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Facebook recently surveyed Millennials and discovered that 86% were saving - not for a pension mind you - but for a vacation. Neither Millennials nor Hipsters appear to have a pension plan, which is of grave concern to the Financial Sector.

Whilst it's tempting to see this sort of hand-to-mouth behavior as short-sighted, hedonistic stupidity. In actuality, it is the most rational response to the environment our youthful generation finds itself in.

Why pay for a deckchair on the Titanic when you can sip whiskey and make love by the fireplace in the first class lounge?

Given that the value of land in Northern Europe and America is totally out of proportion with reality; largely the result of unjustifiably loose monetary policy and successive governments pandering to the boomers who in their great financial prudence own nothing except a house (or two, which they rent out to us for half our income.) According to one Millennial “I can even support a 70 year old accosting me at gun-point and taking half my wages each month. There is a certain intellectual honesty in this. What I cannot stand is boomers telling us we are spending it all on vacations. At least look me in the eye when you rob me.”

Given that mainstream academia has become utterly perverted; safe-spaces, trigger-warnings, compulsory PC ideology for all students (there is more adherence to truth and reason on a building site than on most university campuses). Not to mention virtually no monetary value whatsoever to your piece of paper at the end (in a great many cases).

Given that vast numbers of military age Muslim men are pouring into Europe by the day, not to mention Mexicans in the US, and the effete elite, totally insulated from their decisions by ivory towers of moral hazard are doing nothing to halt it. Millennials, not all naïve, expect low wages when cheap laborers are imported, expect less personal space for more money when population surges.

Given that the western sexual market has become totally de-regulated and your chance of finding an emotionally stable, monogamous, lifelong mate to raise a stable and happy family with is virtually zero in the OECD world.

Given that I've got no money. And what’s the point? I live at the wrong end of the consumer economy built to feed the cavernous appetite & largesse (healthcare, pensions, housing props) of boomers at the other. The millennial's job is to provide the collateral so they can leverage it, distracted & palmed off with a cool beard, the odd vacuous trinket & a Facebook page to keep them on hook. All will be well unless 'the hipsters' clock they're being had.

Why grind away your one stint at consciousness in the mindless drudgery of the corporate machine, saving for one's grand retirement?

For what? Dinner parties discussing the "free money" of house price gains are a well-worn joke. The boomers have “loved” it but am I bothered to save a deposit? For a computer modeled, mass produced house in some Bellway managed estate, über high taxes to pay for the opulent lifestyle of the boomers, neurotic spouse doped up on depressants to soothe the comfortably numb life; and to cap it off, years in the plague ships of the modern world; being force fed slop and medicated by someone who doesn't even speak my language until my lonely eventual death. No thanks, oh great prudent boomers.

They might not be able to articulate it, but deep in their limbic systems, the Millennials know this life is over.

Why not enjoy the decline?

Stuff academia, stuff corporate life, stuff buying property in the West. Live totally debt free, run your own business; live in Eastern Europe where life is cheap and the women are beautiful.

I'm just sipping cocktails while Rome burns, any sensible youngin' would do the same.

You got student debt? Don’t worry. Come see me in Chile. Where whiskey is cheap and the women! And if you're a girl, even better! :) There's room by the fireplace.


This is an adapted extract from 'Putrid ****tgenstein and The Bull**** Machine'
Volume 1 of The Philosophy of Capitalism

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