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Foreign Election Interference?
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-30 12:18:20
Monday Insanity (Podcast)
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-30 11:12:45
Boeing, The Max, And Process
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-30 07:00:03
Impeachment Sunday!
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-29 11:54:43
Nobody Cares: There Should Have Been A Revolution
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-29 10:30:02
Impeachment Saturday!
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-28 07:00:00
Wait, WHAT?!
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-27 17:13:10
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-27 13:56:20
Trade - Podcast
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-27 13:30:16
Impeach Boeing
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-27 10:34:28
The 'Next' Vape Problem: Dental?!
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-27 07:00:00
Impeach NOW!
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-26 12:30:39
Politics Podcast 2019-09-25
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-25 11:42:37
SLAM! The Trap Springs
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-25 08:12:14
Where Are The Handcuffs?
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-25 07:00:00
Politics PODCAST For 2019-09-24
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-24 15:03:46
Now I KNOW They're Insane
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-24 08:27:48
Google Claims....
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-24 07:00:01
Here We Go Again
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-23 14:11:44
Climate (Podcast)
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-23 11:20:19
Oh Really Newt? When You Gonna Bomb Google?
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-23 07:00:01
Amusing: @POTUS Has Suckered Them Again
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-22 10:52:39
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-22 07:00:03
A Bill: Solve The Funding Problem
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-21 10:17:02
Why China Trade CANNOT Be Balanced
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-21 07:00:00
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-20 15:13:00
HAHAHAHA... Racism and Gun Control?
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-20 11:54:15
Insanity, Congress and CNN
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-20 09:37:17
Blast These People (China)
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-20 07:00:00
So He Just Wanted A Break, Eh?
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-19 11:37:14
Since It's 'Storm Area 51' Day....
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-19 10:05:32
What? You Mean Federalism Wins?
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-19 07:00:01
Quick Note: 'Dollar Shortage' IS A LIE
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-18 11:59:20
Yoo Hoo..... Who Took A Dump?
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-18 09:00:16
What, They Busted Him?
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-18 07:52:23
w/Greg Hunter -- Inbound Disaster
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-18 07:37:03
Oh Fabulously Bad Insanity
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-17 12:47:19
The Dystopian Nightmare That Is NOW
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-17 10:21:27
The Insanity of Goldbugs
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-17 09:46:07
Condition Those Sheep!
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-17 09:40:01
Don't Believe It
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-17 07:00:01
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-16 14:05:46
**** Amazon And Beelzebezos
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-16 12:01:24
How Is This Not Racketeering?
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-16 07:00:02
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-15 22:18:50
The Smears Continue
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-15 09:02:25
Dating 'Reality' Moves To 'Social Media'
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-15 07:02:01
Stallman Eh?
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-14 14:45:14
Justice? Only If YOU Enforce It
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-14 11:57:11
Oil: Oops
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-14 11:49:58
To America's Corporations And Citizens
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-14 07:00:01
Turn The Screws, Mr. President
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-13 11:22:16
Biden: Jail Nobody for Non-Violent Crime
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-13 11:00:24
Beto's War
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-13 10:44:07
Either We....
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-13 07:00:02
Conception Preliminary Report
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-12 16:49:04
The Crazy Has a Name: Draghi
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-12 09:33:24
Here Comes Insanity -- Reality Has Been Shelved
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-12 08:55:58
Supremes Have Had Enough
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-12 07:00:00
Heh Retirees And Pensioners....
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-11 11:25:23
9/11 Once Again...
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-11 07:00:00
Vape Update - Podcast
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-10 14:32:46
Bolton Out
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-10 13:24:01
I'm Tired Of Pundits Arguing For Death
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-10 07:00:01
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-09 11:32:10
Go Ahead, Be Stupid
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-09 09:56:07
Stop With The 'Blue Worship' JACKWADS
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-09 09:51:21
The Amusing Self-Immolation of The DemonScats
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-08 09:50:58
Shields Up! TOO LATE!
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-07 07:00:00
So It's Illegal.....
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-06 11:32:01
Montgomery Screams - Awwww.
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-06 10:44:50
Employment For August
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-06 09:15:26
See, I Told You So (CA Fire)
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-06 07:44:19
Farmers Screaming About Soy? Screw 'Em
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-06 07:00:02
Quick Note: DorianGate
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-05 10:25:23
It's Over
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-05 07:00:01
Web Me
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-04 16:09:53
Our Nation Is NOT Capitalist
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-04 14:42:21
So He's Dead Eh?
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-04 14:28:15
Buy Buy Buy!
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-03 16:15:11
And There You Are... No Laws Would Change This
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-03 16:05:24
Crime: Shootings And Rape
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-03 09:22:40
Dive Boats, Live-Aboards and Fires
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-02 22:15:55
Learn From History Or Get Run Over By A Tank
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-02 07:00:04
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-01 13:28:45
Here Comes Revolution Part 2
by Tickerguy at 2019-09-01 10:13:57
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