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2018-06-18 13:55 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 82 references
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The claim that this is all about people "fleeing violence" (domestic, terrorist, gang or otherwise) is a lie.

If that was the primary impetus for these people to "migrate" out of their native lands they would seek asylum at the first reasonable nation they entered -- which would be Mexico for most of them.

They don't do this because Mexico will not give them welfare and other public benefits, and in many cases won't let them in remain at all.

They come here to steal from the public, in short.

But let's assume for the sake of argument that this is not the case -- just for grins and giggles.

Then the question becomes one that's even more-important:

Do you want to accept into this nation people who refuse to fight for their country to remove from it narco-trafficking, gangs and other forms of severe, pervasive violence?

I don't and you shouldn't either because there are already parts of this nation where that sort of violence and outrageous conduct is pervasive -- like San Francisco, parts of Chicago and other cities.

Cut the crap folks -- the immigrants we want are the ones that are willing to take on such challenges and defeat them, and those people have no desire to "migrate" anywhere; they are proud of their homeland and willing to defend it at whatever cost may come.

Those who are not in this group are why these turd-world nations are turd-world in the first place.  They're unwilling to stand up for their own country and for peaceful and prosperous living conditions there.  They're unwilling to fight if necessary and defend their own homeland, which means they're also unwilling to fight for any other nation, including ours.

Those people are by definition the exact opposite of the sort of immigrant that our nation ought to accept.

Now let me tell you what sort of immigrant we should accept and welcome.  I know her, and there are many more like her.  She came here as a child.  She went through the legal process to become a permanent resident -- an arduous process.  She never took a nickel of public assistance.  She studied, made good grades, and ultimately went to college on her own dime.

She applied to be naturalized, which involved multiple years of effort, including learning our Constitution, Bill of Rights, speaking English fluently, paying her taxes in full and submitting proof of same to the INS and proving that she had not become at any point a "public charge."  The examination of all of this was exhaustive, time-consuming and difficult, with utterly no guarantee of success.  Had she cheated, lied or gotten in trouble with the law at any point she would have been turned down and had to leave.

Following all of this, she was sworn in as a citizen.  I was proud to attend her naturalization ceremony, at her invitation.  It was one of the most-moving things I've ever experienced as an adult.

But she wasn't done on that day.

Almost-immediately following all of that she voluntarily joined the military which, as I'm sure you're aware pays far less than the private sector, and now provides medical services to our fighting men and women while wearing our uniform, being both willing and able to defend this nation against any who would attack it -- whether from inside or out should the need arise even though by doing so she intentionally diminished the amount of money she could earn for her own use.

These turd-world "migrants" want only one thing: Our money.  They're lazy and unwilling to bear personal risk to defend their own nation.  They sacrifice nothing and demand everything from others.

They are the exact opposite of those who we should welcome into America.

Every one of those turd-world citizens ought to be sent home, turned back at the border and told to fix their own damn country.  At best we should offer them a rifle and box of ammunition with which to do so -- but never, ever, until they do so should we even contemplate allowing them or any of their progeny in.  They're cowards to an individual and seek only the easy way forward, not the difficult (and dangerous) work of fixing that which they allowed to be broken in their own nation of birth, and in addition they brought more children into the very country they knew was a broken, violent land and yet are unwilling to fix.

You let those people in this country -- any of them -- and the gang-ridden, violent crap going on in cities around the nation today, including places like San Francisco (remember, a "sanctuary city") where illegal invaders shoot citizens with impunity, will expand and engulf this nation -- and when it does it will be your responsibility along with every single one of the politicians urging same.


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2018-06-18 13:15 by Karl Denninger
in POTD , 69 references


Email now to put this unique piece on your wall instead of hers!

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2018-06-18 11:34 by Karl Denninger
in 2ndAmendment , 77 references
[Comments enabled]  

What will David Hogg (or his sister) say if they are carjacked, and of course there is nobody to stop the aggressor?

Two armed citizens were credited for taking action Sunday when a carjacking suspect when on a rampage in Washington state, about 30 miles southwest of Tacoma.

At least one of the citizens fired the shot that killed the unidentified suspect, who was in a Walmart parking lot in Tumwater, attempting to commandeer vehicles, Seattle's Q13 Fox reported, citing a police news release.

Injured in the suspect's violent spree were the driver of one of the cars he attempted to highjack, and a 16-year-old girl at another location who suffered unspecified injuries, the Seattle Times reported.

The cops didn't get the bad guy -- two armed ordinary citizens did.

teenage girl (gee David, like your sister?) was one of the persons who this jackass tried to carjack, apparently successfully.

Then the jackwad proceeded to try it again at the WalMart, where he ran into two armed ordinary citizens who put a permanent stop to his crap.

No police were required nor did they help end the situation, except of course to take the report and cart away the body -- which is fine, as that's what they're good at.  Someone has to shovel the hole after all.  Let it be them.

This is part of why the Second Amendment exists, and why it must be protected -- 100% of the time, no damned permits required.  The more armed ordinary law-abiding citizens the more likely a jackwad like this will be stopped before he can kill someone while committing his crime(s), and further, the greater the odds he will decide not to proceed with the crime in the first place since the very real risk of running into such an armed, law-abiding citizen will enter his or her mind before the criminal act is embarked upon.

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2018-06-18 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Corruption , 131 references
[Comments enabled]  

When do we start building gallows on the front lawn of the network TV folks, along with the politicians that go for this crap?

There is no "humanitarian crisis" with separating kids from their parents who enter the country illegally.

There are literally hundreds of thousands if not millions of children who are "separated from their parents" because their parents are in jail (or prison.)  It's what happens when you break the law.

When you are detained prior to trial you go to jail.  Your children, if any, do not get to go with you.

You are separated from your children.

The reason it happens is that you broke the law.  If you wish to enter the United States legally then you are not separated from your children because you don't come into the country until you, and your kids, are allowed in -- legally.

So if you choose to break the law with your kids in tow, knowing damn well you're breaking the law, and you get arrested, you should expect to be separated from your kids.


The entire responsibility for this outcome rests with the adult who made the decision to knowingly, intentionally break the law -- and nobody else.

If I rob a bank and get busted, and am separated from my kids as a consequence, is it the cops fault?  No, it's mine -- I decided to rob a bank, an act I knew was illegal, and I got caught.  That is 100% my responsibility because I undertook a criminal act and it turned out badly for me.

That's the beginning and end of it folks, and those who "side with" the politicians and others who are making a political spectacle out of this deserve not only to lose but to find themselves on the street, broke, hungry and soaking wet.

Those who run this crap deserve nothing but spit on their shoes and may everyone running this garbage with the intent of further flooding our nation with low-skill individuals who demonstrate an intent and desire to break the law as their first act in this nation burn in Hell, which is exactly where they belong.

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Made 'ya look! smiley

Seriously, this is one cool piece -- assuming you like spiders!  Email now to make it yours tomorrow!

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