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The USSC is no longer a court; it is now a political animal that decides whatever it wants and certifies whatever political outcome it desires.  It has crapped all over the Constitution to the point that the document can no longer can be recognized due to feces smeared all over it.

We, the people, must decide if we are going to restore this nation to the status of a Constitutional Republic, for as of today it is not.  This is our decision to collectively make; no one person can (or for that matter is justified) in attempting to make it as an individual but as a body politic we are empowered through our unalienable rights to make this decision.

The U.S. Supreme Court refused to consider letting states require evidence of citizenship when people register to vote for federal elections, rejecting an appeal from Arizona and Kansas.

There is no way you can have a nation in which citizenship has meaning if you do not need to be a citizen to vote; the singular decision by which you choose what person in the political class will represent your interests.  If you must be a citizen to vote the government is certainly empowered to demand that you provide reasonable evidence that indeed you are a citizen before casting a vote that is inherently secret in its content as that is the only means of preventing fraud.

This is the seminal test on whether you believe any of what this nation allegedly stands for matters.

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2015-06-29 15:09 by Karl Denninger
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Oh please.

The current horsecrap being run on CNBS is that the Euro bounced hard and this means that "Europe and the Euro are fine if Greece leaves."


Defaults are deflationary.  Big defaults (and this one is €300 billion, roughly) are very deflationary as they withdraw "moneyness" that spends exactly as does capital from circulation.

The market is telling you that the €300 billion Greece "owes" is in fact worth zero.

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It appears that Tsipras has the game figured out.

I also suspect he (and Varoufakis) know where there trash is hidden, and that the ECB and European Union cannot withstand having it demonstrated to be worthless.

The "creditors", of course, maintain otherwise. But they have a good reason to lie.  Further, the other issue that nobody wants to talk about is that if Greece leaves or extracts concessions either result in a tremendous problem for Germany with regard to Spain, Italy and even France.

The "talking heads" are all running their mouths saying that the "polls" are running 2:1 in favor of knuckling under to whatever "the creditors" demand.  I don't buy it.  Greece has gone through this for several years and has plenty of experience with it sucking bilge water; for exactly how long do you continue to do that with no evidence that it will or does get better before you opt for a different path?

So what Tsipras wants is essentially a permanent tit that Greece can suck off and both he and the Greek people are willing to try to extract that tit out of Merkel's shirt.

This will be amusing to watch, if indeed that's Tsipras' gambit......

PS: Succeed or fail that's gambit that cannot lead to a positive outcome so the selloff that is taking place makes perfect sense.  Look forward to a few LLD overnights as this continues, if indeed I'm right on the thought process involved.  The simple reality is that math always wins and whether Germany or anyone else likes it or not it's time to pay the check.  Incidentally, what Greece should accept (and I suspect they would) is a ~75% write-down on the principal and a 1% 30 year amortization on the rest, with the argument being that the rest of the debt was illegally contracted and thus void.  The problem for the "creditors" proposing such a thing is that Spain, Italy and perhaps even France (along with others) then can come and demand the same thing and that instantly detonates in Merkel's and the ECB's face.

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Heh heh heh.....

A federal judge has ordered that the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence pay the legal fees of an online ammunition dealer it sued for the Aurora movie theater shooting.

The order, which was issued last week, comes after Judge Richard P. Matsch dismissed the gun control group’s suit that sought to hold Lucky Gunner legally responsible for the 2012 shooting. The Brady Center had argued in their suit that the way Lucky Gunner sells ammunition is “unreasonably dangerous and create a public nuisance.”

The judge found that the Brady Center filed the lawsuit and elected where to file it as a means of attempting to further the political purposes of the Brady Center, which is not a permitted use of the courts.

So not only did he dismiss the suit he ordered them to pay the respondent's (Lucky Gunner) legal costs, which is not going to be cheap.

Two thumbs way up.

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