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Uh, derp.

... a warhead had detonated above the left-hand side of the cockpit, causing structural damage to the front, which then broke off from the rest of the plane.

He added that paint had been found on metal fragments within the plane that matched with missile fragments on the ground.


The evidence pointed to a 9N314M warhead, which can be fitted to a 9M38M1 missile launched by the Buk surface-to-air missile system, the report found.

It was obvious as soon as the first images of the downed plane were made available that (1) something exploded outside the aircraft, (2) that "something" was designed with a proximity fuse and to spray fragmentation (e.g. what amount to ball bearings) into its target and (3) it did so.

Of the various weapons known to be in the area at the time of the incident the most-likely one to be the source was a BUK surface-to-air missile.

We can still have a debate over who fired it, I suppose, but the evidence there is pretty solid too, including footage of a launcher missing one of its missiles.

We (America) should have had no dog in this fight.  We only do because we essentially instigated the Ukranian uprising in the first place, an utterly stupid act given that Russia was never going to give up its only 12-month warm-water naval port (at Crimea) irrespective of the cost.

We had obvious mental midgets working these issues at the time in Washington and probably still do.

And all of this traces back to the Chief mental midget in the White House who has as his highest and best calling attempting to play golf.

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It's coming here folks...

BERLIN –  Prosecutors in the German city of Dresden have opened an investigation after a demonstrator at a protest organized by anti-Islam group PEGIDA carried a mock gallows with nooses marked as being reserved for Chancellor Angela Merkel and her deputy.

Prosecutor Jan Hille said Tuesday that an investigation was opened into persons unknown on suspicion of disturbing the peace and public incitement to commit crimes, news agency dpa reported.

The image is clearly that of a mock gallows; the "noose" tops are nailed to the standard which quite-clearly could never support a human body.

Germany doesn't have a First Amendment, although it allegedly does have "free speech" protections under the European Charter, but we do have a First Amendment -- at least for now.

Is such a display as a mock gallows offensive?  Sure.  So what?  Nobody ever tries to ban inoffensive speech; it is only that which offends that people get upset about.

Groups such as CAIR, SPLC and both major political parties are all interested in trying to find a way to criminalize speech they don't like.  In places like Germany there are already laws that make certain types of speech -- like mere speech that challenges accepted facts -- illegal.

Don't let it happen here folks; it's a very short path from there to imprisoning or even murdering people for having unpopular opinions -- just as the Nazis did.

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2015-10-13 07:06 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 97 references

This is a flat-out lie:

Now at Kent Hospital in Warwick, Rhode Island, Assanti said he eats 2,000 calories a day or less, he's taking antibiotics for a leg infection and he roams the hallways using a walker for exercise. He doodles his name on scrap paper, a longstanding habit, in case people start asking for his autograph someday.

This is the 800lb dude that got kicked out of the hospital for ordering pizza.

At his body mass he needs roughly 5,000 calories/day just to maintain his weight.  All that fat consumes energy to remain a part of him.  If he doesn't consume enough calories he will lose weight, and at 2,000 calories a day of intake he would lose about 1lb per day.

But, he's not.  He "lost" 20lbs over three months, which means he was massively cheating. 

In other words, that wasn't his first pizza.

Second, who's paying for this?  We are.  You are.  Why?

This guy is not in the shape he's in due to some sort of bad luck; he is literally eating himself to death and being unable to move he's got help!  His parents are not enabling his behavior they have to be literally bringing him the food and, I presume, wiping his ass on top of it!

And for this you get the bill.

Stop it America.  Stop it Assanti.  Cut the crap and admit the truth -- you did this and your parents are enabling it.  Surgery is not the answer and you're still looking for a cheat by seeking it.

America, we must stop enabling this sort of self-destructive behavior with our handouts and pandering.  It is not "evil" or "wrong" to call things what they are.  Someone who eats themselves to death is a fat bastard just as someone who smokes crank to the point that their teeth fall out is a walking zombie.  As long as we keep funding both we will get more of them and they will and do demand that we pay for it.

Our response as a nation must be NO!

That must stop, not only because we can't afford it but because we cannot afford the hit to our economy that comes from encouraging these self-destructive behaviors by paying people to engage in them.

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2015-10-12 08:49 by Karl Denninger
in 2ndAmendment , 701 references

Go ahead folks, call me "insensitive."

The shooter reloaded two handguns with ammunition from his backpack during the killings, Downing said. Harper-Mercer was "firing on people who were just lying there," Downing said.

The shooter reloaded twice?!

Further, he didn't have his magazines immediately at-hand (e.g. in a belt pouch or similar) and got them from his backpack?

What are we talking here -- 10 seconds or so for each reload?  The people in the room, who had just witnessed their friends getting shot in the head, sat still for long enough to allow this clownface to reload twice?

It gets better.  What I have long maintained is that these shootings are about control and as soon as challenged by anyone who gets aggressive the shooter tends to kill themselves because control is the entire point.

This is why the shooters go to "Gun Free Zones" to commit their horrific act -- they know that law-abiding citizens will not be carrying arms suitable for attempting interruption of their control.  It's also why the mall shooter who was confronted by an armed citizen retreated into a side hallway and shot himself; he lost controleven though the citizen never got a shot off because there were too many other people in the area he might have hit by accident.

And it's why this shooter, once wounded, killed himself instead of going down fighting.

He didn't come to fight, he came to exert "control" and murder defenseless people.

As soon as that paradigm was shattered in his mind he was done.

If we removed that paradigm from his consideration by dropping the so-called "Gun Free Zones" that he read as "Murder Here, You're In Control", thereby raising the risk that he would confront others willing and able to offer armed resistance to his planthe assault probably wouldn't have happened.

But until such a change takes place (and it only will if you insist that the Second Amendment be enforced as written, America) the fact remains that if you find yourself in such a circumstance your best option is to take any tactical advantage, no matter how fleeting, to attack.  There were two such opportunities here and while there is no guarantee of success it certainly beats lying on the ground while the shooter reloads; not only might you succeed in preventing him from getting that mag into the gun it's a hell of a lot harder to hit a moving target than one that's quietly lying on the floor.

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But the black population doesn't like him 'cause he's white, they said.....

Like Hell they don't.

PS: The Black vote has always gone Democrat on an almost-exclusive basis.  Any Republican candidate that can win a materially-significant percentage of that vote makes who the Democrats run immaterial; they cannot win, mathematically, without that vote.

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