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Let's get the easy part out of the way first: What Trump said 10 years ago and was caught on open mic, then held until it could be released right when the Dems were scared of what Wikileaks had just revealed about their candidate, was both boorish and outrageous.

It was also an honest reflection by a man without a filter who in fact was describing something that I have personally seen with my own eyes and is 100% correct.

There is a pretty ugly little undercurrent when it comes to sex and sexuality that a lot of people know damn well is right but they don't like it, so they refuse to talk about it.  When confronted with it they get defensive or attack the messenger, which is exactly what happened here.

So let's talk about that just a bit.

First, let us define terms.  Sexual assault only happens if there is no consent.  A woman who "lets you do it" is consenting.  No means no and yes means yes.

What Trump said was that "they'll let you do it."  Well, there is a certain subset of women to whom that applies if they think you're rich, powerful or both.

It doesn't matter if they're married, have a boyfriend, or whatever.  They simply don't care; they want to screw the rich guy and they're going to unless you, as the rich guy, say no.  And let's be straight with people here -- a larger percentage of men will say "oh hell yeah" than there are women who have this particular thing going on in their head.

There are a couple of "poker runs" that happen in the local area here featuring lots of loud, fast cigarette-style boats.  An utterly-amazing percentage of them feature a 50ish fat and ugly dude driving and a bunch of 20 year old women wearing just enough to not get arrested hanging all over him.  There will be those who say "oh they just want a boat ride"; to them I will point out that I've come around the corner in a nice quiet cove more than once and seen the beast with two backs -- there was certainly a ride being given but.....

The price of admission?  About $200 large or thereabouts for something impressive enough to counter the extra 30 years of fat and ugly dude compared against the very beautiful 20ish year old girls on board.  Believe me, the note on that boat plus the 100+ gallons of fuel burn per hour is, for many of these guys, worth it.

Then there's this -- for a number of years here I owned a 45 Hatteras.  I used to get propositioned with some regularity too.  It's simply amazing how all those propositions disappeared literally on the day I no longer had said boat.

Hmmm... did I really get that much older, fatter and/or uglier in 24 hours?  I don't think so, but perhaps you have some other explanation.... eh?

Let's face reality -- women "open the door" when they'd like to hook up -- or more.  When it comes to consensual sexual contact in places other than forced-repressive regimes such as Iran and Saudi Arabia women, not men, are the ones who make that decision.  If you're a man when she makes that decision you either aggressively pursue at that point or you're not getting laid -- period.

When it comes to women who like to play with men that have perceived money, power or both they do not care about what anyone else thinks -- they want it, they make damn sure their target knows they want it, and if he has any interest at all then that's that.  The smart women in this group know damn well they're just out for a good time; there are a few who get delusions of grandeur mixed in with it (e.g. "oh he'll love me if I **** him") but that almost-always ends badly.

Reality is that sex has a price and I'm not talking about prostitution.  I'm talking about the fact that you can easily triple your odds of getting laid in this area by simply buying a $250,000 loud penis-extender style boat, whether you can pay cash for it or simply float the payments.  The same is almost-certainly true in any big city in America if you buy a Lambo along with a $5,000 suit and tool around to the nightclubs in it -- providing someone doesn't steal the car, that is.

That is what Trump was talking about, and while it was rude, unbecoming and insulting it is also true.  Of the woman in question he was talking about what married woman lets a guy other than her husband take her furniture shopping (where do you think the furniture is going to go?) if she's not thinking about banging him?


Attack the guy for having no filter if you want, especially in 2005 -- because he clearly didn't have one!

But that a couple of men were discussing the state of what is when it comes to rich and powerful men, and the women who like to bed them and aggressively open the door to same is surprising to..... whom?

Only those who want to deny that women, in point of fact, are just as capable of aggressively seeking out sexual contact with those who they desire, and that some subset of them desire to do so with men they perceive as rich, powerful or both.

If you're in that group then what you are asserting is in fact that women are infants and incapable of making sexual decisions on their own, deciding who they wish to sleep with on whatever terms they, and they alone, decide.

Are you sure you really want to go there?

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