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2018-04-19 13:00 by Karl Denninger
in POTD , 109 references

Or is it something else...... and what's the owl up to?


Email and buy it now, enjoy it tomorrow.  On canvas, ready to hang.

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2018-04-19 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Market Musings , 137 references
[Comments enabled]  

This crap is a literal every day fraud run on the investing public.

Everyone seems to remove cash from the enterprise numbers before computing P/Es.  That's idiotic because cash in the bank was earned in prior operations.  Not today's earnings, yesterdays.

What's far worse is that just like a buyback the fact that you are accumulating cash means you're not investing in your business.

The latter is critical.

There are only two ways to maintain an advantage in business:

1. Be a monopoly and destroy competitors through actions that are per-se illegal (but you get away with it, usually by bribing politicians, enforcement officials or both.)

2. Invest in your business with the cash flow from your operations.

As your level of success rises your re-investment of the fruits of that success should rise commensurately.  That is what powers the legitimate growth of a firm's value over time.

If you are maintaining more cash than you need for operations then either (1) you expect very hard times ahead and are afraid you'll run out of cash attempting to weather than storm or (2) you've run out of ideas and, in the passage of time you will be eclipsed.

Thus every time you hear someone quoting "ex-cash" P/E ratios flip the table over on them and walk out.

They're attempting to intentionally defraud you.

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2018-04-18 14:21 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 158 references
[Comments enabled]  

Go read this Ticker again.

Our ******* of the day is found here:
[13:14] SSL ACCEPT Error [http request] on [::ffff:]

Which is:

[karl@NewFS ~]$ whois -h
% []
% Whois data copyright terms

% Information related to ' -'

% Abuse contact for ' -' is ''

inetnum: -
netname: UNICOM-HL
descr: China Unicom Heilongjiang Province Network
descr: China Unicom
country: CN
admin-c: CH1302-AP
tech-c: BG63-AP
remarks: service provider
remarks: --------------------------------------------------------
remarks: To report network abuse, please contact mnt-irt
remarks: For troubleshooting, please contact tech-c and admin-c
remarks: Report invalid contact via
remarks: --------------------------------------------------------
mnt-irt: IRT-CU-CN
mnt-by: APNIC-HM
last-modified: 2016-05-04T00:14:33Z
source: APNIC

Blow me you scamming thief.

There is utterly no reason for a Chinese organization to attempt to connect to my house.  Not once either -- many, many times.

This is not a mistake -- it's an intentional act.

Believe me, they're trying to connect to your house too, and if you have anything "smart" in it or, for that matter, you've got a nice WiFi router or other "commercial" product there's a good chance they're in it as most of those devices, unlike HomeDaemon-MCP, are not secure.

You don't really think they mean well, do you?  It's not like you put that nice "smart speaker" you bought in your bedroom, did you?  There's nothing with a camera on your home network either, right?

If I had the power I'd reply back to the source with a nice can of sunshine -- on your behalf, of course.

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2018-04-18 13:00 by Karl Denninger
in POTD , 110 references


Now that's cool.... kitties in the moon...... 

Email to make this unique piece of art yours today!

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2018-04-18 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 244 references
[Comments enabled]  

Nobody seems to care about all the data scamming that is going on.

No prosecutions, no FTC actions, no fines, no mass-exodus from Facebook, no mass-destruction of Android or IOS phones, no tossing Zuckerpig in prison, nothing.

I'll tell you when someone will care.

It wouldn't be hard at all to pervert "ad targeting" to collect a database of people who are extremely likely to be, say, military members.

Or their families.

Or cops.

Or virtually any other tightly-correlated group of people.

You can get very precise given the volume of data and tools today.

So you set up a company that allegedly wants to "advertise" to said people, you buy ads with that targeting and those who "click" or otherwise "interact" you now have pinpointed.  In a short while you can correlate them through other sources and now you know who they are in real life, not just as numbers in a machine.

You know exactly where they work, where they live (down to the actual street address), where they worship (if they worship), where their children go to school and where they shop.

That little device in your teen's pocket, never mind yours, delivers your location on an exact basis, within tens of feet, 24x7 every single day.

The problem is that the bad guy isn't a company trying to sell laundry detergent or timeshares.

They're jihadists.  Or Antifas.  Or any other group -- or individual -- with motive and money -- and these days, not all that much money either.  A few million is more than enough.

Still think all this tracking is no big deal, eh?

As soon as the wrong entity decides to do this sort of thing if you're in the group they choose to target you're going to be dead wrong.

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