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New Hampshire was interesting from one aspect that a few are talking about, but everyone on the left ought to be paying attention to.

She won exactly one demographic over Sanders: Those with annual incomes over $250,000.

That was it.

We can safely call those the Bribery Class, because it pretty-much is when it comes to political "contributions" of various sorts.

Something to think about.....

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There's nothing good here for the ChairSatan.

She's getting hammered from both sides of the aisle; on the CRA from the left, on refusal to comply with subpoenas and letters on the right.  On regulatory failures, on the refusal to shrink the balance sheet, on the inability to respond effectively to anything else that might come in time, along with allegations of corruption within The Fed and stonewalling by Yellen.

Better have a nice, stiff drink when you get done Yellen.

The Fed's credibility has evaporated with Congress; it is down to that of a pile of dogcrap.

How long will it be before the markets come to the same conclusion that Congress has reached?


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If you want to know how far we've fallen as a nation you only need look at the Superbowl -- the 50th rendition of that game at that.

First up, we have Beyonce. I like her voice.  I very-much take offense at The NFL that put forward her tribute to a racist organization -- the Black Panthers -- and the factual criminal Malcolm-X.

You know what NFL?  Go **** yourself.  You would have never allowed a halftime show that featured imagery of the KKK and if you had you would have lost every single sponsor and TV network before the game was over, yet that's exactly what you did -- in black.

And then we have Doritos, who put forward what was arguably the funniest commercial of the entire game with a stylized fetus in-utero reaching for a chip the father is eating while an ultrasound is being performed, and who then "flies" out to grab it when he casually tosses it aside.

I thought it was funny.  Abortion activists, NARAL specifically, were "outraged" as it "humanized" a fetus.

Well, duh, what do you think you wind up with a few months after a very-clearly-visible child is on that ultrasound screen -- a dog?

Idiocracy with a topper of expressed and explicit BLACK racism, financially backed by every TV network and major corporation that buys advertising on same.

It's what America has become and what you, the American public, endorse, permit to continue and more-importantly fund.

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2016-02-09 19:57 by Karl Denninger
in Politics , 249 references

Trump 35, Kasich 16Cruz badly behind at 12.

Sanders over Clinton 58-40.

Cruz took a shot to the nuts after Iowa and Kasich came out of nowhere.


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Well then I hope you don't like your privacy.... because with said systems will come the destruction of choice -- at least unless you'd like to pay a big fat penalty rate.

The head of the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), Jens Baas, now in the "Sueddeutsche Zeitung" daring to push to want to use the information more in future. In an interview, he suggests that data should be collected in the future of fitness trackers in the planned electronic patient records, managed by the POS.

That's translated (the original is in German) -- the gist of it is that the insurance industry wants access to your fitness data as recorded by things like Fitbits and sports watches.

Uh huh.

So here's the problem -- the law "should" forbid this, but it won't.  What will wind up being implemented is that in order to get decent pricing, you will have to "volunteer" to let them have the data -- all the time.

Refusal is of course your right, but then you'll get to pay a penalty rate, and what's even better with socialized medicine (or Obamacare for that matter) there is no option to erect the middle finger when that happens.

Those of you who keep voting for these clowns here in America on the left -- you might want to consider that most of you are overweight or obese, nearly all have metabolic damage to your endocrine system as a result of eating lots of starches and grains, and this means that you're literally voting to be taxed to death for so-called "health insurance."

Stupid is as stupid does.

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