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I've often mused about this, by the way.  But I was kidding.  Sort of.

Then I was sent this and given permission to use it.

Patient is a boy, with (Type 1) diabetes. Here are the last two report summaries:

Fairly nasty A1c number.  Note very carefully the recommendation near the bottom: INCREASE CARB INTAKE!

Oh.  5.6 A1c eh.  That's normal.  The high end of normal, but normal.

Take a guess what was changed in the household?

The elimination of all sugars, refined carbs and starches from the diet.  That is, the exact opposite of what was recommended.

Now you'd think the doc would want to know what miracle had occurred that completely reversed the marker for long-term metabolic damage caused by diabetes.  That A1c figure is allegedly impossible for someone who is diabetic to maintain, as it denotes near-normal blood sugar levels -- and not on an instant basis, but rather on an average long-term basis over the last 60 days or so.

But -- it happened.

And the Doc didn't care to ask how.

But on the way out Mom talks to the Doc and was told they were "1 in 1,000 to figure it out."

Oh really?  

Did the Doc mean they were 1 in 1,000 who figure out that the doctor has been trying to literally kill you and thus you give him the finger on his "recommendations"?  Is that what he meant?  Or did he mean that if you figure out that his recommendations are exactly backward you won't spend the additional thousands on medical care and drugs now and tens or hundreds of thousands in a few years on various procedures including amputations and such, you won't lose your sight, and you won't wind up on dialysis and die from multiple organ failure -- all of which will add hundreds of thousands of additional dollars of profit to everyone in the medical field's pockets and result in your death?

Final question for you: How are these bogus "recommendations" not felonies?  How is recommending that someone do a thing that is exactly backward from what they should do as a medical professional, as demonstrated by the results, when following that recommendation will result in actual physical harm, not constitute a crime?

Ps: Want to talk about statins next?

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I'm no fan of WND, finding them to be wrapped-in-reynolds.  Presented without comment, other than that.....

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2014-10-12 06:15 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 847 references

.....until and unless this attitude changes.

CANADENSIS, Pa. –  In northeastern Pennsylvania, where deer season is both a rite of passage and a key to the local economy, the only hunt taking place is the one for a survivalist and suspected cop killer believed to be hiding in the woods and toying with police.

Ever since Eric Frein allegedly gunned down State Police Cpl. Bryon Dickson and wounded another trooper before disappearing into the rugged Pocono Mountain woods surrounding his hometown of Canadensis on Sept. 12, the rural region has been inundated by police and, for a time, media. But as the manhunt nears the one-month mark, the press has largely moved on and the state has canceled hunting season in seven area townships. Hunters can still track their game elsewhere, but the businesses that depend on sportsmen, from taxidermists to bed-and-breakfast proprietors, are cursing the killer police describe as “pure evil.”

One man shot two.  One died, the other was wounded.  The alleged murderer then escaped and thus far has not been caught.

This happens nearly daily in cities such as Chicago.  The city is not shut down, nor is an entire economy of a part of the city disabled for a month.  At most there's a few-hour manhunt and, if it's fruitless, people go about their business and the police keep looking for the guy -- but they don't demand that everyone else cease everything they would normally do, destroying businesses and lives in the process.

What's the difference?  

The two guys who were shot were cops.

So what, say I.  Murder is murder; either all men and women are equal before God and before the State or we do not live in a free nation.  When the death of one and the wounding of a second result in the destruction of a local economy and the people sit still for it, blaming the murderer and not the people who destroy the economy, demanding that they cease acting as economic terrorists, we have passed from the state of freedom to the state of servitude, slavery and serfdom.

Now they've canceled Halloween trick-or-treating -- never mind that the alleged murderer appears to have utterly no interest in killing anyone except cops.  If he had, he would have -- he certainly has a lot of unarmed targets in that area to shoot at should he so choose. The bottom line is that there is no evident threat to the public; the threat appears to be confined to the cops!

And before you recoil in horror at the above, let met give you something else to contemplate:

The lesson we have now imparted to the millions of members of a certain political persuasion masquerading as a "religion" that have as their calling card the sawing off of heads on how to destroy our national economy whenever they wish at the cost of only a few dozen of their adherents can and will be used against us at a time of their choosing.

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Kobani is likely to fall.

The battle for Kobani is still raging despite more than two weeks of airstrikes by the U.S.-led coalition targeting the militants in and around the town. The strikes, which are aimed at rolling back the militants' gains, appear to have done little to blunt their onslaught on Kobani, which began in mid-September.

Air strikes are ineffective at doing much more than forcing people to hide until they're over.

The real bad news is that the ISIS folks have overrun a number of military installations, including some in Iraq, and in doing so have gained access to the material stored there -- including, by some reports, tanks.

For obvious reasons there is utterly nothing good that can come of that.

We might not have any business interfering in the internal affairs over there, but we sure as hell do have plenty of business making sure our hardware doesn't get captured by these clowns and then used against the population -- or us.

If that means blowing it up where it sits, so be it.

Obama, where are you -- and are you actually trying to, through inaction, help ISIS?

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It's amusing to me that when you start down a path confirmation bias starts to show its head even among things you have no actual control over.

PS: My 3-Sigma+ series of events just turned into an easy 4, and probably a 5.  Damn.

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