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Oh do come on....

I’m sure that mass surveillance was not the vision when Facebook was conceived in a Harvard dorm room 15 years ago, but it's certainly the reality now.


Zucker****er has always conceived his "creation" to be based on not giving a crap about custom, reason, you or the law.  "Move fast and break things" anyone?  Like, for instance, reasonable human behavior, social norms or the law?

Witness the multiple times Facebook has lied.  They lied to Google and Apple as to the use of their allegedly "internal" certificates issued by both firms -- which are explicitly prohibited from being used for any outside distribution of anything.  ****face didn't give a crap about what he agreed to, he just did it -- contracts be damned to hell.

Oh, and **** Apple and Google sideways for not permanently revoking their certificates.  Not "for a while", not to "teach them a lesson", but forever, along with their publisher access on the app stores.  Tim Crook along with Scroogle simply don't give a flying **** about the law, custom, or anything else.  They only care about money, which is why it was mere days (as in one) before they restored Facesucker's internal credentials and never revoked their app signing keys, which they could have -- and which would have stuck a stake through the heart of that **********'s business.

Let's cut the crap -- Zuckerpig has never given a crap about anything except himself.  Ever.  His company is structured to intentionally make it impossible to get rid of him.  Yet myriad so-called "investment banks" and mutual funds buy that crap and by doing so explicitly endorse the screwing he imposes on everyone across the world.

Don't give me the sanctimonious bull**** about how "oh yeah, it'll change."  No it won't.  It won't change because you're a drug addict and what's worse, those who know better are feeding you the drugs and refuse to bust the pusher.

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2019-01-29 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Company Specific , 833 references
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I'm going to enjoy the wailing and gnashing of teeth.....

There's a likely record "glo-bull warming" event coming for the Midwest this week, starting tomorrow.  Temperatures are expected to break records -- with minus signs in front of them -- across the Midwest.

I remind you that lithium batteries cannot be charged below 32F, and all electric vehicles must prohibit that, because if you don't the batteries will be internally damaged and subject to shorting without notice at a later date, which means a nasty battery fire.

Now if you're parked in very cold temperatures but plugged into wall power then the vehicle can use that wall power to heat the battery pack and keep it from going below 32F.  But when driving if it's cold enough the vehicle will have to use some of its stored power to do that as well as keep the cabin warm and move the car, which has a potentially-serious impact on range.

Much worse, however, is if you park the vehicle outside where there is no shore power available and it gets very cold.  In that case the vehicle has only two options: Shut down entirely and prohibit charging until the pack warms up or consume power in the pack to keep the battery above freezing temperatures.

In the second case that only works until the pack runs out of stored energy, of course, at which point the first option is the only one remaining.  This in turn means you get to call a towtruck since the car can't move under its own power as the battery is exhausted.

What's worse is that it may take several hours once you have shore power available (e.g. you tow it to a garage and plug it in) before the pack is confirmed to be warm enough to accept a charge again.

When temperatures are only somewhat below freezing it takes quite a while for the pack to cool off enough for this to be a problem.  But when temperatures are 50 degrees Fahrenheit below freezing and there's a nice wind blowing to provide lots of circulation so the nasty cold ambient air remains in contact with the pack (and the locally-heated air doesn't remain there) then it's an entirely different matter.  Windchill doesn't work on machinery like it does on living things but it does increase -- by a lot -- the rate of cooling from whatever temperature the machinery starts at toward ambient temperature.

Oh, and if you think "filling" that Tesla is "cheaper" than gas at a "Supercharger" -- no, it isn't.  I didn't realize that Tesla was charging customers roughly three times as much on a per kilowatt-hour basis as power costs in most of the United States in one's residence -- but they are.  Anyone buying these things is a ****ing idiot being in any way tied to paying almost triple the power rate simply because you want to fill the battery while away from home -- never mind that on the highway, at least, I can go nearly twice as far on the same number of dollars of gasoline as I can from power sourced out of a "supercharge."

You really are stupid if you bought one of these virtue-signalling pieces of crap and I am going to laugh loudly when people figure out exactly how dumb they have been during the next few days.

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2017-07-20 15:38 by Karl Denninger
in Company Specific , 266 references
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How do you stop Zuckerpig's privacy invasions?

Boycott anyone who advertises on those sites -- do not buy and do not do business with in any other way.  How do you know they're advertising?  You see "Sponsored" or any sort of video ad from a given entity.

This post is exempt and will never go away.  I will add to it as I see new companies, and if you do and can confirm it to me I'll add them.  Here's my pledge: If I see an ad from your firm on any of Zuckerpig's properties or sufficient confirmation (e.g. seeing such an ad on someone else's device in the app) I will never buy anything from you.

You choose -- you advertise and pay that company to do so, you lose my business.  To get it back you must permanently pledge to never again advertise on any Facebook-owned property, in public, via a formal press release or other similarly-verifiable and public method.

Oh and you get one second chance, never more.

Advertising is legal.  So is refusing to do business with you because you are the primary and in fact nearly the sole source of funds for a company that does things I consider detestable.

So here is the start of it folks, and yes, it will grow.... check back often!

  • Best Buy (Oh well; I've bought plenty there)
  • REI (this one hurts; I like them.... but no more!)
  • Big Green Egg (Sorry *******s, I was interested but NOT NOW!)
  • Southwest Airlines (all airlines SUCK, but now these ****ers are on my blackball list)
  • Consumer Reports
  • Inked Magazine
  • Runner's World (oh well!)
  • 30A clothing company (oops -- that one's local)
  • The Heritage Foundation (oops again!)
  • Huffington Post (no loss there)
  • A&E TV
  • We Are The Mighty (Military-oriented news org)
  • Orbitz
  • LinkedIN (be a paying customer and you're blackballed - as employer or employee!)
  • iHeartDogs.Com
  • Pensacola Runners Association (ouch; they sponsor races I'd run in...)
  • National Geographic (oh well)
  • CNet (Bleh)
  • 22 Words (Clickbait garbage, but heh)
  • (oops again; and I have bought quite a lot from gearup...)
  • 12 Tomatoes
  • The Penny Hoarder (yeah, another clickbait garbage site, but..)
  • SoWal (oops -- bye-bye Walton County beach businesses..)
  • Innermost House (San Fran Non-profit... good for some west coasters)
  • NTD Television
  • The New York Times (shock - NOT!)
  • Conservative Tribune (news)
  • Netgear (Router/ipCam/etc manufacturer)
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