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12/31: CALL TO ACTION (2nd Amendment)
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-31 13:21:34
12/31: Last Chance
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-31 10:21:08
More Evidence Mental Health Issues Are Ignored
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-31 09:55:37
Here It Comes (Fiscal Cliff)
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-30 14:39:17
Criminal Roundup, 12/29
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-29 20:59:38
When In The Course Of Human Events....
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-29 18:14:04
Stupidity By The Masses On Entitlements
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-28 22:14:12
Both Democrats And Republicans Need To Be Imprisoned
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-28 12:39:45
I Demand A Ban On Assault Subways!
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-28 10:37:30
Mass-Shooting At Police Station (Over Rather Quickly!)
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-28 09:44:54
Meanwhile, The Spanish Lies Are Being Exposed
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-28 09:25:24
2012 In Review, And 2013's Look Forward
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-27 14:57:36
Consumer Confidence 65.1
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-27 10:18:10
Claims: 350k
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-27 08:53:06
Richmond Fed: +5 (Down 4)
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-26 10:38:02
Once Again "Outrage" Misses The Mark
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-26 10:02:31
Public Unions Are a Public Fraud
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-25 22:15:17
Let's Blame Sandy! (Grinchmas)
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-25 19:15:55
Considerations For YE 2012
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-25 17:48:20
As You Head Off On Your Christmas Journey....
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-24 16:28:38
Bloomberg View's First (Half) Honest Look
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-24 11:33:23
You Didn't Believe The Web Pricing, Did You?
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-24 09:19:35
Facebook Wants People To Pay (Them) To Spam (You)
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-23 22:45:06
Maybe The Problem Is Liberal Hate-Mongering
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-23 15:05:03
On Killing
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-22 14:45:56
Did The Flag Just Go Up?
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-21 23:46:51
Another Voice: Health Spending Control
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-21 13:42:21
The NRA Finds Its Balls
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-21 11:57:39
RIMM Selloff: Justified?
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-21 09:49:36
Income And Spending: How?
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-21 08:58:43
Durables: Big Snapback
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-21 08:38:05
If You're Wondering If The Fiscal Cliff Matters....
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-20 22:04:00
If I Was Google, I'd Buy Them NOW (RIMM)
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-20 17:38:05
Philly Fed: Heh, Improvement?
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-20 12:20:56
Claims: 361k, +17,000
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-20 08:43:15
Amazon: Security Problems?
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-20 07:45:43
Reprint: "I'm A Dead Sandy Hook Teacher"
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-19 23:19:06
Obama's Hypocrisy Problem On Guns
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-19 17:57:01
Another JOKE Enforcement Action (UBS)
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-19 12:01:01
Back To Fiscal Cliffs
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-19 11:38:00
FedEx: Hmmmm....
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-19 09:42:52
GM: You Still Suck
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-19 09:08:33
THE TRUTH About Guns -- And The Media
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-18 17:47:15
Will CNBC Headline THIS Story? (TheStreet.Com)
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-18 13:24:06
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-18 11:44:06
Creeping TOS Terms (Instagram)
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-18 10:47:47
Awwwww..... (CalPERS and San Bernardino)
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-18 08:04:19
Sink Below
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-18 07:10:47
On Newtown, CT
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-17 14:42:17
Honest Voices Begin To Appear (CT)
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-17 09:30:40
Empire Fed: Oops (-8.1)
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-17 09:24:06
Solutions For CT: There Are Some
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-16 14:02:36
CT School Shootings; Facts Before Hype
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-15 12:35:27
Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? (CT Shooting)
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-14 21:26:57
No, Really? (Not Everyone Should Own A Home)
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-14 13:30:41
Oh Oh, A Crack in the MBS Dam?
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-14 12:28:45
CPI: Oh Look, More BS
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-14 12:07:53
Wait? Banksters ARRESTED?
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-14 07:01:20
Someone Gets It (Rep Paul Broun, R-GA)
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-13 17:36:53
Bernanke's Erroneous Solace
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-13 14:32:28
Congress Is Trying to CRASH The Market
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-13 11:32:35
PPI: -0.8% (!)
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-13 09:19:56
Retail Trade: Uh, Where's The Sales?
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-13 09:13:21
Claims: +343k
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-13 09:05:54
Morning "Health" Idiocy
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-13 07:46:09
FOMC: Bend Over America
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-12 12:59:20
ROFL! Capital Account Talks w/MMT Screwball
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-12 12:22:17
North Korea: The World Got Smaller
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-12 09:45:13
Bank Takes Drug Money, Gets Handslap
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-12 09:33:45
FantasyBook Or FaceBook?
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-11 12:25:20
The Real Problem With America: Morality
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-11 12:14:25
ODouche: "Unions Destroying America"
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-11 09:18:26
Fiscal Insanity
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-10 16:23:08
Oh Oh, CNBC Lets Out The Truth
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-10 11:47:43
Food Stamp Nation Marches Onward
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-10 08:55:34
Now What? (Italy)
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-10 08:27:18
I Told You So (Health "Reform" An Asset-Stripping Scheme)
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-09 21:19:29
The Stark Budget Reality, In Pictures
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-09 17:27:08
To The RNC: Screw You, Liars (PS: Ditto to the DNC)
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-09 11:34:30
Building Quality Products Eh? (Chrysler)
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-08 13:50:29
Bailout: Film Review
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-07 17:23:48
Consumer Credit October: Whassup?
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-07 15:34:55
Bloomberg View's Hypocrisy: Fannie and Freddie
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-07 10:00:25
NFP: +146k (What?)
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-07 08:52:57
Z1 Update: The Bankster Subsidy Continues
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-07 08:15:16
My God, The Stupid Is Dissipating!
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-06 20:46:19
Oh Oh... (DeMint)
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-06 10:33:15
The Simple Reality On Bank "Regulation"
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-06 09:20:09
Claims: +370k
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-06 08:44:37
Heh Turbo: Jump You F^%ker
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-05 17:42:00
TickerForum Video Server -- Get Access Today!
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-05 15:51:20
ISM Services: 54.7
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-05 10:15:03
ADP: +118k (Cough-BS!-Cough!)
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-05 09:49:41
Peter Orszag AGAIN Conflates
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-05 08:05:55
Boehner: Did You Miss The Message?
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-04 18:00:51
Facebook's "Promote" Blows Up In Their Own Face?
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-04 15:06:16
Darden Says "We're Screwed"
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-04 10:14:14
Boehner Gets Told: Bite Me
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-04 08:02:38
The Smell of Corruption
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-04 07:06:44
Sheila Bair On Capital Account - MUST WATCH!
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-03 21:44:50
The Fiscal Farce
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-03 15:31:00
Boehner's Proposal: An Abject Fraud
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-03 15:16:12
Heh Larry: It's Arithmetic You Fat Bastard
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-03 13:56:56
Fed President Promotes Political Lies
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-03 13:44:08
ISM: 49.5, The Suck Continues
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-03 10:36:22
Global Roundup For The Weekend
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-02 14:38:33
ECOMINOES Interview - Come And Get It!
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-02 11:11:39
Kudlow Has A Guest On Who Read Leverage?
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-01 19:11:09
Ah, The Left Admits Where The Problem Lies!
by Tickerguy at 2012-12-01 16:35:55
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