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2018-01-22 10:52 by Karl Denninger
in POTD , 81 references

On canvas, ready to hang and enjoy.  It's on my wall today and wants to be on yours tomorrow!

Email for pricing.

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2018-01-22 09:00 by Karl Denninger
in Corruption , 159 references
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It's obstruction of justice -- and a felony -- to tamper with evidence.

Your only real excuse is that you did the thing "in the ordinary course of business" and were unaware that it was the subject of an investigation.

Well, now we know the NSA deleted "by accident", including the destruction of backup tapesthat it was obligated to preserve in connection with lawsuits against the agency dating back to the W Administration.  The agency has been under court orders to preserve that data.

The NSA claims it "sincerely regrets" this.  If you or I "sincerely regretted" such a thing we'd be criminally charged and spend a whole bunch of time in a prison cell.

The FBI did the same thing with some of the text messages it allegedly was told to preserve as well.  If you or I "sincerely regretted" doing such a thing we'd spend a bunch of time in a prison cell.

And Clinton famously wiped her server with a cloth, so she claimed, as well -- after being ordered to preserve the data.  If you or I were to do such a thing we would spend a bunch of time in a prison cell.

These "mishaps" were deliberate.  All of them.


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Just click here and enjoy, right on the top.... smiley


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2018-01-22 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Social Issues , 247 references
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It's really pretty simple.

Turn off your so-called "social media" accounts.  All of them.

See how many times you're invited to social events of any sort.

C'mon folks.  Those who claim to know and care about you -- who allegedly enjoy your company -- they have your phone number or email address, right?

Cut the crap.  If someone actually wants you to be present for something because they think you're worth their time and a valuable addition to whatever they have going on then it's worth the 15 seconds to toss you an email or text message -- right?

Say much less a phone call -- that might take a whole minute or two!

I know what you're going to find out if shut off those so-called "social" accounts:

You have very, very few actual friends -- or even acquaintances.

Your so-called friends won't take the time to spend 15 seconds of their "valuable" day to tell you about the party this weekend.  The race.  The get-together at the local bar.  The event that's held in a different place every week, but which you're allegedly a "valuable" part of, according to them.

15 seconds folks.

That's how long it takes to send a text, email, or make a quick call.

You won't get one tenth of the "invites" you got before.

Here's the truth, whether you like it or not:

None of the other 90% of what you knew about before were from people who gave a **** about you.  In fact they don't have a good damn care in the world if you're dead or alive.

None -- statistically -- of those so-called 'friends' on social media give a **** about you.

None of them.

Prove me wrong.

Turn off the accounts, and see whether all those people who supposedly like, care about, even love you bother to keep you in the loop.  Find out for yourself whether you're worth 15 seconds of your so-called "friends" day.

If you consider me a valuable part of whatever is going on and want me to be a part of it, you can spend the 15 seconds.

If I'm not worth that 15 seconds then you've told me everything I need to know about exactly how much you value my presence -- and the value you assign to my so-called "friendship."  I am sure as hell not wasting my life chasing people or so-called "events" where I'm that insignificant to the people who claim they "care" and "want me around" that they can't spend that 15 seconds to let me know about whatever it is.

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2018-01-21 12:13 by Karl Denninger
in POTD , 75 references

You know you want it on your wall; on canvas, ready to hang and enjoy.

Email for pricing and information.

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