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This is what you get America.

It is what you get when you allow a "President" to issue executive actions that are clearly unlawful -- and yet he is not immediately impeached for doing so.

It is what you get when you allow a "President" to intentionally deceive all of you (who didn't bother paying attention, or were too busy bowing before your baby Jesus) in passing a law that protects a panoply of firms that between them monopolize nearly a fifth of our economy.

And now, between the two, you have a "President" who has and will destroy literal millions of blue-collar jobs because he has provided a $3,000 a year incentive to businesses to legally hire 5 million illegal invaders instead of citizens!

President Obama’s temporary amnesty, which lasts three years, declares up to 5 million illegal immigrants to be lawfully in the country and eligible for work permits, but it still deems them ineligible for public benefits such as buying insurance on Obamacare’s health exchanges.

Under the Affordable Care Act, that means businesses who hire them won’t have to pay a penalty for not providing them health coverage — making them $3,000 more attractive than a similar native-born worker, whom the business by law would have to cover.

Got it yet America?

You not only are being forced to tolerate these illegal invaders, those who wish to immigrate here legally are not only being ignored while these lawless invaders roam our land, your jobs are now going to go to them as they are $3,000 a year cheaper to employ than you because they're exempt from Obamacare's requirements while you are not.

This is not an accident.  This outcome is is exactly what you get when you allow The Rule of Law to become a dead letter, you sit and watch Dancing With The Stars instead of rising in outrage and you refuse to demand that Congress impeach the Constitution-hating, America-destroying jackass infesting the White House.

This man has taken action after action that empower banks to steal your homes, further empower medical monopolists to steal everything you have, intentionally provided guns to Mexican drug gangs used to murder more than 300 people (in Mexico) and at least one border agent, and empower illegal invading hoards to steal your jobs by subsidizing their employment to the tune of $3,000 over you as a citizen.  And he's not alone -- his predecessors did many of the exact same things, irrespective of their political party!

Stop whining America because it is a fact that for nearly all of you -- with the exception of the banksters and medical monopolists -- you are being flat-out bled dry because each and every day you wake up and through your action and inaction consent to all of the above and more.

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You have the authority, States.

You have it because McCarran-Ferguson not only exempts insurance businesses from federal regulation it also exempts them from federal antitrust law, and in addition reserves that regulatory authority to the States.

It was not modified by Obamacare!

That is, the authority it grants still exists and this means that state Racketeering statutes, along with anti-trust statutes, absolutely apply should the States want them to.

Either the States do this or they are going to go bankrupt -- including Illinois!

Belz concluded that a 1970 constitutional provision barring cuts to public employee retirement benefits trumps the state’s claim that it has the power to trim future cost-of-living adjustments and delay retirement eligibility for some workers.

“The court finds there is no police power or reserved sovereign power to diminish pension benefits,” he said, voiding the legislation in its entirety and permanently barring the state from enforcing any part of it.

Stupidity has consequences.  In this case the stupidity dates to 1970.

However, there remains one way out: Start prosecuting the insurance and medical industry for violating anti-trust law.

If you need to change laws to enable that prosecution first, then do so.  That the States can absolutely do.

Then start locking people up -- and collapse the cost of medical care by 80-90%.

Problem solved.

The courts are foreclosing the other option -- interdicting the problem for public unions but still screwing the non-union public.  This leaves only one path: Fix it for everyone.

All it takes is one state that does so and it will gain huge competitive advantage.  People will flock there -- and away from the states that refuse to follow suit.

You're out of time Illinois, and so are other states.

Either act, or not.  Your choice.

But you can't force people to remain in a ****hole of your design and construction, intended to and acting to bankrupt everyone in it.

Time's up.

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The decision was "no bill" which isn't all that surprising -- but I maintain that this case had to go to a petit jury and be heard in public -- not in the "privacy" of a Grand Jury room.  The reason is this:

Wilson then fired another round of shots as Brown approached Wilson as if he was going to tackle the officer.

“Just coming straight at me like he was going to run right through me,” Wilson said. “And when he gets about … 8 to 10 feet away … all I see is his head and that’s what I shot.”

I cannot square that with the forensics -- specifically, if Brown was coming straight at Wilson at a full charge, and he was shot in the process of that charge, being killed instantly as we know occurred from the forensics where is the damage to his knees, legs, arms and/or other body parts from falling forward onto pavement while at said full charge?

This is the problem that I cannot resolve between the testimony and the physical evidence and it deserves to be heard in public and resolved.

I believed and still do believe that only an indictment would lead to the exposition and determination of these facts, and thus whether Brown was lawfully stopped in the middle of his assault or was killed in an act of manslaughter or worse.

However, like it or not you have to respect the process.  If it's broken (and I believe it is in circumstances such as this) we need to change that rather than looting and burning the town.

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2014-11-25 06:15 by Karl Denninger
in Personal Health , 335 references

Oh gee, look what we have here;

However even when participants were eating high fat dies which comprised 84g of fat per day, the fat levels in the blood did not rise. Cholesterol levels also did not change. In contrast when they moved towards guideline levels of saturated fat, and increased carbohydrate intake, the levels of Palmitoleic acid, a fatty acid, in the bloodstream rose.

High levels of Palmitoleic acid have been linked to obesity and higher risk for inflammation, insulin resistance, impaired glucose tolerance, metabolic syndrome, type-2 diabetes, heart disease and prostate cancer.

This is not a multi-decade "mistake" -- it is an intentional lie and scientific fraud perpetrated on the public across the western world.

The people and organizations responsible for this are in fact responsible for millions of deaths and hundreds of millions of collective cases of obesity, diabetes and more.

If this isn't an offense worthy of life prison terms may I ask what would be?


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You're fixing to get a turkey in Florida folks...

Remember the robo-signers, those mortgage loan automatons who authenticated thousands of foreclosure documents over the years without verifying the information they were swearing to?

Well, they’re back, in a manner of speaking, at least in Florida. Their dubious documents are being used to hound former borrowers years after their homes went into foreclosure.

Robo-signer redux, as it might be called, has come about because of an aggressive pursuit of former borrowers by debt collectors hired byFannie Mae, the mortgage finance giant. What Fannie is trying to recoup from these borrowers is the difference between what the borrowers owed on the mortgages when they were foreclosed and the amount Fannie received when it resold the properties.

This is not egregious because a deficiency judgement is wrong in some way (it's not, although you can escape one through bankruptcy if you have nothing, which is why they're only filed if you have assets worth trying to attack) it's egregious because those robo-foreclosures were fraudulent in the first instance.

This is not about whether you did (or didn't) pay the mortgage.  It's about whether the lender followed the law when they foreclosed (they did not in the case of robosigned documents) and now, having served up the ignobility of ripping off the buyers of the securities (by representing that the loan quality in them was of a certain grade when it was not), destroying or falsifying documents (that would have proved the original scam) so as to prevent that discovery and then falsifying new documents so as to eject you from your house (after being unable to present the real ones as they either never existed or were intentionally destroyed to cover up the previous fraud) now they want to pursue you for a debt they cannot perfect the chain of ownership on!

The courts should (but won't) reject these sorts of claims out-of-hand as there is no valid documentary evidence of the indebtedness that can be traced back to the alleged original funding source -- it was destroyed or fabricated!

Without that a deficiency judgment attempt should fail -- but it appears, at least in Florida, it is not.

Where are the honest judges who will toss these suits and sanction those who file them?

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