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Teens are notoriously foolish, as are young adults.  Who among us hasn't done some dumb things when we were younger?  I sure did (and it's a long list too.)

But there's a special brand of dumb when you sue your parents after voluntarily moving out of their house because you refuse to live by their rules, trying to force them to give you money anyway even though you walked out -- with the "support" of the so-called "friends" you move in with.

For once the law did the right thing and said "bite me" to that suit.

The impetus behind all of this, by the way, was that Dad didn't like the girl's boyfriend.  Well, sometimes Dad is wrong about such things.  But then again, sometimes Dad remembers what he was like when he was 18, and further, he remembers all the other boys around him with various dispositions -- including some not-very-nice ones.

Rachael Canning, the honor student who sued her parents earlier this year for $650 a week, the remainder of her Catholic school tuition and attorney fees, obtained the order against her beau, Lucas Kitzmiller, 18. He was the teen her parents reportedly asked her to stop seeing at the time of the initial suit.

Canning' father said Kitzmiller choked her early Sunday morning during a heated argument, The Daily Record reported.  

This young man sounds like a nice guy...... (/sarc)

It also sounds like Dad might have been right.

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A Florida dad who told police he walked in on a man sexually abusing his child, left the suspect motionless and bleeding Friday morning on the living room floor, police said.

Hint: Do not sexually assault 11 year olds and you won't wind up looking like this guy, along with being held without bail on a sexual battery charge.

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It says quite a bit when someone is willing to flaunt the law openly for years -- not only living here but becoming famous enough to win a Pulitzer and be a political activist while being here in the US illegally.

Border Patrol spokesman Omar Zamora said Vargas was in custody after being stopped going through security at the airport in McAllen, a city only a few miles from the Mexico border. Zamora said he had no other details about the case.


He (finally) gets "detained"; betcha he's not deported despite giving the finger to the United States and our rule of law -- indeed, not only doing so but advocating for others to be able to do so too.

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