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It comes from an unlikely corner of the nation, and is probably a mostly-unintended consequence.

Alabama is set to strike marriage licenses from the books, replacing it with a ministerial requirement that the clerks record private contractual arrangements for marriage.

This is a potential watershed.  Marriage "licenses" were put into place by the states as a means of enforcing racial segregation.  Nobody likes talking about that, but that you refuse to discuss something doesn't make it untrue; it just marks you as dishonest.

Along the way in the 100+ years since the right of the people to negotiate and enter into a private contractual arrangement to live together and raise a family has been destroyed.  The State has come in with ever-more onerous claims on both property and children, culminating today in states that will actually arrest you if you let your eight year old kid walk to school or, for that matter, walk to a park a couple of blocks from your house.

Yes, that has really happened, and I've reported on it.

Alabama may be reversing this, at least in small part when it comes to the adult side of said relationships.  See, by getting rid of marriage licenses and reducing clerks to the ministerial role of recording a private agreement entered into the ability to reject the terms also disappears.

This now allows you and your paramour to negotiate whatever sort of deal in that regard you'd like and then expect the State to uphold it, unless it is blatantly in violation of public policy (e.g. "if you divorce you get to flog your ex-spouse" or similar.)

It also will give rise to a cause of action against the state if they refuse to adjudicate your private agreement in good faith under the 5th Amendment as a taking without compensation.

While the law will develop over time, this is a huge positive step forward -- despite being driven by Alabama being "disgusted" with gay marriage rulings out of the USSC and elsewhere.

Nonetheless, irrespective of the motivation behind this action in the Alabama State House it is a huge and positive step forward should it pass and be signed into law.  Credit where credit is due to the result irrespective of the reason the act was taken.

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Flame thrower time for the "special snowflakes"...

Perhaps campus administrators are starting to learn their lesson. From Ohio State University comes the video of the day — an “actual grownup” (to borrow Ed Driscoll’s words) ordering campus protesters to end their unlawful “occupation” of the university’s administration building:

Want to protest?  Fine.

Want to occupy an administration building?  Nope.  Get out.  Fail to get out, you'll be removed.  By the police.  You'll go to jail.  Yes, it's a misdemeanor (trespassing), but you will go to jail.

Oh, and you'll be expelled too.

Guess what?  None of these so-called "principled students" had the balls to back up their civil disobedience.

They folded.

Let me remind you that if you believe in something strongly enough to "occupy" someone's building then you do it openly, notoriously, and accept the consequences, including arrest.


You're just a sniveling coward.

We now know what these so-called "special snowflakes" actually are -- may more of them get stomped on and then turned into yellow snow.  I'll provide the dog.

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You can't really expect me to buy this, can you? After all, you contradict yourself in your own article -- which means you're lying, and you know it.

I am often asked why toilets are such a big issue. I don't have all of the answers, but I have a good idea of what these questions are about. When my daughter transitioned at ten years old and began using the appropriate toilet for her, adults in our community and across the state were very upset.

First, your son didn't "transition" to your daughter at ten.  You presented and advanced a false narrative -- that your son is something he is not, which has persisted to this day.

There is nothing wrong, incidentally, with being unhappy with one's lot in life -- including your draw in the genetic lottery.  But being unhappy with something doesn't mean it's not real.  It simply means you refuse to accept physical facts.

This refusal, by the way, has an awful lot to do with many things, including personal health (obesity, the ridiculous rise in diabetes, etc.)  That it manifests here as well is not a surprise.

When I asked them what they were afraid of they said they were "concerned that the girls would see something they should not see." My genuine response was one of confusion. Really? You think kids are exposing themselves in the toilet?

It does not happen. Toilets have a natural order that promotes privacy. Public toilets for the most part are very private places; there are stalls and standard customs that put invisible walls of privacy all around us. We do not look at each other, we do not talk to each other; we do our business, hopefully have enough water and towels to wash our hands, and we leave.

Well then there's no problem.

If nobody looks at your wee-wee then nobody knows it's there, right?

Or not, as the case may be.

My daughter Nicole is now eighteen, but I still worry about her safety every day.

There's far more danger to her - a beautiful young woman in a dress and heels- being forced to use a male bathroom than her presence in female toilet.

Your son changed his name to Nicole, but is still a man.  However, if his bathroom experience is as private as you claim, and if he dresses as a woman such that he's indistinguishable from one in the restroom, nobody will know he's actually a man.

Therefore, law or no law it doesn't matter because nobody is the wiser.

The real problem is that you know damn well that a huge percentage of such people in denial, of which you son is one, aren't indistinguishable from the sex the bathroom door claims is appropriate for use.  It's blatant, it's obvious to anyone on casual, clothed observance and thus there is utterly no reason whatsoever for such a person to use any other than the restroom that corresponds with their sex.

The real issue on the table is that certain people think their choice should be beyond public view or comment while they're in public.  That's nuts.  If I wish to stuff a bra and tape down my dick, grow my hair out and appear to be a woman that's fine but when someone notices my adam's apple or 5 o'clock shadow and thus knows I'm a man the comments or odd looks I garner are not something I have a right to censor.

That is what this is really about -- trying to criminalize other's right to free speech because "it might hurt your poor feelings."

In a word, no.

Dress as you wish, deny facts if you want, but others are free to consider such a refusal to handle physical reality as odd or even worthy of comment should they so choose.

That's what freedom of expression is; it applies to everyone or nobody, not just your "special snowflake."

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It was just a matter of time...

Paedophilia is a “sexual orientation” like being straight or gay, according to a criminal psychologist.

The idea that sexual attraction to children is an “orientation” is highly controversial as it suggests that offenders cannot change.

Well, that's all fine and well, but where does it go?

Look, there are all sorts of mental illnesses that are not "changeable."

That someone is wired wrong in the head can be due to genetic variability or trauma (emotional or physical of some form.)  That doesn't make them a "special snowflake" and thus able to demand and receive compensatory factors from society.

It just means their head didn't get wired like everyone else's.

Some of those "miswirings" have both good and bad aspects.  Example: Thomas Edison.

Today, Edison would be considered "damaged" and a "special snowflake."  He'd be put on an IEP in school and probably drugged.  We'd not have electric lights either because he wouldn't invent them, since he would have been turned into a mental zombie.

But many of these "miswirings" are just flat-out bad.  Pedophilia is one of them.

Here's the problem with what's being put forward here, and which nobody wants to admit to: If a pedophile can avoid offending (by not practicing the behavior he prefers) then so can a lot of other people who are also "miswired" in other ways.

Think through to the logical conclusion of such a thought pattern and you'll understand the issue and why certain "activists" on all sides are really, really unhappy with people like this guy.

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Oh please....

North Carolina last week became the first state to enact a law requiring transgender people to choose restrooms that match the gender on their birth certificate rather than the one with which they identify.

So what's the problem with that?

Oh, you think you should be able to alter your appearance and by doing so walk into the bathroom of the opposite sex?

Let's first start with what this law does and doesn't do.  First, it only applies to public restrooms.  That's right -- as a private enterprise you may set whatever rules you wish, still, today, in North Carolina.  The claim that this somehow impacts private business decisions on this matter is false.

But, it might wind up leading to civil liability if a person making such a claim goes into a private business, uses the bathroom not matching their sex after the business permits such and instead of using the bathroom peaceably decides to commit voyeurism or even sexual assault.

THAT could be a problem, and thus yes, there might indeed be a reason for private firms to be concerned.  But it's not over policy, it's over liability if they decide they're going to do things differently than public restrooms.

Oh, and those who claim that there is "no risk" involved here?  Uh huh. You might want to read this article first.  It's not like a registered sex offender who happened to be convicted of an offense against an underage person wasn't lobbying against this law, right?  Oh wait.....

Trying to conflate this with Jim Crow laws that enforced bathroom segregation on race is an outrage, but Reuters tries to go there.  Screw you, Reuters.

CNN, as is expected course, is running crap from a "gwoy" (or is it "gwhoman", "woMAN", or???) claiming that it's "uncomfortable" to have to pee with women.

Guess what -- Comero is a woman.

"Some of us transition physically, some of us don't. Some of us are more feminine or more masculine with no correlation to what gender we are. Some of us identify as nonbinary/gender nonconforming, and I realize these might be new terms for folks. Look it up. Educate. I am a transgender male and nonbinary, and yes, that is possible."

No it's not; you're full of crap and that's sad.

The fact is that you're a woman who is unhappy with the sex assigned to you by your chromosomal draw in the lottery at conception, an event you had no control over.

Tough ****.

There are a lot of things that all of us are unhappy about to lesser or greater degrees when it comes to our draw in same.  Some of them are recognized as "disabilities", but most are simply differences.  A huge number of them wind up responsible for various conditions, such as asthma, allergies of various sorts (including potentially-lethal ones), many if not most forms of cancer, intelligence, eye, hair and skin color and more.

Some of these you can choose to modify in terms of appearance but none of those changes to your appearance will actually change -- ever -- your genetic makeup.

If a business wishes to provide non-sex specific bathrooms that's up to them.  Many have and will, simply because they're small enough to only need one restroom and obviously that has no differentiation.  But others, especially those with concerns over carrying capacity choose sex-specific restrooms for the very valid and justified reason that men have a hose and the use of said hose is faster than sitting down to pee.

It is both unfortunate and outrageous that we cater to this crap at all.  That you're unhappy with your genetic lot in life does not give rise to an obligation that others respect your continual whining about that which you are unhappy about but cannot change.

It is not a "disability" to feel differently than a fact presents.  If you feel the earth is flat that does not make it so nor is anyone else obligated to do anything other than laugh at your idiocy.

I have no quarrel with anyone's decision to dress as they wish, but doing so does not and cannot change your sex.

In short stop claiming the impossible and suck it up, bucko.  You are who and what you are and nothing can change it, so either accept it and be happy or even nonchalant about it or go take your whining somewhere else.

H/t: Sreavis for the link that led a modest -- but important -- update to this article.

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