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At least one guy is willing to ridicule the emperor's micropenis...

ow fat diets and exercise are pointless for those wanting to lose weight and obese people should simply eat less, a former shadow health minister told the House of Lords yesterday.

Lord McColl, emeritus professor of surgery at Guys Hospital in London, warned that current health advice to avoid fat was ‘false and misleading’ and was fuelling the obesity epidemic.

Speaking at a House of Lords debate, the former surgeon warned that exercising was useless against the huge levels of calories from carbohydrates and sugars that people are now consuming.

Oh, someone bothered with basic arithmetic?

1 mile of running, one of the highest-caloric consuming exercises, only burns ~100-120 calories.  Since a pound of mass on the body is roughly 3,300 calories (give or take 10%) this means you'd have to run more than a marathon to drop one pound, and this assumes you don't compensate for the exercise by eating more!

Exercise is good for other reasons; increasing cardio-vascular capacity is never bad.  Not only does having a robust cardio system make tasks that would be arduous trivial or even enjoyable it's good from a general level of fitness to be physically active.

But being physically active will not result in material weight loss.

“One fact remains. It is impossible to be obese unless one is eating too many calories.”


Now go back and read my previous article, in which I discuss why I believe you want to eat too many calories.  And while doing so contemplate on the salient fact that this doc, and the rest, still refuse to address: To maintain body mass within a 1lb range over the course of a year, which I remind you would still turn you into a fat slob within 50 years, you would have to be able to voluntarily elect the volume of food you consume on a daily basis to within an accuracy of one Pringles potato chip per day.

You cannot do this outside of a literal lab environment where you are confined 24x7.  It's impossible; normal variation that comes about by preparing food even if you weigh everything you eat, and nobody will, exceeds this tolerance band.

Let's face reality -- exhorting people to "eat less" won't work; there is zero scientific or evolutionary evidence that supports the notion that the consumption of food is primarily a voluntary behavior.  Oh sure, you choose whether to open the fridge or order that burger but the process that drives you to do so is involuntary.

Therefore the only answer is to stop insulting your body's existing capability to autonomously regulate its desired level of caloric intake so you desire to eat when you need caloric intake, and stop eating when you do not.

All animal organisms have this regulatory capacity.  They must or the species would be extinct, either from starvation or extreme corpulence to the point of inability to function.  Remember that with very few exceptions animals are not self-aware and thus have utterly no concept of "fat" or "thin."  They only know the involuntary desire to consume things that taste good when they are hungry.

Want to understand this more-fully? Read here.  Then go grill any so-called "health professional" who can't be bothered to do simple arithmetic and apply logic to the only possible conclusion one could reach from the results of that analysis.

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