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2018-08-09 11:25 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 257 references
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Because I'm a white male.

Uh huh.

One of my first real jobs (programming computers) involved working with a bunch of dudes doing hardware and myself, and a couple of others, doing software.

One of them was a Korean War vet.

The NY Times just hired someone who has declared that he should die.

Well, if he had taken her advice or simply stayed home instead of risking getting his ass blown off to free that ugly bitch's parents she'd be getting raped right now in Communist Korea -- that is, if she hadn't been put in front of a 20mm anti-aircraft gun for shooting her mouth off and blown to bits long ago, or, equally likely, she never would have been born at all because one or both of her parents would have been murdered.

Let me give you a hint, little chickie -- you're here, in this country, and free to be a bigoted, racist bitch specifically because, and only because, of white men.

WHITE MEN who decided that you, despite being the most evil, vile piece of **** I've run across in a public position in more than 20 years, were worth defending with their lives.  Many of them did not come home at all, or if they did it was in a box.

The NY Times not only has and continues to crap on everyone in this nation that makes it possible for your ****ty city to have clean water, fuel for their Ubers and Taxis, and power to run your ****ing printing press. 

You personally have **** on the very people who are the only reason you are alive and free to speak at all.

So go **** yourself, Gray Lady 10cent *****.

Yeah, I downgraded you today from 2-bit -- your blowjobs aren't worth 2 bits anymore.

Not after you hired that bigoted ingrate and defended her multi-year rants.

No, I won't forget, and I won't change my mind.

But what I will do is make my level damndest best effort to convince everyone to cut your ass off, along with everyone else in that vile town and state.

Go ahead and drink from the Hudson when none of your toilets flush -- untreated -- and see how long it takes before the jackwad taking a crap upstream from you gives you dysentery, cholera or worse.

I'll tip a glass to that day and make sure to give you credit for it.

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2018-08-09 08:15 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 1352 references
[Comments enabled]  

This article pisses me off.

Let me tell you a riddle. “I slept with a billionaire because he said he loved me. I expected to make love, but in the morning I realized I was getting screwed. When I went to tell the world, I was offered cash to keep my mouth shut.” Who am I? No, I’m not a model or someone named Stormy. I’m the American farmer.

In the mid-1980s we were awash with over production in the corn and soybean sectors. Agriculture got busy, boarded planes, trains and automobiles and started building markets around the world, one handshake and one relationship at a time. We used our own funds through our check off dollars and trade associations to build markets in Mexico, Canada, Latin America and the Pacific Rim. And we didn’t stop there. In partnership with the U.S. taxpayers, we built an ethanol industry to ensure another renewable energy source for U.S. consumers.

Your "industry" built an open, outrageous and notorious FRAUD with Ethanol for fuel. You also managed to get the EPA to shut up about the damage too; they failed to file REQUIRED reports on the ecological impact of same that was written into the RFG law and regs. Well, now it's out, it's FOUR YEARS late, and not only does Ethanol production lead to ridiculous amounts of fertilizer run-off and environmental destruction (which would happen with any crop grown that intensively, so perhaps you could be excused there) in addition it increases NOx when burnt in modern engines.

The latter means it creates more smog-forming ozone, not less. Ethanol was a decent idea back when MTBE was discovered to be a massive groundwater problem and engines in cars had carburetors and first-generation, non-closed-loop TBI injection. You can count those engines on the road today in the low single digits; outside of antiques they're all gone.

Finally, if that's not enough, it has far fewer BTUs that gasoline so it also damages fuel economy. While the percentage of damage is small (about 2%) extrapolated across all the fuel consumed that's billions of dollars and millions of tons of additional CO2 emitted into the atmosphere. I happen to not think much of so-called "global warming science" (having more than a bit of knowledge in physics and chemistry) but the economic impact of intentionally damaging fuel economy, never mind the NOx problem which is very real, is another matter entirely.

RFG should be banned and those who promoted it imprisoned for the billions you steal every single year from the pocketbooks of American motorists. Last time I checked grand theft was a felony.

Oh, and as for tariffs, well, when the Chinese stop stealing intellectual property and imposing differential tariffs and trade conditions you then have a point. They have continually promised to stop and yet not only does it not stop it accelerates continually.

You exploited this to sell to a slave-labor communist nation that was screwing us blind. We were told Mexico's $4/hour manufacturing wages (when NAFTA was passed, remember that?) would rapidly rise to near parity with the US. That didn't happen either; today the wage is.... about $4/hour. Not one person in that plant making cars or trucks for $4/hour can afford the $40,000 vehicle being made there. We got rooked, millions of Americans lost their jobs and industry disappeared. Meanwhile you "expanded your market" and demanded illegal invaders to come work your fields so you didn't have to pay employment taxes and a living wage. That's all a crime too, but nobody cared so long as you sold soybeans to Mexico and China. Every single one of you folks who has ever employed an illegal invader should be rotting in a federal prison cell. You screwed an American out of a job and millions of Americans out of a living wage and middle-class lifestyle.


I spent 30 years administering federal farm programs with the USDA. I’ve administered and supported disaster programming, conservation programming, and price and supply stabilization. I believed in those supports because I believe a strong agriculture is directly related to our national security. I’ve never administered hush money designed to make me sit down and shut up about a ridiculous protectionist trade policy that has destroyed in a matter of months what my industry built with our own hands over decades.

The president calls ‘em like he sees them, and so do I. I won’t be silent any longer.

You didn't build ****, except for robbing people blind.  Rather than allow the supply and demand side of things to do their magic, along with the fact that you can sell forward production in the futures market if you're concerned, instead you want "price and supply stabilization."

May I remind you what that is:  Wickard .v. Filburn, ****head.

Yes, you, ****head, the Supreme Court decision that on the very rubric you support and spent 30 years screwing the entire rest of the nation with has led to the Federal Government declaring that every thing that anyone does, anywhere, anytime, in any industry suddenly has "interstate commerce" implications and therefore is subject to federal regulation.

Even growing your own ******n corn for your own family to eat is subject to federal regulation -- that you support and spent 30 years screwing the entire nation with.


You had a good run and I hope you enjoyed ramming all of the rest of America up the backside. We, who have great respect for farmers, do not have respect for anyone who exploits others no matter their nationality or standing in this country or what they do.

That includes you.

I am no fan of Trump in the general sense but on trade he's right, even if he doesn't understand the how or why.  On ethanol, which he has sought to increase, he's dead wrong -- on the facts, on the law, and on the science -- none of which he, or you, give a damn about so long as you make money.  There are several words for that and they include "avarice", "greed" and perhaps even "Satanic."

The very exploits you complain about losing today are the reason we have a Federal Government out of control.  They are the reason half the nation, those on the left side of the curve, have seen all their jobs go to China and Mexico.  They are the reason we have an opioid epidemic that is killing people by the tens of thousands who cannot find living-wage jobs with their abilities and skillset.  They are the reason health care is a ****ing monopoly that costs five hundred percent what it should and would if the damn law was enforced.  They are the reason we have lost our 50 state political laboratories and it was all so you could poison our water and screw motorists out of billions of dollars, along with selling soybeans and corn to China and Mexico.

Take a bow if you wish but you get this in response: smiley

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2018-08-08 09:44 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 121 references
[Comments enabled]  

So..... Saudi Arabia, in response to Canada making comments it doesn't like demanding that it stop jailing people for what they considered reasonable and free speech, expelled their ambassador and recalled their own.


But then they apparently did this:

This came from a verified account which has since been shut down and they claim to have "apologized" -- but it was previously described as an official government account.

Was it?

I think we need an official answer -- now.

Because if it was, in any way, shape or form then **** them for that bull**** -- with a chainsaw.

Never mind that this looks like an admission of official involvement in 9/11 here -- not "supposed" or believed anymore, but now, it would appear, admitted in public.

Well that's just fine.

You know all those aircraft and other systems you have of ours KSA?  **** you on parts and service assistance too.  Let's see how well they work for you when all their electronics are jammed from the air and you can't get parts.

Even better -- you ought to park 'em out in the desert somewhere and then get away from them.

Well away, so we can blow 'em to bits.

You think you're such hot **** that you can not only threaten another nation with terrorism for speaking out about your jackbooted imprisonment of people for mere speech but in addition you think you can mock the United States in such a fashion and take credit as a government for murdering 3,000 Americans?

I think Trump ought to contemplate nuking Mecca, the birthplace of the crap that gave rise to 9/11 AND Riyadh.


Oh, and unlike the KSA, we have this thing called The First Amendment, which means I'm perfectly free to voice my opinion that the world needs two more repositories of high-quality, albeit radioactive, glass.

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2018-08-06 07:01 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 99 references
[Comments enabled]  

Shoot-o-Rahm-a town is doing great these days.

If you like getting shot, that is.

As of 9:00 last night the count for Shootapalooza weekend counted up 9 dead and 57 wounded according to Heh Jackass, the unofficial tally site (which is shockingly accurate, incidentally.)

This is what Demoncrat political theory and philosophy get you.

Remember, Chitcago has 100% Democrat control in the city.  All the Alderman. The Mayor. The chief of (worthless) police.  The entire teachers' union and 99% of the teachers in the schools gang recruitment centers. And probably the gangbangers themselves too, since voting for "free stuff" and "gun control" (can't have your victims shooting back at you!) is fantastic, right?

The strictest gun laws in the country and yet gee, all those bad guys seem to have no problems obtaining all the guns and ammunition they would like.  Let's remember -- you must have a state-police FOID card to buy firearms and ammunition.  No card, no sale.  Period.  You must register guns as a result.  Until the USSC ruled it unconstitutional it was explicitly unlawful to own a pistol unless you were a cop and had been for nearly 50 years.


It's working out real good for you up there, isn't it?

The only reason the homicide count isn't much worse is that the various hospitals get lots of practice with gunshot wounds, and thus the death rate has gone down a lot over the last 30 or so years.

Chicago is a war zone -- in America.  But unlike most war zones you can't even go armed yourself in an attempt at self-defense -- that's illegal, and as an ordinary citizen who would prefer not to be shot, they will arrest YOU.

Thank a Demoncrat, especially BlowBama and Rahm.

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2018-08-04 14:38 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 587 references
[Comments enabled]  

I'm serious; it's time for our nation to undergo a divorce.

The "liberal enclaves" of NY, Oregon, California, Chicago and similar all claim to be the "bastions of our economy."  The problem is that they don't give a crap about how this nation was founded, why it was founded, or what the Constitution is -- or why.  When one of their politicians does something that's illegal and unconstitutional (e.g. DACA) they don't care but when a later politician tries to reverse it they find a black-robed dickhead who has no right to sit on anything but a toilet seat to order that the original illegal act be continued.  The same is true for the 2nd Amendment; they can't get the votes to actually repeal it so people like Cuomo try to put anyone who disagrees with them out of business.  To boycott would be fine except that this isn't a boycott of willing people; it's a felony (18 USC 242) as coercion under color of law or authority is involved and the 2nd Amendment is a civil rightWhen a leftist AG runs firearms to known international criminals running drugs it's ok, but if you are someone he doesn't like you go to prison.  When a sailor takes a photo of a submarine and never shares it with anyone he goes to prison for violating the law with regard to classified information but when a leftist has 30,000 emails, including thousands of classified ones on her server in violation of the same law and they get stolen by the Chinese due to her incompetence and law-breaking the very same federal law enforcement officials are too busy eating donuts or looking for fake Russian spies.  Meanwhile a real Chinese spy was employed by a sitting Senator -- Feinswine -- and she skates and the spy is allowed to "retire"!  Speaking of cops you lefties seem to have a problem with cops who can't shoot straight and those who just shoot anyone they want, then plant evidence.  Too bad all your lefty surveillance crap catches you once in a while -- not that any of you care since that jackass isn't in jail either!

To top it all off the NY Times, your "gray lady 2-bit *****", just hired an avowed racist with a multi-year public record of her hated of white people -- and cops.  When called on it the paper doubled down and claimed they knew of her record before they hired her.  Well now that tells me everything I need to know about both the NY Times and NY the State and City; you can all go **** yourselves blind and should a block-wide asteroid hit dead-center in Manhattan tomorrow I will tip a glass of Glengoyne 21 since God will have finally demonstrated that he actually exists.

I could literally fill up the disk on the server where this blog resides with a bullet-point list of your crooked crap but you don't give a **** -- right?

I don't give a flying **** if you're gay, straight, claim to be any of some four hundred genders or like sheep -- as long as the sheep consents. Oh, that consent thing applies to humans too, and that they be adults, both of which seem to be foreign concepts to a lot of leftists -- including a ****-ton of priests and essentially all of Hollyweird.  How many of those people have you lefties shielded from going to prison for butt****ing boys, to say nothing of the girls and women those jackasses have sexually assaulted or sold into slavery?  I literally can't count them all.

Then there's Portland, where the cops were ordered not to arrest a mob that was laying siege to a government building.  Why were they doing it?  Because that government agency was enforcing a law they didn't like.  They couldn't get it repealed or changed in Congress so instead they lay siege and got away with it.

So let's cut the crap eh?

I want a divorce and I think we need to discuss terms.

You see, those of us you hate -- we make most of your energy and food.  We make the chemicals that purify your water and treat your sewage.  We drive the trucks that bring all the cheap crap you want from Chinese slaver factories into your cities so Pajama Boy can play his "video game sports."  In short without us you're utterly ****ed, but without you we lose..... face****, twatter, goolag, crapple and the stock exchange.  Wow man, that would be bad.  Oh, and we have about 80% of the nation's landmass too.


I think we have the better negotiating position, to be frank.  Can you live without something to eat, clean water to drink, working sewage disposal, natural gas to heat your homes and businesses, electrical power and fuel for your vehicles -- to say nothing of the trucks bringing all that crap into your city (including all those nice hypo needles in San Francisco)?  Oh, and by the way eventually one of the salafists you love so much is going to cart a few kilos of carfentanyl into one of your towns (he can probably have it sent over by ePacket for pennies!) and figure out the rather basic mechanics of getting it into your water supply, at which point a half million or more of you are all going to die at once.  You did pay attention to the recent Toronto jackwad who's brother was caught with something on the order of fifty kilos of that crap, right?  He's in a drug-caused vegetative state (my best guess is an accidental own goal while trying to handle it without the rather serious clean-room lab style precautions necessary) and thus we can't exactly ask him what he really intended to do with that much but I can assure you of this -- he wasn't going to sell it to junkies, given that one grain of salt worth of that crap is enough to kill you.  Oh, incidentally, the original source was almost-certainly your most-favored "free-trade" Asian nation -- China.

I suggest that this divorce can be quite peaceable and it's not very hard to achieve.  We return to the Federalism we were contractually promised, and you agreed to be contractually bound to in 1789.  You want your shootings, corrupt cops, jackbooted mayors and insane salafists?  Have 'em.  You figure out how to tax enough to pay for it and how you're going to deal with all the **** -- both literal and political -- that come with it.  If one of the wonderful people you insist be allowed in poisons your entire city, you deal with it.

But we won't put up with any of that crap any more nor will we tolerate any attempt to force us to, and that includes paying for it.  Your unfunded mandates shoved down the throat of the states that don't want them won't be tolerated for one more second.  Nor will your willful refusal to honor to the letter the First, Second, Fourth and Fifth Amendments, not to mention the Tenth.

I think it's time for those of us who have had enough of NY, Portland and San Francisco thinking that Federalism is some quaint notion to point out where the actual necessities they enjoy today come from -- and who makes it possible for them to have same.

Let's have peace -- but only through mutual respect and a cessation of not only your intentional and wanton violence but theft besides.  I propose repeal of the 17th Amendment, returning the Senate's election to the State Legislatures, as a good starting point and indication of good faith on both sides.

I suppose you can call this a request.

I suspect you'll refuse, and when, not if you do (likely by simple silence and further aggression toward those of us who disagree with you) I'm not going to be the one who starts shooting -- you've already got that distinction in your pick-a-mob for today, tomorrow and yesterday. Eventually, however, I suspect you'll find that the 80+% of the nation's landmass that disagrees with you will reach a point where they give no more of a **** than your mob-of-the-day does and then the time for politeness will have passed.

I hope I'm wrong about that, by the way -- but given how corrupt you are, and how you think you can just take whatever you want, whenever you want -- I doubt it.

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