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ISIS has declared that it intends to strike in the US as it did in France in a new video.  It specifically named Washington DC as a target, but one should not take that to mean nowhere else will be hit, because that simply is not true.  There is every reason to believe there are hundreds if not thousands of ISIS sympathizers if not outright members in the United States right now.

France, as a nation, has some of the toughest gun control laws in the world.  When those nutjobs came into the theater there was nobody, other than they, that were armed.  The people were slaughtered like chickens.

We declare that we're not chickens and we're not going to play by those rules.

Either the politicians at federal, state and local levels restore The Constitution as regards the Second Amendment, meaning that The Constitution is all you need to carry firearms, openly or concealed as you and only you deem fit, or every politician and other elected or appointed official, including but not limited to The President, members of Congress, Governors, State Representatives and Senators, Sheriffs and local police chiefs must be immediately impeached and removed from office.

Further, we must vow that should any such attack take place every single politician who failed to take such an action that has federal, state or local jurisdiction will be held to criminal account as an accessory before the fact to murder.

If the political class will not take this step right here, right now and today and refuses to impeach those who fail to act to restore our rights in this regard in full then we must call a general strike until they do.

There is only one thing that stops a madman with a gun -- a good guy with gun.

There are no guarantees in life, especially when the situation is grave.  But a fighting chance always wins over no chance at all.  I cannot carry an armed cop or military member in my pocket but I can carry a defensive firearm and the founders declared that nobody needs a damn permit or license to do so.

The strongest signal we can send to these nutjobs is that if they attempt such an attack here they will find that for every barrel they point at us there will be ten pointed at them from all directions with no possible way to shoot all of us.

It has long been time to take back our rights and demand they be respected.  Changing your Facebook profile picture to shadow the French flag will do nothing.  Making speeches will do nothing. Praying will do nothing. Committing to one of the primary founding principles of this nation -- that we all have the right to life and the right to protect both our life and those we care about in the gravest extreme, and that the exercise of that right requires no damned permit or license, will put these jackasses on notice that any attempt to commit such an armed assault here will fail.

Today is the day folks: Either step up, render your demand that the Second Amendment be enforced as written and be prepared to enforce that demand or shut up if and when the terrorism that just took in France comes here.

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CHICAGO – An armed man attempting to rob a neighborhood store was shot and killed by a customer who had a concealed carry license, Chicago police said Sunday.

And here we go with the media again.  You need a license to defend your own life or that of those around you.

Remember this folks, King Obama and his merry band of men in the federal and state thug promotion apparatus believe you have no right to self-defense.  No, you must ask permission and get a license before you may defend your own life, or it's against the law and if you succeed you may go to jail.

Of course going to jail probably beats being dead; it certainly does if you're a career criminal as King Obama and his merry men will let you out even though you're still dangerous, as was demonstrated by this fine example of thug life who had multiple priors but has now, due to one citizen's good marksmanship reached an appropriate temperature approximating that of the ambient air.

Oh, and if you are dumb enough to think that electing Republicans will fix this problem I note that even in places like the fine state of Florida you're expected to ask permission before you carry around the means of dealing with the thugs that our state has a habit of releasing from prison while still dangerous on a documented and repeated basis.

When are you going to be willing to go on a General Strike, America, until all of this crap is recognized as the dingleberry on the ass end of America that it has always been, as the 535 clowns in the Capitol, and 11 more between the so-called "judicial" and "executive" branches wink at the thugs who make their living attacking you while exploiting said attacks to justify further trampling of your fundamental rights.

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