the other -ers.  Guess what: As soon as a relationship becomes competitive in that fashion whatever you had built up until that point is destroyed and can never be recovered as it was.  It only takes one of you to fall into that trap just once and the damage done to your relationship is mortal. If you want to know why all the "good ones" appear to be gone that's the reason and you're a willing and voluntary part of it.  Your friends don't have to call you and actually spend time talking with you on a regular basis to keep contact any more; they simply post on some social media site instead. By being a part of this you personally lose twice in a fashion far beyond and worse than the data mining and exploitation that organizations and people serve upon you: First by deleting from your life the more-intimate and close personal interactions you used to have but no longer do the depth of your associations is essentially destroyed and then you compound the damage when you destroy the fundamental character of your closest interpersonal relationship by allowing a competitive angle to enter into it.  You'll find out real fast if you delete (not just "walk off", but actually delete) those social profiles exactly who gives enough of a damn about you to call and arrange to spend some time face-to-face.  Hint: There's nowhere near as many people who give a **** about you as you think there are; your "friends" social media postings are really all about them, not you.

Do you drive an SUV or big pickup?  Why?  Those are the vehicles with both the worst fuel economy and the highest profit margin for the car companies!   You're insane to own one unless you have a solid need.  If you regularly haul plywood sheets or similar for work then a pickup makes sense -- of course.  If you have more than two kids then you can probably justify an SUV.  If you own a boat on a trailer or a travel camper you need a vehicle that can pull it.  But these are 10% situations -- most people drive these things and pay in excess of $40,000 for one yet they have none of these actual needs.  I bought my Mazda 6 for just over half that much, it returns nearly 38mpg on the highway, and in the low to mid 30s around town.  Oh, and it runs on regular gas -- no premium or mid-grade required.  I've now got almost 100,000 miles on it with nothing more than oil and filter changes, couple of sets of spark plugs plus a set of tires and brakes -- and everything in it works perfectly.  My cost per mile is less than half that of the nice lady next to me in her "midsized" SUV, and probably a quarter of that of the dude in the lifted pickup on the other side!  Oh, and it's cheaper to insure too since it's less car to replace if I get in a wreck.

Have, or can find, an older car in decent shape?  Keep it running with good maintenance. My '03 Jetta TDI is still on the road, the kid has it (she got the title on her 18th birthday), it's got over 200,000 miles on it and I just put a set of back brakes in it for $80 and an hour and a half of my time (which, incidentally, she got to help with and now she knows how to do it.)  It drives better now with that 200k on the clock than a lot of new cars.  It needs a temperature sender (the current one is leaking a bit of coolant) which is $35 and sitting on my counter to be put in as soon as the kid has a day off where the car will be completely cold so I can drain the coolant before I pull it.  It burns nearly zero oil between 10,000 mile changes and long ago I put a CAT fuel filter head in it so a $20 CAT common-rail rated fuel filter, running at something like a sixth of its design flow rate, lasts for close to 100,000 miles -- basically, it's a "change it once every few years" thing now with vastly superior protection for the pump and injectors than the car came with originally.  Sure, it's a bit less-refined, a bit louder, the interior is somewhat worn and such compared against a new car but it gets damn near 50mpg all day long, everything works in it and it has a good shot at making it to the point that's legal to order a drink!  Cheap to insure? You bet. Collision? Why? Wreck it, it's gone; it's way off the end of the depreciation curve. Cheap to operate?  Oh hell yeah.  800 miles between fills on the highway, if you can keep your foot off the loud pedal.  I might have done something right raising her because she loves the car; in fact, she's said she prefers it to mine!

Got a kid or two?

Did you or will you sign papers so they can get "student loans"?  Did you "support" them in taking said loans in any way, shape or form?

You're either insane, abusive or both.

Do you think such a decision is "good" or "helps" them?  Do you realize that nine out of ten jobs created since the bank blowup in 2008 do not require a college degree?  That's not a stat I had to dig for, it's right there if you bother to look -- but nobody does, or talks about it.

Is college a good investment if you have to finance it?  Almost never!  Why?  Because you cannot control for risk (you get sick before you graduate, you graduate but there are no jobs in-field that pay enough to cover the payments comfortably, you flunk out outright, you get a job when you graduate but then lose it and cannot find another that pays enough, H1b visa holders decimate the salaries in your field, etc) and yet if any of those bad things happen you are ruined.  If you spend already-acquired capital (savings) then the worst thing that can happen is that the effort you put in previously is dissipated.  If you take a loan since it cannot be discharged they will chase you relentlessly, even to the point of garnishing your Social Security payments if it takes that long, penalties will be immediately added if you default which cannot be removed (by law) and interest will continue to accumulate until you pay it off.  What's even worse is that half the snowflakes in college think the government will let them off the hook -- which means what they really believe is they can steal their education from everyone else in America!  Is it ever sane -- or adult -- to put yourself in a position where just one piece of bad luck leaves you with your "best option" being stuffing a gun in your mouth?  NO!  Never mind that if you do manage to steal those funds someone might take sufficient umbrage at your thieving ways to kill you outright and perhaps even eat you.

While we're on your kids and school let's talk for a moment about your silence while the local High Schools and Junior Highs all got rid of shop class.  You know, where you learn the basics of how to run a lathe, use a drill press, wire something, maybe do a bit of work on a car?  The so-called "modern" 18 year old doesn't know how to change the oil on his or her car or put the spare tire on if they get a flat!

Look folks, rough stuff -- maybe very rough -- is coming.  I don't know if it's going to happen right now or a few years from now but it is coming.  It always does.  Always.  We've had an extraordinary period over the last 30 or so years where the "pain points" have been relatively benign.  We've not had really any ugly wars involving the United States, we've not had really ugly economic dislocations and generally-speaking the US has been pretty calm.  The odds of that holding up given the internals of federal spending which are easily visible to anyone who cares to look are slim and none -- and Slim just left with your sister and a bottle of Jack Daniels.  It's a fair bet he's gonna get some and you're gotta get it up the back door.

Wake up.  We've chosen as a nation to stick our collective heads in the sand and pay attention to the dog whistles on the left and right instead of demanding a stop to the scams.  Those scams are in the process of overcoming our economic environment -- like it or not, believe it or not.

Either figure out your path to reduce your footprint and dependencies in all related respects or accept that when it comes, and it will soon enough, likely within the next couple of years, you're going to be completely screwed at best.

It's called adulting and you're running out of time to start doing it.

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User Info Adulting: A Massive Failure You Must Correct in forum [Market-Ticker]
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Huntsville, AL
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Karl, that's the first cold, hard, slap-in-the-face, actual reality-type gut-check I've had in a long time.

It is only a matter of honor and honesty that I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.

Now I must go off and think, possibly for a very long time.

Oh, crap.

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Right on Karl.
Even though I am mid 60s now and life seems to be moving more rapidly, it's still worth the effort to live like this. I do regret the years I struggled and missed opportunities though.
Thank you for this Ticker.
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Well said. I put myself on the LCHF diet three + weeks ago. So far I like it a lot, I just don't get hungry and I don't get the cravings. I have no idea how much weight I've lost, all I know is that my pants are looser than they were. If you are on Facesucker go look at the Ketogenic Success page, there's person after person with pictures where they lost 100+ lbs.

I do have one fault though, it's my "simple pleasure", I have a new 1/2 ton crew-cab pickup. Leather and just about everything. When I get 3 to 5 years on it I'll see if GM or Ford fell the need to deal, if they do I'll get another new one. Ok, I do have a trailer, own a good bit of land, and need something that can carry my gold mining dredge. Gold dredging is fun as hell. How else can grown men play in the creek all day and everyone else thinks it's ok?



Here are my predictions for everyone to see:
S&P 500 at 320, DOW at 2200, Gold $300/oz, and Corn $2/bu.
No sign that housing, equities, or farmland are in a bubble- Yellen 11/14/13
Trying to leave the Rat Race to the rats...
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ft collins co
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Thank you.

The unexamined life is not worth living.-Socrates
The only stable state is the one in which all men are equal before the law.-Aristotle
Liberty exists now in the spaces government has not yet chosen to occupy.-Doc Zero
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Philly - FEMA region 3
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I keep thinking the scams will wear thin on the masses but people still send the dumbed down slightly above retard functioning spawn to $85K colleges for women's studies degrees.(among other worthless degrees at insane tuition costs). No ****s given to you and you deserve to be a debt slave and allowing your kid to do it on your dime is beyond ****ed up. The college tradition is up there with statin drugs as something that is viewed as needed or beneficial to the willing victims.

I was mistakenly seeking approval of others and I typically avoided such topics in social circles. **** that. Tell it as it is when the topics come up. They may even thank you for it (not likely they live in brain washed reality).. if not **** em. Take care of yourself and those you love.

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The Hardest part of Adulting for some people is demanding that their children that turn 20 years old on 5-14, behave like adults.

My Autistic 21 year old handles himself better than my stepson.

My most difficult decision is when to move on if the situation doesn't change.

Some people have been rendered into social roadkill to me.
You just look at them and go, yuck that is nasty, then drive around the mess.
Don't slow down or stop or roll down the windows or you might smell it and get sick.

LCHF, saving for the emergency or retiring debt is much easier without Road-kills in your life.

This has got to be it.
I am feeling my age now.
No more BS in my life from people.

Preparing to go Hunting.
Posts: 2
Incept: 2015-03-14

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So many good points. One comment on the cell phone cost craziness. I use cricket (ATT prepaid). 4 lines with 3GB 4G data(then throttled slower). $100/month all in, taxes/fees included. About the best I've seen if you don't use lots of data.
Posts: 615
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Great post Karl! With your posts, I have been able to convince a few others (just a few, lol!) that the problems in the medical system are not caused by insurance rates and/or subsidies, etc. but the corruption and price fixing in the system itself. You could almost see the light flash as they began to comprehend why the system is so screwed up. I probably would not have even opened my mouth about it, except the Trump admininstration "solutions" are just going to kick the can down the road, and they could see this was not going to end well.

Grammar: the difference between knowing your **** and knowing you're ****.
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Is there a rehab for that?
Posts: 148205
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A True American Patriot!
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Yeah, it's right here -- feel free:

Suicide by tickerguy

Winding it down.
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This article is all over the place. Not that I disagree with any of it.

-Don't have a weight problem so I can't comment on that
-Family decided taking pictures of EVERYTHING was stupid and we travel a TON.
We take pics of our daughter growing up and of items we might want to actually print and hang on the wall. If you enjoy a spot or experience enough then you should go back. Not pull out your phone and take pics of everything. Its all on the internet anyway.
-If you can attach yourself to someones family plan its worth it. I pay $12/month on Verizon with a Z10.
-There are plenty of AWESOME used vehicles for under $10k. We sold (both) our $30k vehicles and will never buy into that again. Rocking a 2004 4runner and just sold the manual A4 for $2200 :( Point being there are great rides for cheap.
Posts: 618
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I'll not need it, have never been on FB. But that's what it will take.
I think FB is a true addiction for most users and don't look for very many to walk away permanently.

It was ridiculously easy to hook "the folks" wasn't it?
Posts: 781
Incept: 2008-12-09

Spokane WA
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Great article, Karl.

I'd second SuperTrucker Tom's comments above. We know several 20-something females who often 'don't feel like adulting today.' One has two children, who she treats like they are a little sister and little brother, rather than as her children. She has a wake of relationship destruction behind her that would make a daytime soap blush, or get really high ratings on HBO.

Another, sheltered and coddled by her parents for life as a middle child, is 24, has a degree (good grief!) in 'family and consumer sciences', which for all the world to me, looks like a perverted and quite useless version of 'home ec'. No permanent job, she 'nannies' for wealthy people too disinterested to raise their own children, works as a barista when she feels like it, etc. She participates frequently in 'mission trips' around the world that look like nothing but crowd-funded extended vacations.

All afterburner, no rudder, in either case. These girls might wake up some day and wonder where their life has gone, but so far, they seem to be completely void.

Steer around the messy puddles. You didn't cause them; you don't need to clean them up.

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East of the Cascades
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Trying in my own small way. I have more kids than Karl (although one is the same age). We live in a smallish town without any government subsidized buses.

So, they all want to drive. Rule is, you buy 1/2 a car. That means that you have skin in the game, but Dad has the title and y/n over purchase.

Kids all work, so that's covered.

During school year, they all have worked part-time, but if they do their "job" (school) we pay for gas and insurance. Maintenance is on them, and I've taught them all how to do an oil change and basic stuff. So far, so good*.

Repairs are on them. For me to pay their gas and insurance in the school year, I require an "escrow" account to cover stuff. All of them have $1,000 waiting to use for stuff with their cars. Would that cover every contingency? Nope, but the idea is that they can't touch it. And all of them have been growing that account.

*One of my kids made so much money last summer (he was a rafting guide) that he decided to let a quick lube place change his oil.

When I showed him the delta between 30 mins of his time vs the cost he decided he'd rather get a little dirty.

Out of school time, they buy their own gas. If they don't meet other standards we've set, they buy their own insurance, or park the car. So far, that has NOT been an issue.

But, they still don't get it in so many ways. One kid is in Oklahoma on a full ride for National Merit (good deal). One, despite my teaching, wants to go to a pricey private school. I've told her what I'll pay. All my kids know I'll pay instate tuition. They have to figure out the rest without my signature. That has been an interesting battle.

Bottom line, thanks Karl. You've helped me articulate stuff to my family and friends.

Also - I'm 100% LCHF since late 2016. Down 30 lbs. Happy as can be. All I miss is pizza.

When you have to ask permission, it becomes a privilege, not a right.
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I signed up for a Christian health sharing plan to dodge the ACA. After a discount for being normal weight and active, it costs me $82/mo and will protect me from catastrophic expenses as long as I do my part.

I can't smoke, drink in excess, or get fat. Costs related to STDs (and offspring) caught outside of marriage aren't covered. Neither are birth control, sex change operations or emotional support animals.

Related to the "basic skills" post a few days ago... For years now, I've withheld my skills and know-how from snowflakes of all ages, including blood; those who have voted to steal from me, off-shore industries and open the flood gates to slave labor and hostile immigration. I'm no longer "the guy" to call and won't undercut tradesmen. Is it better to starve the beast or feed it snowflakes?
Posts: 148205
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A True American Patriot!
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Snowflakes are usually high fat.... so I vote for that option.

Winding it down.
Posts: 434
Incept: 2007-10-31

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Some of these posts have not always been easy to read, but I do want to personally thank you. I have know economically we were going bad places for years and that I should prepare, but anything that seemed like a good idea involved things that I couldn't or wouldn't do. Going through these Tickers though, I have realized that there is a ton I can do and most of it doesn't involve a fortune, but "adulting." Committing to a low carb/high fat diet (even while I still have to do better with it), has been something I frankly didn't think I could do. Doing so though has made me realize how much I can change things and how much I need to make myself learn.


The one thing I would add that I think is highly important for people to work on now is to focus on your spirit/religious life. Things are going to get bad and even if some people here are able to plan for everything (unlikely), there will be a large mental toll. I can say from personal experience making your religious life a bit more sophisticated helps with those struggles a lot.

While on this kind of topic, I had a few questions for other readers here:
1. For those on keto, how much protein do you consider too much for a day? Now that I am through the first part of trying to cut out carbs, I am trying to focus on the rest of the diet. Counting things over the last week, I had north of 100g of protein most days with total calories around 1500. I am going to cook so it is a bit different next week, but trying to gauge what is too much.

2. Outside of the colleges, has anyone taken classes for basic automotive, electronic, or general home repairs? If so, where did you find them? I feel very deficient in these areas and want to start improving skills. I do know a lot is available online and do use that some.

The Constitution is the law. It is not, and was never meant to be a "living document."
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If you are not highly-active you need about 1/2gm per pound of body mass in protein. If you are, around double that. Note that nearly NOBODY meets the "highly active" category although a lot of people THINK they do.

"Highly active" means an hour or more a day of high-impact physical exertion. Think "roofer", someone who is running 50+ miles/week or equivalent. If you're pumping iron an hour a day, every day, yeah, you fit the criteria. Almost nobody does -- or is.

If you consume too much it is simply converted to glucose which totally destroys the HFLCMP paradigm.

Note that if you're overweight or obese you DO NOT use your current weight for this computation -- you use a NORMAL body mass for your height. That's because fat doesn't consume protein (other than to make more fat), only muscle does.

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Is it a diet or a lifestyle? I've determined that rejecting the former term, and using the latter, is more in the affirmational vein of things than using the former, but maybe that's just my way of looking at it. I think doing so helps me to maintain focus on what I'm doing here.

3/16/2016: weight 206#.
3/13/2017: weight 128.4#.
Gen wrote..
...get rid of the spare tire I was carrying around on a permanent basis.

That required not a diet but a lifestyle change.
I think that says it all very well.

By the way, Upp, with a whole heart I hold that the style of the spirit life is the most critical part of all this. Of course my understanding and framing of that term are tied to my reference frame. I still believe it's true and accurate.


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Gee, but it's impossible to get that sort of results other than on a "crash diet" where you're hungry all the time.

Or so they say.

Why do I suspect you have a slightly different view on that?

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Maynard: Just bought a filthy 05 4Runner at estate sale. $7,900. That's gotta be below wholesale....63k miles. Cleaned it and looks awesome, runs like a top. My other ride is a '14 Toy Avalon from a nationwide insurance auction (Copart). $11k all-in. 32k miles. A little ugly (hail car) but runs like silk. Vrrooom V6! My husband's farm truck is a '07 pre-Obama/Bush EPA Cummins Diesel 5.9 liter, no emissions crap. I would love a pre emissions VW diesel but they stopped making them in '06. Hard to find a moderate mileage one at this point.
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I believe that smart phones, facebook, and social media in general are doing so much damage to attention spans and the ability to focus that we're in danger of having an entire generation of functionally worthless "adults." In some cases, hiring "special needs" adults might be a better option for employers.

The best thing you can do is get the &%$# off the virtual world and deal with reality.

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Right on, Karl.

My outlook might be "contrary to experience", etc., but it's my outlook, based solidly on my experience. And besides, I'm living right inside my outlook, not to mention that I very much enjoy this way of living. What other people think, "know", understand, or say means little in the way of the real thing.

During a physical therapy treatment a few weeks ago, one of the office managers poked herself inside the room to tell me she had been ordered to lose "a whole lot of weight", and was following HFLCMP. (This is a young woman who happens to weigh on the close order of 200#, and with whom I had talked about this lifestyle.) I encouraged her strongly and offered any advice or encouragement she might need. "One mind at a time."

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We finally did the math and our family's health insurance runs about $14k/year. Our actual usage of health care for last year was $2000. Sucks subsidizing all the fatties around town. We may soon decide to self insure.

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