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From the NC GOP:

RALEIGH, NC - A North Carolina Republican Party office in Orange County was firebombed overnight, causing major damage and destruction. Thankfully, there was no loss of life.

The explosive device was thrown through the window of the office, and the words, “Nazi Republicans, leave town or else,” were painted on a nearby building. The news comes less than 25 days before Election Day, as dedicated NCGOP volunteers and activists are canvassing the state and spending long hours getting out the vote and exercising their rights in a free and open democratic society.

Let me guess -- the Democrats will claim this was a Russian arsonist?

I think not.

Where is the wall-to-wall coverage of not alleged tampering with an election but actual, in-your-face felony violence in an attempt to disrupt political speech and activity along with a clear threat, backed by arson, to murder anyone who doesn't vote as they wish!

Let's call this what it is: Domestic terrorism perpetrated by the American Left.

This isn't someone getting "pushed" or "bad, mean words" being spoken.  It's a serious criminal offense and likely a federal one at that.  Arson is about as bad as it gets, right up there with******and murder, because it often comes with murder.

Where's Hillary on this?  Where is the media on the obvious fact that a Hillary Supporter is almost-certainly the perpetrator of this felonious act?

Are you willing to vote for someone who has, "on their side", persons who will firebomb you if you disagree with them politically?  Down that road lies a Hell we have not seen in this country since the 1800s and it certainly appears that we are headed there at flank speed.

And by the way, before any more of the Terrorist Left in this country get the wild idea that copycatting would be "fun" I will note that in many if not most states, including some of those with the most-restrictive laws on the use of deadly force (e.g. New York), it is lawful to shoot someone to stop them from committing an imminent arsonThink about that long and hard before you firebomb the next place as there might be someone standing guard who you do not know is there.

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2016-10-11 11:33 by Karl Denninger
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Someone claiming to be associated or affiliated with Anonymous has, it appears, discovered that at least one of Hillary's "private-cum-private" servers is on a public cloud.

You really ought to go read this Ticker for why that's beyond stupid and borders on criminally stupid if anything that is supposed to be "secure" is on said machine.

Here it comes Hillary; you're about to get rat****ed once again.

If you want to know why the media will not bring any of this up it's quite simple: All the "cloud" providers will have their forward business prospects instantly destroyed if it becomes common knowledge that there is no such thing as a secure encryption key that is both in-use (that is, unlocked) and on ANY VM that is running in a place where you do not have absolute (both physical and logical) control over the host.

Oh, and this is never true on a public cloud (by definition ) and cannot be made true because by definition the host process can access any of the VM "guest" processes address space.  This means that everything in said "guest" process (the cloud "instance") is always accessible without the knowledge or consent of the administrator of the cloud instance.  "Cloud" computing and indeed all virtual machine operations rely on this fact and until and unless CPUs are developed that allow for per-VM write-only decryption keys that can be loaded "out of band", enabling fully-encrypted RAM with no way for the host process to recover the key and no unencrypted memory anywhere in the running image it cannot be fixed.

In turn this means that the only legitimate use for public cloud resources is to store and distribute public content that you do not mind being released.  You can safely use a public cloud server to run a web page that has only public data on it, for example, since the entire point of said server and page is to publish material to anyone who wants it.  But as soon as you require access control (e.g. security, logins and encrypted passwords, billing data, etcor any sort of "controlled" material (e.g. encrypted data such as credit cards, private email, etc) you are betting on the security of components not under your control and in fact potentially under the control, whether directly or through various forms of compromise (whether bribery, blackmail or simple stupidity) of explicitly hostile persons!

Update: That was fast -- Anon now claims in a Twitter post that the server has been penetrated and imaged.  Here it comes Hillary; this is what you get for hiring incompetent people who do blatantly-stupid things.

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2016-10-09 19:47 by Karl Denninger
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Lots of rumbling about a very ugly surprise coming Hillary's way during the debate.  The Trump presser was in fact a softball compared to what's being rumored......


Open thread for comments during the proceedings..... enjoy!

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If you are anywhere within 20 miles of the east coast of Florida from roughly Okeechobee north to Jax, and not in a reinforced structure with a roof rated for sustained 150mph winds, get the **** out right now.

There is a hell of a difference between sustained 120mph winds, which I rode out during Ivan, and 150.  Most well-built structures with roofs in good condition will not be severely damaged or destroyed in a 120mph storm.  Some will, but of those that are most of the time have the destruction initiated by flying debris.  Having ridden out Ivan here it sounded like we were being shelled, and after the storm I discovered the cause of this was, believe it or not, pine cones impacting on the side of the building and my storm panels -- at 120mph.  In other words it's not that the wind blows, it's what the wind blows!

At 150mph all bets are off.  Remember that the force applied goes up at the square of the velocity; the force is 50% higher for a "mere" 30mph increase. That which will be just fine in 120mph will frequently be literal matchsticks at 150. Losing your roof (or garage door, which then lets the wind into the attic and blows off the roof, hurricane straps or no) is bad and will result in an utterly miserable experience as your home gets turned into soggy mush from the top down but losing an outside wall is likely to result in 150mph flying debris assaulting you for the balance of the storm and they may need a 5 gallon paint bucket for your remains.

My home took no structural damage of any sort from Ivan but I witnessed what sort of movement was going on with the garage doors and such during the height of the storm, despite my installation of secondary bracing and using my vehicles as a tertiary brace. At 150 both doors would have been dismounted and in pieces along with the remains of the vehicles inside and that means the odds are essentially 100% I would have lost at least the roof on the house as well.  There is no way we would have survived 150mph sustained winds undamaged.  Let me remind you that 150mph sustained winds is a strong EF2 tornado; the gusts in same are an EF3.  EF3 tornadoes reliably slab homes; I've personally seen the aftermath of this and there was almost literally nothing left.

This morning finds the storm re-organizing, having basically recovered from its encounter with Haiti's landmass and the Bahamas.  It will be over very warm water in a low-shear environment today, and the presentation on satellite images is very impressive.  This is a storm that has a history of explosive deepening in very short periods of time and regaining Cat 5 strength before it impacts the coast cannot be ruled out.  If you bet on it not happening and it does by the time you find out there will be nothing you can do.

I privately told a few people on Monday and Tuesday to get whatever they might need then before people started to freak out, because with the path of this storm basically the entire Florida peninsula would be "sold out" within minutes as soon as watches and warnings started going up, even though at the time my best guess was that there was only a 20-30% chance the worst case would come to pass.  Well, the worst-case path appears to be on the table and is now very high probability.

Even a very small wobble of the storm, which is completely normal and something that all hurricanes do all the time, could easily bring a 150mph eyewall over your location if you are within 20 miles of the east coast of Florida from roughly Stuart to Jacksonville, and a slightly-larger deviation could nail you as far inland as the eastern edge of Orlando with 100mph+ winds.  Given the population density and the relative lack of roadways compared against that density your ability to go is impaired now and will be zilch within the next few hours, particularly for the more-southern parts of this area.

The storm may in fact remain with the eyewall offshore, but if it doesn't, and if it instead rakes the coast as it looks like it's going to then you're going to be just plain ****ed if you're there -- so don't be.

There will be plenty of obituaries written on this one; let's not have any of my readers among them.

Update 0630CT 10/7 - It appears that at least the initial impact with Florida's east coast was averted; the storm is roughly parallel to the coast and moving along it but the eye has remained ~10 nm out to sea.  This is good, but don't get complacent -- intensity has been "helped" (downward) by an eyewall replacement cycle that came at a fortuitous time (these tend to temporarily weaken the windfield) as well.  It would not take much of a wobble to bring the eyewall onshore, and while it has not happened thus far it cannot be ruled out and this risk with the storm remaining at roughly Cat3+ strength will remain for roughly the next 24 hours.  Inundation from surge in the range of 7-10' remains a serious risk, however, all the way up the coast -- even if the worst of the windfield remains offshore.

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