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I will make a prediction: This kid will commit suicide after undergoing her "transition":

An Ohio judge has placed a 17-year-old transgender teen in the custody of his grandparents after the teen's mother and father, reportedly citing their religious beliefs, refused to let him undergo hormone treatment as part of his transition from female to male.

Judge Sylvia Sieve Hendon ruled Friday that the grandparents – who the teen currently lives with in Hamilton County and are more supportive of the transition -- are now allowed to make medical decisions for the child and change his name.

I put "transition" in quotes because what the judge and Fox News are promoting here, and claiming, is a factual impossibility.

It is impossible to "transition" or change one's sex.  You can pretend to be other than the sex you are born with through various means.  You can dress in a manner considered "normal" for one sex or the other, you can tape things down and stuff others in various places, you can wear your hair in a certain manner and use various cosmetic products to change your appearance.  You can even get really radical about it and cut certain things off and sew others on, along with taking extremely powerful hormones that come with a whole host of side effects including cancer, heart disease and death.

But you cannot change your sex.

It is perfectly normal and in fact ordinary to be unhappy with some part of your particular genetic lottery draw.  Essentially everyone has some aspect of that draw they'd like to change, but none of us can.  It's fixed at the instant of our conception.  We can to a very limited degree change the expression of that genetic draw but all such tampering comes with costs.  You can shoot up steroids as a man to greatly increase your muscle building beyond what your genetic coding would permit but doing so is likely to severely injure or even kill you down the road.  Go ask Lance Armstrong about the testicle that he had to have removed as a likely consequence of using those drugs.

I completely "get it" that this teen girl doesn't like being female.  I do not have an answer to this dilemma either; being profoundly unhappy with one's draw in the genetic lottery presents a conundrum that does not have good answers -- and certainly no answers that are backed by science, just as being profoundly unhappy with something you've done in the past is impossible to resolve since you cannot go back in time.

The only honest answer is to find a way to come to terms with the divergence between what you wish happened and what actually did.

But indulging a teenage fantasy that one can change an immutable physical characteristic has a very high probability of said teen, after either taking drugs that have irreversible effects, or worse, cutting things off and sewing other things on, realizing that they were induced to believe a lie at some point in the future.

Since those changes will be irreversible that recognition when (not if) it occurs has a high probability of resulting in her killing herself.  The fact is that a ridiculously high percentage, compared against the general population, of people who delude themselves into believing they can change their sex do not wind up happy with the choice and since what they have done is irreversible they ultimately commit suicide when they finally square their actions with physical and scientific facts.

Post her 18th birthday this individual has every right to pursue such fantasies on her own.  She can find a way to pay for it and will personally own the entire consequence of doing so, for good or bad.  But prior to her 18th birthday that's simply not the case -- there are other people who are responsible for that outcome, in this case her parents (who are doing the right thing), her grandparents (who are indulging a juvenile obsession by interfering) and finally, this judge who thinks she can play God and make the impossible actually materialize.

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