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Oh boy...

A John McCain fundraiser was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of drug charges after Maricopa County sheriff's deputies found an active meth lab and other illicit drugs while conducting a search warrant at her north-central Phoenix home.

Things that make you just crack up on a Wednesday night...

Oh wait... crack up eh? smiley

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Absolutely.  I've never claimed to be a physician, or to have a degree in anything -- nutrition, medicine or otherwise.

Nonetheless, I reproduce the following verbatim received this evening:

I previously wrote after 2 weeks following your eating lifestyle article on Feb 13 to share my astonishing results in such a short time. 62, sedentary, yada yada. Health marginally bad and getting worse.

Now at 9 weeks. Went for checkup this week. A1c down a full point; trigylcerides down 25 points, have lost 17 pounds (and never hungry), good cholesterol up 20%, bad down 20%, just like you said would happen. Aches and pains gone—it wasn’t old age, rather my ****ty lifestyle!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your wisdom and experiences. When you get tired or discouraged, remember that you are making a difference and are helping people greatly. Thank you.  Do you take contributions?  :o)

Hell, I’m thinking about exercising, since I don’t have to “outrun my mouth!”

Naw, no contributions needed, but if you're ever in my neck of the woods I'll accept an adult beverage and a nice chat.

To the douchebag vegan on Facefart in Michigan that went after me the other day on the basis of my previous article, playing "credentialist" with me (never mind that he is not a degreed doctor either!):  **** you with a rusty chainsaw.

The results speak for themselves, exactly as I have told multiple people after a race who have tried to push carb-laden crap at me with the riposte I lay on them having just run a sub-22 5k: ARGUE WITH THE CLOCK.

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Before you rush out to play with the bulls in the name post-earnings you might consider this: Basically all of their ad revenue (82%!) is now from mobile.

Mobile is an incredibly difficult proposition over time.  Oh sure, you get away with a lot of ads (and thus money) right up front, but mobile users have a tiny little screen and they pay for the data they consume, sometimes by the byte and always have some sort of cap on it.

Further, there's a huge problem that is coming to the forefront: Granular permissions are now showing up on more and more devices in the Android space; "M" and beyond has it and will continue to.  "Take it or leave it", the former model for Android until Marshmallow was released, is gone forever in the mobile space when it comes to allowing applications to get access to data on your phone and Android is and has been on the vast majority of smartphone handsets.

As customers migrate off Lollipop and earlier Android releases which today are the majority of those handsets the ability to tell Facebook to go to hell on knowing where you are, to have access to your contacts and more becomes very real, very emergent and very relevant to anyone's ability to monetize that tiny little screen.

You're seeing the best it gets right here and now, I suspect, but you have a valuation that imputes indefinitely forward expansion at this rate.

It's not gonna happen and when the desktop ad density collapsed it wasn't slow or steady -- it came all at once and happened in THIS quarter, going from a decent percentage of revenue to an effective zero.

Don't be in the name when that happens on mobile -- because it will.

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Cruz has apparently named Fiorina as his running mate.

Let me remind you that Fiorina was involved in the destruction of two big American tech companies -- Lucent (completely) and HP (partially) with both winding up with tens of thousands of jobs lost -- many of them going overseas.

To ask her to be your VP is to ask a proved serial job destroyer to be your Vice President.

If you support this then quit your job now because you are in fact supporting the offshoring of your job and the destruction of your income.

Oh, and get the hell off my lawn.

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2016-04-27 08:09 by Karl Denninger
in Politics , 271 references

It was not a good night for the cuckservative crowd.

Over the last few days Kascich and Cruz formed an alleged "alliance" to try to "stop Trump."  Both men, mathematically eliminated from reaching majorities of delegates (especially Kascich, who has had zero odds of winning since Ohio) decided to announce that they were no longer actually running to win, but rather to prevent someone else from winning.

It was a utterly outrageous and puerile display reminiscent of a two-year old's tantrum when they fail to obtain the fifth piece of candy, and the voters obviously saw it the same way.  Trump won all five primaries last night with every one of them being won by actual majorities of the vote, not pluralities.  That is, he won with 58% (CT), 61% (DE), 54% (MD), 57% (PA) and 64% (RI).

In a three-way contest that's not a win, it's a slaughter.  Trump now has at least 950 delegates out of the 1237 needed for an outright win, with Cruz way back at 560.  Cruz is no longer mathematically able to win the nomination by any legitimate means.  Kascich has just 153 with both of them effectively being shut out last night.

Running to block someone else rather than win yourself, which is what Cruz and Kascich announced they were doing recently, just put a transparent announcement on what had been obvious for the last couple of weeks and the voters were having none of it yesterday.  The Dominionist, "I've been anointed by God" Cruz has seen his support evaporate like a fart in the wind and the tactics he has used over the last couple of weeks to try to steal delegates he could not win in an actual vote has not only backfired it has turned into a tincture of hemlock that, if the GOP doesn't step in and put a stop to it, may wind up destroying not just Cruz but the Republican Party itself.  Colorado's GOP is even talking about a do-over as a result of the backlash generated by the Cruz campaign there that, like in several other "contests", turned from campaigning into what is arguably cheating and outright theft.  The delegation in Colorado is (correctly) concerned that they might not survive a challenge to their seating at the convention, an act that would leave Colorado entirely unrepresented.  We've all read about the wages of Sin, right?  Well?

Then there's the by now well-known ripping off one your cellphone contacts by the Cruz campaign app, an outrageous invasion of privacy that ought to be charged as a felony.  Of course in this day and age writing apps for phones that rip off everything they can get their hands on including your contacts and location on a every-few minute basis isn't thought of as anything worthy of sanction.  Voyeurism used be considered at best unseemly and at worst criminal stalking, but today in this anything goes world it seems that you have to point a camera up a woman's skirt before any of that raises an eyebrow.  Go ahead, cuckservatives, point that camera up my kilt -- Mr. Brown Eye will be happy to wink back at you!

None of this should have surprised anyone after Cruz played that tune in Iowa; it has of course long been conclusively proved that his campaign in fact knowingly made up the story that his campaign disseminated about Carson leaving the race with the clear intent and result of stealing votes that would have otherwise gone to a competitor.

On the Democrat side that we have a leader in the race who quite-clearly violated long-standing law regarding classified material and effectively vectored all of her official email traffic to a private server outside of government control (a blatant and outrageous abuse that nobody has dared attempt other than her) for what appears to be the purpose of hiding it from the public's ability to discover through FOIA requests is beyond ridiculous.  That is the act of someone who believes she's Queen, not a President or other elected official serving the public.  That we have a political party willing to not only allow such a person to run without interference or denouncement say much less a demand for her indictment is an outrage and that nearly half the country actually supports such a person with a large part of her support coming from what she sports as a set of genitals tells me that at least a quarter of the population of this nation is certifiably insane.

Not that I believe any of this matters; you've seen my articles over the last months and years on where the only issue lies related to our nation's fiscal stability -- in the health "industry" that is robbing the entire country blind to the tune of nearly 20% of all money spent, and it is notable that not one of the active political campaigns nor any of those who have suspended focused their primary issue on this point.

Meh, says I.

As the rot in our economic picture, complete with all the hiding done by the Fed and Government bubbles to the surface exactly as it did in the early parts of 2000 starts to stink up the markets the impotence of these acts will become more and more apparent.

Enjoy watching the politicians fiddle while the nation's future, economic, political and social, burns to the ground.

I'm going to go enjoy what time of relative stability, such as it may be, remains since there is simply no popular upswell of demand that any of these issues be addressed.  Instead what I see and hear daily are arguments from people like an "immigration lawyer" who left me agog last night in arguing that because a poor woman in the Honduras is repeatedly raped and winds up being impregnated six times, four of which result in births, we must throw open our borders to essentially unlimited chain migration of those persecuted elsewhere in said third-world hellholes and apply that same standard of "open borders" to the 15 million illegal jackasses who are already here.  It is exactly that sort of outrageous appeal to the heart and an attempt to brand America as culpable and thus "required" to deal with every third world hellhole's acts of abuse, along with the similarly outrageous refusal to deal with facts in virtually every other area of debate, that has led me to conclude that this nation, and her people, deserve what we are about to get.

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