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The newsspeak is completely out of hand here.

The Senate GOP budget released Wednesday calls for saving $5.1 trillion over 10 years, including $4.3 trillion by repealing the Affordable Care Act and curbing entitlement programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and food stamps.

But one of the most notable elements of the Senate budget was what it omitted. The plan, the first budget from Senate Republicans since they took control of the chamber, provides few details on how or where Congress would produce those savings from Medicare and other so-called entitlement programs.

"Compassionate suicide" anyone?

Then there's Bernie Sanders' latest, which you read if you're on his email list:

The Senate Budget Committee on Wednesday began to debate a plan drafted by the new Republican majority. The bad news is that they want devastating cuts for working families, children and seniors. They want to throw millions of Americans off health insurance. They would cut aid to college students.

As bad as those and other cuts would be, what the Republican budget leaves out may be even worse. It doesn’t create any jobs. It doesn’t address the 11 percent real unemployment rate in the United States. It doesn’t fix crumbling roads and bridges. It doesn’t make college more affordable. It doesn’t raise the minimum wage. It does nothing, despite Republicans’ professed worries about deficits, to close tax loopholes that help the rich and profitable corporations avoid paying their fair share of taxes and make deficits worse.

Cut the crap Mr. Sanders, before someone indicts your sorry ass for grand theft or worse, someone not of age today (and thus unable to vote your sorry ass out of office) refuses to pay that which they had no voice in contracting for and decides to resist by any means necessary -- and possible.

Perhaps it is time that we start talking about a second Declaration of Independence, listing the lawless behavior of these so-called "lawmakers."  Hillary is a great example of "I am Queen, therefore I shall do whatever the hell I want law be damned" but those in Congress are not far behind.

The simple fact of the matter is that every dime spent in deficit is an act of fraud, an act that in private enterprise or life is, if contracted with the same intent, a felony.

That's right folks -- it is a crime to take on debt you have no intention of paying back.  It is not a crime to go into debt and unable to pay, but if you do it with the intent not to pay, which is quite-clearly demonstrated when it is mathematically impossible to pay given the actions you are undertaking in the civilian world that is a crime.

So why isn't it in the halls of government?  In point of fact there is no distinction in the law in this regard nor should there be.  There is only the fact that we have 536 Kings and Queens who have arrogated to themselves powers that they do not, under our Constitution have nor can they legitimately acquire them irrespective of any law they may subsequently pass.

I fully understand the political expediency of simply spending whatever you want and then tampering with the money and credit supply via so-called "mandates" to The Fed (or banks generally) to hide what you've done.  But the fact of the matter is that such hiding is nothing more than putting on a ski mask before you rob me in order to obscure who you are; what you did has not changed.

I refuse to show respect to such people and strongly urge others to do the same.  That one chooses to give deference to avoid being shot or imprisoned is not the same thing as respect; one is a matter of survival and (relative) freedom, the other must be earned.

I have written myriad articles on the budget and the fraud contained therein through the time that The Market Ticker has been in operation; you can find the pinned ones by simply going here and reading as you wish.  The most-recent, published on the 19th, is found here.

The simple fact of the matter is that the debate about the size of government must come to the forefront of political discussion inextricably married to the fact that basic algebra makes indefinite deficit accumulation incompatible with economic and political stability.  

For this reason deficit spending must cease right here, right now and forevermore.

We, as a nation, as with all nations, can have whatever size government we wish but we must pay for that government in the present tense by giving up our productive surplus in the form of taxes in the present tense.

Any spending by government of funds it does not first tax from the citizens is theft and an act of fraud as there is no intent to repay, ever, said funds.  There is at this point a more than 30 year history in support of this fact.  You or I would go to prison for such an act and we must, as citizens, demand that those in our government who commit the identical act of theft and fraud also be indicted and imprisoned for this very same crime.

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