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This headline is almost-certainly false.

Want to extend your cat’s nine lives? Stop feeding her human food and get her moving.

I don't know anyone who feeds their cat what we'd call "human food."

I know a lot of people (like damn near everyone) who feeds their cat packaged "cat food" sold in various places.  If you look at the labels on said catfood you will find that a huge majority of them contain a lot of various grain products, all of which are by definition high-glycemic.

They're used because they're cheap, incidentally.

How many carbs does the natural diet of a cat -- that is, a mouse or bird -- have?


Guess how many carbs a cat actually requires?  The same number you do -- zero.

However, cats are obligate carnivores because they cannot manufacture taurine, an essential amino acid, due to a defect in their genetic code (similar to our defect that prevents humans from manufacturing ascorbate.)  Without taurine an animal becomes sick and dies, and that essential amino acid is not found in vegetable matter -- only in animal flesh.  Therefore commercial cat foods, rather that simply including enough animal flesh to insure that sufficient taurine is present, add it as a supplement.

That's kind of the same thing you engage in when you eat a vitamin pill rather than simply eat foods that contain vitamins.

Unfortunately, just like humans, when cats eat a high-carbohydrate diet they naturally get fatter for the same reason you do -- insulin resistance, in other words metabolic syndrome.  This eventually leads to diabetes, exactly as it does with humans.  At the core of the obesity problem is that metabolic syndrome trashes the body's regulatory systems that control whether you (or your cat) are hungry, and thus how much you eat.

So kitty gets fat just like you get fat, and kitty becomes diabetic just like you do, both for the same basic reason: You are both eating processed and/or high-glycemic carbohydrate and neither you or kitty requires it.  In fact, it's bad for both of you!

Most people don't read the cat food label before buying the bag, and there are damn few choices that aren't grossly overloaded with carbohydrates compared against a cat's natural diet in the wild irrespective of how hard you try, considering that the number of carbs in the average mouse, kitty's natural diet, is indistinguishable from zero.

Maybe you could learn something from the horsecrap in that article -- both for the health of your kitty, and yourself.

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And it is why, if there is such a thing as a firm that recognizes that security is important, my phone will eventually ring or my email will eventually have someone serious pop up in it.

Cybersecurity researchers at the University of Michigan were able to hack into Samsung's SmartThings, a top-selling Internet of Things platform. In doing so, they were able to acquire the PIN code to a home's front door.

The University of Michigan team’s “lock-pick malware app" was one of four attacks conducted as part of an experiment. The work is believed to be the first platform-wide study of a real-world connected home system.

Oh, and if you think that such problems are immediately fixed...

The University of Michigan researchers revealed their findings to SmartThings in December 2015 and the company is working on fixes. The researchers re-checked a few weeks ago to see if a lock's PIN code could still be snooped and reprogrammed by a potential hacker, and it still could.

That would be a "no."

BTW, SmartThings is basically a Zwave hub (although it does other things too.) 

My software, HomeDaemon, has been pretty-much under continual attempted assault since I first put it online.  Of course being online is kinda necessary for me, since I'd like to be able to see the house from "elsewhere".  I am, of course, more than happy to outline exactly why and how HomeDaemon has been designed to be highly-resistant to such attempted hacks.

The best part is that this wee little $35 piece of hardware does a fine job of not only defending against such shenanigans but also continuing to operate normally while under said assault..... 

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Boobus Americanus comes through again.

From Atlanta to Chicago to Phoenix to Alaska – and nearly every place in between – stories are pouring in about long waits and other problems at Transportation Security Administration checkpoints.

Passenger numbers are approaching record numbers in the U.S., which has dovetailed with a 10% reduction of screening personnel. That was expected to be offset by travelers signing up for  the expedited PreCheck screening program, but the number of fliers registering has fallen far short of expectations. All that's left passengers standing in hours-long lines at a growing number of U.S. airports. The TSA says it's taking measures to mitigate the woes, but has nonetheless warned a difficult summer may lie ahead before a significant improvement is felt.


You fly, which is a choice.  You put up with being sexually assaulted by a government worker who when challenged by a "Red team" misses nearly all the fake bombs and guns they use for challenging them.

But you still put up with it, despite knowing two things:

1. If a terrorist has a real bomb or gun, it will almost-certainly get through and you will get blown up, shot or otherwise killed.

2. If the terrorist is actually intelligent, which seems to be a rare commodity among humans in the first place, he will simply waltz into the line you are putting up with that is two hours long and blow himself up there, killing you dead without ever being screened!

If you had a lick of sense you'd recognize that (1) the security risk is 10,000 times greater when there is a large queue to go through security than there ever was for a terrorist actually on a plane and (2) there just aren't very many terrorists willing to die for their putrid "cause" or the TSA waiting area in every airport in America would be a mass of blown up bodies, glass and metal.

But heh, you too can be stupid.  Buy a ticket, get treated like a criminal at the airport before you get on board and then get treated like cattle in the chute once on the plane.

Screw all of you who enable this crap by consenting to it.

You deserve that which you tolerate and invite.

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Religious fanaticism comes in many forms.  The obvious ones wave around Bibles, Quorans, or other symbols.  The less-obvious are married to ideas and refuse to discard them in the face of contrary evidence, or worse, even hard proof that their proposals are either unworkable or would make a bad situation worse.

Sadly, when it comes to the political process there are myriad people suffering this affliction.  It's maddening in the extreme to have a political discussion and try to accomplish something good with a person that has this going on in their head because they will find a way to twist whatever the topic is to their particular religious zealotry, and if you affiliate yourself with them you risk being sucked into the vortex of their foolishness -- or even insanity.

Unfortunately when it comes to monetary "reform" there is a body of thought that goes something like this: Since the US Government is a sovereign, and a privilege of the sovereign is to issue money, we can solve some or all of our problems by emitting it rather than borrowing it.

This is wrong.

It is provably wrong because it is easier to print than to borrow.

Borrowing is subject to external constraints, and thus to borrow in excess you must either convince people it's not in excess, bribe them or force them through some means to support what you want to do.  Absent a gun in their mouth and a threat to blow their brains out your power of persuasion is limited.

There is no such constraint on printing "money" and every unit of currency so-emitted permanently and irrevocably destroys the accumulated purchasing power of the citizenry.  That is not only theft of previously-earned and retained wealth on the grandest of scales it is counterfeiting and those who advocate or practice it should be brought up on charges of treason as their acts serve to undermine and ultimately violently overthrow any government that practices same and, after conviction, they should be punished in accordance with the law.

Bluntly, there is no externality other than the threat of the people rising up and chopping off the heads of those in government that limits the over-emission of "printed" currency.  Historically speaking the people are too slow to do exactly that and as a result when such a hyperinflationary detonation occurs millions of people die of privation, war or (frequently) both.

To believe that one may solve the problems of over-indebtedness by "printing" money is fundamentally unsound on a mathematical basis and is a solicitation of the destruction of the nation involved in each and every instance.

Doing so in fact removes the few constraints that limit overborrowing, flawed as they are.

Those who advocate such a path are not fools -- they're charlatans, although they may be unwittingly so.  Whether delusional, drunk on their own religious beliefs in this regard or otherwise does not matter.

I cannot and will not support such individuals and organizations; they threaten the very real destruction of society and nations along with the death of tens of millions of innocent people should they be able to dupe the public, politicians, or worse -- both -- into accepting their poisonous nostrum.

Goodbye to a few of you, and I suspect you know who you are for, as long as you maintain that position.  I will not advocate for the death of millions and the literal economic and political collapse of this nation, nor will I associate with those who do.

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Hoh hoh hoh....

The Texas pastor who sued Whole Foods in April for allegedly writing a gay slur on a cake he bought withdrew his lawsuit on Monday and apologized to the supermarket chain for perpetrating a hoax, KVUE reported.

"The company did nothing wrong," openly gay pastor Jordan Brown wrote in a Monday statement. "I was wrong to pursue this matter and use the media to perpetuate this story."

Wrong to pursue this matter?  He made the entire thing up to smear the company!

“I apologize to the LGBT community for diverting attention from real issues. I also want to apologize to my partner, my family, my church family, and my attorney.”

Whole Foods filed a countersuit against Brown and hasn’t said if it would drop that action now that Brown has dropped his lawsuit.

Oh, you'd like to apologize?  How about making whole those who you harmed?  That can start with you forfeiting everything you own since your intent was to damage or destroy a multi-billion dollar business with a knowingly false accusation.

What should happen is that the DA should file criminal charges -- this was a clear attempt at extortion and there is utterly no reason for this guy to get away with it.

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