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2019-04-08 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Health Reform , 147 references
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Mick Jagger.  You're probably heard of him, right?

The Stones tour was recently postponed as Mick needed a heart operation.

He's a Brit, of course.

He's also (stinking) rich, unlike most Brits.

Do you think he waited in line in Britain, which has socialized medicine, for his operation?

Uh, no.

He came to New York.

Gee, I wonder why?

Would he have managed to survive long enough for his turn to come up in Britain?

Still want socialized medicine eh?  Mick Jagger isn't enough reason for you to tell people like AOC -- and the entire rest of the 2020 field -- that if they attempt it all the rest are free since, at that point, you're the one who will be pronounced dead if such a need arises!

Instead of listening to the braying of that ugly she-donkey why not insist that he scam in the medical system here in the US be dismantled and the fraud and felony be prosecuted?  If that was to happen then ordinary people -- not just stinking filthy rich ones like Mick Jagger -- could afford such an operation.

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It's time to go "open season" on the drug and medical firms.

All of them.

Give the politicians one "last and final" opportunity to start enforcing the damn law, including 15 USC Chapter 1.

Then it's time to say "we gave you the shot, the law says you're obligated, and since you have continually refused we're going to take care of it."

This is the latest outrage:

Three drugmakers settled with the Department of Justice for a total of $122.6 million over allegations they violated a federal law that prevents pharmaceutical firms from paying copays for Medicare patients prescribed their treatments, the agency said on Thursday.

Who gets the $122 million?  DOJ.  Who got ****ed?  You.  Did you get a nickel back?  No.  Not one cent.  Treble damages and you get all of whatever you were rooked out of back plus interest?   Never.  Jail for the executives involved?  Never.

It's just a cost of doing business.

This has to stop and not just with these three or any other number of firms.

It must STOP.

Those who break the law must go to prison, all persons harmed be made whole entirely to the penny, with interest, and the firms involved shut down, especially for repeat offenders.

No exceptions, no apologies, period.  And that includes all violations of 15 USC Chapter 1.

There are legal means available to destroy any and all firms who don't comply if the DOJ and Executive (that's you, ****face Trump) refuse as they have for the last 30 years.  One of them is to refuse to do business with any employee, officer or director of any such firm.  Ever.  Period.  For anything.  Spit on their shoes, give them the finger, refuse to sell them gas, groceries, tax preparation services, lawn care, childcare, anything.  Call them nasty names anywhere and everyone you see them.  Any of their employees, directors or officers, anywhere.

That's legal folks; working for "company X" is not a protected class.


But irrespective of the means we must put a stop to this crap across the medical industry because if we do not by 2024 Medicare runs out of money and can only pay one dollar in three to one dollar in four of claims under present law.  Congress, if it "amends" said law to allow unlimited checks written on the Treasury will instantly spike the deficit and borrowing costs, which has a good chance of forcing an immediate end to all deficit spending.

If The Fed tries to "get around" that with monetary games the result will be instantaneous inflation at a rate that will destroy the economy.  There is no room for The Fed to play that game anymore; they used it up in 2008.

This is the last chance folks -- literally, the last chance.

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2019-03-28 08:16 by Karl Denninger
in Health Reform , 1272 references
[Comments enabled]  

******n it, I said STOP you cocksucking evil pieces of ****.

Sources tell Fox News that Republicans are worried they would be blamed if the law is ruled unconstitutional, a decision that would create an immediate vacuum in the American health care system and toss millions of people off health care plans because of pre-existing conditions.

"It will destroy the infrastructure of health care in this country,” said Rep. Donna Shalala, D-Fla., who served for eight years as President Clinton’s Health and Human Services Secretary. "It would be a disaster for 100,000 people in my district."

You cannot insure something that has already happened and I'm tired of this lie.  Every single politician and media personality that runs that bullcrap deserves to be indicted, tried and hanged.

What you can do, and what Obamacare did, was to force those who are not sick to pay for the treatment of those who already are at gunpointincluding both those who got ill by random chance and no fault of their own as well as those who are ill as a reasonably-expected outcome of their own voluntary adult decisions.

The basic law of business balance says nobody works for free.

You can't violate that law; it's not something someone passes or doesn't, or that a government can choose whether it wishes to enforce same or not.  It just is exactly as day follows night and you can't change it no matter what you do.  Since nobody works for free the least expensive means of providing health care to someone who is already ill and thus requires it (that is, the need is not speculative) is for them to directly negotiate and contract with a given health care provider or source of whatever they need (e.g. a prescription drug) and buy it with cash.

Any further involvement by anyone in any form or fashion makes it more expensive.  You cannot change this; it's an immutable fact.  You can voluntarily engage in a higher cost of transacting (e.g. use a credit card where the merchant pays a discount fee and the customer in some cases pays interest) but in that case everyone knows it's more expensive and elects to do so anyway.

If you ever think you found a situation where this is not the case then someone is stealing via some mechanism -- whether an unlawful (felonious) monopoly, government force or some deceptive scheme which is, at its core, a lie and thus a fraud since the definition of a fraud is a lie or concealment of material facts that disadvantages someone for another person's financial benefit.

Insurance is something you buy (and intentionally pay more, in aggregate when everyone adds it all up) that pays for an unlikely event that hasn't happened yet.  It is, in relative terms, inexpensive because the event is both unlikely and hasn't yet happened.  You can't buy fire insurance on your house if the house is already on fire because the price of the insurance would be the cost of rebuilding the house plus a profit for the insurance company and you'd be an idiot to pay that amount -- it will always be cheaper to just fork up the cost of rebuilding.  As a result you can't buy such a product since it's unmarketable; nobody would ever voluntarily buy such a thing.

If you force an insurance company to write fire insurance on buildings that are already on fire then everyone's fire insurance cost is going to skyrocket.  This sort of nonsense is not only stupid its felonious because the only way you can get anyone to agree to such an insanity is to threaten to kidnap or shoot them if they don't comply.

That treating whatever is already wrong with you is expensive is the real problem.  Addressing that problem means breaking the medical monopolies -- all of them -- and, if necessary, putting those who commit that crime (it's a felony according to 15 USC Chapter 1) in prison.

At least three out of four dollars spent in health care in our economy today is stolen via these monopolies and related offenses.  The likely real number is in excess of 80%.  That something is too expensive for a person to afford does not give you license to steal it from someone else; that's theft, and, to the extent you try to enforce that theft with the threat of force the people who you steal it from are legitimately entitled under both the law and common sense to stop you, employing whatever level of force is necessary to do so.

Politicians who try to recast this problem as some sort of "moral obligation" -- that is, a claim that you have an obligation to lie down and let people steal from you instead of addressing the fact that technology always, over time, makes things cheaper of like kind and quality -- that's the definition of productivity -- are doing nothing more than putting a gun in your face to back up their lies so that the medical and pharmaceutical companies can steal even more.

There's a name for that -- in the law it's called extortion and when undertaken by an organized group or set of groups the law calls it racketeering.

This horsecrap has ratcheted up the cost of health care as a percentage of the economy by roughly 500% over the last 40 years.  As the population grows so does the economy and no, it's not that Americans are "getting older."  The reason that this is the case is that (1) fraud and felony have driven prices to the moon and (2) since those who are using and need health care can steal it from others at gunpoint via the government the people have little or no motivation to hold those who are committing those frauds and felonies to account.  As a result they steal at least $3 trillion dollars a year in the United States alone!

THIS CRAP MUST STOP AND IT MUST STOP NOW because at the rate of growth it currently is displaying it will bankrupt the Federal Government, State Governments and local governments never mind the people generally.

ANY politician who runs this crap must be immediately confronted and forced from office.  I don't care who it is or what political party they're affiliated with.

We the people either do this and do it now -- and solve the problem -- or millions of Americans will die horribly when, not if, the system collapses -- and at current trends that collapse will occur in just a few short years.

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2019-03-27 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Health Reform , 185 references
[Comments enabled]  

If we had justice in this world those who play Doc on the Internet and dispense "advice" would be charged with millions of capital felonies and we'd be holding a "drawing and quartering" competition in the public square, with extra points and prizes given to the most innovative split when the horses do their thing.

It seems major efforts to reduce smoking, control high blood pressure, and lower cholesterol with lifestyle change and a cholesterol-lowering statin are beginning to really pay off as aspirin, a riskier and less effective approach, is taking a back seat.

This is why the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology made the right decision this week by changing their recommendations to give a baby-aspirin to very high-risk patients only between the ages of 40 and 70. The threshold for starting aspirin for those with diabetes (where heart disease may easily be silent) is and should be lower.


More drugs, just different drugs and somewhat more-expensive ones (or way more expensive ones, if they're name-brand.)

More money for doctors and hospitals but more misery, disease and death for you.

The truth is that if you stop eating fast carbohydrates and do nothing else most people who have Type II diabetes will either experience a complete elimination of high blood sugar or great attenuation of the condition -- without taking any drugs.

In addition most people who are obese, if they stop eating fast carbohydrates but do nothing else, will begin to lose weight and will continue to do so until their weight is somewhere in the normal range.

Most of the maladies that are exploding in America, including heart disease and Type II diabetes, are directly caused by being overweight or insulin resistant, whether formally Type II diabetic or not.

The usual mantra is "more exercise" and "you're too sedentary" but that's horsecrap.  We've known for quite a long time that exercise is indeed good but (1) you cannot outrun your fork, no matter how hard you work out and (2) your body adjusts its base metabolic rate with activity, and thus rather quickly your total metabolic demand winds up increasing far less than you think.

That is, if you spend 700 calories a day in exercise (which is quite a lot; that's ~7 miles of running or walking!) your body responds by lowering its base metabolic energy consumption!  Exactly why that happens is not well understood; it might be due to improved circulatory and other cardiovascular effects (that is, your body's base processes are more efficient thus require less energy total) or it might be some other form of adaptation.  I can come up with a few ideas that might be valid in that regard, but it doesn't matter why.

Exercise is always good for other reasons -- cardiovascular capacity is improved by vigorous exercise, and more of that is good.  But it won't cause you to lose weight.  That is almost-entirely a function of how much goes in the pie hole and that is, to a large degree, controlled by what goes in the pie hole.

The reason is basic metabolic fact: A large insulin response results in hunger a short time later.  If you are hungry and there is food available you are very likely to consume it.

Your body knows how to regulate its own mass and will do so if you don't poison its internal regulatory mechanisms.  The margin of error to remain within 1lb over a year's time is approximately 10 calories a day.  You cannot possibly compute and track this through willful, intentional action; it requires accuracy of approximately one potato chip or 500' of walking.

Instead try reading backwards through these columns and gain an understanding of alternatives you can try for yourself.  There's no price to do so, there are no drugs, no doctors and the results are objective and personal.

They're also undeniable.


And it can lead to you having a hell of a lot of fun besides


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2019-03-26 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Health Reform , 130 references
[Comments enabled]  

Understand this clearly: The misplaced (intentionally so) finger-pointing for the benefit of those who financially assrape the American public out of three trillion dollars a year either stops here and now or in a few short years -- within the next six years, and likely sooner, it leads to a federal fiscal crisis, potential collapse and with it mass civil unrest as there are no means by which The Fed or the Government can paper it over.  This isn't conjecture and it's not politics -- it's fifth-grade arithmetic, specifically, exponents.

The Department of Health and Human Services is preparing to launch a massive demonstration program that would link Medicare reimbursement for physician-administered drugs to foreign prices.

The program would apply to drugs covered under Medicare Part B, medicines (like chemotherapy drugs) that are generally injected or infused by doctors in outpatient settings, as opposed to those patients obtain at their local pharmacies or through the mail. (Those drugs are generally covered under Medicare Part D.)

Real Clear claims this would "harm."


But it also won't fix the problem.

When it comes to prescription drugs it's not difficult:

Mandate "most-favored nation" status; that is, you are charged with felony anti-trust for price-fixing and rigging if you charge more for a drug in the US than in any other nation.  We get the best price, period.  It can be equal, but not higher.

Second, to enforce this and prevent further game-playing (like, for instance, constraining supply) any properly-labeled drug may be re-imported by anyone for any purpose, period and attempting to constrain foreign supply to stop it is prosecuted as a criminal felony with all parties involved exposed to the full weight of 15 USC Chapter 1.

Now that does not address the rest of the medical scam, which needs equal attention and which I have covered extensively in articles such as this one.  But it would stop the entire prescription drug scam cold in an afternoon.

If the scam is not stopped in full right here and now within the next few years the consequences are going to include a lot of people dying horribly and the likely destabilization of our government and way of life -- possibly leading to wide-scale civil unrest or outright collapse.

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