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2021-02-06 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Corruption , 1010 references
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It's not every day you wake up and have a "major" magazine put into print an admission of myriad crimes in the political sphere -- and cheer for the results it brought.

Yet that's what happened.

Their work touched every aspect of the election. They got states to change voting systems and laws 

That's a flat constitutional violation in all cases where it did not go through the legislature, and thus illegal.

and helped secure hundreds of millions in public and private funding.

This is also illegal in most if not all states; private funding is not permitted for elections for the very reason put forward.

They fended off voter-suppression lawsuits, recruited armies of poll workers and got millions of people to vote by mail for the first time. They successfully pressured social media companies to take a harder line against disinformation and used data-driven strategies to fight viral smears.

But only smears from one side.  For instance Joe Biden said he would not ban fracking on federal land and would not halt Keystone.  Trump correctly pointed out that he had every intention of doing exactly that.  He was right; it happened on the first day.  Further, the Hunter Biden laptop was not "disinformation"; it may have been a smear but it was a truthful one.

They executed national public-awareness campaigns that helped Americans understand how the vote count would unfold over days or weeks, preventing Trump’s conspiracy theories and false claims of victory from getting more traction. After Election Day, they monitored every pressure point to ensure that Trump could not overturn the result.

Even if the results were false?

and finally summoning his army of supporters to the Jan. 6 rally that ended in deadly violence at the Capitol.

Oh really?  Even CNN has abandoned this.  The "pipe bombs" were placed before the fact.  There is emerging evidence that in fact Antifa and BLM-affiliated persons led the charge.  The truth is yet to be fully uncovered here, but unlike the six months of previous violence which included burnt buildings, looting and all manner of destruction and death that was shockingly absent from said "deadly" violence.  Indeed, the Capitol Police officer lionized for allegedly being clocked with a fire extinguisher was walked back too by no less than CNN after reports emerged that no blunt-force trauma was sustained.  In other words it's entirely plausible that the officer had an ordinary medical incident and the "riot", such as it was, had nothing to do with his death.  What we do know at this point was the narrative that he was hit with a fire extinguisher was false since no such injury was on his person.

Then there's AOC who claimed to be in the Capitol when it happened and "afraid for her life."  In reality she was in her office in the Canon building and there was never any intruder on the floor of her office, according to the Representative in the next office over.  There was a Capitol Police Officer who came to check on things and apparently she was afraid of him.  I guess that's fitting for Ms. Defund The Police eh?

“Every attempt to interfere with the proper outcome of the election was defeated,” 

Proper?  Not accurate, not truthful but proper.

According, of course, to those who organized it.

That’s why the participants want the secret history of the 2020 election told, even though it sounds like a paranoid fever dream–a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information.

But this is not "rigging", you see, even though it's an admission of doing exactly that.  Controlling the flow of information?  You mean, the First Amendment was repealed by a group of powerful people -- for their own purposes, right?

Influence perceptions and "steer media coverage"?  Isn't the word for that propaganda?

Change rules and laws?  When not done through the proscribed means, isn't that called "a crime" and, in this case, "unconstitutional"?

And then it gets better.  You see, the left-wing riots were a threat to business, which wanted to appease them.  We all knew this but to actually put it in print is another matter entirely:

But behind the scenes, the business community was engaged in its own anxious discussions about how the election and its aftermath might unfold. The summer’s racial-justice protests had sent a signal to business owners too: the potential for economy-disrupting civil disorder. 

Shift the election to Biden or your place of business will burn.

Wait a minute.... isn't that political violence?  Isn't that what we hear everyone cackling about in DC these days from the alleged other side?  Yet here is an admission in print that this was the intent and outcome sought by the riots for a full six months leading up to the election while our Federal authorities including the FBI deliberately looked the other way.

You don't think they were in it too, do you?

Quite possibly, eh?

 “Although we may not always agree on desired outcomes up and down the ballot, we are united in our call for the American democratic process to proceed without violence, intimidation or any other tactic that makes us weaker as a nation.”

Except for the violence that caused these people to issue that statement, right?  Burnt cities, police stations, murders and mayhem?  That doesn't count?

The conversation that followed was a difficult one, led by the activists charged with the protest strategy. “We wanted to be mindful of when was the right time to call for moving masses of people into the street,”

Oh my.  Another admission.

If they'd lost they would have rioted.  Just like the six months previous.

Now we are to believe that this was about democracy winning the day.  That "every vote" (whether cast, stuffed or otherwise) should count, provided it goes our way.  TIME tries to present this piece as protecting democracy yet right toward the end they admit the truth: Had the count gone against them those who aligned to "protect the vote" were prepared to take to the streets exactly as they had for the previous six months and which TIME admits was political violence intended to, and which did, sway corporate minds through the threat of continued physical violence.

None of this should surprise if you've been paying attention.

What surprises is that they're willing to admit it in front of not only their cheering supporters but the 70-odd million Americans who believed the outcome was rigged irrespective of the means by which it was, and which TIME just admitted to in black ink.

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2021-02-05 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 804 references
[Comments enabled]  

Read this folks and listen to the clip: 

In other words it will never end.

You heard it from the official mouthpiece of the White House.

They will never drop their mandates and demands.  Ever.  That is what you heard.  If you allow this to continue for as little as one more day both you and your kids are ****ed.  President Biden does not care, Fauci does not care, your Governor does not care and your mayor does not care.  They've been running bull**** on you continually since last March.

Get that through your thick head right now.

They know damn well that what they're jabbing you with does not stop the virus.  They also know the masks don't stop the virus either because they have proof in the numbers on top of 40 years of hard science and dozens of years of physics that made clear the claim was flatly impossible. The CDC's director said under oath that if we just wore masks for six or eight weeks in September that the virus would be and remain under control.

Redfield and the CDC lied; the big spike came after the eight+ weeks he prescribed during which damn near the entire nation was under a mask mandate.  He knew what he claimed would work couldn't.  He lied and your Grandmother died.

This is a coronavirus.  It is not the first coronavirus to circulate.  Another, likely one of the four that is now endemic and causes colds and flus, hit the world in the late 1800s as a pandemic.  It persisted for quite some time, coming back in waves on a couple-of-year cycle until finally becoming endemic and annoying through the natural process of mutation.  We now know that coronaviruses tend to run in roughly 2-4 year cycles; this has been well-studied.  There is no scientific reason to believe Covid-19 will be different.  It will eventually become endemic and in fact the strains now circulating already are becoming so.

Yet in another year or two the virus will likely come back for another crack at us on and on and on, maybe for as long as a decade and each new mutation is likely to at least partially evade vaccines as every coronavirus ever in the history of man has done in the past.  Exactly how long it will take before the natural path of mutation results in it becoming an endemic nuisance is impossible to determine in advance; it is not even possible to make an educated guess.

We cannot reformulate and re-vaccinate fast enough to stay ahead of this even completely ignoring safety considerations; we broke every rule of vaccine trials this time and still failed to get ahead of the winter surge.  If this set of vaccines or one of the future ones cross-reacts and enhances infections (ADE) instead of attenuating them, as coronaviruses are also known to do, it will kill tens of millions of people in the US alone and there will be nothing we can do about it.

As I have said since last spring we have no choice as a nation and indeed a world but to simply live with the virus.  This means cutting the bull**** about being "healthy at any size" that all the screamers have run for decades and instead telling people the truth: Obesity and diabetes are likely to kill both directly and via increased susceptibility to bugs like this.  It also means keeping Vitamin D levels out of the "deficient" zone, along with Vitamin C since doing so is known to improve your immune system and viral resistance, has no downside, costs literal pennies and can improve your odds now, not six months or a year into the future which is how long it will take for you to get rid of a decent amount of the lard in your ass by not eating all those damned carbs.

It means using drugs like HCQ and Ivermectin, both of which cost nearly nothing and while neither will completely prevent the infection or bad outcome the data says that both work.  The data also says Ivermectin works better than HCQ with prophylaxis and early treatment being particularly impressive but which you use (or neither) is up to you since it's your ass in question and the ghouls in all the so-called "public health" agencies refused to fund and run the trials to prove them up one way or another.

We must insist that government and non-profit "health" agencies run those trials NOW on existing low-cost and easily-made drugs to see which ones, if any, are effective and publish the data immediately so people can make informed choices.  In short we must put personal health and personal decisions in front of medical and pharmaceutical ghouls.

We must not put up with the tard rag, lockdowns, business closures, school shutdowns and other dehumanizing bull**** that has done nothing to attenuate the virus; the data on this point is not only clear it is irrefutable in side-by-side states and even across nations.

We must not accept "science by model" which is always and everywhere an abject fraud; as a programmer spanning decades all the way back to when coding was done in machine language I know exactly what I'm talking about.  Whatever you wish to pay someone to produce in a model they can and will.  Science is defined by repeatable and testable results -- nothing else.  If you cannot provide repeatable results first we must not allow your claims to be used to set policy.  Ever.  All of the alleged "interventions" and "mitigations" were put in place based on models, not facts or science and not a single one of them has proved up over time.

We must not tolerate clear and obvious violations of the law when it comes to record-keeping and reporting, which the CDC has repeatedly committed since last March.

We must not tolerate clear violations of the Administrative Procedures Act nearly a year into the pandemic when any claim of exigence has long since expired.  Biden's recent E/O with regard to federal agencies and masks on federal land is just one example that is presumptively void for this reason.

And we MUST NOT permit the government to tell us that we must or should consent to live under an indefinite emergency.

Not now and not ever again.

We were told, and accepted, that taking 15 days to slow the spread would solve the problem.  It is nearly a year later and the "emergency" has not been lifted; they all lied from the start and knew it.

We were told by the head of the CDC that if we wore masks for six or eight weeks that Covid-19 would certainly be controlled and in fact that a mask was better than a vaccine.  This statement was made under oath before Congress.  We wore the masks, the period passed and then a huge spike of cases and death occurred anyway.  We put up with the constraint under a claim that was false.

Now, after hearing for months that the vaccines will end the pandemic and we should keep up with the masks and distancing as help is on the way with the magical vaccines the tune changes once more: "Getting the vaccine" doesn't solve the problem EITHER.  If they believed in the efficacy of the vaccines they would confidently tell you to take off the damned tard rags and go back to a normal life including all your previous social events 2 weeks after you got the second shot -- and for anyone who is currently scared go ahead and hide in your house until you can get the shot -- at which point you'll be safe.



Let's get down to brass tacks, shall we?

They don't care about your children.

They don't care about you.

They don't care about your jobs.

They don't care about the truth.

They don't care about science.

They know masks are worthless and don't care.

They know the vaccines are not proof against anything, and don't care.

They know there are likely effective prophylaxis and drugs that cost pennies, and actively argue against them because there's no money to be made and if what could be a deadly disease turns into a routine cold if you take $2 worth of medication nobody will believe any of their panic porn.

They don't care and in fact want you, your mother, father, or grandparents to die as that suits their panic and fear mongering.

The ONLY thing these people care about are the medical ghouls and feeding that monster which has grown to consume one dollar in five, and if they can kill off all the old people who consume Social Security and Medicare at the same time so much the better for their budgets.

That is the bottom line folks.

So what are you going to do about it?

The Super Bowl is coming up this weekend.

This weekend is when America should tell the entirety of the State and Federal Government, along with all at the local level, to **** off and mean it. 

Schools shall be open as of Monday AND EVERY TEACHER WHO DOES NOT SHOW UP IS FIRED.
Bars, restaurants and ALL other social venues shall be open as of TODAY, this Friday and forward, FULL CAPACITY, period.
We shall not wear masks ANYWHERE, PERIOD.
We shall not socially distance EVER, PERIOD.
We shall not limit camaraderie and our human right to be social beings in any way, PERIOD.

We shall not listen to these ghouls who have been lying to us for the last YEAR ever again, PERIOD!

If we are personally afraid of our mortality then we shall take care of ourselves; it is nobody else's business, nobody else's responsibility and nobody else is obligated to do a damn thing.  PERIOD.

If we wish to protect ourselves from the risk of pathogens we shall select at our own expense and option whatever protective device(s) we decide are appropriate for us alone.  That may be an N95, it may be a P100 or a PAPR -- or nothing at all.

If we wish to use prophylaxis, whether it be a vaccine, Vitamin D, a drug or something else we shall do that after weighing the risks and rewards for our own persons, under our own personal circumstances and medical status.  After all it is our ass, not yours and therefore our choice and after consultation with a pharmacist or physician if we choose to obtain something in that regard it shall be dispensed or those who attempt to block same will be dispensed WITH.

If we get sick we will stay home because we are reasonable people and not sociopaths who wish to see others die but we shall not sit quietly, doing nothing other than eating chicken soup if we get The Coof -- or anything else for that matter.  Instead we shall choose, based on our own belief as to risk and reward and in consultation with whatever professionals we deem appropriate what if any drug or other intervention we wish to use and we shall let those we live with make the same sort of choice in the hope of preventing them from getting it too.

In short it is time for Americans to either start being Americans or admit that you are willing servants who do not give a crap about your children, never mind yourself.

And that means giving Joe Biden, his Press Secretary, your governor and mayor this:


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2021-02-04 08:03 by Karl Denninger
in Covid-19 , 574 references
[Comments enabled]  

I've had this article in the queue for a while and refused to publish it because these physicians have been telling the truth about science when it comes to Ivermectin and other treatments, including the steroid-responsive and timing-sensitive nature of Covid-19, since it started.

I've been following their and EVMS' work since they first organized, and the first data out of Broward on Ivermectin was reported -- and instantly buried and ignored by NIH and everyone else.

As I've repeatedly pointed out when you have a "mad rush" sort of response to a pathogen that suddenly becomes relevant you have two basic choices: Repurposing existing drugs and methods and devising new ones.

The first is faster but has two problems -- the "newest" possible therapies are on-patent, tend to be very expensive and thus by definition reserved for the most-ill simply because giving everyone in a nation a $3,000 shot is not going to happen.  In addition the most-likely "new" drugs are ones that were developed and failed for some other indication, which means there is grave risk in these.  Remdesivir is one of those examples; it carries a huge list of life-altering side effects and a stunning 30% risk of significance adverse events, one of which is cardiac damage.  It is obvious that not only is the $3,000 price tag a barrier but you'd have to be out of your mind to take that drug unless you're at very high risk of dying to start with because otherwise the risk:reward radio is wildly out of whack with reason.

The others, all older drugs with very well-understood safety profiles simply due to their age, nobody in the drug company world will investigate.  Why?  There's no money in it.  This is a function of how we do drug development in the "western world"; it is a problem that has been known for decades and yet our governments and so-called "public health" crooners have done exactly nothing about it.  The responsibility to do the basic lab work on such potential repurposed therapies and then follow the promising ones up with immediate trials falls on said so-called "public health" screamers such as Vanderbilt, Johns Hopkins, Mayo, the NIH, CDC and others for one simple reason: Since there is no profit in it and in fact if you find such an agent you destroy the profit motive for the drug firms the responsibility falls on those who claim to be public-interest institutions.  If they fail to do their job in this instance at minimum they should lose their public and non-profit status and I can make a clean argument every single person who works for any of them should be indicted, tried and imprisoned for manslaughter.

Consider the Pfizers and Modernas of the world: If Ivermectin was investigated by Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt or the NIH with a couple million dollar clinical trial covering 10,000 people as soon as the Broward County report of effectiveness had become known back in April then Pfizer, Moderna and more would have had only a routine, 5 year or so path forward for vaccines.  By June we would have known with more data than used for Remdesivir that Ivermectin was effective.  We already knew it was safe; Phase 1 and 2 trials were unnecessary because we had 30 years of data already on it.  Therefore one large-scale clinical, double-blinded trial for both prophylaxis and treatment would have answered the question with results in three months given the large spike in illness in March and April.  Ditto for HCQ.  For less than five million dollars we could have tested five such potentially promising drugs and found the effective ones.

There is literally zero purpose other than the self-aggrandizing panic-porn nonsense out of organizations like Hopkins, Vanderbilt, Oxford and IHME.  Not one of them ran such trials.  Not one.  Every single one of those organizations continues to run panic porn to this day and their best and highest use is for their structures and furniture to be consumed as heating fuel by those economically displaced this winter with all their employees and families being used as a food source by those who they impoverished and caused to starve on a world-wide basis with their lockdown and closure recommendations.  Their self-serving bull**** has resulted in the death of over a million people worldwide directly and tens of millions of people starving through the indirect effect of their proclamations.

They did much worse than nothing -- they in fact promoted and made into policy known bankrupt strategies such as "universal masks" and travel restrictions which we knew factually were worthless.

I did not publish this article earlier, despite knowing they were also promoting the "mask" bull**** in their "I-MASK" protocol because it is clear the EVMS and FLCCC people in fact LARP'd folks in their own protocol, intentionally and on purpose, and left enough laying around for anyone with a brain (which obviously excludes politicians) to know they were ****ing with you -- specifically, said stand on masks.

Read their statement on it.

Now start thinking, particularly about this third bullet point:


Note their commentary about the Marine study -- with masks, as they state, you also needed a "magic" 4 "D"s for it to work.

Density (of people), Duration (of time spent in the room), Dimensions (size of the airspace) and Draft (air turnover)

They clearly state this:

If you violate any of the four D’s above in a significant way, you will get sick, even with a “standard” mask, and that is what the military recruit study showed given that, in the group wearing masks, nearly all transmission occurred between roommates or within platoons


OK, so now what?

They lie -- but only once.

Hence the large amounts of data showing crowded restaurants and bars as the main source of spread – people are eating/drinking and thus not wearing masks for prolonged periods in indoor, crowded environments.

Except.  Nashville's data, among others, says that's not true; in Nashville they were only able to trace one percent of spread to those environments.  There is no data from anywhere that ties any material amount of spread of Covid-19 to bars and restaurants.  Zero.  Multiple jurisdictions have made this claim and in every case their own health departments, when the data is pried out of them, have shown that low single-digit -- often as little as 1% -- of cases can be tied to such environments.

Note also that draft is not possible in the winter -- unless you have unlimited money for heating said open space, which nobody does.

Then they drop the truth bomb -- N95s may well work if properly worn the entire time which nobody will do.  Such "properly worn" requirement precludes reuse, they have time limits in-use, and further, they're expensive to start with at several dollars each.  You cannot have it both ways, you see -- outside of a professional setting nobody is going to put up with N95s and you need everyone to do so, not just a few people.

His summary:

So, my recommendation: wear masks indoors. Always. 

Which translates into no dining, no bars, no clubs, no nothing ever.

That which you cannot actually do without destroying 20% or more of the economy you cannot do at all and is a complete waste of time to recommend or get behind.  These people are physicians and they know this.  They know that what they claim is required is impossible.  In other words they know damn well what I stated months ago; if you do not follow all the protocol requirements then you will either do nothing or worse, spread disease by transporting virus from a place where it is to a place where it is not.

Never mind that an aerosol is not blocked at all on exhale, and we know Covid-19 is in aerosols.  Just have a look here; you can prove this to yourself by doing nothing more than stepping outside when it's cold.  Note that the "proponents" all themselves admit this, in that they speak of those people who wear glasses having fogging issues with the lenses when wearing a mask.  If the lenses fog then if you have Covid-19 you are spreading it - period.

In other words "source control" is garbage and does not work which we knew 40 years ago via the "Orr Study"  If you wish to protect yourself then wear something appropriate to do so, such as a valved N95, a P100 or a PAPR, all three of which provide no expiratory protection on purpose because doing so destroys their effectiveness of protection for the wearer.

But these physicians also know that to tell the truth; that it is impossible as the prescription cannot be followed in society as a whole and furthermore that source control does not work because on the physics it can't is to get them immediately denounced as "science deniers" so instead they put forward an article that will shut up the screaming Karens who can't read more than one paragraph and connect thoughts together into a logical whole.

Why did I now blow this up on them instead of as soon as it published?

I understand what they did and why -- and the actual science they are putting forward, which has now been picked up by places like Mayo, one of the best medical groups on the planet, along with others and resulted in the NIH dropping their opposition to said actual effective drugs is the way forward when it comes to both prophylaxis and treatment as that path forward does not conflict with reality nor does it demand every single person be a skilled and trained professional, which is flat-out impossible.

Some day perhaps they will admit to what I wrote here, and that their deception on this topic was intentional and published to avoid being censored in promulgating something that was much more-important -- the science behind actual working prophylaxis and treatment for Covid-19.

A treatment that, I remind you, is superior to a vaccine in that it has no latent waiting period before it becomes effective and could have been and still can be used while a full set of qualification data is collected on said vaccine candidates instead of stabbing people with partially tested drugs with an unknown and unproved set of risks and alleged benefits.

May I remind you that the data thus far says that the adverse event rate from said vaccines is running between ten and fifty times that of the flu shot -- a shot that has limited effectiveness itself, and with the Covid vaccines we have no intermediate and longer-term risk data whatsoever since we simply did not run the trials for the required amount of time.

Indeed the CDC's own web portal for vaccine adverse events, "Wonder", says 232 people (thus far) have died from or closely associated with the Covid-19 vaccination shots.  This season's flu vaccine produced only 14 associated deaths; the Covid-19 vaccines are killing people at a rate sixteen times that of the flu shot, and most if not all of the flu shots for this year have been given -- the Covid-19 vaccinations are just starting, so this wildly understates the risk.  Indeed for the number of people stabbed compared with a known statistical comparison -- Ivermectin, which has been used for 30 years and thus has very large post-approval surveillance studies on significant adverse events associated with its use the vaccines produce significant adverse events at a rate many times higher than the use of Ivermectin does and yet Ivermectin is both cheaper and has, by the data, approximately equal effectiveness in preventing transmission never mind that the evidence is that if prophylaxis fails it also treats the infection.

Why would you take something that carries a higher degree of risk when there is a cheaper and safer alternative?

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2021-01-31 09:15 by Karl Denninger
in Other Voices , 421 references
[Comments enabled]  

Note -- this is a guest post thus the "Other Voices" category; the author(s) have asked to remain unattributed.   There have been no edits other than spacing and formatting necessary to post, and make sure the links to references display.

Many questions remain unanswered about the origin of SARS-CoV-2, and we are certainly not the only scientists that have them. There are likely benign convincing explanations to everything, but to date we have not seen them. 

Some will say: why does knowing the origin matter? It matters for several reasons. First of all, it will help us plan for the future. If this indeed was a virus that arose from close contact with wildlife and humans, this contact in the future will have to be managed. Secondly, if in the unlikely event this was perhaps escape from a lab, then lab procedures will have to be evaluated, and lab experiments with infectious possibly pandemic viruses will have to be additionally regulated. Finally, if this again was an unlikely escape from a lab, then knowing the exact type of virus we are dealing with would help us manage the current pandemic.

The story starts, we believe, with a noble goal: to prevent the world from ever having the type of pandemic we are currently experiencing, through production of a vaccine effective against all coronaviruses past and future.

Coronavirus vaccines can be difficult to make. In animals, while vaccines are sometimes successful, toxicity of the vaccine as well as incomplete immunity can happen. .

SARS-CoV-2 (COVID19) is a lot like SARS-CoV (SARS). SARS initially hit China and East Asia in 2003, killed 774 people, infected over 8000, and scared everyone. For the past 17 years there has been an enormous effort worldwide to develop a vaccine not only against SARS but also against all coronavirus strains. As we have detailed in another post, scientists knew in 2006 that recombinant spike protein RBD vaccines to SARS didn’t protect all animals from a re-challenge from a slightly different mutated coronavirus ( ). Young animals can gain immunity, but it can be harder to get protective immunity in older animals ( ). 

Killed whole coronavirus vaccines in animal models of SARS infection demonstrated that in some animals such as ferrets, killed whole virus vaccines gave a predominant Th2 response (you want Th1) and that there was an antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) of lung toxicity in mice ( ). This led to the idea of a live attenuated coronavirus vaccine ( ) ( ) ( ), which is a vaccine that infects and reproduces in a human, results in immunity, but does not cause severe disease.

This has been an important issue since the SARS pandemic in 2003 and was reinforced by MERS epidemic in 2012. Enormous amounts of resources and human effort have been thrown at this problem, and these resources have come from just about everyone: governments, industry, NGOs, and philanthropy. 

Various live virus attenuated recombinant vaccines have two issues among many. First, these vaccines have to be able to be grown in culture in great quantity for testing and for mass production. Second, the vaccines can mutate and revert back to severe pathogenicity once administered, especially in those with weaker innate immune systems. These dual problems have confronted vaccine developers. 

To make a recombinant attenuated live coronavirus vaccine that you can grow in culture, it should be pretty obvious that (a) you have to have it gain function to make it more viable in culture; and (b) while at the same time make it less pathogenic and less able to recombine. These are somewhat contradictory goals and can be hard to do.

Live attenuated vaccines can be hard to make without them mutating a lot in culture in ways you do not expect, not being able to grow them in culture to make lots of virus to work with, and without them reverting back to a dangerous live virus once someone (animal or human) is vaccinated, as happened in 1998 with a live attenuated poliovirus vaccination on the island of Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic) ( ).

Virologists have been making recombinant man-made coronaviruses to try to find one that is safe and will work as an attenuated vaccine for over 15 years. To do this they use “reverse genetic systems” to make the virus they want in bacteria or yeast ( )( ). In these reverse genetic systems, to make man-made viruses with specific functions, mutations are inserted into the DNA copies of the virus. Bacteria or yeast make lots of these DNA copies, which are added mammalian cells in culture to provide live RNA viruses in the fluid surrounding them. These fluids containing the man-made viruses can then be used to infect animals or people ( ). The goals of these experiments were likely twofold: (1) to find out how viruses like SARS can jump from bats to humans, to develop countermeasures; and (2) to develop universal vaccines to protect the world in the case of a coronavirus pandemic.

Scientists have used several man-made strategies to make viruses weaker to use as possible coronavirus vaccines. These strategies included increasing the number of attenuating mutations in the virus through alteration of a necessary viral RNA proofreading enzyme called ExoN ( ), but these types of viruses were found to revert to a more aggressive phenotype with long term culture of 250 passages ( ). Viruses also were mutated to not recombine with each other (possibly increasing virulence through recombination) by changing a viral RNA “leader” sequence (ACGAAC to UGGUCGC) possibly responsible for this recombination ( ).  Additionally, there has been consideration to mutate viruses in a way, called “codon de-optimization” in which the RNA of the virus is changed to make the same viral proteins, but make them slower, and thus have slower virus growth ( ). This has been done for multiple viruses including influenza ( ). 

As noted above, a major issue with experiments like these is that to fully examine the ways viruses jump from bats to people, and to fully develop man-made recombinant vaccines sometimes viruses are unexpectedly made that have the potential to become much more transmissible in animals and possibly in humans. These are called “gain-of-function” experiments. This appeared to happen in at least one experiment in mice published in 2015 ( ). The danger of these experiments needs to be carefully weighed against the possible costs, since leaks from laboratories of viruses are not uncommon ( ), and if a gain of function strain were to escape, we could have a pandemic similar to the one we are currently experiencing.

The US scientific community held a symposium in 2014, which led to the banning of funding of these “gain of function” experiments . This ban was rescinded in 2016 . Minutes of the meetings of the advisory body (the National Scientific Advisory Board for Biosecurity, or NSABB) to help the NIH and Secretary of Health (at the time, Sylvia Burwell) to decide to rescind the ban were heated ( ). The NSABB members asked for multiple safety “guardrails” for this research to proceed.

In 2013, six miners in Yunnan Province, 550 miles south of Wuhan, were cleaning out a copper mine of bat droppings. They all developed a severe pneumonia with symptoms very similar to SARS-CoV-2 pneumonia, and three died. During the workup of these miners it was determined that several of the miners developed antibodies to a SARS-like coronavirus ( ).

The WIV (Wuhan Institute of Virology) became involved, and in 2013-2014 isolated viruses from fecal swabs of 276 bats in the cave and found novel SARS-like coronaviruses in 138 of them. These samples were brought to Wuhan for further study. Manuscripts describing these viruses were published in 2016, but for some reason the publication left out the deaths of the miners from the cave ( ) ( ).

Investigators then determined that about 9% of residents of villages around the Yunnan cave had developed antibodies to a SARS-like coronavirus, yet none of them appeared to have severe symptoms. All of these villagers described bats flying around, and none of them visited the cities where SARS was endemic in 2003, so they likely developed an asymptomatic infection ( ). 

This experiment of nature likely became a matter of intense interest. How could these humans around the cave be exposed to bats carrying a supposedly lethal SARS-like coronavirus yet have no or minimal symptoms? The implications of the answers to this question were obvious: (a) bat to human transmission could be probed in depth, and (b) a live attenuated vaccine to coronavirus could be developed by mimicking the natural process that led to an attenuated virus that caused antibody production to a SARS-like coronavirus without symptoms.

It is entirely possible that investigators at the WIV could have been performing such experiments in coronavirus gain-of-function manipulation, trying to obtain a live attenuated virus for an attenuated vaccine, based on coronaviruses isolated from Yunnan province or elsewhere, when there was a laboratory accident/leak of virus sometime in the fall of 2019.

Prominent virologists argued in a letter to Nature Medicine in early March ( ) that lab escape, while not being entirely ruled out, was unlikely. Yet there are a number of unusual features of SARS-CoV-2, as well as some unusual scientific behavior of Chinese and US investigators, that requires explanation. Hopefully there are simple and trivial explanations, and that SARS-CoV-2 can be explained as a natural experiment that mimicked very closely a series of laboratory experiments performed in the exact place (Wuhan) where the virus was initially found in humans.

These questions point to a manipulated virus, which may have escaped from a WIV lab. These questions can be answered by an independent audit of the WIV P4 laboratories where the novel coronaviruses were being studied, which would have been one of the first steps international authorities usually take. Such an independent audit has not taken place, which is highly unusual scientific behavior.

Hopefully there are simple and trivial explanations, and that SARS-CoV-2 can be explained as a natural experiment that mimicked very closely a series of experiments performed in the exact place (Wuhan) where the virus was initially found in humans.

These questions, in no particular order, are as follows:

  • Why didn’t the investigators mention the 2013 deaths of the miners from a likely novel coronavirus in their 2016 paper describing the sequence of novel Yunnan coronaviruses ( )? This would have been a matter of intense interest worldwide.

  • SARS-CoV-2, from its earliest isolates, appears to have optimal spike protein binding to ACE2, with very few new receptor binding domain (RBD) mutations in SARS-CoV-2 ( ). Usually viruses like coronavirus adapt their spike protein over time to bind human ACE2 more tightly. Can this be explained naturally?

  • A pangolin coronavirus isolated in 2019 under study at the WIV and elsewhere appears to have an RBD of its spike protein is very close to SARS-CoV-2 (97.4% amino acid homology) where the rest of this pangolin coronavirus has less homology (85-92%) ( ). RaTG13 has a lot less homology in the RBD with SARS-CoV-2, yet is more than 96% identical to SARS-CoV-2 over the entire virus ( ). Recombination to make SARS-CoV-2 from an ancestor of these two viruses would be an extremely rare one-time event. Is there a natural explanation for this?

  • In 2018, experiments with a novel recombinant SARS coronavirus substituted the typical TRS transcription leader and body sequences with a novel sequence (UGGUCGC) in an attempt to further reduce recombination in animal models as a live vaccine candidate ( ). This TRS leader sequence, supposedly novel, is found starting at nucleotide 1465 in SARS-CoV-2 and could result, if utilized, in a novel viral RNA transcript that deletes part of the nsp2 protein of the ORF 1ab polyprotein. It is also found at nucleotide 1446 in RaTG13, one of the viruses found in the Yunnan cave in 2013, which has been proposed as a precursor to SARS-CoV-2. It is found in that area in no other coronavirus. This novel TRS sequence is also found in the 3’ ends of viral spike RNA transcripts of SARS-CoV. Why was this not mentioned in the 2018 paper describing the novel TRS sequence recombinant viruses? Is there an explanation for this? 

  • A recombinant SARS-like coronavirus (SHC015-MA15) containing a human SARS Urbani spike protein sequence inserted into a mouse adapted SARS-like coronavirus was found to develop increased pathogenicity during infection of aged but not young mice compared to the parent MA15 strain in a 2015 publication ( ). The RNA sequence of this recombinant manipulated coronavirus was not deposited in Genbank until May 2020, five years later ( ). This is highly unusual behavior. Is there an explanation for this?

  • In the publication of SHC015-MA15 above in November 2015, the attribution of funding of Shi Zheng Li by the US NIAID was initially left out ( ).  It was reinstated in the publication in 2016 in a corrigendum, perhaps after the meeting in January 2016 to possibly reinstate NIH funding for gain of function virus research. This is also unusual scientific behavior. Is there an explanation for this?

  • After amino acid 604 of the spike protein of RaTG13, there is no difference between the spike of RaTG13 and SARS-CoV-2, yet other coronaviruses have multiple differences in this area ( ).  The only difference between these two viruses is in the PRRA furin cleavage site, and there are novel nucleotide changes apparently inserted into SARS-CoV-2 that allow insertion of this furin cleavage site into RaTG13 ( ).  Is there a natural explanation for this?

There are quite possibly very simple and very benign explanations for all of these questions as well as others. They likely can be answered by a simple independent audit of the WIV P4 laboratories where the novel coronaviruses were being studied. This is one of the first steps international authorities usually take. Such an independent audit has not taken place, which is highly unusual scientific behavior.

The origin of the virus is extremely important in helping us determine what is going to happen going forward in the pandemic, as well as to suggest what possible therapies could have activity. 

It is therefore critical that we determine a precisely as we can the origin of the virus.

We are not the only scientists considering this. 

We do not want in any way to cast aspersions on individual scientists or countries. All we want to do, as we have done from the beginning, is ask questions of the data.  We hope that there is international cooperation to put this issue to rest, hopefully with a benign conclusion. We also hope there is again widespread honest discussion about the risks and the benefits of gain of function viral research.

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2021-01-11 10:39 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 971 references
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You didn't actually buy into the bull**** thrown around in US Government Schools did you?

You know, the Marx definition?

A political theory derived from the writings of Karl Marx in which all property is publicly owned, each person working and receiving according to their abilities and needs.

I have spent most of my nearly 14 years here writing on Communism when it comes to the United States in one form or another.  And no, it's not Marx.  Marx's "economic theories" are a result of Communism but, as Bradford found out at Plymouth, they don't work.  They don't work because you cannot compel people to produce beyond a minimum level, and that minimum level, extended to all of society, produces less than society requires to sustain itself.

This is why such attempts always fail and usually take the government down with them.  Bradford aborted the attempt before it killed everyone (including him) at Plymouth; facing starvation and disease with a rapidly-dwindling population has a way of focusing the mind.

No, folks, Communism is not primarily an economic model or function.  Indeed, you get that outcome, but that's not the reason for it, it's a side effect.  Karl Marx was a conniving **********, not some visionary, although I can't prove he intentionally misled the world (he seems to be dead so I can't corner him and insist he answer) but the manifest weight of the evidence is clear.

Communism is a type of organization of political power in which those who are in The Party are entitled to do whatever they wish; the alleged "laws" within that political area apply only to those who are not in The Party.  The above, that of private property and contractual rights to set the terms of one's labor is one of the public and visible manifestations of this but is not the central point nor the goal of it.  You can neither set the terms of your labor or own property if you are not considered to have human rights in the first instance and the creation and enforcement of that differentiation between people is the definition.

Do recall that we nominated and are about to inaugurate a President and Vice-President who between them:

  • Literally sucked and ****ed her way to political power.  This isn't a salacious charge it's admitted by the person who got the sucking and did the ****ing, who has also disavowed said beneficiary (Harris).

  • Literally smoked joints while prosecuting those who were also smoking joints, an act that was illegal at the time, and threw the other people in prison for it by her own admission.  (Harris again)

  • Literally shielded his son from the just consequences of consuming a wildly illegal substance in a rental car, leaving not only irrefutable evidence (a used glass pipe full of residue) behind that almost-certainly was covered with his fingerprints but also his identification in said vehicle, proving that it was he who was in the car and consuming said substances, all of which are felonies in that state. (Biden)

  • On the manifest weight of the evidence the FBI and DOJ have had in their possession proof, in the form of a laptop drive image, of felony conduct involving children with said family member and conclusive evidence that the remaining members of the family knew about and did not report same to the authorities.  In other words, the manifest weight of the evidence is that the parents of at least one said involved minor intentionally prevented the law from being enforced.  (Biden again.)  There is, apparently, on said laptop multiple other images of other children that nobody dare display because they are per-se illegal child pornography.  The FBI had this evidence in their hands a year prior to the election and intentionally did nothing with it.

  • On the manifest weight of the evidence both the Ukraine and China bribed, through the provision of funds to a member of the Biden family of which a piece, 10% it is said, was directly funneled to Joe Biden himself.  At least one of the trips to China involving said member of the family took place on an official US Government aircraft, Air Force 2.  The person bribed had no specific nor general business experience that qualified them to have anything to do with the ventures in question; their only rational reason to employ said person was their direct connection to the Vice President of the United States who got paid for same.

And in nine days these two Party Members will become President and Vice-President.

But this is just the latest in a long line of such abuses.

Over the last year myriad people favored by The Party looted, broke into and destroyed government offices and committed countless acts of arson against both government offices and private property.  They got streets painted in their name including in Washington DC and have not been arrested, indicted and prosecuted.  Our VP-to-be, a Party Member, directly advocated for and raised funds to bail them out of the petty charges lodged against them.  One of The Party sycophants published a photo of herself holding the President's severed head in effigy and this was not deemed "incitement" while an exhortation to peacefully march in Washington DC was.  You see, President Trump, having been a Party Member for a good long time, was declared expelled before the 2016 election and thus subject to any form of abuse desired by The Party up to and including calling for his beheading.

For forty years the entire Medical System in this country has been comprised of Party Members.  In the late 1970s and early 1980s two seminal cases, Royal Drug and Maricopa County, both at the Supreme Court, found that US antitrust law, 15 USC Chapter 1, applied in full to the medical and pharmaceutical industries.  I remind you that this law is not just a civil statute it carries criminal felony penalties including 10 year prison terms for each violation.

In the 40 years since not one person in The Party has been charged and sent to prison under these laws.

This very same industry has led to 350,000 deaths in America over the last nine months, many of which occurred due to deliberate acts of both obstruction and commission.  Post Kirkland we locked out visitors from nursing homes.  Not only does this means that every single person who died post that event in such a home was provably infected by a health care worker but in addition those residents were denied the basic status of human beings in that they were forcibly prevented from choosing to take the risk of their family members infecting them.  You see, those residents are not Party Members and thus do not have basic and allegedly unalienable human rights.  In addition these same Party Members have deliberately lied about the fact that we have known for forty years that masks less than N95s are worthless as "source control", that is, to prevent an infected person from spreading a disease to others.  Indeed these very Party Members have decreed that it is safe for them to be in said nursing home if they wear an N95 but you, as not a Party Member, cannot don the same PPE and visit your loved ones.  In other words you're not human and neither is your loved one in said place; they are not entitled to basic human rights and to make a decision of self-determination but if and when said Party Members kill your loved ones when their PPE proves ineffective that's just tough crap.

There is, incidentally, reason to believe N95s might be effective but that does not matter; mandates have dropped all over the world demanding you use known worthless devices as a "badge", an act of flat-out fraud. Indeed said mandates are functionally equivalent to The Star of David.

At the same time The Party has decreed that all such Party Members are to be proclaimed as heroes -- and don't you dare forget it or fail to acknowledge same lest you be canceled.

How did that happen?  You let it happen over the previous 40 years by allowing doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, so-called "public health" experts and others to become members of The Party and thus be immune from the very laws you must follow.  You, and your loved ones, are not Party Members and thus neither you or they have human rights anymore.

These very same Party Members then butchered your loved ones by refusing to tell them about the scientific evidence that showed there were both nutritional supplements and cheap drugs that might stop or reduce the severity of Covid-19.  As professionals who claim credentialism they had a professional and legal duty to so-inform you and let you make the decision as a human being between the risks and rewards associated with these options; the definition of human rights includes self-determination.  They instead have and continue to deny said choice to you, on purpose and contrary to actual law which states that off-label use of any drug is explicitly legal, all the way up to the NIH and FDA.  As a direct result 350,000 people are dead.  That is depraved indifference and it is happening every single hour of every day, right now.  Legally it is identical to me getting ****-faced in a bar and then driving a vehicle, in that if I then hit and kill someone I have committed manslaughter.  But you see -- I'm not a Party Member, thus I get prosecuted and they have and will not be.

Was Kennedy prosecuted?  You do remember that, right?

Kids in public schools?  They're not Party Members.  Thus when the Teacher's Unions block instruction and even worse, demand to be paid when they don't work -- money that comes out of your pocket, forcibly, in property taxes whether you rent or own where you live they are free to permanently impair the educational development of said children and make you pay for their non-work.

They're Party Members, you are not.  Millions of children permanently harmed are perfectly acceptable if it saves even ONE Party Member's life.  Ditto for all the suicides and drug overdoses caused by their "mitigating measures"; those people are not Party Members, you see, and thus are not entitled to basic human rights.

How many Governors, Mayors and similar have dropped mandates on the people in their jurisdictions whether it be "stay at home" orders, mask requirements or other constraints and then violated the very orders they issued themselves?  Has even one said person been arrested?  Nope.  Why?  They are Party Members and thus the law does not apply to them -- any law -- while you are not a Party Member and thus whatever they do to you is perfectly fine.

Amazon, for years, blatantly flouted State sales tax laws.  Their scheme was hardly novel; I contemplated the same scheme in the 1990s when I ran MCSNet and asked corporate counsel about it as we planned to expand to new states.  I got the "raised eyebrow" look from them, asking if I was writing a retainer check to them for not only inevitable litigation forcing me to pay the back taxes, penalties and interest but whether I was also going to engage their criminal defense attorneys when I was charged with felony tax evasion.  You see, I'm not a Party Member.  Beelzebezos is, however, so when he did the exact same thing he was not charged and never paid a nickel of back anything.  When challenged on not collecting and paying he folded every single time instead of going to court.  That is clear evidence that he knew damn well what he was doing was illegal and didn't care; he had no fear of the indictment nor financial penalty because...... wait for it...... HE IS A PARTY MEMBER.

The danger of course is that you can be kicked out of The Party and thinking you can't be is quite dangerous.  If you are kicked out then every single thing you've done that remains within the Statute of Limitations will come down on your head like a piano dropped from 20 floors up.  Weiner anyone?  Or, for that matter, Donald Trump?

Incidentally the current "impeachment" scream-fest out of Pelosi is just another example.  Impeachment is explicitly defined in the Constitution and the remedy afforded by said process is removal from office.  You can't remove someone who's no longer in office and as a result of the Senate's current pro-forma sessions (during which no actual business can be conducted), a status which cannot be voided without unanimous consent it is not possible under the law for The Senate to try an impeachment before January 20th at noon.  As such it is Constitutionally impossible to remove President Trump from office under impeachment nor can he be barred from running again because to take the second vote to do so the first must be sustained and, Constitutionally, the ability to try that impeachment in the Senate is mooted at noon on January 20th

Pelosi knows this full-well and doesn't care.  So why is she doing it?

Trump is an expelled former Party Member and thus the constraints of the Law, including the highest law of the land, do not prevent any action The Party desires to take against him, just like it's perfectly ok for a Party Member to kill your mother in a nursing home.  Note that this very same lack of constraint in the law applies to damn near each and every one of you too.

This, by the way, is why Trump and is entire family are all utterly ****ed the moment he leaves office.

Oh, this is new, you think?

How about Dennis Hastert. Did he go to jail for what he did, or was he later kicked out of The Party and thus suddenly exposed for lying about the purpose of his "hush money" payments?

How is it that the entire ******ned Catholic Church ran what can only be reasonably described as an organized homosexual child abuse ring for decades and yet as soon as the heat showed up the Priests involved were removed to the Vatican and, in at least one case, given a Basilica to preside over safe from extradition back to the US to face criminal charges?  Answer: They're PARTY MEMBERS, your son is not and thus he was their plaything and not entitled to basic human rights.

Marx's theory says that the Uygurs in China are entitled to each according to their needs.  Are they receiving that?  Nope; they're in concentration camps which are better described as slavery, since their labor is compelled and being used to make..... SHOES, among other things, for Party Members who reside in and sell said merchandise right here.  Cobalt for Tesla's batteries?  Same deal; forced child labor in the DRC.  Elon Musk is a PARTY MEMBER and thus his exploitation of said children without which he could not have built Tesla battery packs is permitted because said children are not human as they are NOT Party Members.

Stalin?  He sent how many to the Gulag?  Marx, again, stated they were all entitled according to their needs.  Did they get it?  Nope.

The Marxian theory taught in school is a lie; a convenient cover story and nothing more.

The truth is that Communism is simply a two-class system in which members of The Party are not bound by any law whatsoever provided the persons or rights abused are Non-Party Members, all of whom are declared not human and thus not entitled to even the basic humane treatment of a farm animal being raised for food.

If we as a people, 99% of whom are not Party Members, do not rise up and put a stop to this now across the board you are fully exposed to winding up in said Gulag or even joining your dead Grandmother who Party Members killed over the last nine months.  You have zero protection of any law provided the person or organization who chooses to abuse or even kill you in cold blood is a Party Member.  Yes, there are peaceful means to stop this -- for now.  At the point there aren't any more your option to resolve this will have expired and if you think you'll be allowed into The Party and thus protected for other than particular operational reasons you're deluded.

THIS is what Communism actually is and it's right here in the United States, right now, and has been for decades.


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