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Pull the other one, ****ers.

That's the official government "claim"; let's square it against...

A recent survey of 148 insurance brokers shows that ObamaCare is sending premiums rising at the fastest clip in decades.

"For the last, about, five years they've been doing this survey, so this was the largest percentage increase in any quarter since they've been doing (it)," says Scott Gottlieb of the American Enterprise Institute.


"There are specific states with exorbitant increases," says Gottlieb.  "Delaware had 100 percent increase, Florida had a 37 percent increase, Pennsylvania 28 percent increase, California had a 53 percent increase in their premiums."   

Someone is lying.  

Guess who it is....

For extra credit you may hazard a guess as to the odds that the rest of the report so-presented this morning is truthful.

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You gotta wonder what people are thinking here.... or not, when it's so transparent:

Call it “American Hustle” gone West. An elaborate FBI sting culminated this week after two undercover officers -- who posed as East Coast Mafia members -- helped take down 26 Californians, including an influential state senator with alleged ties to an Asian mob.

State Sen. Leland Yee, an outspoken Democrat who is a gun control and open government advocate, was arrested Wednesday on charges he conspired to traffic in firearms and traded favors in Sacramento for bribes. He was allegedly taking bribes from men who turned out to be FBI agents.

Oh really now?

Let's just dispose of the easy stuff in the complaint first.  It is alleged that the good Senator took "donations" in exchange for certain official acts (page 24.)  That's not nice and rather like what the fine guy on the other side of the country is alleged to have done.

The group of goons identified in the affidavit itself appears to be allegedly involved with pretty-much the usual sorts of mobbish-style illegal stuff -- running stolen booze, unstamped cigarettes, passing various small firearms between the accuseds and, of course, money laundering complete with boxes full of cash (heh, all that money has to go somewhere, right?)  The allegations are all over the country; here, there and everywhere (Atlanta seems to figure prominently in the document.)

But then we get to the meat of this thing.  We have a State Senator who has been one of those trying to get rid of the 2nd Amendment to the greatest possible extent.  At the same time he is allegedly trafficking in arms himself and facilitating same (starting on page 25 and then again at p67 and p81 onward, and particularly p96 on), and what's even worse is that not only are some of the weapons allegedly machine guns the purported source was from Philippine Muslim groups - and were intended for Sicily and North Africa (!)

Of course these are allegations and the good Senator is entitled to the presumption of innocence, but I assume they're pretty-well backed up by court-ordered surveillance -- something that is, notably, repeatedly referenced.

Fox News, of course, weighs in with trying to tie this to Democrats, and, well, the recent busts have been:

With the president embarrassing us in Europe and the first lady spending millions of taxpayer dollars in China on what is obviously another private vacation, Democrats have been getting arrested here at home.

But then, in what is surprising for Fox, they speak of the truth:

This is no surprise, however, in what is becoming a one-party system. I’m not speaking of Democrats and Republicans per se, but of liberalism controlling the political landscape in both parties.

Believing that big, nanny-state government is the solution, you must also believe the average citizen cannot control his own life, that government is the only answer for a nation of what lawmakers see as drooling, incompetent infants.

I think that's a bit kind.  No, these people do not see us as drooling, incompetent infants.  It's slaves that we're seen as and it's time that we wake up to it.  These lawmakers know full well that if you don't get up in the morning and go to work so you can pay their salaries via taxation there is no government because it can't fund itself and there also are no cops (they won't work without getting paid) no matter whether they happens to wear badges saying "EPA" or "NSA."

Americans have grown increasingly concerned with liberals controlling both parties, and this fuels the demand that the conservative ideal return to the governing principles of the Republican Party.

Oh really?  Where?

After TARP more than 90% of the representatives standing for election just a couple of weeks later were returned to office.  This, despite the fact (known at the time and now proved) that Lehman was factually known to be bankrupt for weeks before they blew up (yet nothing was done) and that worthless securities created by preying on the population had been created and peddled for the better part of a decade, all in the pursuit of profit!  Since when is mass-robbery not a crime?

What do people think the purpose of The Constitution actually is?  It's a contract folks; a grant of certain limited powers under specific conditions, and only under those conditions.  Those powers are only legitimate so long as the government itself honors the terms of the agreement.  Our Constitution is a declaration that the people want a place to arbitrate disputes in a peaceful fashion rather than playing  "let's shoot each other" in the streets when various insults occur, and that the common defense argues for a cohesive structure.  That's all folks, and yet in the nearly 240 years since it has become a document of mere suggestions honored in the breach rather than the observance whenever those who look down their noses at we, the common people, desire to abuse us -- an increasingly daily event.

I'm not generally much on the concept of "stings" as far too many smell like leading the person who ultimately gets charged -- that is, essentially suggesting the bad acts themselves rather than just following them wherever they may lead.  But this particular affidavit doesn't have the sort of stench that attaches when the alleged perpetrator is some 80 IQ fool that "decides" he wants to commit jihad or something similar.  No, this has a rather different flavor to it right from the start.  

One has to presume that a State Senator doesn't just get sucked into what looks like international arms trafficking, especially given his public position on the 2nd Amendment, by the power of mere suggestion.

So here's your question for the remainder of the weekend: For exactly how much longer will you tolerate a contract that is abused by one of the parties to it on a daily basis?  Are you ready to be in charge of your own life again America, and demand that the letters formed from black ink between the four corners of The Constitution be honored?

Or do you enjoy being a slave, with your only request being that the lashes laid upon your back be limited to a few a day?

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