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So about that so-called "degree" you're sporting, son....

More than 3,000 students at the University of North Carolina -- nearly half of them athletes -- were enrolled in a "shadow curriculum" over a two-decade period that involved no-show classes and bogus grades, according to a report released by the school on Wednesday.

In other words the so-called "degree" documented exactly nothing -- and it was not limited to athletes either.

This of course means that for an employer the only thing you can do is treat all degrees from this place as worthless, until and unless they are all revoked, every person involved is identified, those who participated in any way are prosecuted for fraud (since said credentials were then used to defraud employers) and imprisoned.

None of which, by the way, is likely to ever happen.

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You have to be kidding me...

They got most of their SAT questions right, but students at Harvard blew this lay-up posed by the college blog Campus Reform: Who is the bigger threat to world peace, ISIS or the U.S.?

Various students at the hallowed Ivy League school said they believe that America, not the Muslim fanatics who behead innocent people, is the biggest threat to world peace.

Raise your hand if you still think a Haarrrrrrvvvvaarrrrdd degree has a higher use than wiping your ass should an applicant for a position in your company present one.

That's what I thought.

PS: You're entitled to your opinion students -- and I'm entitled to mine, including my opinion of your so-called "education" and whether I want you working for me.

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I love the closing line in this article:

Freund, in an email, said: "Unfortunately, neither the courts or high-priced plaintiff lawyers have much sympathy or deference for teachers or taxpayers."

There should be zero deference to jack-booted *******s like you, Freund.

This controversy arose because two girls in middle school wore a bracelet that said "I love boobiesas a means of raising awareness for breast cancer, a disease that they apparently care about.

The school tried to ban their bracelets as "sexually offensive."  The students sued and the school went all the way to the US Supreme Court in loss after loss, with the USSC finally sticking up the middle finger in refusing to hear the district's appeal.

Now here's the problem -- this case has been decided dozens of times in the past.  You do not leave your Constitutional Rights at the schoolhouse door, nor do you not have them as a student.  The standard for restricting speech by students is clear: You must show via something that can be reasonably considered evidentiary, that the speech is disruptive to the educational environment.

That you don't like it doesn't count.  It doesn't even matter if a lot of people don't like it.  Nor does it matter if you find the word "boobies" offensive.  It only becomes the subject of legitimate regulation if it has a substantial impact on the educational environment.

This isn't new.  It goes back to decisions dating to the Vietnam War, most-specifically Tinker .v. Des Moines (1969), which I remind you was some 50 years ago.  There was nothing novel or otherwise interesting about this case other than it being yet another in a long line of ******* administrators tried to play God through the mounting of excuse and outright lies related to the limits of their authority and the rights of people who they believe are their serfs.

In short this case was simply about a school district thinking, as most of them do, that they could put their boot on the necks of two students because they didn't like their opinion.  They knew good and ******n well they were violating the law and the Constitution in attempting to do so and didn't care.

Now they've subjected their residents to the cost of the litigation that they lost, and properly so.

The residents out to take it out of the hides of the administrators and teachers who attempted this crap and demand that they pay those funds personally back to the taxpayers.

They won't -- but they should.

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