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The US House has just voted on Obama's proposal to train and arm "moderate" Syrian rebels.

You know what the definition of a rebel is, right?  One who is attempting to overthrow by force of arms the sitting government.

So now, into the breach we go again, arming people trying to shoot political leaders.  For real, not at the ballot box.

And we'll double-pinky-swear that none of this will go into the hands of the same groups that are cutting off the heads of journalists or threatening to blow up dams near cities.

We swear and we can be trusted, because we never lie about things like that, just like we didn't in Benghazi.


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2014-08-24 19:13 by Karl Denninger
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Now this is a new one; more than two hours into when Globex Futures were supposed to re-open for trading (Sunday night), they have not.

All I have is that the problem is one of technical issues.

It inspires great confidence when someone has a technical issue and won't tell you what it is....

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First blush: Damn, this is nice.  BIG improvements -- and the Amazon Android Appstore is included!

Playing with it on a secondary device right now...... will probably not load it on my "daily" until late tonight or tomorrow; this one (if you get it the right way) can (at least theoretically) be loaded non-destructively -- I'm going to attempt it.

Findings, changes and fixes:

  • BlackBerry Assistant.  This is basically Wolfram Alpha, and it's amazing.  The voice recognition capability is insanely accurate and it just plain works.  It's what Apple wishes Siri was, basically. It's at its best, of course, when you're in your car (for example) and want more than just the ability to dial someone over your Bluetooth carkit.

  • Lift-to-wake and turn-to-shutup.  I like it.  I don't use the turn-to-sleep (face down sleeps the phone) because I don't lay my device face-down anyway.  But lift-to-wake is really nice, it's accurate (it doesn't wake coming out of my pocket) and has an appropriate delay before it starts monitoring too.  In short it's just one those things where you pick up the phone and -- there it is.  Very nice; this is what ergonomic integration should do, and it does.

  • Performance is very notably improved.  Especially Android apps with a couple of exceptions, one of them being MyFitnessPal (which has gotten terribly bloated over the last year or so.)  But the difference in other apps, such as the Trader one (ThinkOrSwim), is enormous.  Native performance is similarly improved.

  • Hub improvements -- big ones.  When you look at something for a few seconds after you return from that item the "delete" button is there.  Small change, big difference in ergonomics.  "Triage" (file/delete or whatever other two you want) can be turned on and off with one touch any time, which is real nice for bulk "look/clear/file" sort of operations.  Oh, and there's an "undelete" if you're too quick with the fingers.  Yes, I've done that before, so this is very welcome.

  • The phone remembers what was running across reboots.  When you restart there is a "ghost" image for each app that was open in a tile; clicking the ghost tile restarts the app.  I like it.

  • Tile locations don't change when you open and re-dock apps.  Difference than how it used to work, but I prefer this.

  • There is another row for apps and in addition folders now can page.  Both good changes.

  • Did I mention performance improvements?  Yeah.

  • Camera improvements.  The "shoot" function is now on a button (like Android); the down-volume button option remains (which is my preferred "shoot" option anyway.)  Face detection and panorama modes added and they work well, along with a few other changes.

  • BlackBerry Blend (control and interaction of the phone via your computer) is there in the build.  The required software for the desktop, however, isn't available yet.  The link works to BlackBerry's site but is a blank page.  So much for that only being a rumor -- it's in there.

  • The upgrade was seamless and non-destructive, although it did take the usual hour and a half or so.  There was only one glitch -- Android apps didn't start immediately; it took about 20 minutes before the phone sorted out the VM system internally.  I suspect it was due to the memory and CPU load of the reindex function as I've seen this before on a non-destructive update.  All data and apps were retained across the upgrade without problems (see below in the comments for the procedure; I wrote it up on CrackBerry as well and they added it to the top-level posts for the thread.)

Those are the big changes I've noted thus far.  Still no S/MIME (Heh Chen -- c'mon!)

So far no problems noted of a stability or usability sort -- but it's early on that account as I just loaded this yesterday late afternoon.  I'll update if there's a reason to do so, but my first-blush impression is that the functionality improvements are very significant with no downsides to note.

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