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Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the U.S. soldier who was recovered in Afghanistan last spring after five years in captivity, faces charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy, according to his lawyer.

I didn't buy the story that he was "captured" from the start, given that it appears he mailed various items he would need if remaining on duty home just before being "captured."  That, for me, was the smoking gun.

The news conference should be interesting.

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More to come soon; this is unconfirmed at present, but appears to have occurred.

I have a more-complete article on this general subject due out in the morning.

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This is going to get good.

Apple is apparently going to be added to the Dow Jones 30 with AT&T being removed.

Given what I believe is going to be a colossal flop with the iWatch, and the forward expectations built into Apple's stock price, the opportunity to short this index is going to become very ripe, and quite soon.

I love it when things like this happen...... the timing is frequently exquisite as a contrary indicator.

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2015-03-06 07:53 by Karl Denninger
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"Real wages are growing at a 5.1% pace."  -- Current CNBS guest.

Oh really?  CPI eh?  Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomena.

Stop propagating garbage and start challenging people like this, CNBS!  The factual income .vs. monetary inflation figures are trivially computable from the Personal Income and Spending tables along with the Fed Z1, and I do so (and present said data) every quarter.  Where is the pushback when obvious nonsense is being spewed by your so-called "guests", all of whom you select to appear on air?

CNBS: First In smiley Worldwide.

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for enterprise users, at least.

10.3.2, next update coming, appears to have full S/MIME support.

Unconfirmed at this moment, but it appears so.

Sorry Android.....

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