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2018-03-15 20:16 by Karl Denninger
in Flash , 298 references
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I'm sure you have heard about the pedestrian bridge collapse at FIU today.  There are several people dead; somewhere between 6 and 10 according to Reuters.  (Update 19:38: Reuters now says 4 dead...)

Have a look at the picture in that link.  Or if you prefer, the time-lapse here.

Then look here.

Notice anything missing?  Like, perhaps, the center tower and supports coming from it to the deck?

(Ed: It appears the tower is indeed there.  The support cables, however, nope -- and no shoring under it.)

Who signed off on that thing?  Let me guess -- it was the "feels" -- sort of like all the "students" at Parkland and who walked out of class?

Bridge design is more science than art.  It's based on these things called facts, just like the facts on the millions of "ugly black rifles" in the US and the fact that only about 100 people are year are murdered with them.

See, when you ignore facts and go with feels, you make bad policy, don't actually solve problems or trample people's rights without justification.

You also, it appears, frequently and directly get people killed  -- and maybe -- just maybe -- in this case it's because supports are missing all in the name of "feels" and "quick construction" because we don't want to "block roads" instead of facts.

I have some direct experience with this sort of crap in Florida.  We have a feels electrical inspector here in our county.  He didn't actually look at a job I'm aware of and it was done wrong because he feels the (licensed, I might add) contractor who did it is "good."

Well, it was done wrong and with a little bad luck could have killed me -- for REAL.

Fortunately I did look, I do know how a panel is supposed to be wired and I fixed it and then called Mr. Inspector since his wet ink signature was on the "inspection" report and read him the riot act.  He admitted on the phone to me that he never actually removed the panelboard cover and looked.  That was 10+ years ago.

Gee, that sort of **** sounds just like what occurred at Parkland when nobody bothered to arrest someone who had committed at least two apparent felonies before the fact that were known to the cops.  But we can't remove that panelboard cover and read the cops the riot act kill their pensions and jobs or even indict them because, well, that wouldn't go with the feels!  Indeed we have to put a bunch of cops all around Mr. FeelsGuard's house so he doesn't have to answer questions, never mind that just one Mr. Feels was allocated to the school -- and he refused to do his job because he was Mr. Feels.

NO!  We can't raise Holy Hell about that.  Instead we have to turn what appears to be a ridiculous amount of gross negligence, political patronage and cowardice spanning years into a political polemic then whine, scream and walk out of class!  NO!  We can't arrest either of two county Sheriffs who didn't arrest the shooter when they had not one but at least two and maybe somewhere around 40 reasons to do so!  Hell, we gotta pay Mr. Feels' pension and benefits instead too -- for the rest of his life!  And the result of all this is.... 17 dead.

Now heh, man, this time around let's leave out the supports until we can get around to it!  It'll all be ok -- it sure feels good that we got that bridge up nice and fast and with no traffic disruption and no temporary shoring up in the middle of the road!  Heh, look at my feels!


Heh, where's the ****ing pylon cables that the nice design plan shows quite clearly in that illustration?  Did you forget a little something while being all concerned about the feels, may I ask?

Yeah, I know, this is supposition on the bridge so far (as was pointed out in The Bar first.)  Maybe there was a design change and the pylon really wasn't needed any more, or the cables.  Maybe everything was re-validated as to stresses and moments and lever arms and all that after the design change.  Maybe there was no need for temporary shoring.  Not sure exactly how that all works out as I don't have the material specs, the prints or the load calcs, but heh, I'm not the civil engineer who signed off on the plans.  Will we find out, may I ask, who that was?  There WAS someone who did all that and signed off on it as built, not "as dreamed".... right?

The Parkland part is not supposition though and by the way this is why those who subscribe to "the feels" should not be employable -- anywhere, ever, period.  Oh, and add to that Mr. "Feels" who stood outside and listened to kids be slaughtered has now had the video of him doing so released......


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2018-03-13 09:31 by Karl Denninger
in Flash , 204 references
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Rex Tillerson was fired this morning, apparently without warning -- Pompeo (CIA director) is allegedly his replacement.

I suspect one of the major points of contention was over the Iran "nuclear" deal -- on which I happen to disagree with Tillerson.  Apparently Trump does as well, and it, along with other trade-related matters, was enough for him to say "you're fired!"

The real issue is whether this shift marks a major pivot in terms of trade policy - specifically on intellectual property matters, which implicates China.

If so then it is arguably a good change.  I see the Iran issue as both real and of material import, but between that and trade policy, specifically related to intellectual property theft by the Chinese which has been going on for decades without any effective pushback or sanction by the United States, the latter is far more important to the nation.

Let's remember that intellectual property theft is not just a matter of commercial advantage -- it is also a serious strategic military risk, and one that the United States has ignored for far too long.

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