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It's quite amusing to read the talking-head nonsense coming out of the various quarters on Brexit, along with Merkel and other's pontification this morning.

Let's dispense with Merkel and the rest of the EU crowd first: They have continued to repeat that there can be no "free trade" access without allowing Brussels to ram down everyone's throat millions of uneducated and culturally-incompatible "rapefugees."

Let's be clear with this: The reason that Merkel and the other "leaders" are so devoted to this issue is that they understand the fraud they have perpetrated on the entirety of Europe via their leverage (debt) games, especially in the periphery and the liabilities that has placed on institutions (banks) within their borders, along with what will happen to them when that inverted pyramid topples over.  To be blunt Deutsche Bank is a smoking hole and so are a number of other banking institutions, probably including the ECB itself.

Since attempting to entice the developed societies in Europe that have educated and motivated people to reproduce at a rate that will (for a while) sustain said promises has failed and there is no willingness to admit to the frauds nor to dial back their progression the only alternative is to import a huge number of people on the speculation that they will allow the game to continue, even if just for a little while.

It won't work, of course, because said rapefugees will not assimilate; they are not only culturally unwilling to do so they have no reason to do so since they are guaranteed handouts that make it unnecessary to do so!  Never mind that their present circumstances vastly improve on their previous condition even without work.  As a result statistically zero of them have found work thus far but they sure have assaulted women and children across the entirety of Europe whether it be in public swimming pools or at New Year's celebrations.

In other words the "price" of no-tariff "free trade" is the reduction of women to serfdom and sexual slavery, the murder of gays on a wholesale basis, the destruction of civil society and law along with the wholesale******of children.

Can I ask where the men are in this discussion and why there haven't been a plethora of declarations of war against Frau Feurher Merkel and the rest of the Euro "leadership" over this crap?

Is the rest of Europe literally so addicted to "cheap credit" and the promulgation of mathematically provable ponzi schemes that will and must collapse that they're willing to sacrifice half of their society to keep playing the game of increasing stock and other asset prices for a few more months or years?  And where is the half that is being sacrificed?

Are the women of Europe willing to put up with this crap without reaching for anything at their command, even if it's just a frying pan or meat cleaver, demanding that all of this stop right damn now?

As for the markets you have to be kidding me.  Cramer and the rest are a disgrace; there is literally nobody that can rationally speak to the concept of infinitely-compounding leverage being sustainable, because that is mathematically impossible.  Yet that is exactly what is being propounded and has been over the last 30 years and now that the wall is being hit increasingly-desperate (and obviously-so) measures are being taken on ever-shorter time lines to buy just a few more years (and now months!) on a clearly-unsustainable path!

I remind you that all ponzi schemes are great right up until you run out of suckers, at which point they collapse.  That's arithmetic, not politics.

When you start importing people into your group of nations by the millions that have no skill set relevant to your economy and have a cultural set of expectations that includes the wholesale subjugation and assault on half your population plus all of those who are gay you have demonstrated to anyone who cares to dispassionately observe from the outside that you know damn well that you're at the end of the rope of ever-increase compound leverage and are desperate to the point of being willing to sacrifice the dignity, freedom and sexual choice of half your population in order to maintain your scam for just a few more months or years.

Yet the media pundits think this is a buying opportunity?

You're all on drugs.

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2016-06-29 04:00 by Karl Denninger
in Stupidity , 154 references

Oh do come on folks (at least this was published under the heading "opinion")...

We are not ready for either the hand of God or the hand of man when it comes to protecting our sensitive electrical power grid. A bad solar flare or an electro-magnetic pulse attack by America’s enemies would result in the death of most of our citizens within five years.

Don't bet on it, despite the alarmist (and utter nonsense) in the headline.

Let's break this down because while the scenario has two potential causes (solar flares and terrorism) they are very different things.

First, we must understand how that damage takes place.  Surrounding the earth is what is called the magnetosphere, which is generated by the molten core of the planet.  It is essentially a magnetic shield, ala "Star Trek" of sorts, and it's a damn good thing it's present.  In fact, it's one of the requirements for a stable atmosphere and thus life on this rock; the magnetosphere prevents ordinary solar wind (highly-charged particles emitted by all stars) from stripping the atmosphere off our planet over the space of millions of years.

The absence of said magnetosphere is why Mars has no atmosphere of substance and cannot support life.  It is also why "colonizing" Mars and building said atmosphere given our present technology is a pipe dream despite the screamfest from a number of people (including Musk, who knows better.)  Simply put without a molten, iron-bearing core in a planet there's no plausible means of generating such a magnetosphere (the energy required to do so artificially is beyond our wildest dreams) and without that magnetic shield not only are you exposed to lethal levels of solar radiation over time any atmosphere you generate will be stripped back off.

But, all that energy that goes into the magnetosphere from the molten iron core of the planet (and it's rotation) is only good as long as it remains where it is and is relatively stable.  You see, when any conductor (like that nice long high-tension wire that feeds power into your area) passes through a magnetic field there is a current induced in the wire.  It is the movement of the wire relative to the field (or vice-versa) that produces the current, not its static presence.   Severe solar flare activity perturbs that magnetic shield and the result is utterly enormous fluctuations in that field.  Depending on exactly what the orientation of the field and wire look like the resulting induced currents can be enormous; far beyond the insulation capability in the things on the ends, which cause arcs to jump those gaps and destroy the devices in question (such as the transformers.)

That sounds really bad and is what that article "predicts."  But here's the rub -- solar flares are something we know about, and in addition they take time to reach us.  That is, being charged particles they travel at slower than the speed of light, so even if they were to erupt suddenly and without warning, and be directly aimed at the Earth, we'd have a (short) amount of warning.  In reality we usually have a pretty decent amount of warning because the particles ejected are not evenly spread around the Sun; think of them more like a shotgun blast that goes on for a decent amount of time, so you can detect it before the Earth "runs into" the stream.

What this means in the real world is that when we detect such an event we would have some warning and in the event of said warning utilities could physically disconnect their transformers from the lines.  There are already large-gap disconnecting devices present on both ends that are present for maintenance and similar; it is necessary when working on a line like that to both be able to disconnect both ends and ground the line otherwise anyone working on said long-distance lines (where the problem is most-severe) would be BBQd due to random induced currents.  Remember that a "common" high-voltage line can carry anywhere from tens of thousands of volts upward and yet as little as 50 volts is enough to breach the insulation of your skin and only a few milliamps that cross the heart (e.g. from one hand to the other) will stop it, which is why if you have brains and are working where there might be voltage present you put one hand in your back pocket and keep it there!

So in the event of a large solar flare event, which the author is correct in surmising will be an event we will eventually face (and likely in the not-so-distant future either) it can be reasonably presumed that most if not all utilities would choose to severely inconvenience people by preemptively disconnecting and grounding their equipment rather than risk the very-likely destruction of same.

Now on to the terrorist angle.

It is true that a strategically placed nuclear weapon could cause such a perturbance in the magnetosphere and thus an "EMP attack."  Maybe.  The actual pulse from a nuclear weapon is real but (very) localized.  Why?  Physics is why -- magnetic fields are typically not monopoles but dipoles and thus drop not via the inverse-square law but the inverse-cube (1^3) law.  Not that it matters in this instance; either has similar results in that such emissions fall off very rapidly with increasing distance.  Thus the direct EMP from a nuclear blast, while present, is probably the least of your concerns (as being close enough for it to fry your electrical or electronic things probably places you well within the "you were just incinerated" radius as well!)

So to get the sort of "killer" pulse over a wide area you have to do the same thing that a natural phenomena does, which would be to perturb the natural magnetosphere.  Note that this has not been done in the "real world" with a real nuke, and for good reason, so what we have is a bunch of theoretical physics models that say it might happen and it's possible area of effect.  What we don't have is a field test, nor certain knowledge that it would work, and remember, even a small solar flare contains an amount of energy that makes our largest nuclear weapon look like a ladyfinger firecracker -- and our magnetosphere is hit with small solar flares all the time with only minor effects (e.g. GPS and radio disruption along with occasional satellite electronic damage.)  In addition such a warhead would have to be delivered with relative accuracy and into the magnetosphere, which is no small feat, and even then there's no guarantee you'd actually get the results you're looking for -- plus you might end up scoring an "own goal" at the same time (that is, you may or may not get your "enemy's" power grid, and in the process you might get your own too!)

Never mind that the launch of a rocket with this amount of lift and capability would be instantly detected by our satellites, and in less than a minute we'd have a very good handle on the fact that it's not an ICBM or "routine" satellite launch intended for low-earth orbit since the trajectory is easily observed.

Is there an actual cause for concern here?  Yes.  Should we take more measures to "harden" utility services against such an event?  Of course.  But in the end if we have a solar assault similar to the Carrington Event the only real solution is to turn it off until the storm passes anyway; shunting that sort of energy safely away while maintaining routine electrical service is quite the "ask" for those areas that cannot locally generate enough power in the immediate area.

The summary?  The referenced article is scare-mongering -- while it's possible it's also possible that an asteroid of sufficient size to lay waste to the United States or even produce a global catastrophe could hit us with no reasonable means of preventing it from happening.  With this sort of risk there are mitigation steps that can be taken, even today, and would greatly limit the impact although it would be quite disruptive to "everyday life" until the storm had passed.

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In a word, crap.

A Turkish official told The Washington Post that the two bombers blew themselves up at the terminal entrance after police shot at them. Another official told Reuters that the bombers detonated their explosives prior to passing through a X-ray security checkpoint.

This of course is something that can happen anywhere and all the TSA "security lines" mean nothing.  After all the entire nation is a "grenade and bomb free zone" -- right?

In fact the longer and more-congested the lines the worse the impact of such an attack.

By concentrating people into an area for "screening" you have just increased the "attack surface" of a terrorist.  I pointed this out years ago in my The Sexual Assault articles, and now we've got the terrorists doing exactly that -- albeit in another nation.

Anyone who thinks this can't happen here has rocks in their head.  It both can and probably will.

Oh, by the way, anyone care to bet on the religious affiliation of the attackers?

I hate it when I'm right.

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A hacker claims to be selling 655,000 alleged patient healthcare records on the dark web, containing information such as social security numbers, addresses, and insurance details.

This is what we deserve as citizens for allowing:

  • Health organizations, including insurers, to claim ownership of our medical records.  In short those records should be yours and nobody else's.

  • Refusing to hold health insurance and providers strictly liable for the loss of theft of said records.  If someone is a custodian under your permission for something that belongs to you then they should be held strictly liable with statutory penalties for breaches.

The simple fact of the matter is that from my personal and professional experience no health organization maintains anything approaching appropriate security measures when it comes to your personal health information.

Let me repeat that: None of the organizations that I have had contact with follow what I consider to be appropriate security measures in this regard.  Many willfully and intentionally take actions that are blatantly and outrageous unsound when it comes to data security and (even worse) refuse to act when they become aware of threats.

This sort of "sale offer" is not even slightly surprising to me and since utterly nobody is ever held to account for reckless and outrageous violations of security standards, even when they have agreed by contract or otherwise to maintain said standards (witness the various credit-card breaches, many of which, especially the "large" breaches you've heard of, should have put the firms in question out of business had the penalties in their agreements been enforced.) 

This leaves the only means by which you can protect yourself from same is to never visit any medical provider at all nor carry any form of health insurance.

Yes, I understand that's not a plausible response for many people.  But it's the only one you have left after you refuse to demand that the contractual and statutory penalties that already exist for these sorts of violations be enforced.  Since the various firms that have had gross and outrageous data breaches occur over the last few years while not one of them has had the full force of penalties available in both contract and law enforced against them this sort of ridiculous reckless disregard for the security of your personal information has and will continue -- and it will continue to screw you blind as well.

We, as a society deserve this for our own willful refusal to demand enforcement of these penalties against those firms that have said penetrations and thefts occur.

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Let me preface this: Domestic violence -- actual, real violence -- is a monstrous problem.  It is a problem that has been with us since the early days of civilization and likely extends all the way back to the proto-human male that grabbed the closest "cute" female by the hair and dragged her back to his cave.

It will probably always be with us as a problem too, for this reason.  People are irrationally violent from time to time.  This is not a gender-biased phenomena either; there are plenty of women who have thrown pots of boiling water at their husbands or boyfriends and even those who have murdered or shot their children. The common chestnut of women being "superior" in their protective instinct toward their kids is just flat-out false and not borne out in the criminal statistics when it comes to child abuse.

With all that said we are once again witnessing the utter disregard for the 2nd Amendment by the SCOTUS and federal law in general.

In a major victory for domestic violence advocacy groups, the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday upheld the broad reach of a federal law that bans people convicted of domestic violence from owning guns.

In a 6-2 decision, the high court ruled that reckless domestic assaults can be considered misdemeanor crimes to restrict gun ownership.

Note carefully the issue here: This is not about barring someone from keeping and bearing arms during the punishment meted out for violating a law.  That is not only permissible it is part and parcel of what punishment is.

This is about something else entirely -- the permanent cancellation of a fundamental right post sentence.

This decision is blatantly unconstitutional.  It is unconstitutional because The Supreme Court has no power to re-write the Constitution itself, and the Constitution is clear on its face when it comes to keeping and bearing arms.  Such is a fundamental right recognized, but not granted, by the Second Amendment.

This decision is akin to ruling that if you were to yell "fire" in a crowded theater and be punished for the ensuing harm that came to the patrons as they tried to scramble out the exits you could then be compelled to wear a ball gag whenever out in public for the rest of your life, along with being legally prevented from owning or using a telephone, computer or other internet device because you might abuse any of the above in the future -- and if you were caught without said ball gag or a phone in your hand you would go to prison for a decade or more.

There are people who have abused the Internet, for example, that have been ordered to remain off it during some portion of their sentence -- including parole or probation.  That's constitutional as it is both individually imposed and the sanction expires along with the rest of the sentence.

This is not constitutional because it is not individually imposed (e.g. only on those who made a threat or caused harm involving a firearm) but because it extends on a blanket basis beyond the duration of one's sentence.

Anyone in support of same or who does not take the position that the Supreme Court must be vacated immediately and the justices replaced for their willful and intentional violation of their oath of office is in fact supporting an argument that we have no Constitutional Rights at all.

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