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This is pretty ugly...

There's a new round of Stagefright vulnerabilities that allows attackers to execute malicious code on more than one billion phones running ancient as well as much more recent versions of Google's Android operating system.

Stagefright 2.0, as it's being dubbed by researchers from security firm Zimperium, is a set of two bugs that are triggered when processing specially designed MP3 audio or MP4 video files. The first flaw, which is found in the libutils library and is indexed as CVE-2015-6602, resides in every Android version since 1.0, which was released in 2008. The vulnerability can be exploited even on newer devices with beefed up defenses by exploiting a second vulnerability in libstagefright, a code library Android uses to process media files. Google still hasn't issued a CVE index number for this second bug.

Isn't that special?  We all thought this was fixed, right?

Guess not.

What really ought to bother people is that Google has a huge team of folks that are supposed to be involved in security -- and good coding practice.  They clearly are not doing a decent job of it, especially considering that this area of the system software was implicated in the previous stagefright exploit.

You would think that such a discovery previously would have led to a full code audit on the entire part of the software.

Apparently, you'd be wrong.

But, as we all know, the only thing that matters to consumers these days is that they can run Snatchchat; whether some random jackass can steal everything on their device -- eh, that's no problem at all.

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Uh huh..... go ahead and run that crap somewhere else given this little bit of reality.

Oh, and those products being talked about in the above link are real too.

Warning: Clicking either link may induce vomiting, rage or both.  And no, I'm not going to warn you about exactly what is now considered "normal" -- you'll have to click to find out.

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Herr Fuhrer Apparent could not wait for the bodies to even cool off before he started with his usual horse**** on gun control, saying that our "gun culture" in this country makes no sense.

I'll tell you what makes no sense Adolf-cum-Barry: Oregon has enacted the private gun transfer background check law the Democrats have long argued for.  It didn't matter, did it?  Further, Oregon has a provision in their law that made the possession of any firearm on the campus of that school illegal.

It's a twisted provision, actually, but the fact is that the mere possession of a firearm on that campus was a violation of both campus rules and, apparently, the law.  Oh, they had "gun free zone" signs posted too according to some reports -- in other words, to a criminal, said signs said shoot people here, nobody's armed!

Of course criminals don't give a damn about the law; that's why we call them criminals.  Further, criminals sure as hell like opportunities to do their evil thing without the probability of anyone offering effective resistance.

There are also multiple reports, including now in the NY Post, that claim the shooter asked the victims their religion and shot those who claimed to be Christian in the head; others were shot in the legs.

Was this man a Muslim engaged in jihad or did he just hate Christians?

I want to know who the shooter was and his motivation.  I'll lay odds one of two things is true: Either he was a Muslim and targeted Christians or he was jacked up on SSRIs, either in the present tense or recent past.

Herr Furher Apparent invoked Newtown again this afternoon but we know Adam in Newtown was on psychotropic medications.  Just over a year ago and quite a long time after the shooting faded from the news this ditty hit the wire:

According to the State Police Report, Koenig acknowledges that she had prescribed Adam Lanza the mind-altering drug, Celexa, and that Nancy Lanza had “immediately” reported what she believed to be serious adverse reactions to the drug.

Guess what?  That's the same drug that appears to have been involved in the incident here in this area where a 15 year old kid took a gun to school and stated he was going to kill himself.  He is currently facing charges for having done so.

But neither his parents or he, according to his parents, were warned of this side effect of the drug so why is it that his doctor isn't in the dock as an accessory before the fact?

This is not a novel or new issue.  SSRIs have had this side effect as a known risk for a very long time -- going back to Columbine, at least, and perhaps before.  Yet we still have pharmaceutical companies selling these drugs to and doctors prescribing these drugs for young people under the age of 25, which is the specific age group where that risk exists.

In older patients the risk is either identical to placebo or it decreases the risk of these adverse events, but for reasons we do not understand in people under the age of 25 these drugs are dangerous and occasionally potentiate either suicide or psychotic breaks and rage.

The over-representation of people on these substances that commit these "shoot - em -up" style offenses is outrageous as a percentage of the whole.  Do your own research -- you'll be stunned at what you find.

Yes, the risk of any particular individual having this reaction is not high (about 1%, it is estimated) but if you hand these drugs out like candy you generate the potential for hundreds of rage-monsters and thousands of suicides.

Why does Obama want to talk about guns?  Does he want people to die?

The only thing that is going to stop one of these rage monsters is someone with a gun that isn't crazy!

I can't carry a cop in my waistband or pocket; he won't fit.  Nor could I afford to unlike the President who forces us to pay for his protection -- by heavily-armed guards.

What we should be demanding answers to is why the physicians who prescribe these drugs are not being charged as accessories before the fact when they write scripts for these drugs outside of residential institutions where the patient can be monitored 24x7 if he or she is under the age of 25.

I "get it" that nobody wants to talk about institutionalizing people, especially kids. Fine.  Don't.

But then you can't write or fill scripts for those under the age of 25 for this class of drugs -- period.

Years ago I was more than willing to pin this on the drug companies.  Today, no -- the fact that these drugs are dangerous in this group of people is known to physicians as it is published in the side effect data and physicians are degreed professionals charged with knowing what they're doing.

If we're not going to hold doctors accountable for these incidents then there is no reason for a doctor to exist at all as a gatekeeper when it comes to pharmaceuticals under any set of circumstances.

I'm tired of the intentional misdirection and abuse by those in high office of these incidents to both excuse the medical industry from their apparent involvement and violate our rights.  If the government will not arrest, prosecute and imprison every one of the physicians writing these scripts then by God we damn well all need to carry firearms all the time as The Second Amendment gives us all the right to do anywhere and everywhere.

The fact is that having a firearm on you is the only means, given the government's intentional refusal to stop these drugs from being prescribed to young people, by which we have any sort of chance to survive an encounter with one of these rage monsters.

You damn well ought to be done putting up with this crap, America, especially the grandstanding by the left and their parrots in the media.  Use your head and tell the Neo-Nazi party current trying to replicate what Hitler did in disarming his own people to shut the hell up and get off the stage -- starting with Obama.

Update 10/1 19:54 The shooter has been identified.

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2015-10-01 16:36 by Karl Denninger
in Flash , 374 references

Oh boy....

Unless your head is in your ass you know there was a mass-shooting at an Oregon college today.  What you might have missed is being reported by USA Today:

Moore said she saw her teacher get shot in the head, apparently after the gunman came into the classroom. At that point, Moore told the newspaper, the shooter ordered everyone to get on the ground. The shooter then asked people to stand up and state their religion and then started firing, Moore said..

So given the number of people shot was there no "right answer", was there an answer not given that might have been the "right answer" or worse, was there a "right answer"?

Stay tuned on this one folks -- and both listen and read quite carefully if there's any sort of explanation on that point or the media and others try to bury it.

Update: Uhhhh....(yes, I saved that screenshot)

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2015-10-01 12:40 by Karl Denninger
in Flash , 244 references

Cabot "Wealth Destruction" clown car nonsense.

"There's all these people who need 8, 9% returns and they're going to be coming into stocks."

One question: What happens when they come in and the price of stocks go down instead of up?

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